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Teen Stars Invade the WWF
by Foley Fan

Note: Some of the WWF storylines have been changed/ignored to fit this story.

Raw is War was coming live from Los Angeles. Also in L.A. was an MTV teen
awards show that was filled with pop stars, Hollywood actors, and other
various celebrities. One of the winners of the night was none other than The
Rock who had won an award for most favorite wrestler. As a promotional deal,
some of the celebrities were given tickets to the Raw show. Some were
wrestling fans, some weren't. But all wanted to go and have a good time. It
was about an hour before Raw started and the crews were rushing to prepare
for the show. Walking around backstage were two young ladies by the names of
Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson.

"Wow, this is all pretty amazing, isn't it Britney?" asked Jessica.

"It's not bad." said Britney with a shrug. "Say, where did Christina say
she'd meet us again?"

"She said that she'd meet up with us back by the production truck
half-hour before the show."

"I wonder were that is. Maybe we can ask someone." said Britney.

As the two were walking down the hall, they spied two other scantily clad
blonde women talking by a table of soft drinks and snack items. Jessica
walked up to them when the two women stopped talking and gave her a cold

"Well, well, look who's here Trish, the big pop stars themselves. They've
come to grace us with their presence."

Trish Stratus and Terri Runnels weren't happy to see the two singers.
Britney didn't like it when people talked down to her and got in their faces.

"Hey you two sluts, we just want some directions is all." said Britney.

"Excuse me, you're calling US sluts little Ms. Jailbait?" asked Trish.

Britney was about to bitch slap Trish when both her and Jessica were hit
from behind. The two were knocked out cold. When they awoke, they were lying
in Trish's dressing room. Both were stripped naked of their clothes. They
tried to cover themselves up and find out where they were.

"Ohmigod, what happened?" asked Jessica.

"Nothing, we took the liberty to getting you two a little more

Trish and Terri emerged from the bathroom wearing dominatrix leather
clothing. The outfits consisted of all leather, which included corsets,
thongs, boots, and elbow high gloves. Both women's large tits were aching to
be freed from their leather tops.

"What're you gonna do with us?" asked a scared Britney.

"We're just gonna have some fun." said Trish with a wicked smile.

"You see, you teen pop sluts have too big of an attitude. So we've decided
to take you down a few pegs. While we distracted you, Test and Albert knocked
you out from behind. Then we stripped you down. Now we have fun." said Terri.

Terri walked up to Jessica and slapped her across the face. Jessica was on
her knees almost in tears.

"Stop crying bitch. Your mistress wants you to pleasure her now." snapped
Terri. Terri undid her panties, letting them fall to the floor. She grabbed
the back of Jessica's head and shoved her face into her cunt.

"Eat me out, slut."

Jessica was unwilling at first, but Terri slapped her again.

"DO IT!!!"

Knowing that she had little choice in the matter, Jessica began to lick
away at Terri's cunt. Terri cooed in pleasure. The blonde pop star was very
good at eating pussy. Terri held Jessica by her hair and forced her into her
pussy even more.

"Ohhhhhh baby that feels good." sighed Terri.

Britney watched her friend eating out the blonde dominatrix. She was
actually starting to feel turned on by it. Her pussy was beginning to get
wet. Trish saw this and knew now was the time. She walked over to Britney
and planted a full kiss on her lips. Britney put up almost no resistance.
The two used their tongues to invade each other's mouths. Trish ran a hand
over Britney's large tits, feeling their firmness. Briteny moaned at the

"That feel good, honey?" asked Trish seductively.

"Uh-huh," said Britney in a trance-like voice, "Can we do it again,

"We'll do that and more. For right now, go sit on the couch."

Britney obediently walked over to the plush leather couch and sat down.
Trish removed her corset and panties, leaving her in her boots and gloves.
She walked over to Britney, her hips swaying erotically. Trish sat down
beside Britney and the two began making out again. Their hands wandered all
over each other's bodies, feeling up their large tits and soft skin. Terri
was loving every second of Jessica's tongue and was beginning to orgasm.

"Oh baby yeah!! OH yessss!!! Oh-oh-OOOOOOOHHHHHHH"

Terri shot her cum all over Jessica's face. Jessica tried to lick up as
much of it as possible to please her mistress. Like Britney, she was growing
to like this. When Terri was done cumming, she pulled out a singapore cane
from a nearby bag.

"You know pleasure, know it's time to know pain."

Terri used the cane to whack Jessica's left tit. Jessica yelped in pain.
Terri got a crazed look on her face and started pelting Jessica all over her
body. Each lash was a mixture of both pleasure and pain for Jessica. Within
minutes Jessica's milky white skin was covered with red marks. The young
singer was on her knees; although she was in pain, she was very wet. Terri
walked over to her.

"What do you say, slave?"

"Thank you mistress, may I have some more?" asked Jessica adoringly.

Terri walked over to a drawer and retrieved a 14-inch long double strap-on
dildo. She shoved one end into her wet cunt. With a sadistic smile Terri
walked over to her new slave.

"Get down on all fours." she ordered.

Jessica did as her mistress asked. She wiggled her butt invitingly at
Terri. With a savage thrust Terri rammed six inches of the dildo into
Jessica's clit. Terri then began to pump in and out of Jessica's pussy. The
large dildo was see-sawed between the two hot blondes, penetrating them both.
Jessica, who was new to lesbian sex, was enjoying herself immensely. She
moaned as another three inches was shoved into her.

"Oh mistress yesss! Give it to me, give it to your slave! Please!!"

Terri loved hearing Jessica begging her to fuck harder. She began to
slam-fuck the petite pop singer. The dildo thrust hard into Jessica, getting
a full ten inches into her wet snatch. Jessica squealed happily as she was
penetrated. Terri began to start moaning herself.

"Keep it up baby, you're-oh fucking A-you're doing good." panted Terri.

On the couch, Trish had shoved a vibrator into Briteny's cunt. Britney was
wriggling in pleasure on the couch, pinching her own nipples. Trish smiled at
how much of a slut the teen really was.

"Do you like this Britney?" asked Trish in that sexy voice of hers.

"Oh yeah, I love fucking." said Britney with a groan.

Trish couldn't stand it anymore; her pussy needed attention. She crawled
off the couch and straddled Britney's face. The horny pop star began to eat
out Trish without a second thought. Britney's hot tongue lapped away at Trish
tight pussy, absorbing the wet juices that were emanating from Trish's cunt.
One of Britney's hands snaked down to her own pussy and she began to get
herself off. Trish was moaning lustily.

"Oh Britney, keep eating me out! Your tongue feels soooo gooood! Oh
Britneeeyyy!!" Trish began to pinch her erect nipples. She bucked her hips
and ground her pussy into Britney's cute face. Britney's tongue snaked into
Trish cunt and started to invade. Britney was eating Trish out like no one
ever had before. Within ten minutes, Trish was ready to cum.

"Oh god I'm cum you little slut!! Uggghhh! I'm gonna cum all over your
face you little bitch!! Eat me, Eat me GOOD!! Oh my GAAAWWWW!!!"

Trish came violently, shooting a gallon of cum all over Britney's face.
The blonde teenager licked all the cum she could, first from Trish, then
from her face. Both were very sweaty and happy. Terri and Jessica were also
finishing their orgasms.

Just then, Test and Albert walked in. When seeing all four naked women,
they instantly got hard-ons. Terri saw Jessica's mouth water at the sight of
the tents they had in their pants.

"Hey guys, you wanna shot at this little cocktease?" asked Terri.

"Hell yeah." chuckled Test.

The two large men walked over to Jessica and dropped their pants. Jessica
dropped to her hands and knees. Test's 15-incher made Jessica's mouth water;
but when she saw Albert's fat 18-incher, her mouth dropped. With a smile,
Albert shoved his cock into her mouth. Jessica immediately started to suck
the big man off. Jessica sucked like a newborn babe.

"Oh yeah, that's good." sighed Albert.

Getting behind Jessica, Test shoved half of his erect cock into her pussy.
Jessica groaned around Albert's cock. The two men slammed into the anal and
oral openings of Jessica Simpson, loving both of her warm holes. Test smacked
her on the ass as he thrust into her. Jessica loved having both of the giant
cocks inside of her, invading both of her sweet orafices.

"God, both of them are so big!" she thought, "I'm the backstage fucktoy of
these four superstars, and I'm loving every second of it!!"

Albert held onto Jessica's hair and savagely fucked her cute face.
Jessica's lips felt to good on his prick. Test continued to plow into her
sweet pussy doggystyle. The two men knew that they were fucking a hot piece
of ass and loved every second of it. Test gave her another smack on the ass
to show her whose boss.

"Damn honey, you're tight back here." said Test with a grunt.

"Just keep fucking me, stud." murmured Jessica around Albert's cock.

After ten minutes of DP action, the two men shot their loads into the
petite blonde. Albert filled Jessica's mouth to the max and Test got two
loads into her pussy. When Albert took his cock out of her mouth, Jessica
gave him a tongue bath. Exhausted, Albert sat down on the couch while Test
started fucking Jessica up the ass.

"Hey sexy, can I have some of that?"

Albert turned to see Britney eyeing his cock. He looked to the floor and
saw Trish and Terri in a 69; they'd be busy for a while.

"Sure baby, climb on."

With a squeal, Britney jumped on Albert's fat shlong and began to ride
him. Albert sucked on Britney's bouncing tits that were in his face. One
thought was in both Test and Albert's minds: it finally paid to be in T&A.

***Arena's locker room area***

Mandy Moore wandered the arena halls as well. She knew some of her fellow
pop singers were here and wanted to meet with them before the show. All she
needed to do was find them. She came to one of the unmarked locker rooms.

"Maybe someone in here can help me." she said to herself.

Mandy opened the door and her mouth dropped at what she saw. In the middle
of the locker room was Y2J Chris Jericho sitting in a chair with his spandex
shorts off and the Kat giving him a blowjob. Chris had his eyes shut tightly,
obviously enjoying the treatment he was getting. Kat was naked as a jaybird,
lewdly sucking him off. Mandy walked into the locker room and absently shut
the door. Chris's eyes snapped open and Kat stopped sucking.

"Hey! W-what're you doing her?" asked Chris.

"I was going to find my friends, but I think I'd rather stay. Would you
two mind some company?"

Mandy slid her shirt off, exposing her ripe young breasts. Jericho's eyes
wandered over her as she then slid off her jeans. The petite blonde beauty
stood in only her panties. Mandy walked over beside the kneeling Kat. She
took a hold of Jericho's shaft and gave it a long lick. Y2J groaned happily.

"You like that?" asked Mandy.

"Oh yeah."

With a smile, Mandy took Jericho's fully erect 8 inches into her mouth
and began to suck him off. Mandy mouth caressed Jericho's shaft, warming the
meatstick lovingly. With her right hand, Mandy cupped Jericho's left ball and
gave it a firm squeeze. Jericho tensed up at the feeling.

"Jeez girl, you must've done this before." giggled Kat.

"Damn right." groaned Jericho.

Mandy bobbed her head up and down on Jericho's cock, getting it good and
salivated while she did. Jericho felt like he was in heaven. Not wanting to
be left out of the action, the sexy Miss Kitty got behind Mandy and slid her
panties off. Kat ran her hands over Mandy's firm asscheeks. With a grin, she
gave them a nice squeeze. Mandy moaned around Y2J's shaft.

"To be a teenager again." sighed Kat.

Shrugging off the thought, Kate slid underneath Mandy. Her face was just
underneath the teenager's neatly trimmed pussylips. Taking a firm sniff, Kat
savored the scent of another woman's pussy. The whole WWF locker room knew
that Kitty was bi, and knew how to go down on someone. Kat slid her tongue
up and down Mandy's slit several times, getting a taste for the sweet nectar
that Mandy had to offer.

"Mmmm, nice and sweet. I like that." thought Kat.

Kitty began to eat Mandy's pussy like it was a sweet cupcake. Her tongue
invaded the teen singer's folds like they never were before. Kat's tongue
writhed inside Mandy's cunny, sending waves of pleasure throughout the
youth's petite body. Mandy had never been with a woman before, but she sure
liked it. While she was getting orally pleasured, Jericho was getting ready
to blow.

"Oh Mandy, that feels so good! Get ready baby, the Millenium Man's gonna

Jericho grabbed onto Mandy's silky blonde hair, holding her in place as
he came. With a low growl, Y2J shot off three large loads into Mandy's mouth.
Mandy had sucked cock a few times before and knew how to swallow. The jizz
hit her mouth and she hungrily gulped it down to the last drop. Just as
Jericho was done cumming, Kat and driven Mandy to orgasm. Her body began to
tremble as a fierce orgasm overcame her slim, sexy body.

"Ohhhh Kitty!! Yes, eat me out! Yes, yeah, ohhhhhh yeeeahhhh baby!!"

Mandy's pussy let out a floodgate of girl-juice, drenching Kat's pretty
face. After she stood up, Kat began to lick as much cum off her face as she
could. Jericho was still seated in his chair, a wide grin on his face.

"Mandy, I have to say that that was a blowjob I will never, eeeeeeevvvver
forget again."

Mandy's face blushed a bit and she giggled.

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed it. But do you think I could get a ride on the
Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla's royal shlong?" asked the pop star with a demure

"Who am I to deny a Jerichoholic? Get up here baby!"

With a giggle, Mandy hopped onto Jericho's lap. She slid her cunt
onto Jericho's cock and started to rid him. Jericho locked Mandy in a deep
passionate kiss as she started to ride him. Their tongues invaded each
other's mouths with fierce urgency, pretending that each moment they had
was their last. After getting the last of Mandy's spunk off her face, Kat
silently slipped into her thong and halter-top she wore when entering
Jericho's room. She took one last look at the two lovers and slipped out the

"Best to leave them alone for now." thought Kat to herself.

Breaking off the kiss, Jericho went on to sucking Mandy's tits. They
were just the right size for a mouthful. Jericho lightly bit down on one of
Mandy's nipples, causing the girl to shudder in pleasure.

"Ohhhh Chris that feels good." she cooed.

As Jericho feasted on her tit-flesh, Mandy began to ride the Ayatollah
harder and harder. Her pussylips contracted on Jericho's cock. Jericho let
out a grunt as he slammed into Mandy. The young girl kept pumping on
Jericho's cock, riding him for all she was worth. Within ten minutes, both
were nearing orgasm.

"That's it Mandy-ugh!-keep it up! You're doing great!!" grunted Jericho.

Mandy rode Jericho relentlessly, never letting up for a second. Both of
the lovers were grunting like animals as they came. Jericho shot multiple
loads into Mandy's warm pussy. As they came down from the blissful high,
Mandy had a big smile on her face.

"That was excellent." she said as she cuddled up with Jericho.

"Well, why don't you stick around? You'll get a lot more."

Mandy looked up at Jericho. "What do you mean?"

"I haven't had a partner for a while. And I think you'd be perfect for
the job. What do you say?"

Mandy gave Jericho a deep kiss on the lips.

"I'll take that as a 'yes'."

***Triple H's locker room***

"The Game" Triple H was suiting up for his match. He was dressed in his
breakaway pants and was wrapping tape around his wrists. The past few weeks
were hard ones for him. That slut of an ex-wife left him for the Olympic
Zero Kurt Angle. Tonight was the night he'd get revenge in the main event
inside a cage match. He turned to a monitor; Raw was going to start in about
twenty minutes.

"Tonight that fucker's gonna pay." growled Hunter.

Just as Triple H finished wrapping the tape around his wrists, the door
opened. Hunter whirled around, ready in case of a sneak attack. But what he
saw wasn't Kurt Angle.

"Well hi there."

Standing no more than six feet away was Christina Aguilera, dressed in
red leather pants and a low-cut tanktop. The thin girl looked over Hunter's
muscular chest and arms, obviously liking what she was seeing.

"What the hell do you want?" asked Hunter.

"Me? Oh, I thought I'd stop by and see the 'Game' in person. You know,
see if you're really that damn good." said Christina coyly.

Hunter had an idea of how she wanted to find out how good he was, and he'd
like nothing better than to show her. But he had a big match to get ready

"Listen, I'm busy right now. Why don't you back that little ass of yours
up and get outta here." he said.

Christina grabbed Hunter's arm. She ran a hand over his chest with a
mischievous smile.

"Oh come on, you really don't wanna kick little ol' me out do you? I just
want to have some fun. Don't you want to have some fun too?"

Triple H looked into her eyes for a moment. A smile began to form on his

"Yeah, yeah I do."

With that, Hunter threw Christina to the ground. The thin blonde was
shocked at what just happened. As Triple H locked the door, he tore off his
breakaway pants. Hunter was clad only in his boxers now.

"You wanna find out how damn good I am?" he asked, "Well first, let's see
how dam good you are."

Hunter slid his boxers down. Christina's eyes bugged at the sight of his
fully erect 12-inch cock. Walking over to her, Triple H did the traditional
DX crotch chops.

"Suck it, baby!"

Never one to turn down cock, Christina immediately went down on Hunter,
gobbling up his long meaty shaft. Her warm tongue slid across the shaft,
coating it in saliva. Hunter held her by the hair as she orally pleasured
him. Christina's mouth felt like a Hoover.

"Fuckin' A baby, you're doing real good." growled Hunter.

Christina wrapped her lips tightly around Hunter's shaft; she wanted to
taste every centimeter of his manhood. His pubes tickled her nose. Using her
right hand, Christina took ahold of Hunter's golf ball sized nuts and gave
them a firm squeeze. Pre-cum began to form on the head of Hunter's prick.
Christina broke away from her oral exercise and licked it off.

"Tasty." she mumbled.

A stern look from Hunter and Christina went back to her blowjob. After
eight minutes of blowing the Game's cock, Christina was rewarded with four
wads of cum being shot down her throat. Being the pro she was, Christina had
no problem gulping it all down. When she was done swallowing, Christina gave
Hunter's cock a tonguebath to clean him off.

"So am I a 'Degenerate' yet?" asked Christina.

"Not yet. Still one more thing you gotta do."

"What's that?"

Hunter grabbed Christina and threw her against a table in the corner of
the room. Before she could get back up, Hunter turned her to he was facing
her back and bent her over the table. With one swift movement, Hunter slammed
8 inches of his cock into her pussy.

"Oh baby, I like this!" squealed Christina.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch!" said Hunter as he smacked her on the ass.

The Game began to slam-fuck Christina's tight pussy. The petite blonde
squealed with each thrust. She wasn't used to getting it from behind before.
And the way Hunter was slamming into her, she was in heaven. After another
minute, Hunter got 10 inches into her.

"You like this baby?" asked Hunter as he ran his hand over her perky c-cup

"Ohhh yeah, do me, do me hard!" moaned Christina.

Hunter stroked her firm tits, enjoying the feel of her hard nipples. As
she was getting fucked, Christina arched her back for deeper penetration. She
liked how Hunter cock filled her and wanted to get as much in as possible.

"Nnnnnggghh!!! Damn that feel so g-good!!" groaned Christina.

Hunter got his full 12-inches inside of her and was slamming into her
with all his might. Christina was moaning a mile a minute, enjoying every
second of it. She heard that Triple H was a good fuck and wanted to find out
for herself. Now she knew better than to doubt the Game. After ten minutes
of furious fucking, both were ready to

"Here it comes honey, get ready!" said Hunter.

"Oh Game, give it to me!! Give to m-me n-n-n-OOOOHHHHHHHH!!!"

Christina's voice hit a high pitch as Hunter came inside of her. With a
primal growl, Hunter shot off multiple wads into her soaking pussy, still
slamming into her as he came. Christina was howling in ecstasy. Never had a
man satisfied her this much. When they were done, both were covered in sweat.
Christina noticed some cum running down her leg. She scooped it up in her
hand and licked it off. Hunter smiled at her.

"Alright, you're degenerate material, but you aren't there yet. Tell ya
what. I gotta kick some ass tonight, but afterwards come on back here and I
can complete your training. Sound good?" asked Hunter.

"Sounds good." said Christina, "Hey, why don't I join you out there
tonight. After you kick Angle's ass, we can bring little Stephy back here
and we can fuck her eight ways from Sunday."

Hunter's eyes sparkled, he found the perfect woman for him. The WWF was
about to degenerate in a big way.

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