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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Terri's Taste Of Kronik
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After helping The Dudley Boyz win the WWF Tag Team Championship from The
Undertaker and Kane during the September 17, 2001 broadcast of RAW IS WAR,
the former two-time WCW Tag Team Champions Kronik, consisting of Brian Adams
and Bryan Clark, who are dressed in tight black t-shirts and black jeans, are
returning to the backstage area of Nashville, Tennessee's Gaylord
Entertainment Center. "Kane and Undertaker aren't anything special, we kicked
both their asses already..." Adams says to Clark.

"Yeah, but what I want is what we were promised... our WCW Tag Team titles
back..." Clark says with a smirk.

"We'll get 'em... and then it'll be high times all over again..." Adams says.

"Damn right..." Clark replies as the two powerful men who were once known as
Adam Bomb and Crush in the WWF make their way to the Alliance locker room
where the horny little she-devil Terri Runnels is waiting for them.

"What's up Terri?" Brian Adams asks as he and Bryan Clark approach Terri and
the locker room door.

Terri places her hands onto her petite, but curved and tanned waist, as she
stands in the doorway, dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a white top that
barely covers her large and rounded, tanned tits and shows off her flat,
tanned midsection. "I must say...that was very impressive..." Terri says with
a sly smirk as she looks at Clark and Adams. "Taking down the Big Red
Machine...not many can say that..."

"We've dealt with bigger and badder guys than that masked freak..." Adams

"Yeah, that guy would be better of trying to become a dentist instead of
getting in our way again," Clark adds.

Terri licks her lips and shakes her head as she looks over Brian Adams and
Bryan Clark, "You know what turns me on so much, boys?"

"What does?" Brian Adams asks.

Terri raises an eyebrow and slyly looks at the two men that make up Kronik.
"Strong men..."

Bryan Clark smirks, "Then your cunt must be wetter than a lake with us

Terri playfully laughs "How did you know?"

"You got a stain at the crotch of your jeans... pretty obvious..." Clark

"Maybe we should do something about that..." Terri says with a sly look and
lick of her lips.

Adams and Clark both nod their heads before Adams moves towards Terri and
lifts her up over his shoulder in order to carry her into the Alliance locker
room while Clark holds the door open.

* * *

A short time later in the Alliance locker room, a naked Terri Runnels is
kneeling on a locker room bench and leaning forward to take Brian Adams's
cock into her mouth while behind her, Bryan Clark is guiding his cock into
her tight wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm..." Terri moans and wraps her pouty lips around Adams's cock and
steadily bobs her head back and forth, with her sultry lips dragging against
his meaty shaft, while Clark pumps his cock into her petite body from behind.

"Mmmmm..." The large muscular stud from Hawaii groans as Terri bobs her head
up and down on his cock while his tag team partner thrusts his cock firmly
into Terri's cunt, causing her to rock on the surface of the locker room

Terri places her hands onto the waist of Brian Adams as she smoothly and
eagerly bobs her head on his cock, with her small mouth widening as her
saliva drips down on his cock.

"Ahhhh awww..." Bryan Clark groans as he thrusts his cock deeper and harder
into Terri's snatch. Brian Adams places a hand on Terri's head as she
greedily takes more his dick into her mouth.

Terri's petite and gorgeously tanned body easily moves back and forth as
Bryan Clark slams his powerful cock into the Horny Little She-Devil from

"Mmmmmm ahhh fuck..." Brian Adams moans as Terri takes nearly his entire cock
into her mouth as she sucks it.

"Mmmmmmmmmm!" Terri lustfully moans as she turns her blond haired head on the
cock of Brian Adams with her pouty and luscious lips grinding against his
cock and her saliva dripping down before she lowers her head further down on
his cock.

"Ahhhh shit..." Bryan Clark grunts as he steadily pounds Terri's pussy with
firm and deep thrusts. After a few more moments, the two large men pull their
cocks out of Terri and turn her around on the bench so that Adams can invade
her pussy while Clark stuffs her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." Terri moans as she immediately begins to bob her head on the
massive cock of Bryan Clark, with her lips brushing down his shaft, while
Brian Adams firmly pounds his cock into her petite body.

"Yeah... ahhhh..." Adams groans as he thrusts his cock swiftly and deeply
into Terri's cunt.

"Ahhh awwww..." Clark moans as Terri slobbers all over his fat dick as she
sucks it.

Terri's petite body sharply jolts forward as Brian Adams slams his cock
deeply into her nicely wet pussy, causing her to move forward on Bryan
Clark's cock, deep throating him with ease.

The former WCW Tag Team Champions smirk as Terrie seesaws back and forth
between them with one large cock in her mouth and another in her twat.

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmm!" The Horny Little She-Devil moans as she
steadily bobs her head back and forth on his cock, with his ballsack smacking
against her chin, while Brian Adams jerks her petite body back against his

"Oh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Brian Adams groans as he hammers Terri's wet pussy
from behind.

"Ahhhh..." Bryan Clark moans as Terri whorishly sucks his large meaty cock.
Both men pull out of Terri's mouth and pussy and Clark moves around the
locker room bench so that when he and Adams lift Terri up, they can lower her
down onto their massive cocks, with Clark's dick invading her ass while
Adams's cock goes back into Terri's cunt.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhh yeah boys...make me all wet.." Terri moans and grits her
teeth as she places her hands onto the chest of Brian Adams and begins to
rock forward on his large cock with Bryan Clark firmly easing his cock into
her stunning ass.

The men formally known as Crush and Adam Bomb cause Terri to bounce between
them as they thrust their big fat dicks in and out of her pussy and ass

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhh...ohhhhhh..." The petite Alliance Diva moans as she easily
and swiftly bounces between Adams and Clark as the two powerful studs slam
their cocks relentlessly into her, much to her delight.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhh...ohhhhhh..." The petite Alliance Diva moans as she easily
and swiftly bounces between Adams and Clark as the two powerful studs slam
their cocks relentlessly into her, much to her delight.

"Ahhhh shit..." Adams groans as he plows his cock deeply into Terri's pussy
as she rocks between himself and Clark who is pounding her ass.

Terri grits her teeth and narrows her eyes as she turns her head to look back
at Bryan Clark as he works over her stunning ass. "Ohhhhhh yeah...mmmmmm..."

"Mmmmm fuck... awww..." Bryan Clark grits his teeth as he thrusts his cock
deeper and harder into Terri's ass as she moves up and down as a result of
how hard he and Adams is fucking her.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhh...ohhhh boys make me so wet..." Terri
moans as she grinds down on the cock of Brian Adams inside of her pussy.

The two tall and powerful stud increase the pace of their thrusts as they
causes Terri to bounce between them like a ping pong ball.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhh yeah...." Terri moans as she raises her hands from Brian
Adams's chest and places her hands against her bouncing large and juicy tits
as she feels her firmly erected nipples brushing against the palms of her
hands as she moves between the two men of Kronik.

Bryan Clark pulls his cock out of Terri's ass and Brian Adams lifts her of
his own cock. After Clark lays on the locker room bench, Adams lowers Terri
on top of his tag team partner's cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh..." Terri moans and grits her teeth as she places her
hands behind her onto Clark's chest and begins to bounce on his cock with his
cock thrusting up into her nicely tight ass.

"Mmmmm ahhhh..." Bryan Clark grunts as he thrusts his cock firmly upward into
Terri's ass. Brian Adams moves in front of Terri and rams his cock firmly
into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm...." Terri moans as she wraps her legs and rests her smooth,
tanned legs against Adams as she leans back on Clark's cock, with both of
their cocks working over her petite body.

The former WCW Tag Team Champions deeply plow their large meaty cocks into
Terri's pussy and ass as she moves between them.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh yeah.." Terri moans as she easily and swiftly moves
between Clark and Adams, feeling their cocks ramming into her with no quit.

Sweat drips down the powerful bodies of Clark and Adams as they deeply fuck
the horny little She-Devil with the same brute force they use to dominate in
the ring.

"Mmmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh!" Terri moans before she closes her eyes and
tilts her head back as she starts to cum.

"Ahhhh..." Brian Adams groans as he feels Terri's snatch squeeze his cock
which is starting to throb. Bryan Clark grits his teeth as he feels his own
cock throbbing within Terri's gorgeous ass.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh yes..." Terri moans and breathes heavily as she pushes
her petite and sweat covered body between Clark and Adams.

Brian Adams pulls out of Terri's soaking wet pussy and Bryan Clark lifts
Terri off of his cock. As Terri slips from Clark's hands and moves to kneel
on the locker room floor, Clark and Adams move in front of her and begin to
stroke their huge pulsating dicks.

Terri licks her lips and looks up seductively at Clark and Adams. "Give me it
all babe..."

Within a mater of moments Bryan Clark and Brian Adams begins to cum, and the
powerful duo shower Terri's eager face with their thick spunk.

Terri closes her eyes and parts her mouth as the Horny Little She-Devil
happily accepts the cum that lands in her mouth, while the rest of the cum
lands on her face and neck.

"Mmmm fuck... better than breaking necks..." Adams groans.

"And better than cashing checks..." Clark adds with a moan as he and Adams
stroke their erupting cocks until they are spent.

Terri nods her head and slyly smirks as cum and sweat drips down her face.
"'ve got that right."


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