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Team Fucksquad Part 1: Indecent Proposal
by Doe

"BANG!!!" Kurt Angle slung his title belt against the locker in anger.

"I'll get that fucking son of a bitch Brock!" He seethed. "Somehow, I've got
to earn some fucking respect around here!"

Just then, Stephanie McMahon passed by his locker.

"Hey Kurt, what the hell happened out there!

"You got your ass handed to you!" She half-laughed before swaying down the

"Fucking Bitch!" He thought to himself before his thoughts turned to her
round ass swaying back and forth away from him.

An evil plot suddenly brews in his Olympic sized mind.

"I know exactly how I'll kill two birds with one stone!" He thought with a
devilish grin forming. "But How?"

* * *

The pure virginal beauty sashayed with her usual confidence down the halls
but today she wasn't feeling the same. Vince had told her they didn't have
anything for her storyline wise so they were sending her to train the OVW
lady wrestlers. This understandably had her low as she thoughtlessly walked
in to Kurt's locker-room without realizing it as he was getting dressed.

"WOAH!!!" Shouted a startled Kurt as he stood in front of molly with his
lower half naked.

The stunned Molly could only stare speechless at his impressive nine-incher
staring back at her.

"I...I...I..." Was all she could stammer as Kurt, who wasn't a shy guy by
any means, formed an idea.

"You want to close that door, sweetheart!" Kurt asked smirking as he could
sense the tension.

Molly still speechless closed the door obediently, not realizing she was
still inside.

Kurt smirked again at this, as he knew he had her where he wanted her. He
drew in closer to her, all the while noticing she gave no resistance. He
reached out and rests his hand on her shoulder, trailing his fingers down
her arm.

"I can tell you're not the virginal sweetheart you say you are!" He said as
he lowered his hands to her toned stomach that was covered by her tight top.

She finally snapped out of her cock-gaze and backed off.

"How dare you...I..." At this, he grabbed her head and roughly kissed her
catching her off-guard.

"Who do you think you are!"? She reared back and went to slap him but he
caught her hand in mid-air.

"Baby, look, I heard about your little problem and I can help you out." He
drawled with his usual arrogance.

She was intrigued at this and stopped her resistance.

"How?" She asked suspicious.

Kurt smiled reassuringly at her naivety.

"Look, things are about to change around here, I'm going to become the man
and I can help you got your job back, HELL you can be champion!" He hastened.

Her eyes lit up at this as the thoughts of holding the title again roamed her

"All you got to do," He continued, snapping her out of her fantasy. "Is give
me something I want."

He pointed down to his now semi-erect penis.

Molly hesitated.

"B-But I...I...can't..." She stammered uncomfortable.

"Do you want your job back or not!?"He threatened, his demeanor changing

She knew she had no choice as she got down on her knees. She slowly put her
mouth around his cock.

"AAAHHMMMPPHHH!!!" She muffled as Kurt roughly grabbed her by the back of
the head and rammed his tool down her warm throat.

"MMPPPPHHHHSLLUURRRPPP!!!" Molly struggled desperately to keep control of her
jaw as Kurt relentlessly thrust his now fully erect cock in and out of her

"YYYYEEAAAHHH!!!!BITCHHH!!!" He let out an orgasmic yell as he swirled his
saliva-laden tool in her mouth. He finally released her for a few seconds as
she gasped for air before he drove his cock in all at once violently.

"Oh fuck yeah bitch! That's nice!" He screamed in pleasure.

He continued the face fucking as Molly sadistically found herself getting
turned on.

At that point, he let her go and told her to lie on the bench. She tore off
her clothes in a heated rush and lay on the bench, the cold metal sending
shivers up her spine and down to her pussy.

"Time to return the favor!" He mused staring at her pussy.

He bent his head down and opened her legs to get a great view of her
beautiful lower-body. Molly wasn't like the other stick-figure divas like
Terri or the pure muscle of Linda Miles. Her body was thick without being
fat, a combo he liked as he let his tongue roam her nether regions.

First licking down her legs before diving into her pussy to prepare and tease
her. His experienced tongue drove her crazy as dug it inside her like a penis
sliding back and forth.

unable to take the pleasure.

Kurt needed no further encouragement as he easily slid his nine-inch penis
into her wet snatch. He immediately took control fucking her wildly with
speed on the bench as she was screeching with every crazy thrust.

"YES YES YES YES FFFFUUUCCCKKK YYYEESSSSS!!!!!" She launched an orgasmic
scream as she came over his cock, which sent him over the edge.

"OOOHHHH FUCK NOT YET!" He yelled as he pulled out.

"I want your tits!" He said.

She obliged happily using her round perfect breasts as pillows as she
engulfed his cock and began to titty-fuck him. He wildly thrusted, jamming
his cock into her face at times. She countered this by licking it whenever
it came her way.

"OOOOOHHHH FFFFFFUUUCCCKKKK!!!!!" He let out an almighty bellow as he sprayed
jet streams of thick cum all over her tits, chin and face. She could only
murmur her approval and attempted to lick up as much as she could.

Kurt got up and started dressing much to molly's disappointment.

"Don't you want my ASS!?" She called.

"Oh yeah, sweetheart, but I've got plans for that sweet meat!" He said as he
gave it an almighty smack.

Kurt grinned as he realized his plan was coming together and he would soon
have control of the WWE. He also had his first member of Team Fucksquad.


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