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For Historical Reference; This story is set in the Summer of 2001 about at
the start of the WCW/ECW Invasion of the WWF. Matt Hardy and Lita were a
happy couple (both on screen and in real life), however Lita didn't like the
fact that her rival ... Trish Stratus, was eyeing Matt's younger brother,

Team Xtreme Gets A Little T&A
outline by Kristi
story by Dice

In the Hardy Boys locker room, Matt and Lita have just entered and the first
thing Lita sees is Jeff tickling Trish as they sit on the couch. Trish is
laughing as she playfully tries to stop him.

"HA HA HA, Stop it! HA HA HA!" Trish laughs as Lita just shakes her head.
Jeff stops tickling Trish and the two of them share a quick kiss. Trish then
looks at Lita who has a look of disgust on her face. "Is something wrong

"Yeah, there is a problem, and that problem is you."

Trish raises an eyebrow, "Me?"

"Yes you, I don't like you, and I sure as hell don't trust you." Lita crosses
her arms.

Matt sighs a bit, "Come on Lita, give Trish a chance... who knows you two
could be good friends..."

Lita glares at Matt, "I don't think so, she's just using Jeff to get what she

"Well Trish has wanted something..." Jeff shuts up when Trish playfully
elbows him hin the stomach. Trish smiles cutely at him.

"Listen Lita, let's give Trish a chance to prove herself..." Matt says

Lita makes a face, "And how to you propose we do that?"

"Simple," Matt smiles, "If Trish truely want's to be with us in Team Xtreme,
she wouldn't mind getting wild and crazy."

That idea brings a smile to Lita's face who puts her hands on her hips and
looks at Trish, "How about it Trsih?"

Trish smirks and stands up, "Well, that depends on what Matt meant by wild
and crazy..."

Matt grins, and just as he's about to explain, Lita cuts him off. "It goes
like this... if you can keep up with me, then you can hang with us..."

Trish puts her hands on her hips, "Honey, whatever you can do, I can do

"Is that so?" Lita replies just before she turns to Matt, and drops to her
knees. She quickly undoes Matt's pants and yanks them down to his ankles.
Lita grabs his limp cock, strokes it for a moment, then takes if quickly
rising piece of flesh into her mouth. Lita starts bobbing on it quickly,
twisting and turning her head in a few directions as she bangs her tongue
against the under side of his cock.

Trish crosses her arms then looks at Jeff, followed by licking her lips.
Jeff quicky unzips and unbuttons his jeans and pushes them down to his knees,
followed my his leopard print boxer shorts. Trish pulls off her pink and
black top, then removes her lacy black bra. She kneels down in front of Jeff,
and pulls off his sneakers, jeans and boxers, as he takes off his neon-green
and black t-shirt. Trish moves between his legs, holds his cock straight up
and licks up and down the shaft, dragging her tongue along the skin as she
coats his dick with her saliva. Trish takes Jeff's balls in her hand and
gently rolls them them around with her palm.

Lita pulls away from Matt's cock and rips off her sleveless fire red shirt,
followed by her pink bra as Matt kicks off his shoes and removes his pants.
Lita attacks his cock again, slobbering all over it as she places her hands
on his ass. She squeezes his ass cheeks repeatedly while taking his entire
shaft deep in to her mouth. Lita doesn't gag at all and opens her mouth wide
and tries to takes his wam-bag in her oral hole.

Trish has now takes part of Jeff's cock into her mouth. She lightly bobs her
head over the top half of his dick. Each times she pulls back, she sucks on
the head of his cock as if it was something seperate. Trish smiles at Jeff
with his rod still in her mouth before she goes down on it completely.
Trish's gentle way of giving head is driving Jeff wild as he runs his hands
through her soft blond hair.

Jeff's moans get's Lita's attention, so she pushes on Matt's legs, forcing
him to lay down on the ground. The firey red-head stands up and quickly
removes her skin tight pants, slightly ripping them to get them over her
books which she leaves on. Lita doesn't remove her thong, instead she pulls
it to the the side and squats over Matt's cock. She suddenly drips down and
starts riding the eldest of the Hardy brothers rough and fast. Lita throws
her whole body into riding Matt, rocking her hips back and forth rapidly.
Lita grabs her own breasts and squeezes them tightly as she looks over at

Trish has just finished giving Jeff the blow job of his life. She's not
paying any attention to Lita as she now stands up and takes off her shoes
and her leather pants, followed by her panties. Trish gets down on all fours
and looks back at Jeff and winks at him while smiling seductivly. Jeff smiles
back and he gets off the couch and kneels behind her. He then pushes his cock
into her pussy and starts thrusting in and out of her slowly. Trish responds
with soft moans as she pushes back onto his cock. She closes her eyes and
bites her lower lip as Jeff starts to fuck her a little faster.

The moans of the two hot women echo through out the locker room, as each one
in their own way is working over the cocks of Matt & Jeff. Lita's break neck,
hard core, rough riding of Matt's cock is a pleasent surprise to him, for
he's used to Lita being slightly submissive. On the other hand, Trish's style
of just receiving Jeff's cock in her cunt has Jeff changing up his own style.
He never once expected that a hot girl like Trish would want him to be
gentle. Despite the difference, both women reach their climax at roughly the
same time. Trish smirks at Lita who looks like shes' going to fall over.
Trish looks back at Jeff and cutely nods her head, and Jeff pulls out of her
without a protest.

The beautiful Canadian diva stands up and smirks at Lita, "Awww... looks like
your tired already..."

Lita glares at her and with some effort, lifts herself off of Matt's cock.
She looks into Trish's eyes, "Trish, I'm not even warmed up yet..."

In a flash, Lita pushes past her rival and backs Jeff up against a wall. She
places a hot kiss on his lips, delivering her pierced tongue into his mouth.
Jeff is a bit surprised by this, but quickly starts kissing back, and slides
his tongue over hers. He uses his oral prove to move the stud in her tongue
around a bit.

Trish pouts a bit, but then looks down at Matt who hasn't gotten up from the
floor. Trish grins then knees down next to him and places a few kisses on
Matt's chest. She flicks her tongue over his nipples, then licks downward
towards his cock. Once there, Trish takes it into her mouth, and lets her
saliva drip down onto his shaft. Trish then closes her beautiful lips around
his cock, and starts bobbing her head like a rooster.

Meanwhile, Lita has now gotten down on her knees, and is sucking off Jeff for
all she's worth. She looks up and locks eyes with the younger Hardy brother,
and roughly drags her tongue against his dick. Lita slides a hand betweem his
legs and and jams two fingers into his asshole. Jeff lets out a loud moan of
pleasure as Lita finger bangs his ass and blows him at the same time.

Trish has now stopped giving head to Matt and has gotten onto her hands and
knees. Just as she's about to look back at Matt the same way she did earlier
to Jeff, Matt moves like a bolt of lightning and gets behind her. He slaps
his cock against her ass cheeks, then he shoves his prick into her wet pussy.
Lita see's what's going on out of the corner of her eye and quickly stops
blowing Jeff. She gets down on all fours, right infront of Trish, their faces
only inches apart.

"Get that dick in my cunt Jeff!" Lita orders as she looks back at him. Jeff
grins and inserts his cock into her tight pussy. Matt & Jeff start to fuck
each lady, but neither one of them is focusing all that well as they watch
the other fuck the girl of their desires. Lita and Trish meanwhile, are
pushing back onto their dicks, but their eyes are locked on each other.
Both girls are feeling a bit more arroused than before, as they each see
the burning lust in the other's eyes. Lita licks her lips a moment before
Trish extends her necks a bit to kiss her. Lita is totally shocked, but
she's not going to protest. The busty blond and the hot redhead engage in
a hot tongue kiss, that gets the Hardys to fuck them harder. When they break
the kiss, both ladies are smiling.

"Want to trade?" Trish asks.

"Yeah... boys... switch!" Lita says giving her answer and ordering the Hardys
around at the same time. The Hardys quickly pulls out of Trish and Lita and
go to the opposite Girl. Once both men are behind the new chick, the Hardys
count to three, then drill their cocks home in their wet juicy cunts. Lita
and Trish tilt their heads and kisses deeply several times as the Hardy's
fuck them with every thing they got. Lita and Trish moan into each other's
mouths, causing each to have goosebumps. Jeff and Matt each start to fuck the
girls at their own pace now, Matt going a bit slow and gentle, while Jeff is
fucking Trish at a rapid rate. Both women resume pushing back on the guy's
dicks to increase the intensity of what the Hardy's are doing, and it has the
effect of causing both ladies to have an orgasm at almost the same instant
again, but the one Trish has is more intense falls a bit.

Lita sees this and takes a bit of advantage, and she looks back at Matt, "Lay
down and pull me with you."

Matt nods his head and lays down on his side, brining Lita with him with his
cock still in her tight twat. He then rolls onto his back, and now Lita is on
top of him in the ol' reverse cow girl posistion. Lita starts to bounce on
his cock as she motions for Jeff to come to her.

"Trish needs a break..." Lita says with a grin as Jeff reaches her. She
leans forward a bit while still rotating her hips to keep fucking Matt. Lita
reaches out and grabs Jeff's cock and pulls it to her mouth. She licks the
fat tip of his cock as if she was licking a melting popsicle before taking it
into her mouth. Lita inhales Jeff's dick, using her mouth like a vaccume to
stimulate his cock as Matt puts his hands on her ass. Matt pushes Lita up a
bit more than shes going to, which allows her to drop down on his cock with
more force and intensity. While all this is going on, Trish is gathering her
strength, and just as the sexual bombshell is readt to rejoin in on the fun,
Lita has her third orgasm. Lita screams around Jeff's cock, and after she
calms down, Trish takes Jeff's hand and pulls him out of her mouth.

Trish stands in front of Jeff and turns around. She spreads her legs apart.
then bends down a bit as she offers her pussy up for thim to fuck. Jeff
takes the offer and puts himself inside her, and starts to fuck her slow,
but firmly. Lita has gotten off of Matt and is resting on the floor as her
boyfriend grabs a steel chair and posistion it in front of Trish. He sits
down on it, and now, Matt's cock is directly under Trish's head. She lowers
her upper body as far down as she can go without kneeling and takes hold of
Matt's cock with both hands. Trish's holds his dick firmly as Jeff continues
to fuck her sweet pussy. She lowers her head a bit and swirls her tongue
around Matt's meat missle. She spits on it a few times, then uses her hands
to work her spit all over his cock. Trish tries to give Matt a good oral
sensation, but from the angle she's at, she can't do it. Lita has gotten
some of her energy back and has gotten to her fit. She walks over and pushes
Jeff out of Trish's pussy. Trish looks back to see what's the deal, but sees
Lita smiling at her.

"I want to know something..."

Trish legs go of Matt's cock and stands up, "What do you want to know?"

Lita smirks, "Can you do this?"

Lita mounts herself back on Matt's cock again, she then waves her hand and
Jeff comes over to her quickly. Matt leans the chair bag to where it's mainly
supported on the back legs, Giving Jeff a free shot at Lita's tanned ass.
Jeff grabs a hold of the bottom of the chair to hold it still after he pushes
his cock into her ass. Lita starts pushing back on Jeff's cock while rocking
back and forth on Matt's. Trish like what she sees and moves behind the chair
to hold it still for the Hardy's and Lita. Lita smiles in appriciation and is
now able to show off her skills without worring about the chair falling over.
Jeff is also able to to bang Lita's ass nonstop. Lita moans happily, but as
soon Matt starts thrusting up into her, she climaxes again.

Trish and Jeff help Lita off of Matt's cock after Jeff pulls out of her.
Jeff then turns Trish around and Lifts her up. Trish wraps her arms and legs
around him as he lowers her into onto his cock. Matt stands up and pushes
the chair away and stands behind Trish as she starts to grind on Jeff's cock.
Matt puts his cock in Trish's asshole and soon Trish is doing everything she
can to fuck both men. She reache back and wraps one arm around Matt's head as
he and Jeff push in and out of her at a hot rate.

"Mmmm yeah... that's it...." Trish moans as she licks her lips. "Can... you
two stud.... both... fuck my pussy..."

Matt and Jeff both get big grins on their faces, as Lita sits up in shock.
Matt pulls out of Trish's ass and Jeff carries her with his cock buried in
her twat to the couch. He sits down on in, then slides down enough to where
Matt can push his cock into her pussy as well. Matt runs his hands over
Trish's golden brown ass then he pushes his fat cock into her cunt along
side his brothers. Trish throws herself back against Matt as both brothers
thrust in and out of her warm pussy. Trish moans in pleasure as the bounces
a bit on Jeff's cock and tries to push back on Matt's at the same time.

"OHHHHH AHHHHH FUCK!" Trish yells as she cums on both brothers cocks.

"Ahhh damn..." Matt says as he pulls out of her pussy. Trish climbs off of
Jeff and sits on the couch. Matt and Jeff's cock are throbbing violently and
Trish grins at Lita who smiles in return. Both women can tell the brothers
are close to cumming. Lita and Trish both push Matt down onto the couch, and
Lita grabs Matt's cock and pushes it into her mouth as Trish does the same
to Jeff. Both girls bobs their heads all up and down quickly on their cocks.
Lita places her hands on Matt's thighs, while Trish wraps her hands around
Jeff's knees. Both brothers don't last long and eventually give both girls
at hot load of steaming hot cum in their mouths, however Trish and Lita don't
swallow at all.

Instead both divas pull away and face each other. Lita and Trish hug each
other and kisses each other deeply, swaping the cum in their mouths with
their tongues. After they break the kiss, both women swallow the cum in
their mouths. Trish smiles then pushes Lita down so she's on her back.
Trish preads Lita's Legs apart and then inserts two of her fingers inside
Lita's pussy. Lita coos in reponses as she pinches her own nipples, brining
a smile to Trish's face. The blond woman lowers her heads down and starts
licking Lita's pussy softly, flicking her tongue all over her pussy as she
moves her fingers faster. Trish soon perfects the timing of her tongue and
fingers to the point where it's more than Lita can bare. Trish moves her
fingers away, and just uses her tongue to bring Lita to her another orgasm.
Lita starts tapping the floor with her hand.

"Stop... I... can't take... anymore..." Lita says happily, and a bit later,
Trish stops what shes' doing. "That was so Stratusfying..." Lita moans a bit.

Trish smiles at her new friend, "I'm glad you though it was... but you know
what I say... Stratusfaction is always guaranteed."

"I know that for sure now..." Lita smiles, "You are definatly Team XTreme


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