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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where
you currently live, it's you're own damn fault if your mommy catches you
jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Michelle McCool, Ashley Massaro, KC James, Idol Stevens,
Paul London, Brian Kendrick

Teaching The Teacher
by Dax G 2001 (

"Boys, your grades have been slipping, and don't think I haven't noticed!"
The sexy schoolteacher of SmackDown Michelle McCool scolds her two 'favourite
students', KC James and Idol Stevens, as they sit on the floor in front of

"It wasn't our fault Ms. McCool!" KC James, still dressed in his black
wrestling tights, says in defence. "Those two, Kendrick and London, we had
them beat!"

"Yeah, we had Kendrick beaten down, then they started flying around!" Idol
Stevens adds, also still dressed in his own black tights.

"No talking in class!" Michelle snaps at the two, pointing her ruler at them,
which makes the two newcomers gulp in fear.

The two men watched as their teacher stood and thought over the situation.
Dressed in a short black skirt with white streaks, black heeled boots, and a
very loosely buttoned white shirt that did little to conceal her black bra
and her large chest contained inside it.

"Boys, if ya'all want to be the next Tag-Team Champions, you'll have to prove
that you're better than London and Kendrick in every way." Michelle stated,
adjusting her glasses a little.

Idol raises his hand. "Ms McCool? I don't understand."

"My students know that my ‘A+' body is way better than that tramp Ashley's,
right?" Michelle asked.

Her two favourite nod their heads in agreement.

"It's obvious that not only do I look better, my knowledge of ‘sexual
education' is far higher than hers." Michelle stated in a smug fashion. Idol
and KC looked at each other, before back to their teacher.

"Ms. McCool?" KC raised his hand. "What does sex have to do with us beating
the champs?"

"I want you boys to find that rebellious student Miss Massaro..." Michelle
began to explain. "And assist her in learning about what a real tag-team can
do outside of the ring. I shall find her fellow truants London and Kendrick
and give them a lesson that they will most likely not forget! That will prove
how superior we are!"

* * *

"Thanks Teddy, I'm stoked about it!" SmackDown's number 1 rock-chick Ashley
Massaro says as she leaves the G.M.'s office.

Ashley smiled as she headed back toward her locker room, dressed in a short
plaid skirt, a studded belt, a black baseball cap worn backwards black
gauntlet-like gloves, and black fishnet-like material that ran along her
arms, shoulders and just across her black bra covered chest.

Turning a corner, she noticed that heading in her direction was the team that
her friends London and Kendrick had defeated earlier in the evening KC James
and Idol Stevens.

"Dude, there she is!" Idol stated, a smile coming across his face.

"Hey Ashley..." KC said, a similar smile appearing on his. "Have you got a

The Dirty Diva raises an eyebrow a little, coming to a stop in front of the
two men. "Depends..." She eyes the two suspiciously. "What do you guys what?"

"Hey, just ‘cuz we're trying to take your guys' titles doesn't mean we're
bad!" KC said.

"Yeah right, just two guys being ordered around by a lame teacher." Ashley
said with a smirk, putting her lip-glossed lips together.

Idol laughed a little at her comment. "Lame is right! Man it sucks to have to
go along with her like that."

"Oh yeah, Michelle's no fun at all!" KC added.

"Oh, you guys bunking off school huh?" Ashley asked, a smirking slightly.

"Yeah, we're just lookin to have some fun, you know?" KC said, checking out
Ashley's hot body.

"You know, a little ‘behind the bike sheds' action?" Idol said, cockily
adjusting his wrestling tights.

Ashley smiled, knowing what they were talking about. "Oh, so you guys want to
get down with the Dirty Diva?"

"Damn right we do!" Idol said. "And you know, our locker room is free if you
wanna, you know..."

"Oh, I know." Ashley said. "Lead the way boys, let's see what you've got."

* * *

At the other side of the building, the seductive schoolteacher Michelle
McCool is smiling confidently as she walks up to the locker room of the WWE
Tag-Team Champions. Going over her plan in her head again, she confidently
knocks on the door.

"Come in!" She hears a male voice on the other side say.

She opens the door and walks in, to find Brian Kendrick, wearing jeans,
sneakers and a WWE Smackdown T-Shirt, sitting on a chair, putting his
wrestling gear away in a bag.

"Uh, I think you've got the wrong locker room..." Brian says, looking up at
the blond Diva.

"Oh no, I've defiantly got the right one here." Michelle says with a smirk,
running her free hand along the ruler she's holding. "But there's one of you
boys missing from the register..."

"Hey Paul! We've got company!" Brian shouts out.

"Company, what'd you..." Paul, stepping out of the shower area with just a
towel wrapped around his waist. "Hey Teach'!" He says, seeing Michelle.

"That's Ms. McCool to you student!" Michelle scolds, pointing her ruler at
London. "I've been watching the two of you, and I can tell that your grades
have been slipping, especially hanging around with that unruly student Miss

"Ashley?" Brian looks confused. "What's wrong with her, she's awesome!"

"Yeah..." Paul folds his arms across his chest. "Just ‘cuz you're jealous
that she gets all the attention doesn't mean you have to lecture us about

"Students, this class will not be a lecture..." Michelle smirks, taking a few
steps towards Paul. "But you'd be wise to pay attention."

Using her ruler, she lifts up the bottom of Paul's towel up, revealing his
limp but impressive looking manhood.

"Dude!" Brian exclaims, seeing what Michelle is doing.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Paul asks, a little confused.

"It's time for a test boys..." Michelle says, slightly licking her lips at
the sight she sees. "I hope ya'll ready for a little physical examination..."

* * *

"Okay guys, you sure you can handle the Dirty Diva?" Ashley playfully
challenges as she enters the locker room of Ms. McCool's favourite students.

"Oh, I'm pretty sure we can..." Idol says with a smirk, giving his partner a

"Totally..." KC agrees. "Come on man, let's show her what she's got to deal

Ashley smirks as she watches the two men strip out of their clothing,
revealing their about averaged sized cocks.

"Well then, let's get started..." Ashley says, reaching behind her and
undoing her bra, before peeling it off her and showing her big round breasts.

"That's a good way to get started." Idol says, eyeing up the topless Diva as
she walks towards them.

"Looks like it's getting better." KC comments as Ashley drops down to her
knees in front of the two.

Taking a cock in each hand, Ashley wraps her fingers around each and begins
toslowly stoke each to get them hard.

"You've got some great hands Ashley..." Idol states as she easily gets the
two of them fully hard with the handjobs. "We'll make sure you enjoy this!"

"Hanging around teacher all day has got you guys confident huh?" Ashley
laughs a little, leaning her head down to flick her tongue around the head
of KC's cock while still stroking the two off.

"Mmmm man..." KC moans a little, feeling her tongue on his tool. "Confident
doesn't cut it..."

"Yeah, we're the best arou... Oh yeah..." Idol was cut off when Ashley
switched and gave his cock the same treatment, teasing it with her tongue.

Without saying a word, Ashley opened her mouth and started sucking on the
head of Idol's cock, pressing her lips around his member. She grinned,
looking up at his moaning face as she started to move her head back and
forth along his dick.

"Damn, that's hot..." KC licks his lips as he watches the 2005 Diva Search
winner bob her head easily on his partner's cock, pushing his hips forward a
little as she continues to jack him off.

"Mmmm feels awesome!" Idol moans, brushing her blonde and black-streaked hair
aside to get a clearer view of her as she sucks him off.

In no time at all, Idol Stevens' cock was being coated by Ashley's warm
saliva as she took it all inside her mouth with swift movements along his
length, using a hand just to hold it by the base.

Lifting her head up, Ashley gave Idol a wink, using her hand to massage her
spit all around his member, before turning her head towards KC James and
taking his cock into her hot mouth. Again, she wasted no time in building up
a rhythm, bobbing her head up and down his dick, lips pressed around it and
making him moan aloud as his partner had been doing.

With ease the Dirty Diva of the WWE was able to take KC's whole length in her
damp mouth, sucking away on him while carrying on giving a hand job to Idol.
Ashley seemed unfazed by the whole thing, still wearing her baseball cap on
her head as she gave KC oral.

"Fuck man..." KC said in a moan. "She's better than Michelle is." He added,
feeling Ashley brush her tongue up against the bottom of his dick.

Idol shot his partner a look. "She's been good so far, but we're not finished
here yet."

"Hope not guys..." Ashley said with a grin, lifting her head up, letting a
trail of saliva fall from her mouth and onto her tits. "I want to see if you
guys are really just all talk."

Standing up, Ashley slightly bent over and pulled her panties down her legs,
just letting the two men see her neatly shaven pussy.

"Oh we can back it up alright..." Idol said, licking his lips at the sight.

* * *

"Now this is what I call sex education!" Brian said with a smile, watching
as Michelle McCool undid the buttons of her shirt, before taking it off and
fully showing off her bra-encased tits.

"Finally a subject I wanna study hard for!" Paul replied as Michelle slipped
down to her knees in front of her.

"Don't slip behind you two..." Michelle stated, putting her ruler down on the
floor. "I want to see if you've come with the right equipment for this exam."

Brian undid his jeans and slipped them off along with his boxers, while Paul
simply undid his towel and tossed it aside.

Michelle blinked, taken aback for a moment by the impressive size of the
Tag-Team Champions, but quickly snapped out of it and took them in her soft

"Everything seems to be working fine here..." Michelle stated, gently
stroking them both to get them hard. "But appearances aren't everything."

"Sure thing Teach'." Paul said with a slight laugh, the teacher's hands now
getting him fully hard, along with his friend and tag-team partner.

"Could say the same for you." Brian replied, feeling Michelle's hand squeeze
his cock a little.

"I may be a respectable teacher, but extra-curricular activities are not
beyond my capabilities." The blond Diva stated, looking up at the young
champions through her glasses.

"Yeah, sure..." Kendrick shot his partner a look to indicate he had no idea
what she had just said, to which London simply shrugged his shoulders.

Lowering her head down, Michelle put her lips level with Brian's cock and ran
her tongue just along the top of its head.

"Mmmm nice..." Brian said, enjoying the teasing feel she was giving, dabbing
her tongue against the head of his dick.

"Looks like it." Paul stated, watching her go to work as he received slow
strokes from her hand on his dick.

While jerking him off at the same time, Michelle starts to swirl her tongue
around the head of Brian's cock, coating it with her soothing saliva. Brian
moans, slightly pushing his hips forward as he enjoys the sexy teacher's

"Hey Ms. McCool, you're not gonna leave me out are you?" Paul jokes, brushing
his fingers against her tied up blond hair.

"Patience students, you can't expect to learn anything by rushing through
it." Michelle said, moving her head towards London and giving the head of his
cock a long lick around it.

"Mmmm sorry, but I wanna learn as much as I can..." Paul said with a slight

"Oh?" Michelle smiled. "I always have time for eager students..." She said,
before opening her mouth and taking the head of his dick inside.

Paul moaned, feeling Michelle's full lips press lightly around his cock as
she sucked on just the head, using her warm mouth to pleasure one half of
the WWE Tag Team Champions. The other half moaned a little as Brian enjoyed
having his length stroked by SmackDown's resident schoolteacher.

"Man that feels good..." Paul said, looking down as Michelle starts to take
a little bit more of his cock inside her mouth, starting to bob her head on

"Yeah, bet it does..." Brian says, before a thought strikes him. "Hang on,
I've got an idea..."

Brian takes a step away from Michelle, freeing his dick from her grasp. This
catches her attention for a moment, before Paul strokes the side of her face,
bringing her back to the task of blowing him.

Then Michelle felt her skirt being lifted up, and a hand gently rubbing her
pussy through her panties.

"Mmmm..." Michelle moans around Paul's dick, the touch of Brian's hand on her
sensitive area making her suck a little bit more on Paul, bobbing her head
along the first few inches.

"I think you've just gained some extra credit..." Paul stated, putting a hand
on the side of the teacher's face.

"Good to know, 'cuz I'm feeling a little hungry..." Brian said with a grin,
putting his hands on her black panites. "And this'll be the only time I enjoy
a school meal..."

* * *

"Let's kick it up a notch!" Ashley Massaro said, squatting over the lying
down Idol Stevens, using a hand to line up his cock with her pussy, teasing
her entrance with his cock-head.

"God yeah!" Idol said, grinning from ear to ear.

"Mmmm..." Ashley moaned a little, lowering herself right down onto Idol,
taking his whole length inside her.

"Jesus!" Idol moaned loudly, watching Ashley being to start moving herself
up and down on his shaft. "Damn that feels incredible!"

"You like that huh?" Ashley asked with a smile as she started to ride him.

"I've got something you'll like here..." KC James said, stepping to the side
of the Dirty Diva and stroking his dick.

Turning her head, Ashley opened her mouth and started sucking away on KC's
cock, bobbing her head swiftly on his length, not breaking the rhythm she had
on Idol's dick for a moment.

Holding onto Ashley's smooth legs, Idol looked up to watch her huge tits
jiggle with each movement as she slammed herself down on his cock, a loud
slapping sound being made every time she brought her pussy down onto his
crotch and ballsack.

KC groaned, holding onto Ashley's head with a hand on her baseball cap,
thrusting his hips towards her mouth to help her suck on his cock. The
stunning rock-chick's saliva was coating KC's tool as it passed in and out
of her soothing mouth, making some saliva drip down her chin and onto her
large breasts.

"Mmmm yeah..." Ashley moaned around the cock in her mouth, bringing her
tongue up around it as often as she could, placing her own hands on her
breasts and squeezing them against each other as she bounced on the dick
in her snatch.

"God damn that's hot!" Idol stated, nearly drooling at the gorgeous Diva on
top of him, pushing his hips up to meet her when she dropped down on him.

"Yeah, maybe Ashley should be the one doing any teaching around here!" KC
said with a similar look on his face.

* * *

"Mmmm my goodness..." Michelle McCool moaned, grinding her pussy down on
Brian Kendrick's face as he licked his tongue around the entrance to the now
naked, save for her glasses, Diva. "I can tell you were a good student..."
She said to the Superstar lying underneath her.

"We've both very good..." Paul London said with a grin, kneeling down a
little to bring him looking right at Michelle's impressive chest, taking her
breasts in his hands and cupping them.

"Mmmm yes you are..." Michelle said, licking her lips. "You both work hard
for those top grades."

Michelle moaned again, as Paul brought his head down and started licking
her tits, running his tongue right around each one and covering it with his
saliva, making her nipples even harder when he licked them. Underneath her,
Brian had started pushing his tongue into her pussy, probing inside with it
and tasting her dampening snatch.

"Mmmm yeah..." The former Diva Search participant said, moving her hips
around slightly to move her pussy along Brian's face a little. She's
beginning to sweat a little from the actions of the Tag-Team Champions.
Brian says something, but it comes out muffled as he his mouth pressed right
onto Michelle's sweet pussy. lapping up the juices that are forming in it.
"Bad... Uh, manners!" Michelle gasps as Paul takes one of her nipples into
his mouth and sucks on it. "Don't talk mmmm... With your mouth full..."

Paul lifts his head up and stands up, lowering himself slightly to place his
cock in between Michelle's large boobs. "Ms. McCool, can I have a tit-fuck
please?" He asks with a grin.

"Since you asked so nicely..." The teacher says with a smile, putting her
hands on the outer side of her tits and pushing them together, sandwiching
Paul's dick between them.

"You've got really nice tits Ms. McCool..." Paul says as he starts to move
his hips, pushing his cock up between her well rounded breasts.

"Oh mah stars!" Michelle exclaims, feeling Brian lick against her clit.

With a smile, Brian licks her sensitive clit again, running his tongue over
it again and again, causing Michelle to close her eyes in pleasure.

"I thought the students were supposed to be the ones who misbehaved..." Paul
stated, holding the back of Michelle's head with his hand as he pumped his
dick in and out of her large mounds.

"Yeah, Teach' has got a naughty side!" Brian said from underneath her, before
sucking on her exposed clit.

* * *

"Shit!" KC James grunted, hands firmly placed on Ashley's hips as he pumped
into her tight pussy, fucking her in a doggy-style position.

"Mmmm fuck..." Idol Stevens groaned, holding onto her head by her black cap
as she bobbed her head on his shaft, slurping all over it.

Ashley groaned, loving having a cock in her at both ends. She pushed her hips
back against KC, making his ballsack smack against her pussy with each push
in her gave. With Idol, she swirled her tongue all around his cock, getting
it wet with her warm saliva.

"Phew man, this is intense!" KC stated, sweating hard from the energy he was
having to use to keep up with Ashley.

"Yeah, she sure knows how to fuck alright!" Idol replied, groaning from the
oral pleasure he was getting from SmackDown's most popular Diva.

Ashley lifted her head up, giving Idol's dick a long lick on the underside.
"Mmmm what's up boys?" She giggled a little. "Not too much for you I hope?"

"No, no way!" Idol said. "We... We can go all night!" He lied, knowing
himself that he wouldn't be able to last for much longer either.

"Oh yeah..." KC said, not really listening as he continued to slam into
Ashley's hot snatch, moving his hands over her great ass.

Mmmm just as well..." The Dirty Diva stated, taking Idol's cock back into her
mouth and sucking away again.

"Oh fuck yeah..." KC moaned, his thrusts quickening. "Mmmm man it's too much,
I'm gonna blow!"

"What??" Idol said. "Ah no, not now..." He groaned as Ashley sucked him off
hard and fast. "Damn it!"

"Fuck man..." KC pulled his cock out and started jerking himself off for a
few seconds before he started cumming. He groaned as he released stream after
stream onto Ashley's skirt covered butt, staining the clothing with his thick

"Ah damnit!" Idol cursed as he too started releasing his load, firing off
right into the mouth of the Dirty Diva. Moaning slightly, Ashley gulped down
his cum, collecting it all in her mouth before swallowing it down with ease.

"Shit, this wasn't part of the plan!" Idol cursed again, standing up after
he'd finished cumming, grabbing Ashley by the arm and forcing her up to her
feet. "KC, kick her head off!" Idol ordered, turning her around and holding
her in place.

"Swallow this!" KC said, taking a step before aiming a superkick right at
Ashley's head. Just in time however, she was able to slip put of the sweaty
arms of Idol Stevens, who took the full force of the kick in his face,
knocking him out cold.

"Crap!" KC exclaimed. "You'll pay for this!" He said, turning around and
charging at Ashley. Again, Ashley dodged the attack, leaving KC James to run
straight into a metal locker, before he too fell unconscious to the floor.

"So much for going all night..." Ashley said, adjusting her black cap and
brushing some lose hairs out of her face. "I was just getting started... Urgh
what the fuck??" Ashley felt KC's jizz on her skirt. "Aww man, I liked that
skirt! Guess I better go back to the guys and get changed..."

* * *

"Mmmm..." Michelle moaned away as she sucked on Paul London's thick cock,
bobbing away as underneath her Paul had his face buried into her pussy,
eating away with his expert tongue.

"I never was any good at math..." Brian stated, kneeling down at Michelle's
ass. "But I guess 69 is a prime number right now!" He said with a laugh,
before bringing his head down and planting kisses over her butt cheeks.

The seductive teacher's body shivered a little more at the touch of both the
Tag-Team Champions, causing her to try and take more of Paul's cock in her
mouth, but her mouth was already almost stuffed full, and there was still
about 3 or so inches of him left to go. Her warm saliva dripped out past her
lips and down his dick and onto his balls, her head bobbing on it but not too
much so that her glasses didn't slip off.

Michelle groaned as she felt her ass being spread open and Brian's tongue
lick down the crack, teasing over her asshole with long licks up and down.
Paul's tongue continued to move around inside her pussy, lapping up the
large amount of juices that were being made.

Michelle's head jolted down on the dick in her mouth when she felt a tongue
enter her asshole, making her gag on the thick member as the tongue started
darting in and out of the entrance to her back passage.

"Guys, you are not gonna believe this!" Ashley announced as he burst into
the locker room, wearing her bra again but just having her black thong on,
holding her cum-stained skirt in her hand. "I was... The hell?"

The three others in the room froze, looking at Ashley with shock. Michelle
remained down on Paul's dick, and Paul in her pussy. Brian, having only just
started eating Michelle's ass out, withdrew his tongue.

"Uh... We can explain?" Brian offered, looking about ready to sink into the

"Oh, now I get it!" Ashley said, tossing the skirt aside. "Teacher here sent
her boys to do a number on me, while she comes and gets a piece of you guys!
That's a pretty lame trick Michelle!"

"Uh, say what?" Brian asked, unsure of what was going on.

"Well, lets see how you handle a real tag team!" Ashley undid her bra and
tossed it aside, along with her cap. "Get off of him Michelle!" The Dirty
Diva said, storming over to the two in the 69 with a smirk on her face.

"Hey, what the??" Michelle demanded as she was pulled off of Paul and dragged
over by the arm to the sofa in the room, where she was thrown onto it. "Do
you have any idea...?" She started to say, before she was cut off when Ashley
grabbed her by both sides of her face and drew her into a deep kiss.

The jaws of the Tag-Team Champions dropped as they watched Ashley climb onto
Michelle's lap as she kissed her, forcing her tongue right into the mouth of
the schoolteacher.

"Mmmm!" Michelle protested at first, trying to push Ashley off her, but soon
found herself meeting the invading tongue with her own, moving her hands up
onto the other Diva's face.

Pulling her head back, Ashley left the other Diva gasping for air. "Wow
Michelle, thought you'd be a total prude!" Ashley grinned, getting off of
Michelle and slipping down onto her knees, in between her legs, spreading
them apart. "Trust me, I didn't learn this at school... At least not in

"Oh lord!" Michelle moaned loudly as she felt Ashley lick her still wet
pussy, tracing all around the entrance to the teacher's sensitive hole. She
bit her lip, looking down at the rock-chick as she started to eat Michelle
out, teasing her by only slightly pushing her tongue inside her.

Moving closer to get a better look, Paul and Brian carefully move to either
side of the two Divas, looking down at Ashley who was lapping quickly away at
Michelle's snatch. Lifting her head up slightly, Ashley inserts a finger deep
inside the other Diva, making her moan again as moves her digit in and out of
her while licking away at the same time.

"Wow!" Brian says, surprised by what he's seeing. His voice catches
Michelle's attention, who looks over and eyes him up for a moment, licking
her lips. "Something you want?" Brian says with a grin, moving up to stand
on the sofa beside Michelle, holding his dick up to her lips.

She nods her head, opening her mouth and starting to bob on Kendrick's thick
cock, slurping away with her gorgeous face and soft lips.

Ashley looks up and smiles both at what Michelle's doing and the teacher's
sweat-covered body. Carefully she worked another finger inside so that she
has two fingers going in and out of the Michelle's pussy.

"Hey, don't leave me out!" Paul pouts, pretending to be offended by the lack
of attention he's getting.

The Dirty Diva grins, looking up at him. "Hey Paul, could you be a sweetie
and help me out of my thong?"

Paul smiles, moving behind Ashley and pulling her thong down her legs,
and then off of them when Ashley helps by moving her legs up a little.
Positioning herself behind her, Paul lines up his cock with her damp
pussy and pushes it inside.

"Mmmm fuck Paul..." Ashley moans, distracted for a moment from licking, but
still moving her fingers inside the other Diva. "You're pretty well hung!"

"Cheers Ashley..." Paul moans as well, starting to thrust back and forth
inside his friend and manager. "You're pretty damn hot yourself."

"You know, for a supposed set-up..." Brian said, holding onto the back of
Michelle's head as he helps her to suck him off by thrusting into her warm
mouth. "I'd say we're doing more screwing that she is..."

Michelle moaned loudly around Brian's cock, taking nearly all of him inside
her mouth as she brushed her tongue up against her as much as she could,
pushing her chest out as he squeezed her breasts and played with her nipples.
Down below, her hips were grinding up against Ashley's face as she sucked on
her sensitive clit, moaning around it while keeping her fingers pumping in
and out of Michelle's snatch. Behind the now sweating Ashley, Paul was
pumping away at her snatch, a firm grip of her ass as he did so, a wide smile
on his face, similar to the one his partner had on.

"Mmmm MMMMM!!!" Michelle suddenly moaned out, and Ashley felt a wave of
juices flood over her face and her fingers as the schoolteacher came hard. As
she came, she went right down on Brian's dick, deepthroating it and sucking
on it hard.

"Whoa, someone had a build up!" Ashley laughed, licking her lips before going
down on Michelle again, drinking up as much juice as she could manage.

"Fuck, that was hot..." Brian stated, letting his cock fall out of the
teacher's mouth as she collapsed back onto the sofa, exhausted from her
intense orgasm..

"Mmmm Paul baby, pull out for a second..." Ashley moaned.

Reluctantly, Paul did so, pulling out and letting Ashley stand up.

"Well, seems like everyone's gotten off except us..." The Dirty Diva said.
"Paul, lie down for me please..." She said with a smirk.

Paul did as instructed, lying down on the locker room floor. Walking over,
Ashley turned around so her back was facing Paul and squatted over his dick,
but instead of inserting it into her pussy, she carefully placed it inside
her ass instead.

"Oh fuck..." Paul moaned, feeling his dick slide inside her vice-like asshole
with relative ease as Ashley lowered herself down.

"Fuck yeah..." Ashley gasps happily as she works as much of him inside her as
she can, before holding position over him. "Brian, get over here..." Leaning
back, she put her arms down onto the ground to support her weight.

Quickly, Brian made his way to her, standing in front of her. Positioning
himself in a slightly squatting position, he lined up his dick with her pussy
and pushed it in as well.

Paul thrust his hips upwards, holding onto her thighs as he pumped his long,
hard cock into her tight ass, while Brian held onto her waist as he pumped
into her dripping pussy.

"OH FUCK YEAH!!" Ashley almost screamed as she began to get double-teamed by
the WWE Tag-Team Champions, her large breasts bouncing with the force of the
two Superstars slamming in and out of her at the same time. "God yeah, that
feels so fucking good!!"

"Feels better than good!" Brian said, sweat dripping off his forehead and
onto the Diva's smoking body, taking a hold of Ashley's breasts in his hands
and playing with them as he pumping into her.

"Too right it does!" Paul added, giving Ashley's butt a smack as he slammed
up into hit.

"Oh fuck like that... Ohhh... Oh FUCK... Ohhhh... Mother...
FUUUUUUCKERRRRR!!!" Ashley moaned one last time before her pussy exploded all
over Brian's dick, her juices coating his dick and running down her thighs
and legs, dripping down onto London's legs as well.

"Mmmm fuck Ashley..." Paul groaned, her asshole clamping tightly around his
dick. "You're gonna make me blow soon."

"You and me both..." Brian stated, pulling out of the Dirty Diva when she
started to give signs of coming down.

Slightly staggering off Paul, as the both of them got off the floor, Ashley
then quickly dropped down to her knees in front of him

"Hold on Ashley, that's just been in your ass!" Paul said, guessing she was
going to suck him off.

Looking up at him, Ashley tossed back her now messy and sweat-ridden blond
and black-streaked hair, smiling at her friend before opening her mouth,
wrapping her lips around it, tasting her own ass off his cock with her
skilled tongue.

"Awww man, I need to get off..." Brian cursed his luck, thinking he'll have
to wait until Ashley had finished with his fellow Tag-Team Champion until
he'd get off.

"St... Student..."

He turned around to see a very worn out Michelle McCool slide off the sofa
onto her knees, beckoning him with a finger and a lusty look. Brian smiled,
walking over to her and offering her his dick, which she eagerly began to
suck on, tasting Ashley's juices that were covering it.

"Holy fuuuuuuck..." London groaned. "I'm gonna blow Ashley..."

"Mmmm over my face..." Ashley said, lifting her head off his cock and looking
up at him. "Make this Dirty Diva even dirtier!"

Paul needed no further encouragement as he started to quickly jack off, and
before long was releasing stream after stream of hot, white cum all over
Ashley, covering her sexy face with his seed and making her smile as she
received a personal facial from her friend.

"Awww man, here it comes!" Brian stated, as he started to fire off into
Michelle's mouth. Calmly as possible, she gulped down the more than plentiful
load she received right down her throat. Thinking she was done, she let his
cock out of her mouth, only to receive another stream right over her sweaty

"Guess... I still have a lot to learn..." Michelle gasped, smiling as she
whipped the cum off her face.

* * *

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