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by The Big Chief (

This starts the night after Lita won the WWF's Women's title in her locker
room at the Smackdown taping.

Lita had just gotten out of the shower when she heard a knock at the door
of her locker room. Think it was the Hardys wanting to talk about the nights
match, she wrapped herself up a towel and went to the door. When she opened
the door she was surprised to see Terri Runnels standing there in a trench

"Terri, hi! What are you doing here?"

"Well seeing as how I didn't see you last night I wanted to congradulate

"Oh well thanx al..."

Before Lita could finish her sentence Terri locked with her in a passonate
kiss. At first she resisted, but as Terri's tounge probed her mouth she let
the kiss continue. Terri let the kiss last for close to a minute before
braking the "tounge lock."

"Oh WOW Terri that was amazing!"

"Well if you think that was great wait till I give you your real gift."

After telling the new champ this Terri took a few steps back and openned
up her coat to reveal her naked body. Lita just stared in amazment at the
other woman's huge tits and bald pussy. Seeing that Lita liked what she saw,
Terri dropped her coat and walked back over to her.

"So do you like you gift, champ?"

With out saying anything Lita jumped forward and this time led another
passonate kiss. Terri loved the way Lita's tounge stud massaged her tounge.
While Lita was kissing her, Terri undid her towel letting it drop to the
floor exposing the champs naked body. Lita finally broke the kiss and smiled
at Terri. While Terri caught her breath Lita squated down a little and
started to suck on Terri's left nipple and foundle the right with her hand.
She rolled her pierced tounge all around the other woman's tit knowing just
how to give her pleasure. While Lita continued her oral assault, Terri put
her head back and moaned out in pleasure. By the way this felt, Terri knew
she had to have done this before. After a few minutes Lita started her lick
her down Terri, making her way down to her pussy.

Lita first started to circle her tounge around Terri's pierced naval,
flicking it across the belly button ring.

"God please Lita, I want you to eat my pussy. Please jam it deep inside

Not wanting to disappoint Lita got on her knees and was face to face with
the bald cunt of Terri Runnels. She took a wif of Terri's cunt loving its
sweat sent and finally buried her face into the beautifal bald cunt. She
burried her tounge deep into the other woman's cunt loving how tight it felt.
She just keep rapidly darting her tounge in and out of this tight hole just
waitng the juices to come flowing into her mouth. Through all of this Terri
had her head cocked back moaning and screaming out in pleasure. Not only was
Lita's tounge jammed into her cunt but her tounge stud was rubbing across her
now sensative clit.

Soon Lita could feel Terri's pussy tighten which signaled she was about to
cum. Wanting the juices so bad, Lita added two fingers to Terri's cunt to
replace her tounge which was now soley focus on the sensative clit. With in
seconds Terri's body started to spasm as she screamed out form a mindnumbing


This heavanly oragasm caused her pussy to give Lita the juices she so
desperatly wanted. Terri's body kept spasming for close to a minute. Lita
just sat under her lapping up at her juices will fingering her own cunt.
After a few minutes Lita got herself moaning into Terri's pussy causing her
to cum again. After they both came Lita and Terri colapsed into each other's
arms. While they were lying there Terri turned and said, "So how did you
like your gift baby."

"Oh god, Terri you don't know how long I've wanted to do that. What do you
say we do this tomorrow night too."

"Well you've got yourself a date you hottie you."

"I can't wait. See you tommarow you little horny she-devil."

Then the two got dressed and locked into one more kiss before Terri left,
dreaming of what was to cum.

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