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Terri's Ultimate Sexual Encounter
by Qxpcgtralmzwsjc

Bored and lonely, Terri Runnels sat backstage in a secluded dressing
room. The WWF was too focused on Vince McMahon and his stupid divorce angle
to care about finding television time for the WWF superstars. As Vince and
his family continued to hog increasing amounts of television time, there was
nothing for many lesser-known WWF superstars to do except to go home or sit
backstage and hope that they would be needed. Such was the case for poor

Sure, the money was decent, and it was sort of fun to travel all across
the country and see all of the different places. But was it worth sacrificing
so much time out of her life? She wasn't getting any younger, and ever since
she divorced her previous husband, Dustin, due to his weird pirate and cowboy
fixations, she had been lonely. If she wasn't getting on TV and getting
noticed by millions, it would be nice for at least one man to notice her. To
touch her... to caress her... to...

Terri slipped out of her tight midriff T-shirt and spandex shorts,
revealing that she was wearing nothing underneath. Her sexual thoughts had
already left her aroused, and both of her nipples stood stiffly out from her
generously-sized breasts. She could feel a trickle of wetness beginning to
run out of her pussy, and she slipped a hand down past the light patch of
brown pubic hair to touch her slit, as more of her juices escaped. This was
how it always was; she ended up sitting backstage, masturbating, dreaming
about a man who would satisfy her desires.

As she slid a pair of fingers into her pussy, Terri's back arched, causing
her breasts to jut out prominently in front of her. Her breathing grew
shallow as her arousal grew, and still more juices issued forth to moisten
her caressing fingers. She slid her other hand down and collected some of the
wetness on her fingers, then used her wet fingers to tweak her nipples,
heightening her pleasure and sending thrilling sensations through her body.
Her other hand continued to stroke and caress the inner portion of her pussy,
drawing her ever closer to an impending climax.

CRASH!! Suddenly the door flew open with a jarring shake that seemed to
reverberate throughout the building. Terri gasped and took her hands away
from her body, afraid that she had been caught in the act of pleasuring
herself, and would be made the laughingstock of the WWF dressing room... but
to her surprise, in the doorway stood not a WWF superstar, not even a member
of the ring crew, or a janitor, or a security guard, or even anybody from WCW
or ECW... but the 400-pound Mastadon, BIG VAN VADER.

Vader stepped into the room, naked except for his massive horned steel
helmet, which he wore to make him look even more fierce. His gargantuan arms
were easily each bigger around than Terri's waist, and his barrel-like frame
was surrounded with an aura of pure, savage power. His erect manhood, an
impressive eight or nine inches, pointed directly at Terri, while his
egg-sized balls swayed gently, as though in a breeze.

The ground seemed to shake as Vader slammed the door behind him and
advanced on Terri, but she wasn't frightened. She knew exactly what he wanted
by looking at his bulging, massive cock, and it was what she wanted as well.
They met in the center of the room, and Big Van Vader effortlessly picked
Terri up, and bent her over a bench. Terri was awed by his power, and a
little frightened, but more than that she was eagerly anticipating what would
come next.

Infinite waves of pleasure shot through Terri's body as, with a primal
growl, Vader penetrated her wet, hungry pussy in one stroke. Vader rammed his
massive, monstrous cock into her depths repeatedly, each time sending an
ever-larger wave of pleasure through Terri. Her large, uncovered breasts
shook with each impact, and an audible 'smack!' rang out every time Vader's
balls slapped against the back of her legs. YES! This was what Terri had been
hoping for; a man who would satisfy her desires, then not spread the word in
the WWF locker room that she was a horny little slut. Big Van Vader wouldn't
tell anyone. In addition to being the most dangerous monster in the history
of pro-wrestling, he was also known to be a man of honor.

Terri was thankful of the thick walls in the arena as moans started to
escape from her lips. Vader was still thrusting into her repeatedly, and
ecstasy was building deep within her pussy. She could tell that her climax
wasn't far off, and her moans grew louder, then became screams as her
pleasure rose. Vader continued thrusting into her, and with one mighty,
forceful shove of his powerful, massive cock, Terri was forced over the edge.
Her body shook as if she was being electrocuted by pleasure, and she lost all
control of her senses, screaming passionately, not caring if anyone could
hear. Her pussy contracted forcefully with the most intense orgasm of her
life, and it was too much even for the mighty Vader. He bellowed mightily, a
deep sound that reverberated from his massive steel helmet until it shook the
very foundations of the heavens, and erupted into Terri, spraying massive
amounts of his seed into her in thick, powerful blasts. Terri's body shook
and her heart raced as Vader filled her with his cum, sending another
electrical thrill through her body.

All too quickly, it was over. Vader pulled away from Terri and looked down
at her one last time, covered in sweat, with her pussy leaking a thick,
creamy mixture of their love juices. Terri stared at Big Van Vader in awe,
wondering what sort of emotions were etched upon his face under that massive
steel helmet. Satisfaction? Triumph? Lust? Was it possible that the massive
titan of a man could feel even... love? Terri wanted to speak, to say
something to Vader... if only to thank him for the greatest night of pleasure
she had ever had. But the words caught in her throat as the magnificence of
what she had just experienced clouded her mind, and she could not speak as
Big Van Vader simply turned and walked away, no doubt headed to Japan to
battle the mighty Toshiaki Kawada for the Triple Crown World Championship.

The door closed behind Vader, and Terri was left in a pool of her sweat
and their sexual fluids, with her mind full of pleasure-induced haze and
questions. Would Vader be back? Was this the answer to her prayers, or merely
a brief respite from her loneliness? Could she ever enjoy sex with another
man again after experiencing the truest pleasure of her life with the
Mastodon? Terri hoped for his return. She would be eagerly anticipating and
waiting the day when the man they call Vader would barge into her locker room
again, to give her the ultimate pleasure as only he could.

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