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Terri Gets XXX-Factored
by Natural Born Thriller (

Terri Runnells was not a happy Diva. She had been in the WWF since the
mid 90's, yet she was still watching as Trish, Lita, Molly Holly and Chyna
were pushed and she was relegated to being featured on Heat and Jakked as
Saturn's valet. So one day she went to the booking committee and asked to
be put into a new storyline, with a push. The writers came up with the
newly formed group X Factor, consisting of X-Pac, Albert and Justin Credible,
but told her she had to convince them they needed a valet. She thought about
it f or about Three seconds before saying "I'll take it", and scurrying out
to find her new men.

In another locker room, Justin Credible was sitting waiting for his
partners to arrive at the arena when he heard a knock on their dressing room
door. He opened it and was surprised to see the lovely Terri standing in a
trench coat. He invited her in and asked her what she wanted, and she told
him of the booking committee's idea of Terri managing them, but Justin was a
bit apprehensive about telling her yes. That's when she let her coat fall to
the floor, revealing her lean naked body. Credible's jaw dropped, as the Diva
walked over to him and dropped to her knees. In moments she had unbuckled his
belt and unfastened his jeans and had his hardening 7 inch cock in her hands.
She looked up at him with the most seductive look he had ever seen, even from
the women he fucked in ECW, before engulfing his shaft with her mouth. Justin
could only moan as Terri proceeded to give him the best blowjob he had ever
received, even licking his balls and deep throating him as he came straight
down her eager and willing throat.

As she was taking all Credible's cum down her throat, X-Pac and Albert
walked into the locker room, and immediately removed their clothes after
seeing the scene before them. Terri crawled anxiously yet sexily toward the
other two X Factor members. She ordered X-Pac to lie on the floor, which he
gladly did. She then straddled her groin over his face, rubbing her shaven
slit over his more than willing tongue. X-Pac began to eat her pussy with
quick lashes of his tongue when Terri impaled her mouth on Albert's 11 inch
monster, that was thicker than a beer bottle. She took almost all of it in
her wet mouth and began pumping her head back and forth on it. By now Justin
had another hard-on and Terri began jacking him off with one of her free
hands, using the other to caress her huge tits. X-Pac, a true degenerate,
was a master of eating pussy and within a couple of minutes Terri was cumming
all over his tongue and face.

He then scooted out and had her straddle him. She eased her slick cunt
down on his surprisingly large eight inch shaft. Terri screamed in ecstasy as
X-Pac pumped into her from underneath. This whole time she continued to suck
Albert's huge cock. Justin Credible, now seeing an opening, got behind Terri
and began to shove his dick into her hot perfect ass. She quit blowing the
Bald Monster to let out a loud moan of pleasure as she felt herself being
filled up by two cocks.

"Yes guys, fuck me!!!" Terri shouted as all three men pumped their cocks
into her different holes. "Screw me like I'm your personal whore."

That was the last she would say before Albert shoved his cock back inside
her oral orifice and shot a huge load of his seed into his would-be manager.
X-Pac and Justin kept pumping into the slutty WWF diva. X-Pac shot his load
first, filling her with even more cum. He left his half erect cock inside
Terri as Credible continued to unmercifully pound her ass.

"Oh, Justin, fuck my ass, YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!"

Justin then shot his second load into the She Devil's hot sexy body.

Just as the two degenerates pulled their cocks out of Terri, Albert picked
her up off the ground and with amazing strength held her in mid air as he
pulled her pussy down on his huge cock.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! Fuck me Albert. Fuck me with that huge tool!!" She
screamed as Albert held her in the air and pounded her cunt with more force
than she had ever felt before.

Justin and X-Pac, spent, just watched as Albert continued to fuck the She
Devil with more passion and force, eventually making her come again and again
before filling her up with his own load once again.

When the Big Man was done he laid Terri down on the couch, and Justin
told the other two men about Terri's proposal.

"That's all good Terri" said X-Pac, "But before we say yes, there's
something you haven't done for me yet." He then gave her a crotch chop, and
said those too words we know all to well. And that's exactly what the She
Devil did.

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