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Tammy's Fun Day In Part 2
by HBK

Chyna walked back in to the changing room after the photo shoot and began
to pack her stuff up to leave. She looked towards the back of the locker
making sure that she left nothing behind. She felt her dildo and began to
pull it out.

The black sex toy was quite wet. Chyna was puzzled. She hadn't used it
today. Who could of found it? Lita, Sable or even Tammy could of. For no
reason at all she sucked on the head and caught the taste. Suddenly she felt
extremely horny thinking of who she just tasted. She smelt the sex object
and then it came to her it was Tammy.

She opened the door and looked over to Tammy who was posing in a sexy
dress. Tammy caught her eye and knew Chyna had found out about her locker
room masturbation. Chyna smiled at her and rubbed her stomach inviting Tammy
to come in.

After the photo shoot Tammy walked in to find Chyna butt naked in the
bath. Tammy walked over to her and said "Sorry, I used it with out your

"Its okay, but I would of liked it if you would if let me do it for you,

Tammy began to take her clothes off and stepped in to the bath with Chyna.

"Hello," in walked Sable. She made both of them jump. "Don't mind me.
Nothing I haven't seen before."

Tammy continued to rub Chyna's stomach. Chyna was getting wet. She then
grabbed Tammys hand and pushed it down to her pussy. Tammy stroked Chyna's
pubic patch before going further down to her steaming pussy. Tammy climbed
on top of Chyna and started to lick around her tits. Her nipples were like
bullets. Tammy licked around them in circles. Each time she was getting
wetter herself.

She licked in between Chyna's tits and moved upwards towards her mouth.
She reached Chyna's soft lips and softly kissed her. She moved her tongue in
to Chyna's mouth. The kiss became passionate. Tammy got a tingling in her

Chyna's hand was creeping down through Tammy's patch and to her hot cunt.
Her hand massaged around her pussy lips before closing in to her clit.

Chyna rolled away from Tammy and positioned her self over Tammy's pussy.
She pushed her tongue in, tasted her hot lips and started to lick wildly
around and in Tammy's wet hole. Tammy was in dream land she looked over and
saw Sable walking towards them. Sable stripped off and climbed in. Sable and
Chyna began working on Tammy's pussy. Both of their tongues working away.
Chyna went over to her locker and got the dildo. She ran back and inserted it
slowly in to Tammy's hole.

Tammy was loving it both Sable and Chyna working away at her. Chyna was
teasing Tammy, pushing the dildo in and out slowly until Tammy was on the
edge of an orgasm. Chyna felt Tammys pussy tighten around the dildo she
pulled it out just in time to gather up Tammy's juices. It tasted so good.

Tammy grabbed Chynas head and pushed it in to her thighs. She bucked her
hips up and down until Chyna had lapped up all of her cum. Tammy looked at
Chyna who had cum dripping from her lips.

"Come here," Sable called.

Chyna turned round and Tammy licked away the rest of the cum. "Ohh, it
tastes so nice, Chyna."

Sable felt so horny, she pushed chyna over. She had to get more cum! Sable
circled her fingers around Chyna's pussy. Slowly one finger at a time was
pushed through Chyna's pussy lips. She was so hot Sable pushed all four
fingers in and began pushing them up exploring Chyna's pussy. She knew Chyna
wanted her to lick her out, so she pulled out her fingers and began to lick
in to Chyna's tight hole.

Chyna screamed in esctasy. Sable sucked harder and harder. Chyna's head
was going to explode. On the edge of a wild orgasm Sable sucked one last time
before positioning her own pussy on top of Chyna's. They grinded away at each

Sable screamed again as the orgasm ran through her.

more 2 come

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