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Rating: M

Pairing: Layla/Michelle McCool

Request from: Lay-Cool Lover

Author's note: here's part of a two shot series that is a request from Lay-Cool Lover. I got the inspiration for this from a few different places one from paralyzer by finger eleven, twisted nerve from the kill bill soundtrack and a short segment I saw with layla at 06 summerslam. I wrote this with a sort of twisted vision in my head...well you'll see as the story goes on but alas enough with my mindless babble on with the fic!

by Echokid14

Stuck up skanks Layla thought as as she stood alone by the refreshment table helping herself to her second drink. Today was her first day...errr rather night in the WWE and as far as she was concerned the other Divas were acting like immature high schoolers.

"You think just walk into this locker room after winning a little contest and think that makes you a Diva?" Trish Stratus questioned condescendingly.

"You've got to prove yourself in the ring before you can even think about calling yourself a Diva." The blonde stated snidely. The other girls in the locker room agreed with the high and mighty Trish. Layla had been so mad, she was ready to spit fire.

How could they all look down on her and tell her she didn't deserve the same title and respect of them just because she was new? She knew none of them dropped out of their mothers with the ring skills of a god. Yet they were all under the delusions that they did especially "queen" Trish, well all except that one.

"Leave her alone Stratus." Came a voice with a slight southern drawl.

"Why?" Trish questioned obviously irritated.

"Because last time I checked you were a rookie once too and when you were Vince had you barking like a dog." The voice responded.

Trish's haughty expression soon melted into one of anger. "Fine whatever I've got 'bidness' to attend to anyway." Trish replied composing her features to mike it seem as if the comment hadn't offended her. With that she walked off shooting those that snickered nasty glares.

"Don't mind her she always tries to punk the new girl." The voice stated as it's owner walked up to Layla.

"Hi I'm Michelle." she introducing herself.

Layla stared a little dumbstruck she was gorgeous, long,blonde hair, tall, fair complexion, a taut body, perky breasts, and ocean blue eyes you could drown in.

"Um...what's Your name?" Michelle asked tilting her head while giving a curious look.

"Oh...sorry, Layla." She said with a slight grin of embarrassment. She hadn't meant to become that silent while taking Michelle features in. Michelle laughed good naturedly "Nice to meet you."

Layla smiled, Ok Michelle is alright she thought.

Then as on cue she saw Michelle across the room smiling and laughing with Shane Mcmahon.

Wow she's got a great smile She admired mentally. Then as if she had read her thoughts Michelle looked directly at Layla.

Well, I should go over and say hi Layla thought. Layla made her way across the crowded room stopping once she was standing in front of the blonde.

"Hi," Layla greeted a tad timidly. She felt an commanding almost intimidating presence emitting from the taller woman.

"Hey, glad to see you came, I thought you might not show up after the whole 'Trish' thing." Michelle stated.

And miss the chance of possibly seeing you dream on. "It's gonna take Trish a lot more than her little put down tactic to scare me off." Layla replied defiantly.

Michelle just smiled at the remark.

"But um..I didn't really thank you for what you did earlier so thank you I appreciate it" Layla said honestly.

"Oh, it's nothing...don't Worry about it" Michelle responded.

Layla noticed something flicker behind the blonde's eyes at the end of her sentence, Something Layla could not quite discern.

As the shorter diva began to ponder what she saw, Michelle interrupted her by moving so close that she could feel Michelle's breath on her ear with every word she spoke.

"But if you still really want to thank me though,you could by ditching this party with and come to my hotel room to hang out."

Her tone bordering seductive at "hang out"

Layla was taken back by the surge of lust she felt by Michelle's simple request, and just for a moment she evisioned herself with Michelle in a Lascivious position.

Whoa Layla chill she probably doesn't even swing that way The British native thought, quickly trying to push the image from her mind.

Michelle locked eyes with Layla. "Yes? No?" The blonde asked, smirking as if she knew what was going through the shorter Diva's mind.

"Yeah, let's go," Layla replied.

The drive to the hotel seemed like one big blur to Layla, She felt the reason for this was caused mostly due to the presence that surrounded the blonde. It seemed to intensify with every passing second during the ride until Layla felt completely intoxicated in it.

"So, what do you want to do?" Layla asked. She sat on the couch in the hotel room.

"I think you already have a vivid idea of what I want to do" Michelle replied smiling slyly as she stood in front of the younger diva.

"Um...What do you mean?" Layla asked as she stood up. Both women were now face to face.

"It's OK you don't have to play so coy" Michelle said that sly smile still playing onher lips.

Layla could feel the presence that radiated from the blonde shift, to her it felt like desire.

"I know you want me" Michelle stated coolly.

Layla blushed furiously " don-" she started to stammer but was cut off by a finger Michelle placed on Layla's lips.

"I want you too" Michelle said seductively while suggestively licking her lips.

Now Layla was completely stunned. But for some reason as she looked into the blonde's eyes she could feel the shock wash away. Michelle moved her face close to Layla until the were mere inches apart, their lips close to touching.

"Kiss me," Michelle said with a seductive firmness.

Then as if being pulled toward the Taller diva by some gravitational force, Layla closed the small gap and her lips met Michelle's in a raw passionate kiss. Their tongues danced wildly as Michelle somehow led Layla to the bed. Upon which she broke the kiss to lightly shove Layla onto the bed. Layla landed with a light bounce, she looked up at the blonde's face with a curious frustration.

"Don't fret this will continue, I just don't want to be slowed down by clothing." Michelle said.

Layla understood she quickly stripped off all of her clothing tossing it aside, until she laid in front of the taller woman completely nude.

"Hmm...Eager I like that" Michelle said.

Her eyes roving over Layla's tight body. Michelle quickly followed suit and soon stood before The Brit stark naked.

Wow and I thought she looked stunning with her clothes on! Layla thought admiringly.

Before she could give Michelle's unclothed form a thorough once over the blonde was on top of her. Michelle took one of Layla's perky breasts into her mouth, then started to lick in circular motions around the hardening nipple. Layla exhaled a loud moan as Michelle alternated her attack. The blonde then began to lightly caress Layla's core teasing the swelling nub. Layla whimpered from the torturous anticipation. Michelle quit caressing the brunette's core to position her legs in between Layla's so that they were scissoring.

Layla tired of her own pacifism, forced her lips onto Michelles for a heated dance between their tongues. Both women could feel the other's warmth on them which only encouraged them to grind harder and faster against one another.

They soon tore their lips apart, both panting heavily as each of their thrusts became more intense.

"I'm close," Layla moaned loudly.

Michelle could sense the shorter woman's release was close, she gave a forceful thrust against Layla's womanhood. Sending Layla over the edge, Michelle could feel as The brit's body spasming against her own body. Seconds after the brunette's release, Michelle felt waves of pleasure wash over her as she climaxed.

Wow...That was amazing Layla thought her mind in a dreamy state. The blond moved herself next to Layla, wrapping her arms around her waist. Layla couldn't help smiling.

"How do you feel?" She asked with a slight grin.

"Really great...that eas incredible Michelle." Layla replied. Turning so that she was face to face with the blonde.

"Good I like them worked up first." Michelle stated grinning widely now.

Layla furrowed her brow. Them?..What does she mean by 'them'? She pondered.

"By 'Them' I mean the other's I've done this with" Michelle explained coolly

Layla quickly feels herself overtaken with shame and disappointment. She felt stupid that she'd had sex with Michelle so soon just for her to be used.

Well you should have seen this coming Layla The brit chastised herself.

"So I'm just a one night-" Layla stopped mid sentence. Wait I never asked her what 'Them' meant! She realized.

Is she reading my mind? The brunette wondered.

"Yes actually I am" Michelle said. Layla stared in disbelief.

There's now way...She's just guessing Layla thought reassuringly. "Your what?" Layla questioned just to be sure.

"Reading your mind" Michelle responded easily.

At that response Layla saw that flicker in the blonde's eyes again and suddenly everything became clear.

That flicker was malicious intent.

Layla soon felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.

Oh God what have I gotten myself into? What is she going to do to me? The brunette thought fearfully.

"Well to put it simply I'm going to eat you" Michelle answered.

I don't think that was a double entendre Layla thought, making Michelle chuckle.

Layla swallowed before asking "What do you mean?"

"Well" Michelle began, opening her mouth to allow The shorter woman see her fangs as they came out. The British native's eyes widened in shock. She could not believe what she was seeing.

"To put it bluntly I'm going to drain the life from you" Michelle finished still allowing her prey a good view of her fangs.

I have to get away! Layla thought as panic surged through her. The younger woman tried to move away, but found it impossible her body was unresponsive. Layla couldn't even break eye contact, I...I Can't move!

"Yeah, that's going to be a bit of a problem for you," The blond said.

"You see as long as I keep my Siren's stare on you, you will be completely incapable of movement" Michelle informed.

Oh god I'm going to die! Layla frantically thought. Michelle moved her mouth so that it was hovering a few inches from the Brit's neck.

"Not quite, don't worry it only hurts for a moment or two" Michelle said before plunging her teeth into Layla's jugular.

"No! No! NOO!" Layla screamed.

There was nothing she could do as she felt an intense pain shoot through her entire being. To Layla the excruciating pain seemed to last an eternity before she started to feel an odd feeling of euphoria sink into her. The euphoric feeling did not last long until Layla felt nothing.

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