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This is a continuation of the series, Chat Room Diaries, as my storylines get
newer, and bring more celebs together and basically, have sex.

This is an original piece written by The Ultimate Heel and I have no
knowledge of anyone doing anything similar.

I would appreciate if everyone read and gave some feedback of some sort, even
if you despise it. ENJOY!!! Peace!!!


Trish/Lita/Stacy/Torrie, all were involved in a sexual adventure down at the
Bahamas, during a Diva photo shoot. The four were at a house of an executive
for "Muscle Magazine", who knew Torrie before she was a diva. After the divas
decided that it was time to go they ran into "Jack" the executive who was
happy to give them a ride back to the resort, because Torrie promised she
would return and give him what he wanted.

Terri's Fantasies
by The Ultimate Heel (

The group pulled up to the front doors of the resort in Jack's shiny black
SUV with dark tinted windows. Torrie, who was in front giving directions,
noticed that the Bahamas' police along with some of the divas were standing
outside trying to figure out what happened. But she was in no hurry to jump
out of the car because she had a plan. She had already discussed the plan to
the girls back at Jack's mansion, and was now reassuring to Jack that the
next time they were all down here, that they would rock his world. Torrie
leaned her head over and began to lick Jack's face while taking his huge cock
into her hand, giving him a small sample of what was to come.

Torrie, finished pleasing Jack, looked back to the girls in the back and
asked if they were ready, they all took a deep breath, and nodded their head
yes. The four all exited the vehicle as if there was nothing wrong. They gave
their byes and walked towards the door very calmly. Terri and Molly who were
finished talking to the police as the police began to search more, turned
and saw the girls that have given them a headache for the past couple of
hours and they were not so calm, Terri and Molly rushed out with relief and
excitement that their friends were safe.

Terri was the first to speak when she said "Where the Hell have you guys
been? The police are looking high and low as we speak trying to find you. Not
to mention, that we've been losing our minds around herež

"Terri, Terri, Terri, get a hold of yourself," exclaimed Torrie. "What's
going on, and why are the police looking for us?"

Terri, astonished by what she just heard said, "What do you mean, what's
going on, ever since you and Lita disappeared, we've searched damn near this
whole part of the island looking for you, and another thing, who just dropped
you guys off?"

Torrie answered, "That was Jack, an executive at one of the magazines I
posed in. He has a mansion that's like huge, and he's got a ton of land."

Terri thinking she had it figured out said, "So let me get this straight,
you guys left with this "Jack" guy, leaving us behind, you came back here to
pick up Trish and Stacey, and then you went to look at his mansion?"

Torrie, keeping her cool around all this tension explained that what
happened was; "I saw him in his car while on their private tour, and then I
told Lita because she was right beside me who Jack was. We looked to tell you
guys, but you were so interested in the sculpture that the tour guide was
showing you, me and Lita went over to the car by ourselves and we greeted
each other. He asked if we wanted to come to his place for a while. We looked
towards you guys, and saw that you were really into it, so we said what the
hell, and we left to his house."

Terri still a little confused said, "That doesn't explain how Trish and
Stacy were gone."

Stacy relinquished her silence and said, "Trish and I got kinda bored by
ourselves so we went for a walk around the town, and then Lita spotted us
from the car, as they were coming back here, and they gave us a ride the rest
of the way, and here we are.

Terri all out of questions, finally just said, "Well I'm just glad, you're
all in one piece. But next time, tell us before running off like that, cause
really I wasn't even interested in that stuff, I just acted like I was. They
all laughed walking back into the resort. The police saw the girls and knew
that that was them since they had photos of the girls. They asked some
questions about their whereabouts, and afterwards called off the search.

The divas again in full affect headed upstairs to their rooms, to get some
much-needed sleep on the last night they would spend at the islands. The four
disappearing acts along with Molly and Terri got on the same elevator, as the
few others got onto another. Stacey and Lita got off first since their room
was on the second floor. They told them goodnight and walked off the

Stacey looked at Lita and said, "You think they bought it?"

Lita shrugged and said, "I don't know, but it might be hard to keep the

Lita didn't know how right she was. The next day the divas and the crew
of photographers spent the whole day getting packed and ready to go back to
States and get back to work. Torrie found some time to write a couple of
notes to Trish, Lita, and Stacey about meeting up at her house when they got
back wanting to start again where they left off. She didn't want to say it
out loud because some of the crew or other divas might suspect something. So
she placed Lita's note in her bag, and Lita knew it was something naughty as
they just gave each other a mischievous stare. Torrie used the same tactic
to get her note to Stacey. Trish was down in the lobby at this time, but
Torrie did not know where she was, so she put the note in her jacket pocket
that she left on the bed, hoping that she would retrieve it later.

It was about time to leave and Terri said she left her passport in the
room where everybody got packed up in. As she was walking Trish yelled out,
"Terri. While you're up there can you grab my jacket."

Terri said, "Of course," as she kept walking to the room. She knew
exactly where her passport was, and headed right for it. It didn't take
long to spot the jacket on the bed, so she went over to get it, and while
noticing that they didn't have much time, she snatched the jacket up, and
saw a folded piece of paper fall out. So she picked it up and it read
Trish and it had a heart underneath. Terri being the "She-Devil" that she
is, picked up the letter thinking it was from some man that Trish met down
here. Without further hesitation, she opened the letter and read:

Sexy Trish,
I had the time of my life last night with you and the other girls.
I especially enjoyed sticking that 6 inch dildo straight up your ass,
oh and I'll never forget the look in your eyes when Stacy and Amy
(Lita) forced your face into my tits, and you sucking my nipples like
a strawberry milkshake. It was a blast, and I know you want to do it
again, because I know I do, so I was thinking we could meet at my
place and do it again sometime soon. But don't talk to me about it
while there's people around, just to be safe.

xox, Torrie

Terri was feeling a lot of things when she was reading this letter. She
couldn't believe it for one. She was confused, because of the story they gave
for dissapearing. But most of all, although she didn't know why, she was
feeling juices flow in her pussy. She didn't realize it while reading, but
she felt a strong sense of horniness come over her body. She wanted badly to
be licked up and down her beautiful sexy clit. But before her hand could
reach its way into her pussy, she began to remember that they had to go. So
she walked out of the room feeling mixed emotions. On one hand, she wanted to
be her instigating self and tell the other divas about what was going on, and
though she has never been with another woman, she couldn't help but feel a
sensation all over that she had never felt before.

She felt kinda nervous walking back out there, but she hid her feelings
and walked out confidently. It was getting dark as she went outside, and
walked towards the vans. Everybody was loading their bags and such into the
vans. Terri saw Trish and walked towards her. She thought to herself, "Don't
smile, c'mon Terri, get a hold of yourself."

Trish saw Terri coming and said, "Thanks a lot Terri, I owe you one."

"No, don't sweat it," said Terri as she walked over to grab her bags by
the van. Terri caught a glimpse of Torrie and Lita with their asses in the
air trying to pick up some heavy material. Terri started to feel herself
getting horny once again as she focused all of her attention on her sexy
co-workers. Terri mesmerized at the sight of the tight blue bell-bottom
pants that made Torrie's ass look more than tasty, and the thigh length
jean shorts that revealed Lita's great ass and legs as well.

Finally some of the crew came to help the divas with the heavy equipment
and this allowed Torrie to turn around. Terri snapped out of her trans, but
too late, as Torrie whispered to Lita, that she thought Terri was gawking at
us. Terri tried to put it behind her, but she still doesn't understand why
this is making her so damn horny.

Later that night when they arrived at the airport, after being searched
and all, they boarded the plane to head back to the states. It was 11:15 when
the plane was away for liftoff. Some went to sleep right away, other's stayed
up and talked for a while. Pretty soon, everyone had fallen asleep dreaming
of "God knows what," but sleep nonetheless.

All of a sudden Terri wakes up. She's sitting in the middle/front of the
plane, yawning from her sleep. She looked over her right shoulder and the
people that were sitting beside her were gone. Confused she looked over her
other shoulder and saw that nobody was there either. Terri was more scared
than she had ever been in her life when she stood up and saw that there was
nobody in sight. She could here that the plane was still in the air, but
thought that maybe her mind was just playing tricks on her. So she walked
to the window and saw nothing but clouds and land below. If one would have
seen Terri for the first time they would have thought she belonged in a
mental ward. She was grabbing at her hair, rocking her head from front to
back, going crazy, getting flashbacks of the tragedy in September.

After a couple of minutes of craziness she got a hold of herself, and
decided to see if there was anyone flying the plane. She knocked on the door,
and exactly what she didn't want to happen, happened.. Nobody answered. The
door was unlocked though, so she walked in cautiously saying, "Hello, anybody

Again nobody answered.

She went over by the controls and saw that the plane was flying itself.
She leaned over, revealing her underwear, but she didn't care since nobody
was there, but she looked out the window to maybe see where the plane was.

Then Suddenly, without warning Terri became a victim, when she felt
something huge go straight up her ass. Terri didn't know what the hell it
was, so she looked behind her as the thing was still in her ass, going side
to side, feeling around Terri's insides. Terri saw a figure of a woman in a
white hat and white apparel. She didn't notice who it was, but somewhere in
her mind she heard about this same situation, so she didn't fight as the
"Mystery Woman" continued to ram that thing into Terri's ass. Terri has
never been butt-fucked, and it seemed to take away Terri's pain she felt
inside, but it transferred to her ass... and she liked it. The mystery woman
pulled the thing out of Terri's ass, and watched as Terri caught her breath.

Once Terri got her legs under her and could see straight she turned
around, to see none other than Torrie Wilson in a nurses outfit, but instead
of a skirt she had white bell-bottom pants on, and her shirt was unzipped
revealing a red bra that barely held Torrie's tits more than ready to burst
out. Torrie was holding a six inch dildo in the air, and she dropped it on
the floor and walked towards Terri. Terri tried to ask her a question, but
Torrie said, "Shhh, no questions just tell the doctor where it hurts."

Terri was feeling moisture forming in her pussy, as she thought about
sucking the life out of Torrie's nipples. But after a slight hesitation,
Terri pulled down her skirt and her panties at the same time, and as she
walked out of the skirt she pointed to her shaven pussy, directing exactly
where she wanted it with her hand movements.

Torrie was very pleased, and got onto her knees while Terri leaned against
the pilot's chair. Torrie took two fingers and rubbed Terri outside her pussy
teasing Terri while she moaned. Torrie, rubbed circles around her pussy for a
while then she asked, "Are you ready Terri? Are you sure you can handle this

Terri, very much turned on by the hardcore language quickly said, "Oh
yeah, stick those fingers up my pussy"

Torrie, not disappointing her patient stopped for a second then casually
slipped her fingers in and then paused again. She looked up at Terri, who she
could tell wanted this badly, so she jammed it up as far as she could get it
in. Then she brought them down slowly, and pushed it in again.

Terri's screaming, "Ohhh, fuck my pussy," So Torrie once again came down
slowly and went up hard until she started to feel the motion and the juices
from Terri's cum over her fingers.

Terri instructing once again, told Torrie to taste her juices, so Torrie
with no complaints lowered her head, stuck out her tongue, and got more than
just a taste, as she continued to finger Terri, and gulp down her juices.
Terri now, way passed horniness moaned louder and sexier than anybody you've
ever heard, as she was touching herself, caressing her gigantic tits inside
her belly revealing shirt. Terri's nipples were fully erect so she pulled
off her shirt showing a black bra.

Terri now instructed Torrie to come up and French her, because she wanted
a taste of her own juices. Torrie obliged and stuck her tongue down Terri's
throat. Terri liked how it tasted, so she took her hands and pulled down
Torrie's pants and inserted her fingers in Torrie's pussy. It didn't take
long for Torrie to cum, so Terri pulled out of her pussy, and pushed her back
as she put her fingers in her mouth tasting the juices of Ms. Wilson.

"Ummmm, you taste good Torrie" Torrie replied, "Well, you wanna know what
tastes good?"

"What's that?"


"Latina?" replied Terri.

Torrie looked at Terri and then she walked out. Terri very interested
walked out behind her. Terri was shocked and her pussy was more than happy
to see Lita standing there in white low cut jeans and black high heels
showing off her oiled down beautiful legs, she also wore a doctor's hat
like Torrie's, but most importantly, she had a strapless tight white shirt
that put immense pressure on Lita's nipples, and that's how she liked it.

Torrie spanked Lita's ass and said, "Terri, what are you waiting for?
Don't you want a piece of Lita's juicy ass"

Terri didn't say anything, she just went to stalk her prey, as her titties
helplessly bounced up and down as she walked over. Terri knew what she wanted
to do and was going to kiss Lita. But Lita said, "Don't be a bad girl now
Terri. You know you can't walk up and just kiss mež Now turn around and bend

Terri smiled as she obeyed Lita's commands.

"Now, this might hurt a little, but you're a big girl, and I know you can
handle it," said Lita as she took off her high heels, and drove one into
Terri's clit from behind. Torrie sat down, watching Terri scream in the aisle
of the still moving plane. "Aww.. hurt me baby.. I want it harder!"

"Oh shut-up Bitch," Lita said as she took the heel out of Terri's wet
pussy, and sucked on the heel, collecting Terri's juice in her mouth as she
swallowed it.

"Now what I want you to do is turn over, and put those nice legs in the
air for Dr. Lita, so I can see what the problem is," Lita said in her best
pornstar voice.

Terri did what she was told as she threw her legs in the air, and took her
fingers and split her pussy lips for easy access.

"Ya know, I think I'm gonna need some help... Nurse Wilson, can you
accompany me with this patient?"

Torrie got up, knowing exactly what to do as she ripped off her pants and
since she had no panties she walked to Terri and got on her knees, sitting
down, putting her pussy right on Terri's stomach. Torrie started to play with
Terri's bulging breasts as Terri, with her legs still in the air was begging
Lita to go back in her pussy.

Lita said, "I would if the bitch sitting on your stomach will get in

Torrie looked back and said, "Easy, Easy Doc. I was just toying with her."

Just like that, Torrie positioned herself onto Terri's face, more
specifically her mouth. Lita, who was satisfied also got on her knees making
herself available to Terri's sweet vagina, as she took her pussy and placed
it on her chin, and viciously with her tongue, licking up, down, and around
she went as Terri moaned as she was eating out the Nurse better known as
Torrie. Terri could remember having what seemed like convulsions as she
licked and was being licked by two of the most beautiful women in the world.
Torrie got off of Terri's face and went over to Lita and sat beside her. She
bent over and stuck out her tongue, tasting Lita's tongue as well as Terri's

Terri looked up and was even more turned on as she bent her head back and
screamed with pleasure. "Lita managing to catch a breath of air said, "Are
you cumming Bitch? Are you gonna cum?"

Terri, can't help but scream as she answered, "Yeeessss I'm Cummminnggg!"

And right when Terri loudly uttered those words in her sexual tonež "She
Woke Up", to see everyone who she thought had disappeared, staring at her.

Lita, who was standing over Terri as she sat in her seat, repeated
herself, smiling and saying, "Are you coming, because the plane just landed?"

Terri, who was sweating now, took a deep breath and said, "Yeah I'm

They all soon got off the plane and headed home, but that's another story.

For those who didn't catch it, Terri dreamt the whole thing, to be awaken
by Lita who she was dreaming about. In Part 2, Terri's Fantasies become real,
at least in the story.

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