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Teasing To Please
by Punisher924 (

"Twice in 25 seconds Velvet?" Angelina asked, slamming the door to their
dressing room.

Velvet knew that just because Angelina had come to her defense out there...
it didn't mean she wasn't pissed as hell...

"It was our chance to prove that we are better than the rest of those UGLY
bimbos that call themselves knockouts... and you got beat twice in 25

Velvet knew from experience it was definitely not wise to attempt to defend
herself in situations like this.

"I'm sorry... I don't know what happened... I'll make it up to you... I'll do
anything to make it up to you..." Velvet pleaded of her tag team partner.

Angelina took a deep breath, calming herself a bit.

"Take your clothes off..." She instructed, her tone definitely calmer than it
had previously been.

"What? Now?" Velvet asked incredulously. It wasn't like it was an uncommon
task to be asked of her. No, not at all... Angelina asked her to undress all
the time... It was just, they were in their dressing room and Angelina knew
full well that there was no lock on the door so anybody could barge in
anytime they'd like and well... Kurt Angle, especially, had taken to doing
that lately.

Angelina didn't have to say another word; the expression on her face was
enough to get Velvet to start stripping without the slightest regard to who
could walk in at any moment.

Once Velvet was completely nude and exposed to Angelina's penetrating gaze,
she waited patiently for further instruction.

"What should I do with you...." Angelina questioned although it really wasn't
a question at all, more of a spoken aloud thought, contemplating what method
of punishment she could use this time... "Turn around" She finally demanded.

Another not so uncommon request asked of her, Velvet turned around
obediently, biting her bottom lip gently. She had lost them enough tag team
matches to anticipate what was about to happen here; so when she felt
Angelina's fingertips on the smalls of her back, she bent over deferentially
before it was even asked of her.

"I think..." Angelina said, her voice dropping to a husky drone. "...that you
need to assure me..." she trailed off, her hands dropping to firmly cup the
curves of a shapely rear. "...that in our next match..." and she withdrew her
hand just slightly.

Velvet steadied herself by holding onto the wall in front of her as she bit
her bottom lip even harder in anticipation.

"...You won't fuck up..." Angelina continued, her hand connecting sharply
with the flesh of Velvet's ass causing her to emit a small yelp as she
released a breath she wasn't even aware she had been holding. "Because I
don't like losing Velvet..." And her hand came down again, harder this time
and Velvet really couldn't help the tiny whimper that left her lips. It
wasn't that she enjoyed being punished per say... It was just, she really
liked when Angelina got like this... when she got extra possessive and did
stuff like refer to her match as their match because in some sick and twisted
way, it proved that Angelina loved her and loving her was something that
Angelina only admitted to on very rare occasions... and besides, she also
knew that in some perverted, kinda distorted way, Angelina enjoyed knowing
that she enjoyed being punished by her... and she enjoyed pleasing Angelina.

"I won't..." Velvet said, knowing Angelina expected her to say something at
this point.

"You won't what?" Angelina asked, her hand coming down roughly for a third
time, the sound of flesh meeting flesh sounding throughout the whole room.

"I won't fuck up in our next match..." Velvet said, her words almost meshed
together breathlessly.

"Do you promise?" Angelina asked, her hand coming down once again, the flesh
doubtlessly reddening beneath her palm.

"Yes..." Velvet breathed out, the last spank quite possibly winding her.

"What?" Angelina asked, yet another spank delivered mercilessly.

"I promise..." Velvet said quickly and Angelina's hand came down again but
this time very softly, a slight touch followed by a caress of the beaten

"Good..." Angelina said, a grin playing at her lips. "Now why don't you give
me good reason to forgive you..." She said suggestively and that was
definitely a proposition Velvet did not need to hear twice. She was up within
seconds, her lips pressing against Angelina's feverishly.

Angelina took a few moments to rid herself of her own shirt and bra before
moving over to the couch and sitting on it, silently dictating that Velvet
follow which she did unquestioningly.

Velvet needed absolutely no signal to continue exactly where she left off,
her lips attaching to Angelina's once again... but she knew her place and in
no way or form tried to control the heated embrace... she obediently followed
Angelina's pace, parting her lips when Angelina's tongue ran over her bottom
lip which was a tiny bit sore from how hard she had been biting it during her

Angelina finally broke the kiss leaning back against the cool leather of the
couch as Velvet continued her assault lacing the flesh of her neck with
kisses, she knew not to linger too long though and quickly moved onto more
erogenous flesh, taking a puckered nipple into her warm mouth smiling around
the bud when Angelina emitted a tiny moan. She moved onto the next one,
sucking, licking and nipping the bud to complete erectness until she felt
Angelina's hands tangle in her hair guiding her lower.

She made short work of Angelina's belt, quickly unbuckling the silver
accessory and dragging Angelina's pants and thong down and off in one fluid
motion. She kissed her way down Angelina's abdomen, licking her lips in
anticipation as she neared her destination. Her tongue danced out slowly,
lapping at her lover's swollen clit. She watched Angelina carefully, listened
to her quickening breaths as she slid her tongue back and forth over the
small nub. Angelina's grip in her hair tightened, holding her closer as she
continued her oral assault.

Velvet was so caught up in bringing Angelina pleasure that the fact that she
was on her bare knees, her skin being exposed to cheap carpet, hadn't even
hit her.

"Fuck.... More...." Angelina breathed out, holding Velvet, if possible, even
closer to her.

Velvet worked even harder to bring Angelina to the point of release, gliding
her tongue down the length of her womanhood and plunging it into her wetness
causing a hiss of delight from her lover.

Angelina moved with her with practiced ease, her hips rocking to feel more of
her tongue inside her, faster..

Taking it a step further, Velvet used her fingers to circle Angelina's
swollen clit sending Angelina over the edge, a string of obscenities leaving
her lips and causing Velvet to smile.

Velvet loved it when Angelina moaned, cursed or sometimes even screamed out
her name when she came... it meant she was definitely getting better at
pleasing her because when their relationship had first started, Angelina
always used to just tense up and gasp when she came, always had to be in
control even at the peak but Velvet had quickly learned the spots that made
her writhe and moan and she definitely employed her use of them.

Angelina took in deep, shallow breaths, trying to regulate her breathing as
she pulled Velvet closer to her, kissing her hungrily.

"You know I have something for you in my bag..." Angelina said when her
breathing had calmed enough for her to complete a sentence. "It was supposed
to be a surprise after you won the championship but since that didn't happen
and since you've been good... I will allow an exception..." She said,
ushering Velvet to get the gift out of her back.

Velvet opened Angelina's duffle bag, finding her `gift' instantly. She
couldn't help the grin that adorned her lips as she pulled the appropriately
colored pink and black strap on out of Angelina's bag. Handing the object to
Angelina par her request, she watched intently as Angelina worked her way
into the contraption, licking her lips in anticipation.

Seriously, if Angelina really wanted her to start winning... she was going to
have to make losing a lot less enticing!!

The End

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