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The divas were heading back to the States after a photo shoot. Terri found a
note to Trish from Torrie saying that she enjoyed having sex with her, Lita,
and Stacy. Terri was shocked but was also very much turned on! While the
divas were on the plane, Terri dozed off and found herself fantasizing about
Torrie and Lita. But she was awakened by Lita, who informed her that the
plane had landed...

Terri's Fantasies Become Reality
by The Ultimate Heel (

"Hey Torrie," whispered Lita.

"Did you hear Terri on that plane?"

"Yeah, when she said I'm cumminnnggg!"

"Shhh, we're still in the airport. We don't want people getting the wrong

"I know, but it was just so funny," said Torrie as they gazed at a
seemingly nervous Terri.. "I've never seen her like this. She's usually
yapping her mouth off everywhere we go."

"Yeah she is.. So, you wanna take a guess at what Terri was dreaming
about?" Torrie took a second to think, and remembered back on the island when
Trish asked Terri to grab her jacket while she was upstairsț

"I think I have an idea of what was going through her head."

"What's that?"

"Well, I need to talk to Trish. Is she still here?"

"No I just saw her leave."

"Really, well I'll have a talk with her at the show."

The Following Day: Monday Night RAW!!!

Torrie and Lita arrived at the arena together. Torrie had on a red top
that revealed her firm abs, and pressed against her big breasts with her
nipples bulging and showing because she didn't have a bra. She also had a
tight black skirt about mid-thigh length that left just enough for the

Lita on the other hand, multi-colorful as usual had on tan colored Khaki
pants, and she had a hot orange thong underneath that unfortunately wasn't
showing quite yet. On top she had an orange shirt, and a green see-thru shirt
that she wore over the long sleeved orange shirt. They both carried bags with
their gear and such.

They walked into the lunchroom where practically all of the other
wrestlers, crew-members and all would be for at least 30 minutes for their
usual pre-show meal.

Stephanie McMahon saw them and said, "Hey guys. Did ya'll have fun at the

Torrie replied, "Yeah, but it would've been more fun if you would've

"Oh please," said Steph, "besides, I have to stay here for business

"It's only a couple of days, I don't think they would die if you weren't
here." Answered Torrie. "But anyway have you seen Trish around?"

"Yeah, She's with Janet getting her makeup done."


They said they would meet up later before the show began in the Women's
locker room, and they all left. Stephanie said she had to go back to the
hotel because she forgot her gear for the match she had, and Torrie and Lita
went to look for Trish and Janet. They saw them in some space in the hallway,
since they don't use dressing rooms for makeup. Torrie said,

"Hey Trish." Trish looked up and said,

"Oh what's up you guys."

"Nothing much... Um Janet, I'm sorry but can you give us a minute?" Janet
didn't mind and said, "Sure."

Torrie picked up the brush and started to dap Trish's face saying, "I'm
sorry to interrupt, but I have a question that I didn't want Janet to hear...
Well anyway, do you remember when you asked Terri to get your jacket from the
room at the resort."

"Uh, yeah." Answered a confused Trish.

"Well did you see a note in your pocket that said to meet myself, Lita,
and Stacy, later this week to rekindle what we started down there?"

"No, was there supposed to be one."

Torrie looked at Lita and she smiled. Lita put two and two together, and
said, "That's why Terri was fantasizing.. she read the note."

Torrie still smiling nodded her head, while Trish was even more confused.
Torrie looked at Trish and said, "I know you don't understand, but we'll give
you all the details later. But you could do us a favor, when everybody gets
finished with their meal, don't let them get to close to our dressing room,

"Um.. ok," replied Trish.

They left and headed back to the lunchroom to find a crew member, any crew
member. They saw an arena security guard in his mid 30's. They knew that they
could get him to do anything they wanted. The two schemers walked over to
him, and Torrie said,

"Um excuse me Mr..."

"Johnson.. Mark Johnson."

"Ok Double-O-Seven.. well we kinda need a favor. You see that girl over
there in the blue jeans and the tan halter top?"

"Uh.. yeah I see her."

While Torrie was saying this Lita snuck behind him and grabbed his cock.
The size didn't turn Lita on, but they figured he might need motivation,
anyway, Torrie kept talking and said, "Well Stephanie McMahon is in the
Women's dressing room down the hall, and she said she wanted to see her in
ten minutes.. We would do it ourselves, but we forgot to pack our wrestling
gear, so we have to go back to the hotel. You do know her name right."

Torrie said while moving her fingers through his hair and moving down
his face rubbing him while he's no doubt living the best day of his life.

Finally, he caught his breath and said, "Of course. Her name is Terri,


With that they all giggled a little and Torrie pointed towards Terri so
he wouldn't forget his task. So the security guard began to walk towards
Terri, Torrie and Lita smiled as he walked almost out of view and Lita looked
at Torrie and said, "Men."

They shared a real laugh this time and slipped out towards the Women's
dressing room for their own pre-show preparation.

Ten Minute's Laterț

Most of the crew is still eating and talking. Others went off to plan
matches and such. But Terri had other things to do. She headed down the hall,
thinking about what in the world she could have done to earn a meeting with
Stephanie. Other than that she didn't think anything of it. Until she
approached the door, then she started to talk to herself quietly, "Tell her
she looks good in that outfit. Maybe I'll get on her good side."

She took a deep breath and without further a due, Terri opened the door to
notice that the lights were out. She called out, "Stephanie.. Steph, ya in
here?" Terri walked in looking for a light switch, but before she could find
one, She felt something hit her in the back of her neck and head, and like
that she fell to the ground.

"She should be out for a couple of minutes," said Lita.

"Nice hit Litaț Alright, let's get her up."

Five Minute's Laterț

Terri woke up in a drunken like phase, and when she started to regain some
consciousness she noticed the light in the room was dimmed and red. She
didn't know where she was, she just knew she felt a sudden breeze on her
body, so she looked down and to her amazement found she was completely naked.
She tried to move out of her sitting position but couldn't because her hands
and her feet were tied to the chair she was sitting on. Terri didn't know
what else to do so she screamed for help.

That was Lita's signal, as she jumped up and ran over to Terri and
covered her mouth with a towel. Lita swung Terri around in the chair that
was placed in the center of the room. What Terri saw, she thought had to be
a dream, because there was Torrie Wilson, in a black and leather spider
lingerie piece. That's just bra and panties with straps from different angles
connecting them. Anyway, she walked over with her hands behind her back
towards Terri in a very mad and dare say evil manner. Her face topped off the
emotion as she pulled her hands in front of her, and in her right hand she
held a whip (which came with the outfit), and Lita took the towel away from
Terri's face and walked over by Torrie. Lita's outfit left very little for
the imagination now as she had on crotchless undies, and a topless bra! This
was too much for Terri right now, so she said,

"Now wait a minute, am I dreaming again?"

Torrie responded somewhat intelligently saying, "On the contrary, your
about to experience the Fuck.. of a lifetime!"

Terri sat there staring at the two sexy women in a way she had never
stared at them, with a smirk on her face.

"Don't you get too happy yet Terri, because you have a bit to learn about
snooping in other people's property," said Torrie.

"Excuse me."

"Oh, don't give me that innocent look. You know exactly what I'm talking

Terri began to think, and she remembered why she was supposed to come here
in the first place.

"I was supposed to meet Stephanie here for some meeting.. so where is

"This isn't about Steph, Terri. This is about you reading a note that was
written to Trish about a date we set up."

Terri suddenly remembered the note that made her fantasize about this
whole thing with Lita and Torrie.

"So what are you gonna do about it Torrie."

"Funny you should ask, but instead of me just telling you, why don't I
just show you.

Terri screamed in passion and agony as Torrie used that whip and hit her
right on her leg.

"You've been a very bad girl Terri. It's time to teach you a lesson."

Smack! Torrie whipped her other leg, and Terri moaned and screamed again.
Lita's loving this whipping being dished to Terri, and is getting her juices
flowing so she started to rub the outside of her pussy teasing herself, until
she finally just rammed three fingers in her cunt, while her other hand was
massaging her tits as her nipples got harder and harder.

"Terri." Torrie said while walking closer to her, "I'm gonna show you how
it feels to invade somebody's privacy."

And like that she turned the whip around, and shoved the whip-handle right
in the she-devil's pussy.

"How does that feel Bitch? You want me to invade some more?"

Terri, reduced to tears mostly because of the whipping she endured,
screamed out, "Yeeessssț oooohh shit, punish me Torrie."

Torrie didn't disappoint, jamming the whip further in her pussy, getting
"Moans of Gratitude" from Terri with every stroke.

When She felt Terri's juices run down her hands she stopped, but left the
whip hanging inside of her pussy. Torrie looked over at Lita, and saw her
touching herself, to put it mildly, and said, "Lita.. quit fingering yourself
and get over here."

Lita gave an evil look, and tilted her head to the side, but obeyed the
command. Torrie went behind the chair, and partially untied the rope on
Terri's wrists saying, "If I untie you, you have to promise not to do
anything stupid."

She nodded her head yes. Torrie told Lita to dig her head in Terri's
pussy and grab the whip with her mouth. Lita again obeyed her commands, and
snatched the whip with her teeth, while also giving Terri a little tongue
action. Lita tasting Terri's pleasure juices on the handle knew what to do
with it. So she went towards Terri's mouth. Torrie said, "Open wide." Terri
did so, and Lita, still with her mouth in it put the other end into Terri's
widened mouth. Lita let it go and started to force it further in her mouth,
deepthroating her with Terri's own juices.

"Is it as good to you as it was for me?" asked Lita. Terri again nodded.
Torrie untied Terri's feet, and Lita took the wet whip out of her mouth, and
Torrie snatched a handful of Terri's hair, pulling her out of her seat, and
throwing her onto a mat Lita picked up out of the hallway.

Terri tried to turn over on her back but Torrie said, "I didn't tell you
to turn over did I.. No! So stay on your stomach until I give further

Terri obliged and laid on her stomach (her chest really), but that's not
the point. Torrie asked Lita for the whip, and told Lita to go lay down by
Terri's head. Lita walked over talking to Terri, "While I was fucking myself
I didn't get a chance to cum, so I'm depending on you and your "Devilish"
tongue to finish what I started."

Like that Lita laid down while Terri rested her chin on Lita's vagina, and
slipped her tongue slightly inside feeling the inner walls of her pussy. Lita
moaned silently, and her hips were vibrating from the excitement. Torrie
stood in between Terri's slightly spread out legs, and whipped her hard right
smack on her ass, that widened Terri's eyes and brought her tongue back in
her mouth as she screamed.

"Strike one Terri," said Torrie, "If you stop licking Lita even
momentarily two more times.. well, let's just say you don't want to do that.
But if you withstand it four times then you'll receive something very.. very

Terri registered this and began to eat Lita's pussy again. Smack! Terri
withstood it this time, still pleasuring Lita who is thoroughly enjoying
this. Smack! Terri pulled out again.

"Strike two, c'mon Terri. Are you that weak?"

Smack! Terri's gotten used to it and stayed in Lita's pussy.

Smack! Again Terri held on.

"Alright, this is the moment of truth Terri."

Smack! Lita screamed with passion as she came all over Terri's tongue!
Torrie said, "I knew you could do it bitch. Now for your reward."

Torrie slipped out of her suit and sat on her knees over Terri's legs and
shoved the whip up Terri's ass. Torrie fingered herself while doing it, and
soon all of the women were moaning and letting out screams that could wake a
deaf man up.

Outside Trish followed through with what she was told, and kept everybody
away from this area, saying that some guy told her that the area was unsafe
for anybody to be spending time in. So the closest person to the room was
around the corner and seven rooms down. But Trish didn't want to wait until
Torrie gave her the details about whatever they were doing so she decided to
go and snoop around a little. Back in the room, Lita was now standing next
to Torrie and Terri is sitting on her back. Lita had something freaky in
mind, so she laid down on her back in between Terri's legs, and she put her
right foot into Terri's pussy, that felt really different to Terri, but also
felt damn good. Torrie got into a 69 position with Terri and was licking both
Terri's pussy and Lita's toes, that were deep in Terri's cunt.

Trish was now right outside the door, and she put her ears against the
door and heard women passionately moaning and shouting. She wasn't too
shocked but really wanted to see who was in there. Trish opened the door ever
so gently, not to disturb, and saw three women, one on top of another and one
just flat on her back fingering herself while putting her foot in someone's
pussy, all this under a dimmed red light. Trish knew Lita and Torrie were
there, but couldn't make out the other girl, but that didn't matter as she
began to lower her fingers down her skirt and banged herself while watching
the three women just go at it.

Torrie looked up for a second and saw Trish in her own little world
fingering herself while watching. Torrie got out of her position, and walked
in the nude towards Trish and like a madwoman tore off Trish's blouse and
pulled down her skirt, and while licking Trish's ear, she tore off her bra.
Torrie got behind Trish and whispered, "You remember this?"

And like that she rammed two of her fingers in Trish's crack and started
to move her towards Terri and Lita. When they got there, Torrie threw her
down by the other two and said, "Well since Trish was so kind to join us, I
have an idea. This might be a little nasty, but when I get horny my mind goes
to Kinky Land. Anyway, while I was in the 69 position with you Terri, and was
also licking Lita's feet, it really got me off, so I think it would be hot if
we could all get our feet sucked, but while pleasuring their partner of
course. You guys up for it?"

They were all horny as hell and were willing to try anything, so Torrie
directed traffic, and soon all four divas were laying on their stomach's and
they formed a square. Trish's job was sucking Torrie's feet, while Torrie's
was Lita, and Lita was licking Terri's feet, and Terri closed off the link by
sucking on Trish's feet. All the girls were amazed in the pleasure they felt,
as they had their toes sucked on one by one, and their feet licked up and
down, while they did the same for the girl in front. Stephanie had just
returned with her wrestling gear, and was about to go meet with Torrie and
Lita in what was supposed to be the women's locker room, until Trish scared
everybody off. The problem though, was nobody told Stephanie about it, so she
headed on back there like there was nothing wrong, she did notice that there
wasn't anybody around this part of the hall, but she continued on. But when
she opened the door to the room, and saw the four women who were too much in
the motion to have noticed anybody, so she closed the door, shocked to say
the least. She thought to her self, "Do I wanna see this.. Yeah," and she
opened it again, and she saw women all completely naked except for one which
was Lita, but Steph didn't know.

The first face she noticed was Torrie, the girl she was just talking to
not too long ago, is now sucking another woman's toes. She also noticed
Trish, but after she made out a couple of their faces, she decided to leave,
so she shut the door, and walked back down the hallway showing no emotion at
first, but then she got that very famous smile that only a daughter of Satan
himself could come up with. But that's another story!!!!

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