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Tammy's Hot Night Of Masturbation
by HBK

It was one of those hot, sticky, summer nights. Tammy's parents had gone
out for the night and she was sitting on the couch wearing just her favorite
pink, silk panties. She was watching TRL on MTV and they were showing Chyna's
fitness video. Tammy had the hots for Chyna in a big way and as she sat there
watching the sexy adult in the video her hand slipped down into her panties.

She was already wet from watching part of the video and when her fingers
touched her slit she moaned quietly. She started to rub up and down her pussy
and found her clit which by now was hard and throbbing. With her other hand
she started to message her large well formed tits. She pinched her nipples
as she stuck her middle finger into her dripping cunt. She started to moan
loader as she fingered herself faster and inserted a second and third finger.

She brought her nipple up to her lips and began to circle it with her
tongue. Her nipples were now rock hard and she bit down gently on it. She
could feel her orgasm starting to build deep in her dripping pussy. She
dropped her nipple and brought her second hand down to her pussy.

With her right hand she rubbed her clit hard and had three fingers inside
her. She wet her middle finger of her left hand in her pussy and brought it
down to her ass hole. She slowly worked her finger inside of her ass and was
slowly working it in and out of her. She started to quicken her pace and
could feel that she was very close to cumming. As she stuck a fourth finger
into her pussy she screamed in total ecstasy and she came long and hard. Wave
after wave of orgasmic pleasure came over her.

Once she recovered she went up to her room and logged on to the Internet.
She got out her large 15 inch by 2 inch vibrator. She started to surf for
nude pictures of Chyna and she found a site that was full of them. There was
one that caught her eye instantly. Chyna was on a bed with her hands tied
above her head. Her legs were spread apart and she was wearing leather boots
that came up to her knees and a pair of leather panties that had a hole in
the center that gave a perfect view of her pussy. Her tits were supported by
a leather bra that had holes where the cups should be so her breasts were
perfectly visible.

Tammy's pussy started dripping when she saw this picture. She placed
the vibrator at the entrance to her hole and started to rub it in circular
motions around her opening. Suddenly she jammed it up as far as it would go
into her pussy, still slick with her cum. She started pumping the vibrator
in and out as hard as she could. Then she rammed it up as far as it would go
and kept pushing until she felt the resistance of the wall at the end of her

Then she turned on the vibrator and screamed as it buzzed in her sensitive
cunt. With in seconds she was cumming uncontrollably and the wall started to
give way. Soon the entire thing was inside her buzzing away madly. When she
felt that she could not take it any more she switched it off and put it away.

Now that she was hot and sticky with all of her masturbating she decided
to take a long cool bath. She got into her jacuzzi bathtub and turned the
jets on. She felt the jets on her back and started to relax. Her hands slowly
drifted to her swollen pussy. As she slowly massaged it she let out a soft
moan. Then she had an idea. She had always wondered what the jet would feel
like shooting up her pussy.

She turned around and spread her legs as wide as they would go. Then she
put her pussy right and the base of one of the jets. As she felt the water
shooting up her pussy she started to moan loudly. She grabbed the side of the
tub to keep from falling back. As the jets shot up into her hole she started
to cum very quickly. She got out and dried herself. She was very tired after
her long night of masturbation.

When she laid down on her bed she fell asleep instantly. When she woke up
the next morning her sheets were soaked and her fingers were in her now very
soar pussy. Needless to say she had a very lovely dream about Chyna.

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