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Featuring: Taylor Wilde (TNA), D'Angelo Dinero (TNA, ex-WWE), Jay Lethal

Taylor Goes Black
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In August of 2010, backstage at the tapings of TNA Impact, one half of the
recently newly crowned TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions, the gorgeous
Canadian Taylor Wilde is proudly polishing her title belt with a smile on her
face. She's clad in a very reveally and tightly fitting bikini-like sliver
and clack trimmed top that shows off her large breasts, and a short sliver
skirt with tight black bottoms underneath that hug to her juicy backside. Her
thoughts are taken away when she hears someone approaching, thinking perhaps
it's her tag team partner Hamada but instead it's the sight of the resident
"street preacher" of TNA D'Angelo Dinero who as he gets closer towards her
gets a bigger and bigger smile on her face as he looks her over.

"My my my, look what we have here!" Dinero says, clad in trademark black
clothing with sliver crosses deck out on his open shirt that shows off his
abs, tight fitting pants, and sunglasses with crosses on the lenses. "A
pretty little momma with a shining title belt. I don't believe I took the
time to congratulate you on your success have I Taylor?"

"Uh, no, no you haven't..." Wilde says with a smile as she stands up to face

"But thanks. After the whole drama with Sarita, it's nice to finally have a
friend to watch my back like Hamada is. Even if we don't understand too much
of what the other says." She adds with a little laugh.

"Oh, I understand you girl! Loud and clear!" Dinero says with a handsome

"And what you need my darling, is to celebrate your success and I believe I
know a way to do that. That is ah, if you don't mind leaving for new friend
for a while and heading off into the sunset with your "Pope", if you catch my

"Woah, woah! Easy there Dinero!" Wilde laughs again, loud enough this time to
catch the attention of someone who was passing along who now stops to take a
look at what's happening. "Are you trying to score with me here or

"Score? That's a TV channel up where you're from ain't it Taylor?" The
passerby says as he now comes towards them, and they now see that it happens
to be former X-Division Champion and the former "Black Machismo", Jay Lethal
who's casually dressed in jeans and an official TNA merchandise shirt.

Taylor smiles at Jay. "Not that kind of score, the kind where "The Pope" here
is trying to get into my pants." She says, looking back to Dinero who just
grins and shrugs his shoulders.

"I cannot tell a lie, and I ain't no fool!" D'Angelo says, not denying what's
just been said about him. "And you girl are one hot momma I'd love to get a
piece of!"

"Keep dreaming Dinero!" Lethal says with a chuckle. "Taylor isn't like that
Miss Tessmacher you claim to have nailed a couple months back. She's a good
girl! She's not into that kind of stuff."

"That may be true, but it's only because she's never been with a man as
Pimp-tacular as "Your Pope!" I guarantee I will make her see the light and
she will love every second of it!"

"Now hang on boys, I think I can speak for myself here..." Wilde says,
looking to both men. "But you're sort of right D'Angelo in a weird way. I've
never... "been", with a guy like you because..." She blushes softly as she
glances between them both.

"Well, I've never slept with a black man before. Ever." She admits as she
starts to bite down on her bottom lip.

Lethal's eyes widen for a moment, while Dinero just grins. "Oh really?" "The
Pope" says as his eyes wander across her sexy, curvaceous body.

"You serious Taylor?" Jay questions as he too smiles broadly. "A girl like
you? As hot as you are? Never gone black before?"

"No, never!" Taylor says, still nervous from admitting it. "I mean, I've
thought about it, sure. A couple of dreams, maybe, but I've never done with a
black guy before. Yet, I mean."

"Dreams huh?" The former Elijah Burke smirks as he looks her over one more
time. "Well my sweet, sweet Taylor, I think that it's time we turn that dream
into a reality and I do believe that since we are both witness to this, that
it should fall to myself and brother Jay here to give you that experience
that I guarantee you will never forget!"

"Seriously?" Wilde perks up, her eyes a little wider now as she looks at both
handsome African Americans. "You... You guys would want to fuck a little
white, Canadian girl like me?? Because if you do, then I'm really, and I mean
really OK with it!"

"Hell yeah I would!" Jay says. "And I'll share with "Pope" here as well if it
means getting freaky with you Taylor!"

"It's settled then!" The man who calls himself "The Pope" announces as he
puts a hand on Taylor's shoulder, starting to lead her off before she has
time to change her mind. "Now this way girl, and I've got a little locker
room just perfect for us all to do some dirty deeds..."

Jay watches them walk off for a moment as he shakes his head slightly.
"Taylor goes black... Who would have thought it?" He thinks aloud before he
heads off after them to catch up. "Don't start without me guys!"

* * *

A few minutes later in the middle of a spacious locker room in the Impact
Zone, the busty TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion Taylor Wilde is still dressed
in her ring attire but without her boots on, now down on her knees as she
looks up with wide eyes as approaching her are Jay Lethal and "The Pope"
D'Angelo Dinero who are both completely naked. What she's staring at though
are the semi-hard but already very thick and impressively long cocks that
hang between their legs, the sight alone making the Canadian her lick her
lips as her thoughts about black men and a certain stereotype has been proven
to be pleasantly true at this point as the two stand in front the perfectly
curved white female wrestler with smiles on their faces much like the one she
has on herself.

Placing her hands on both men's tools, the gorgeous blond starts to slowly
stroke them off to get them nice and hard, her fingers wrapped firmly around
both of their thick, black cocks as she jerks them all the way up and down,
biting down on her bottom lip as she watches their meat get harder and longer
thanks to her touch. In turn, both men are grinning down at the white
Canadian as she gets them ready with a couple of handjobs, watching her run
her soft palms along their dicks as she handles Dinero's in her right hand
and Lethal with the left but keeps both hands moving at the same slow and
pleasurable pace, so after a minute or so she's gotten both men rock hard and
standing proud at a fat twelve inches each.

After taking a moment to gaze with wide eyes upon two of bar far the biggest
dicks she's ever seen in her life, she goes back to stroking both men off,
sizing them up before she leans her head in and flicks her tongue out across
the tip of D'Angelo's meat, patting her tongue across the piss slit as she
looks up at him. "The Pope" looks on with an approving nod and a light moan
as Wilde swirls her nicely wet tongue all around the head for a couple of
moments before turning her head towards Jay's and dishing out the same
treatment, licking across and all the way around his bell end in a circular
motion as she jerks both TNA Superstars off.

Holding both long black cocks near to her mouth, the former TNA Knockouts
Champion lashes her tongue against the heads of both men's shafts, swatting
her tongue rapidly between both men so they both can enjoy the feeling as she
gets a little of her saliva dabbed onto both of their bulbous bell ends,
making sure to still stroke away on their whole lengths as she does so.
Watching the busty, blond white girl going to work on their shafts has both
men wearing a mile-wide smile on their faces as they feel her frisky tongue
sliding across the heads of their cocks as she impressively switches from one
and then to the other to lick away at both and still jerk them off with firm,
smooth motions as she moans herself, getting aroused by the first taste of
black dick, let alone the double dose she's getting right now.

Turning her head towards Lethal's thick shaft she smiles sweetly up at him
before looking down and spitting onto his cock, quickly using her hand to rub
the saliva into his pole as she runs it up and down his length, flicking her
tongue out across the head as well. Turning to the other muscular wrestler
she also spits onto his head, but soon has Dinero moaning as she opens her
mouth and dives down, taking in a good few inches as she starts to raise and
lower her head onto his tool, stroking off the bottom portion as she blows
the top half with a lustful groan. Bobbing her head firmly along the cock of
"The Pope", she continues to stroke the dick of the other man without losing
the rhythm, still using the steady and noticeably quickened motion from the
base to the head and back down to keep him moaning as well while she uses her
mouth to pleasure the other black stud.

As the stunning white Knockout pushes her head further down onto D'Angelo's
cock to take more of his thick black inches into her warm and wet mouth, the
man receiving this oral treatment reaches down to brush her blond hair out of
the way, watching her beautiful face raise and lower towards her stroking
hand as she double teams his foot long cock with her mouth handling the top
half and her hand the bottom. Taylor smirks up at him, groaning around his
impressive meat as she keeps her luscious lips wrapped tightly around his
tool, getting his dick nicely wet thanks to her bobbing motion as it seems
she's getting very used to handling both men's vast dicks, and getting very
turned on by it since her nipples are rock hard and poking through her tight

Twisting her wrist slightly to grind her palm against the other man's rod,
she keeps Lethal moaning from her jerking motion, a sly glance to the side up
at him with a smirk to show she's not forgotten about the former "Black
Machismo" even though she's focusing on using her mouth on the other black
stud. Closing her eyes for a moment she pushes her head further down onto
Dinero's shaft, making him moan out as she goes past the six inches mark with
her blowing motion, lightly stroking the portion not in her mouth as she puts
a little more force behind her sucks, even able to flick her tongue slightly
up against his underside as the Canadian slurps away on one fat American dick
while jerking off another just beside her bobbing, stunning face.

"You know, it is a sin to lie girl..." D'Angelo says with a grin as he
watches her suck away on his cock for a couple more moments. "You have to
have been with a black guy before to use that pretty little mouth like that!"

With a smile, Taylor pulls her head completely off his rod and lets go of
him. "I swear I haven't..." She says as she glances up between them both,
letting go of the other TNA hunk's dick as well as she reaches behind her to
undo her top.

"Not complaining or anything, but how about you give me one of those hot
blowjobs you just gave "The Pope"?" Jay asks with a handsome smile, before
both men's eyes widen as she pulls her top away, revealing her large, tanned
and perfectly rounded breasts to them.

"I can do that..." Wilde slightly teases as she positions herself to face him
on her hands and knees, pausing to look across at Dinero. "If you'll bang me
from behind while I blow Jay..." She says with a smile as she turns to face
Lethal with a lick of her lips.

The street preacher from Harlem, New York answers that request as she quickly
moves behind the wonderfully curved Knockout, kneeling down behind her and
starting to pull her skirt and bottoms down her legs, revealing her already
wet looking and nicely shaved pussy to him. As she lifts a leg up and then
the other to help him to remove the garment she opens her mouth wide, pushing
her head forward to take in Lethal's dick inside, wrapping her soft lips
around his thick meat as inch by inch slides in, making him moan as he feels
the warmth and wetness of her mouth. She doesn't stop until just about half
of his tool is inside her oral hole and here she starts to move her head up
and down his length, groaning softly around him as she starts to blow him
with eager motions.

With a cocky but handsome smirk, Dinero moves in closer towards the sexy
female wrestler and with one firm thrust he pushes his cock into her snatch,
causing both himself and the receiving Knockout to moan out as his dick
invades her tight love tunnel, so tight in fact he can only fit in six inches
into her with the first movement. Putting his hands on her toned, tanned
waist the former WWE Superstar starts to thrust in and out of her pussy,
allowing her to get her snatch used to a black man's cock for the first time
by using steady but quite forceful movements that force her body to jolt
forward when he pumps into her box.

Groaning again around the dick in her mouth, Wilde has to close her eyes to
focus as she handles two long African-American cocks in her stunning, white
Canadian body, soon moaning around the member she's sucking as she begins to
rock back and forth on her hands and knees between the two TNA studs, pushing
her snatch back against the man banging her from behind while she lifts and
lowers her head along the cock of the man in front of her. Her large breasts
start to sway underneath her as she moves between them, quickening the motion
of her head so she can blow Jay off deeper than before, erotically slobbering
all over his shaft as she takes a few more of his thick inches inside her
mouth much to his approval as in turn he moans out as he watches her face
lower towards his crotch and then lift quickly back up to just over half way
so she can repeat the motion.

D'Angelo moans himself, watching the gorgeous frame of the first woman to
have been TNA Knockouts singles and Tag Team Champion as she pushes back
against his thrusts, allowing him to work more of this fat, long cock into
her tight, damp pussy as it's clear she wants as much of him insider as he
can give, and he has no complaints in giving her that as he too picks up the
pace. Putting force behind the pumps and a little more speed, inch by inch is
sliding in and out of her snug snatch as "The Pope" gives her some very
sinful and enjoyable pleasure by nailing her doggy style as she sucks off
another co-worker with her moans being muffled by an equally long and thick
dick like the one pounding into her pussy right now.

The busty blond opens her eyes to look up at Jay when she feels him brushing
her hair out from her face, smiling around his shaft with a moan as she bobs
her head along his thickness, impressively handling almost all of his length
now as she lowers down until just an inch or so isn't inside her and then
raising up to under half way but noticeably she's starting to gag slightly on
his cock, a sign she clearly is not used to such a large piece of man meat.
This results in the cock of the multi-time former X-Division Champion being
coated in her saliva as a result of her determined and swift sucking motions,
with some even trickling past her luscious lips that are tightly pressed
around his dick as she continues to blow him while getting fucked from behind
by another man.

While the sexy Toronto, Ontario native might be having a slight problem deep
throating one fat black cock, it seems she's gotten used to other as now her
nicely rounded and thick ass is starting to smack against the muscular waste
of Dinero as he thrusts balls deep into her pussy, aided by her pushing her
curvaceous white body back and forth between him and the other hung stud.
Both men have big grins on their faces as they spit roast the talented and
beautiful Knockout, filling her up with almost two feet of thick dick that's
making her moan out in desire as her wet pussy takes a steady, strong
pounding from behind that she's more than willing to take as she continues to
rock back against the thrusts and still deeply blow the rod inside her mouth.

"Jay my brother, you have got try a piece of this fine pussy!" Dinero says as
he gives Wilde a couple more thrusts before he pulls out of her with a groan.
"She is tighter than tight!"

As Lethal eases his saliva coated cock out of her mouth, the stunning blond
glances back at "The Pope". "Mmmm... I'm tight because you're so big..."
Taylor states with a moan as she looks up at the other wrestler. "You know,
I've always wanted to ride a black guy Jay..." She says with a very seductive
tone as she looks over his thick dick.

"Not gonna turn that down!" Lethal says with a chuckle as he gets down onto
the floor and he barely gets down onto the floor before Wilde mounts him in a
squatting-like position with her back to him.

"Looks like we've converted a non-believer to the "dark side"!" D'Angelo says
with a cocky smirk as he moves around them so he's stood at their side.

Lowering her wet pussy down onto Lethal's big dick, the stunning wrestler
once known as Shantelle Taylor moans as she takes his cock deep into her
still tight snatch, the combination of her own wetness and her own saliva
that drenches his shaft making the invasion smooth and pleasurable to both as
now he experiences her pussy all around his cock. With well over half of him
inside her she leans back slightly, her arms back to plant her hands on the
floor for support as she begins to move her hips up and down, riding the long
African-American pole that's stuffed into her white, Canadian hole and
moaning out as she establishes the rhythm, smiling as she feels his hands
hold onto her waist to help her along the way.

Her attention is soon drawn to the other man who comes up close to her and
turns her head towards him, allowing him to run the head of his rod across
her soft lips as she gazes upon the dick that'd just been driving in and out
of her box moments ago. With no hesitation she opens her mouth and allows him
to push his member deep inside her and once again the blond is moaning around
a big, black dick as she can instantly taste her own pussy juices that coat
him, and proving Dinero's words to be somewhat true she doesn't flinch,
rather getting into it as she wraps her lips around his meat and flicks her
tongue up and all around him as he starts to pump her mouth with a steady
pumping motion.

Despite having never had sex before with a black man, let alone two as she is
now, she's performing like she's done it on a daily basis as she smoothly
bounces her sweating body up and down on the dick of the man underneath her
and in turn able to bob her head slightly against the other cock that's being
fed into her hungry and nicely wet oral hole. She looks up at "The Pope" with
a sexy glare as if to say give me all you've got as he thrusts firmly in and
out of her mouth, moaning as she cleans off his dick of her juices and makes
her lips grind against his thickness. At the same time she's quickly riding
Jay's just as fat and long shaft with her tight snatch, causing him to moan
as she glides it up and down his size to take him deep inside almost to the
balls as he runs his hands along her tanned skin, the steady motion of her
body causing her large tits to bounce which only makes the man getting blown
grin wider as he watches her work over himself and the other man involved in
this black on blond action.

Once again Taylor starts to gag slightly as the tool being thrust into her
mouth starts to touch the back of her mouth, still moaning however as she
sucks away the best she can on such a thick and long piece of man meat,
determined to deep throat a black man's cock for the first time so she closes
her eyes and takes her motions up a notch. The former Elijah Burke in the WWE
groans as he watches her suddenly push her face right down onto his dick,
fulfilling her desire as she takes him up to the balls with her nose pressing
against his skin, not pulling up even when she gags loudly around his member.
At the same time she's also taking the former ROH Pure Champion completely
into her snatch, filling herself up with every thick inch of his rock hard
and now covered in her slick juices cock inside her pussy, her body smacking
down against his muscular frame so a loud slapping sound rings out each time
she drops down to mix with the moans and groans all three TNA stars are
letting out as this intense threesome continues.

Pulling her mouth off entirely from the cock she's been blowing she takes a
moment to take in air and then moan out as she holds herself down onto
Lethal's dick so she can grind her snatch down against his crotch to keep
them both groaning and in the process fill her tight Canadian pussy up with
twelve inches of thick American cock. Not content with just this sight,
Dinero comes forward and smack the head of his pole against her soft lips,
causing her to push her tongue out in response as she licks across his member
even though her eyes are closed so it's just a reflex action as she swirls
around the head to make the wrestler receiving this moan out with a more than
just pleased smile on his handsome face.

"Alright girl, let's see you get really "Wild" now..." "The Pope" says with
the grin still on his face as he steps back from her. "I want you on this
"magic stick" of mine!" He adds as now he lays down on the floor.

"Works for me..." Lethal says as he helps the blond get off from his dick so
she can stand up. "I'll take another hot blowjob from Taylor anytime!" He
says as he stands up.

Wilde is about to mount Dinero cowgirl style when she pauses and looks back
at the other TNA Superstar. "No way Jay, I want you to really fuck me with
those big dicks. I want you in my ass!" She states with a lusty grin as she
continues on getting on top of the man on the floor.

Jay just grins and rubs his hands together as he looks over her backside.
"Shit! Looks like Taylor's gone black alright..." He says with a chuckle as
he moves up close to get in position.

No sooner has the former TNA Knockouts Tag Team and singles Champion settled
her pussy right down onto the thick dick of Dinero when he takes the lead,
starting to thrust his manhood deep up into her to make her loudly moan out
as she leans forward enough to rest her hands once again on the floor, in the
process sticking her butt out to the other man. For now though she's just
watching the wrestler underneath her as she lets him have his way with her,
pumping his shaft balls deep into the sexy female's still nice and tight
snatch as he grabs a tight hold of her toned and tanned waist, his gaze fixed
on her big swaying tits as her body begins to rock back in response to his
already firm pumps.

Coming forward, Lethal spreads her thick and juicy ass cheeks apart and lines
his rod up with her other lower hole, and just as Wilde looks back to see if
he's going to do what she wanted she gets it in the form of a deep, forceful
thrust to force a couple of inches of his big dick into her back passage, the
sensation almost making her squeal as she feels the pain of being taken up
the ass by such a huge shaft. She grits her teeth together, refusing to turn
down this opportunity as she rocks her body between the two black studs, the
look on her face clear that she wants this and wants it bad so the former
"Black Machismo" starts to ease his dick in and out of her asshole, moaning
out as it's clear this is an even tighter hole to handle than her pussy is
but a fine white ass like she has is too good for him to pass up as well.

Not having to worry so much about how hard and fast he thrusts up into her
already well fucked snatch, even though as he's sweating now no one would
blame him for going easy right now, D'Angelo is going at his own stiff pace
which right now happens to be swift and forceful, his balls smacking up into
her tanned, smooth and sweat covered skin as her pussy grinds down against
his dick as she moves herself back and forth between him and the other TNA
Superstar. Figuring what she needs is even more pleasure, as if getting her
soaking wet pussy stuffed full of a foot long black cock isn't enough, he
reaches up to take a hold of her large tits, squeezing them as she slightly
bounces on his thrusting shaft but it's clear his pace is more powerful and
controlled than hers is at this point.

Back behind, Jay is groaning as he's able to slowly but surely fit more of
his thickness into her very tight back passage as she's gradually getting
used to his vast size, with half of his size able to drive into her booty as
her ass cheeks erotically shake from the way she's pushing back to help him
slide in more of his impressive man meat inside her. She grunts, groans, and
moans as she gives herself completely to the two co-workers, staring back
over her shoulder at the man pumping into her backside and watching his
muscular waist as his crotch moves in towards her butt and then quickly back
away, seemingly a slight smile crossing her face each time she feels another
thick inch of him being pushed deep into her ass.

If any of her fans witnessed her engaged in this steamy, interracial
threesome they'd be giving her a new nickname then just the "Upset Queen" as
she forcefully moves herself in between the two thrusting dicks of the hunky
men that are filling her ass and pussy up like nothing she's ever experienced
before in her lift. Making the busty Canadian sweat hard they pound her holes
with spend and force, causing her large breasts to bounce even when they're
being held by the native of Harlem, New York who is also pumping her snatch
balls deep to keep her moaning with intense lust. At the same time, the star
from Elizabeth, New Jersey is pumping away into her even tighter backside,
his hands gripping her waist to keep her somewhat in place as he drives his
shaft deeply in and out past her asshole, feeling himself sweating from the
pace he's using to hammer into her booty to give her an experience she won't
ever likely forget.

Indeed, the gorgeous, perfectly curved, white Canadian is in a place at least
a hop, skip, and a jump away from heaven now as she moans out with closed
eyes and an open mouth, feeling both men's muscular bodies start to collide
with her as she's getting stuffed full of twenty four inches of fat, black,
African-American cock that's reduced the woman regarded as one the most
talented female wrestlers in the Knockouts division into a moaning, slutty
mess who's begging to be fucked. Getting fucked she certainly is as both TNA
studs drive their beginning to throb shafts balls deep into her lower holes
with "The Pope" ravishing her soaking wet and nicely snug snatch while the
former "Black Machismo" drives his manhood completely in and out of her super
tight and sexily thick ass with a lust-fuelled passion.

Knowing that this is her first sexual experience with black men, it's
impressive enough that she's lasted this long but it's no surprise that it's
taken its toll on the former Knockouts Champion who starts to pant hard and
moan deeply as she tilts her head back, tossing her long blond hair back in
the process. Taylor Wilde cums hard on the dick of D'Angelo Dinero while Jay
Lethal continues to thrust into her ass, her holes clamping around the
respective dicks pumping into her to make them groan out as they fight to
keep control especially as she continues to rock back and forth between their
deep, hard slams into her. Her snatch unleashes a flood of juices across
Dinero's dick to make him groan as he carries on pounding up into her hole,
causing her to ride out an extremely intense orgasm that would render most
women unconscious in seconds. Similarly Lethal continues to enjoy every last
moment of her juicy backside, thrusting away and only gradually slowing down
his motions and easing off the force he's putting behind him not so much to
prevent himself from exploding, but to let her comes back down to Earth from
her sexual peak.

With all three desirable TNA performers sweating and breathing hard, there's
finally some relief for the blond as she lets out a low groan as both men
ease their thick, foot long cocks out of her well fucked and to a point near
abused pussy and ass, getting up and helping her keep steady as they bring
her up to her knees in front of them. Looking up she licks her lips as she
looks over the black dicks that just banged her to an out of this world
orgasm and she needs no advise as to what to do next, which surprises both
men when she eagerly grabs their shafts and starts to stroke them with her
hands, taking only a moment to take in a deep lungful of air before she
lowers her head down towards the shaft of "The Pope".

Watching the stunning white blond go to work yet again, the former WWE
Superstar moans as she feels her pouty lips yet again tightly around his
shaft as well as her frisky tongue as it lashes up and all around his member
as she firmly and quickly sucks him off, feeling her groan around his black
meat as she tastes her own snatch off of his cock. She rocks her head
smoothly up and down the top portion of his size, her soft palm taking care
of the rest of him as she slobbers over his length with closed eyes, focused
on giving them both something in return for what they'd just given to her.
With that in mind, she sucks away on his dick for a moment more before
lifting her head off of him, spitting onto the head and then using her hand
to stroke it right into his skin as she turns her head to open her mouth and
take the other man's dick inside.

As she lowers her mouth onto Lethal's dick all the way down to the six inch
mark it doesn't seem to bother her that she's indulging in some ass-to-mouth
action here, tasting her own back passage off of his rod as her tongue works
over him as she bobs her head up and down on his meat, one hand jerking off
the rest of him while her other handles the entire length of "The Pope".
Still in a state of lust from when she came hard she's just thinking about
making them both explode like they made her so she's gladly suck them off
with little thought to the fact that they'd just been driving completely into
her butt and snatch moments ago. Neither mind of course, watching as she
quickly lifts and lowers her head onto the throbbing shaft of the former TNA
World Tag Team Champion and multi-time X-Division who's moaning loudly as her
wet and warm mouth works over his truly "Lethal" weapon.

Sucking on him for a few moments more she lifts her head off, feeling both
men throbbing like crazy inside her hands but she keeps on stroking them both
with firm, quick motions, opting to aim them directly towards her face as she
opens her mouth wide, ready and willing to take what they have to offer her.
That open target of her sweat covered and beautiful face is the final trigger
for them both, and so with deep moans of pleasure both Jay Lethal and
D'Angelo Dinero start to shoot their loads onto Taylor Wilde with thick
streams of spunk blasting out of their twelve inch black American cocks and
into the open mouth of the Canadian Knockout. She groans again as her mouth
gets rapidly filled up with jizz, still able to carry on jerking them off as
they send out their jizz into her oral hole as well as splashing some across
her pretty face, cheeks, chin and lips, and even a stream or two landing
further down onto her large breasts for good measure.

Fighting to keep her mouth open, Wilde continues to look up at both men as
she strokes them, and down to their dicks as she squeezes the finals drops
out of them to ensure they've both been milked dry of their cum. Satisfied
that she's done that she lets go of their softening cocks, looking up at them
both with a sexy glare so they can get a good look at the huge mouthful of
their combined spunk that's he's collected before she closes her mouth and
with one, loud gulp she impresses one last time by being able to swallow it
all down without a hint of gagging, in the next moment opening her mouth wide
to show that it's empty as she pants for breath after such an intense, erotic

"So Taylor... I don't think I have to ask this... But did you enjoy your
first black fuck?" Jay asks with a handsome smile as he wipes sweat from his

"Oh fuck... I fucking loved it Jay!" Taylor says with a quick nod of her
head, looking up at both men. "Seriously, anytime you want to do this again
just sign me up for it! Better yet, call me and I'll be there!"

"Well let me just whip out my little black book... No pun intended..."
D'Angelo says with a chuckle. "And I'll give you a whole page to yourself for
any and all numbersyou have."

"Oh, I'll give you that "Pope", and I'll give you both something else..."
Wilde says with a big, lusty smile. "I've gone black, and I want to go black
again tonight. You two, me, and my hotel room. We'll fucking do this all over

"Well, that sounds great and all Taylor, but don't you, you know, share it
with your tag team partner?" Lethal states.

Glancing at him as she stands up, the blond just smirks. "Yeah, I do. And I'm
pretty sure she's never gone black before either..."

* * *

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