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Team Pink plays the game Part II
by DawnRycherFan

Triple H is about to walk into Steph's lockeroom when he is stopped by
Candice and Victoria.

"Where you going, Game?" asked Candice.

"To talk to my wife," he replied.

"Forget her," said Victoria.

Victoria rubs her hands on Triple H's chest, and pouts her lips at him.
Candice starts running her fingers thru his hair. Candice and Victoria start
kissing. Triple H starts rising to the mainevent. Victoria reach's down and
feels him getting hard.

"Mmmmm that's better," she says with a grin.

Candice grabs Hunter's tie and leads him down the hall to a empty lockeroom,
the three enter. Once inside Victoria and Candice strip one another naked,
and start kissing again. Candice reach?s down and feels how hard Triple H
is getting. Victoria does her little shake as Candice does her spin dance.
Triple H takes off him jacket, tie and shirt. Victoria sucks on one of his
nipples, as Candice does the same to the other. Both girls drop to there
knees. They undo Triple H's pants and pull down his boxers.

"I can see your sledgehammer?" says Victoria.

The two divas then kiss either side of his shaft. Then they lick up and down
the sides of it. Finally Candice takes his cock into her mouth. Bobbing her
head up and down slow. Victoria spanks Candice on her tight ass.

"Let me show you how its done," Victoria says.

She pulls Candice's head of his cock and takes it into her mouth. Victoria
goes up and down on it hard and fast. She takes it all in. Candice stands up
and kisses Hunter. Candice puts her hand on Victoria's heading making her go
even faster. Hunter reaches back and squeezes her ass. Then he leans down and
sucks on her left breast. Candice gets on the ground flat on her back with
her legs spread. Victoria takes Hunter's cock out of her mouth. Triple H gets
down on Candice and drives his cock into her pussy. Fucking her hard and
aggressively. Victoria goes over and sits on Candice's face.

"Mmmm that's its, Candice, eat it!" Victoria orders.

Candice's tongue going deeper and deeper into Victoria. Victoria squeezes her
breasts together. Then she pinch's her nipples. All the while Hunter is still
ramming Candice's box. Sliding in and out of her fast. Candice's moans around
the lips of Victoria's pussy. Victoria gets up and bends over with the palms
of her hand against the wall. She looks back at Hunter seductively. Hunter
gets up, goes over and takes Victoria's pussy from behind. Sliding in and out
of her hard all the while slapping her ass. Candice gets up and licks the
side of Victoria face like Victoria had done to Stacy years ago. Hunter's
balls slapping against Victoria. Her head thrashing around in pleasure.
Candice starts running her hands on Victoria?s back, then squeezes her ass.
Hunter takes his cock out and slaps it against the ass of Victoria.

"Mmmm yeah, Game, I like that," Victoria.

"Cum and get it ladies!"

They both drop to their knees, mouths open. Candice starts to jerk off
Hunter, while Victoria squeezes his balls. Before long Hunter explodes
blowing his cum in their mouths. The girls roll his cum around in there
mouths a little, then kiss and swap it back and forth. They look up at
Hunter and giggle. They grab their cloths, quickly get dressed and leave.
Meanwhile Torrie has just left Steph's room.

Hunter gets his cloths on and goes to see his wife. Neither one has any
idea what the other has done.

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