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Terri's Invitational
planned by Kristi
written by Dice

It's October 18, 1999, and at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, the tag
teams of Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boyz are preparing for what will
be the new standard of ladder matches. Both teams have arrived extremely
early to plan out their strategy for the match in hopes that they would be
the winner.

In the Hardys locker room, Jeff and Matt are watching the old Shawn Michael's
Vs Razor Ramon Ladder match from Wrestlemania 10 while trying to figure out
how to restrain both Edge and Christian long enough for them to climb up and
grab the money. Once the tape ends, there's a knock on the door, Jeff looks

"Come on in..."

The locker room door opens and Terri walks in with a smile. The Hardys stand
up out of respect.

"Hey Terri," Matt says with a smile.

"Hi Terri," Jeff adds.

"Hello boys, I hope you're ready for tonight's match..." Terri looks down at
their pants, but that goes unnoticed by the Hardys when they see that Edge
and Christian enter their locker room right behind Terri. Matt points at

"What are the hell are you two doing here?"

Edge shrugs, and motions towards Terri, "She told us to come with her."

"Say what?" Jeff raises an eyebrow as Terri walks behind both him and Matt,
and places a hand on their shoulders.

"Allow me to explain, I want to have a little preview of to tonight match ...
to truly make sure that the winners truly deserve my..." Terri licks her
lips, "Services."

Jeff shrugs Terri's hand off his shoulder, "Ok... but shouldn't we be in the

Terri shakes her head and laugh a bit, "No, Jeffrey, you see this is a bit
different. You and Matt and Edge and Christian are going to have little tag
team match ... over me..." Terri smiles.

Edge nods his head and gets a big smiles on his face, "I like where this is

Christian on the other hand is bit confused, "What do you mean, bro?"

Edge is about to explain, but Terri cuts him off, "Christian, you and Edge
are going to fuck me until you're tagged out by Jeff and Matt ... then it's
their turn until you and Edge tag back in." Terri licks her lips again,
"Now ... let's go to business... Edge and Christian, you two stand side by
side ... just like the Hardys..."

The men get into the position Terri wants them as she gets down onto her
knees. The Hardys and E&C are glaring at each other as Terri rubs her hands
against all four of their cocks while still in their pants.

"Mmmmm ... very nice ... now ... get undressed..." Terri says as she starts
to take off her own clothes. The four guys quickly get undressed and resume
standing in the positions Terri wants them to. She takes hold of Matt and
Jeff's cocks and starts to suck on them for a bit, then she turns around and
does the same to Edge and Christian.

"Move closer together..." The four men do what they are told and now Terri
can trace her tongue over all four cocks without having to turn around to
much. After a while she's primarily focusing on Edge and Christian, she's
fondling Christian's wam-bag while slowly bobbing her head on Edge's. Both
men take that as if she wants them to fuck her first.

Edge and Christian lift Terri off the floor and take her over to a couch on
the back wall of the locker room. Edge sits down on the couch, then Terri,
while still standing, bends over and begins sucking his cock. She twirls
her tongue around his shaft as Christian starts to fuck her from behind.
Christian runs his hands over her beautiful ass, as Edge strokes her hair.
Terri stops sucking Edge's dick and spits on it a few times. She grips his
cock with both hands, stroking it in rhythm with Christian's thrusts. Before
things can get really heated, Matt comes over and slaps Christian shoulder
to tag him out. Terri hears the contact and smiles.

"Ok boys ... it's the Hardys turn..."

Christian sighs and reluctantly pulls out of Terri. Matt takes Terri's hand
as he lays down on the floor. Terri grins and mounts him. Matt takes hold of
her hips and starts to bounce her on his cock. Jeff now stands over Matt's
head, his feet spread apart at a decent distant. He places a hand on the back
of Terri's head, and brings her head forward. Terri opens her mouth, allowing
Jeff's cock to enter her head. Jeff thrust his hips forward to slide his dick
in and out, but doesn't notice that Edge has come close to him. When he
finally does, Edge has tagged him out. Terri stops sucking Jeff and gets off
of Matt.

Edge takes her hand and takes her back to Christian who is laying on the
couch. Edge wraps an arm around her waist, lifts her up and sits her on
Christian's face. Christian starts to lick her sweet cunt.

"Ahhh yeah..." Terri lets out a soft moan as she leans forward to suck
Christian's cock. Edge kneels on the armrest of the couch and slides his dick
into Terri's ass, catching her by surprise. He starts the fuck her ass, but
before he can get a good rhythm, Jeff hurries over and tags him.

Edge fumes a bit and pulls out of Terri's ass as the Hardys helped Terri off
of Christian. They carry over to a table and lay her on it. Jeff spreads her
legs and sticks his dick in her as Matt quickly gets on the table and mounts
her chest. He lays his cock between her breasts, presses them together. As
Jeff fucks Terri's tight pussy, Matt fucks her beautiful tits.

"Mmmm fuck my breasts Matt ... work that cock over them..." Terri says as she
lifts her head and licks the tip of Matt's cock every time it comes close to
her mouth.

Christian gets off the couch and he and Edge come over and tag's both Hardys
out. The Hardys glare at their rivals as they move away from Terri. Edge
takes Terri off of the table and sets her on the ground. He pushes her down
onto her hands and knees as Christian gets in front of her. He pushes his
cock into her mouth, and Terri starts to openly suck his prick. Edge inserts
his cock into her pussy and the two men start to sea-saw back and forth.
Whenever Edge thrusts forward into Terri, Christian pulls his cock a bit out
of her mouth and vice versa.

The Hardys come over and tag both Edge & Christian and pull them off of
Terri, much to her delight. Matt & Jeff lift her off of the table and
sandwich her as Matt works his cock into her pussy while Jeff gets his
into her ass. Terri moans loudly as the Brothers start to lift her up
and down while thrusting in and out of her petite body. "Yes, ... yes ...
yes ... fuck me ... fuck me harder..." Terri screams as she wraps her arms
around Matt's back and starts to dig her nails into his skin.

Edge and Christian watch for a few moments then Edge casually walks over
and tag's Jeff. The Hardys take their time in pulling out of Terri, but
eventually they do. Christian lays down on the ground as Edge helps Terri
sit down on his dick. Edge kneels behind her and starts to fuck her ass
again. Terri pushes back on Edge's cock as she grinds down on Christian's,
who cups her breasts and begins to lick and suck on her nipples.

"Fuck man... I'm tired of this tagging in and out shit..." Jeff folds his

Matt nods his head "Same here man, this is bullshit." Matt then smirks at
Jeff, "Let's join in."

"You don't have to tell me twice..." Jeff grins.

Both of the Hardys then rushes to join in on the action, Matt joins Edge
behind Terri and shoves his cock into Terri's ass. Jeff then gets in front
of Terri and smirks at her,

"I believe this is now a four on one handicap match." Jeff cups her jaw and
opens her mouth, and works his cock into it. Terri happily begins slobbering
all over it, lapping her tongue around the shaft as if it was her reason to
live. Edge and Matt take a moment to get their team work down, but soon, they
and their cocks are pumping in and out of Terri's ass pretty well. Christian
is bucking his hips upward, thrusting his dick up into her pussy.

Terri's moans are completely muffled around Jeff's prick as she goes down
all the way on it. Edge and Matt pulls out of her well fucked ass, then Terri
lifts herself off of Christian's prick while still sucking hard on Jeff's
cock. Terri eventually stops blowing Jeff, and crawls over to the couch she
gets on it. She looks back at the four men and smacks her own ass.

"Christian... Jeff ... come and get it..." she gives them both a seducing
smile. Jeff and Christian high five each other and hurry over to her. They
stroke their dicks for a moment, then Jeff enters his into her ass first,
followed shortly by Christian. The two men don't even get into a rhythm as
they start to pound her behind recklessly.

"Ahhh ... this ... feels ... so fucking good..." Terri screams as Matt and
Edge both sit on the couch next to the moaning diva. They each take one of
her hands and place it on their dicks. Terri quickly starts to jerk them
off as she tries to push back on Jeff and Christian's quickly moving slabs
of man-meat.

Eventually, Edge and Matt tag their partners out much to their surprise,
but Christian and Jeff pull out of Terri's backside. Edge and Matt then turn
Terri around so she's face up. Matt works his cock into her pussy again as
Edge stands over her, his feet just to the sides of Terri's body. He angles
his cock down into Terri's mouth. Terri starts to suck on it like a hamster
on a water bottle. Terri grinds up against Matt's cock as she start to feel
herself start to climax, she let's Edge's cock fall out of her mouth.

"Aahhh ahhh shit... ahhh fuck..." Terri pulls on her own hair as she starts
to orgasm. Matt starts to slow down his thrusts. Terri runs over his arms
and pushes him out of her pussy. "Mmmm... I need ... something to drink ...
something warm ... and salty..."

The four men look at each other smirk. They all stand on the couch, stroking
their cocks as Terri tilts her head back and opens her mouth. Jeff and
Christian are the first to cum, Jeff's load goes almost perfectly into her
mouth as Christian's shoots past it and splatters against her cheeks.

Terri keeps her mouth wide open wanting more cum into her mouth. Matt grunts
a few times and finally, he blows his top. Like Jeff, his aim is perfect for
his semen drips into her mouth, leaving Edge as the last man to cum. Edge
grips his dick with both hands and beats the holy hell out of it. He grinds
his teeth together as finally he unleashes his version of a Canadian Malt
onto her face.

Terri uses her fingers and wipes some of the cum of her face off. She sucks
her fingers clean, at the same time swallowing the cum that was in her mouth.

"Mmmm ... now that was yummy..."

The four men smile down at her at until Edge looks at a clock on the wall.

"Shit ... we better get ready ... the pay-per-view is going to start soon."
Edge, Christian, and The Hardys scramble to get dressed and rush out of the
locker room, leaving Terri alone.

Terri sighs as she smiles, "Too bad I can't have both teams..."
_ _ _

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