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Team Pink Plays The Game Part 1
by DawnRycherFan

Stephanie heads to the back after addressing the crowd on Raw. She opens the
door and see's Torrie standing there holding a copy of her Playboy.

"Torrie, what are you doing in here?" Steph asked.

"The question isn't 'What am I doing in here?', it's what were you doing in
here?" Torrie replies, waving the Playboy.

Steph's face turns read. Then she makes a seductive face at Torrie.

"Ohh nothing Torrie," she said.

"How come I don't believe you?" Torrie replies.

Torrie then starts rubbing her breasts over her shirt, then takes it off.
Steph bites her lip. Torrie then takes off her bra, her nipples already hard.
She walks over to Steph and reaches over her making her breast rub against
Steph as she closes the door. Torrie looks down and see's Steph's nipples are
hard thru her top.

"Mmmmm, you do like me, Steph?" she says with a seductive voice.

"Mmmmm, you know it, Torrie," Steph replies.

Torrie kissing Steph on the neck. Then kisses her on the lips pushing her
tongue down Steph's throat. All the while running her hands down Steph's
back, until she gets to her plump ass. Torrie squeeze's it hard, then gives
it a little spank. Steph push's away and looks nervous.

"We can't do this, what if Triple H walks in?" she asked

"Don't worry about that, Steph, I sent Candice and Victoria to keep him
busy," she replied.

"Mmmmm, you naughty girl," said Steph with a seductive smile.

They kiss some more. Steph takes her shirt off. Torrie takes off Steph's bra.
Torrie push's Steph's breasts together and sucking on one nipple then the
other. Steph takes down Torrie's skirt, then her thong. She then leads Torrie
over to a table puts her on it. Torrie spreads her legs, and Steph leans down
and digs her tongue into Torrie's sweet pussy. Rolling her tongue around, and
pushing her tongue inside her. Torrie moans in delight, then wraps her legs
around Steph's head. Running her fingers thru her hair. Torrie squeezes her
breasts together, and pinch's her nipples. Steph's eyes tell the story of how
good torrie tastes.

"I want to taste you now," Torrie said.

Steph stands up. Takes off her skirt and thong as Torrie sucks her finger.
Steph bends over the table. Torrie kneels down behind her. She starts licking
up and down on Steph's pussy. Steph starts banging her hands on the table in
pleasure. Torrie moves up a bit and starts to lick Steph's asshole.

"Mmmmm that's it, Torrie! Mmmmm, spank me!" she yelled.

Torrie stands up and Steph's stays bent over. She looks back at Torrie with
loving eyes. Torrie raises her hand and spanks Steph.

"Hard, Torrie!" she screams.

Torrie hits her again, this time even harder. She hits her a third time, a
forth. Torrie is getting into this. She spanks her a few more times and now
Steph's ass is beet red. Steph stands up and turns to Torrie. They kiss a

"Now its your turn, Torrie," said Steph.

Torrie bends over the table and takes one spank after another from Steph
until her ass too is beet red. Torrie couldn?t believe how much he enjoyed
it. The two go face to face again and kiss. Steph goes over to a locker and
pulls out a towel. She spreads out the towel and lays it on the ground. They
both get on the ground and straddle each other. They begin to grind there
pussy's together. Both girls scream and moan in ecstasy. They start going
faster and harder. Staring into each others loving eyes. Both licking there
lips. Running there hands up and down each others legs. There nipples are
hard as bricks. Both girls cum together thrashing there heads around. The
unlock there legs. Torrie crawls up to Steph and lays next to her. They kiss
some more.

"That was incredible, Torrie," said Steph.

"Anytime you want it, babe," Torrie replied.

"Really?" Steph asked.

"MMMmmmm, you know it," said Torrie.

Torrie kisses Steph. The two get up and get dressed. They leave the lockeroom
as if nothing happened.

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