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Tammy's Fun Day In Part 1
by HBK

"Want to come for a drink with us?" Chyna peered round the door and asked.

Tammy looked at her beatiful body for a second and replyed, "No thanx,
maybe another time."

"OK, Tammy see ya later," Chyna then left with the other five main divas.

Tammy decided to have a bath and she walked over to her locker, but she
was stopped in her tracks because Chyna's locker was ajar. Tammy opened it
to find a 15 inch dildo at the back.

Tammy pulled it out and sucked on it sucking up a tiny taste of Chyna's
pussy. She procedded to the bath and climbed in with the dildo still in her
hand. The bath seemed very hot as Tammy's finger touched it. She then put
the dildo on the side and washed herself wondering how many times Chyna had
used the dildo.

Tammy became hot and flushed as she made a mental image of Chyna
masturbating with the dildo. She thought of her hot hands exploring her body
and her dildo deep in her hole.

Tammy opened her eyes and noticed her own hands cupping her large tits.
Tammy became very aroused and started to let her hands wonder over her body.
One hand left her body and found the 15 inch in her grasp. Tammy's other hand
lifted her firm breasts and pushed it towards her mouth.

Tammy started to lick her nipples. They were solid. Meanwhile the dildo
had found Tammy's hot, steamy cunt. Tammy's left her nipples and moved her
other hand down to her pussy lips. She massaged her slit up and down. She
then pushed the dildo in gently. It sunk through her narrow opening until
almost the full 15 inches was in her.

She pushed in and out hard on the edge of an orgasm. She put her finger
in and felt her juices. She pulled her fingers out again and tasted her
juices. The sweet taste alone made her body explode in to an orgasm. Juices
flowed out of her crack and down her inner thighs. She pushed the dildo in
more and gathered more juices in her hand trying to get more of her sweet
taste. She screamed in to another orgasm as she pushed the dildo up and down
more and more. Then with one quick pull pulled it out again.

She sucked on the dildo as she climbed out of the bath. When she was dry
she put the dildo back wondering if Chyna would taste the sweet scent of
Tammy's pussy next time she masturbated...

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