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Featuring: Miss Tessmacher (Brooke Adams, former WWE Diva), D'Angelo Dinero
(Elijah Burke, former WWE Superstar)

Tessmacher Takes Care
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the live broadcast of the May 20th 2010 edition of TNA Impact, the
just announced number seven rank in the Top Ten Contenders, "The Pope" D'Angelo
Dinero, is walking with a smirk on his handsome face, clad in his extravagant
black outfit with his arm in a sling, the result of an injury suffered at the
recent Lockdown Pay Per View event. He's not letting that affect him, strutting
as only he can as he heads along, glancing around as he seems to be looking for
something to take up his time since he is unable to compete for some time. He
suddenly stops, smirking as he takes a few steps back and does a double take,
his gave focusing on a young, curvaceous female a short distance down a

Said Knockout in question is none other than the sexy secretary to Eric Bischoff
known as Miss Tessmacher, who seems to be looking slightly concerned as she
stands alone, clad in a short, black skirt that clings to her tanned legs and
thick, juicy thighs along with a straining light purple and low cut top, her
large breasts shown off with deep cleavage, helped by the sparkling bra
underneath, of which a hint can be seen. Brushing her long, brunette hair back,
she adjusts her black glasses for a moment, turning her head and spotting the
charismatic wrestler she smiles, a look not too dissimilar to the one she was
giving him earlier when he was announced as the seventh ranked top star in the

The stunning assistant starts to walk towards him, her high heels clicking
against the floor as she steps. "Mr. Dinero, congratulations on making the top
ten tonight." She says.

"Your thanks are duly noted..." D'Angelo smoothly says, not exactly hiding the
fact that he is checking out the former WWE Diva known as Brooke. "And "The
Pope" does declare that you are looking simply divine enough to get a one way
pass straight through the pearly gates."

She comes to a stop, similarly taking a moment to check out the always
entertaining and talented star. "Why thank you, "My Pope"." She says in a very
suggestive tone. "I wish I could say that Mr. Bischoff is looking good right
now." She adds, her smile fading a little. "He's not doing too well after Sting
attacked him earlier..."

"My dear, "The Pope" can understand your concerns, but you happen to be in luck,
because while you do not have one man in charge to tell you what to do, you
happen to have a man who takes his commands from the one true man in charge, the
big man upstairs now can I get an Amen?"

She smiles again with a light giggle. "Amen!" She says, placing her hands on her
well rounded hips. "So, Mr. Dinero, since I can't help out Mr. Bischoff, maybe I
can help you out?" She motions to his held in a sling arm. "With your injury, I
know Mr. Bischoff and Mr. Hogan would want for all of your needs to be taken
care of. Is there anything that you need from me?" She slyly raises an eyebrow.

With a grin, Dinero rubs his chin with his good hand. "Well, Miss Tessmacher,
"Your Pope" can think of a great many things, but this will require a small
pilgrimage to the private quarters of "The Pope", where you can surely take care
of all of my needs."

Tessmacher licks her lips with an approving nod, looking over the black stud
who's also checking her out. "Lead the way, Mr. Dinero."

* * *

A few moments later, the sexy secretary of TNA Miss Tessmacher walks towards
"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero as he sits back in the luxurious couch in his private
locker room, reaching up to unbutton her tight, purple top before slipping it
off her arms to fully reveal the sparkling bra that's straining to contain her
huge breasts. He smirks at the sight, taking a good, long look at her tits as
she slowly sinks down between his spread legs, looking up with a saucy smile as
her hand runs over the bulge in his pants, feeling up his hardening size for a
few moments. Both hands now reach up, undoing his belt before pulling down the
zipper, and lifting himself slightly off the couch she lets him pull down his
pants down to the floor, and it's soon clear that tonight was not a night that
he decided to have any underwear on.

Her mouth waters as she looks at his thick, black cock that's rock hard already
and at its full twelve inches, the sight alone enough to make her moan slightly.
D'Angelo leans back in the couch, a big grin on his face as he watches her wrap
her hand around his length, a couple of quick pumps used to check if what she's
holding is actually real. She soon goes from licking her lips to using them,
no warning given before she leans in closer to him and opens her mouth, taking
the head inside and pressing her lips around him which makes him moan already
just from the initial touch. More pleasure is coming however as she's going to
work already on him, lightly sucking on the bell end while her hand strokes over
the bottom portion with smooth motions all the way up and down. The other hand
rests on his thigh, supporting herself while he takes in the sight of the
gorgeous, glasses-wearing woman with her mouth firmly placed on his dick.

Sucking away at the very top of his cock, her cheeks sexily move in and out from
the force she's using on him, also applying a little bit of tongue work as she
lashes out against and around him. Her hand still has a perfect grip on his
shaft, pumping back and forth, up and down along his thick size to keep this
double-pleasure motion going which is something it seems both of them have
wanted to happen for quite a while. Lifting the hand up from his thigh so she
can adjust her glasses, she starts to push her head down towards him some more,
in the process taking more of his cock into her mouth so that already four or
five inches is being handled inside her. The enjoys the moment with a moan
before she slowly lifts her head back up to the top, then repeating the motion
back travelling back down to where she'd reach and then again heading back up,
her hand continuing to work over the lower portion as she sucks on the top.

He reaches his good arm across, placing his hand onto the back of her head as
she blows him with smooth motions, showing surprising skill in handling such a
thick piece of man meat like she's doing here, also shown by the dabbing of
saliva that's now on his cock. She looks up over the frames of her glasses,
smirking at him as she carries out the steady sucking of his dick, combined with
jerking off the rest of his shaft with her hand. She lifts her head off his
dick, smirking again at his groan when she does so, but soon he's moaning again
as she lets her hand stroke over his whole length for a couple of quick pumps.
Then she lowers he head back down, mouth opening slightly so she can run her
tongue across the tip of his manhood and then swirl around it for a couple of
clockwise motions, again getting a little of her soothing saliva onto him before
again she uses her hand to jerk him off, rubbing her saliva into his shaft
in the process.

You could not remove the grin from the face of the leader of "The Congregation"
if you tried, and no one would blame him either as the former WWE Diva resumes
the erotic task of giving head to the hunky, charismatic stud, her mouth opening
wide again as she takes his shaft inside, deeper than before but still using the
same, steady pace as before. Handling just over half of his total length doesn't
seem to be posing a problem for the busty brunette as she is able to move
herself all the way up to just have his bell end in her mouth before going back
down and repeat the motion, and all of his top half is nicely coated with her
spit at this point, further helped by light taps of her tongue being used as she
travels along him. In fact, the problem she has right now is making sure her
glasses stay on, having to use her free hand to push them back up her nose as
they continue to slip slightly because of the bobbing motion her head is doing.

Dinero isn't paying attention to this though. His attention is switching between
her slightly jiggling tits encased in her bra, and her mouth as she moves away
and back down towards him, her pouty lips firmly placed against his shaft in the
process. He appreciates the fine work her hand is doing in pumping the portion
of his thick, black dick that isn't currently being dealt with by her mouth, but
his man focus is on her oral ability which is great enough as it is, but he has
a feeling that she can "relax" him even more. For now though, he's happy to let
her have her own way with him, as the stunning assistant to Eric Bischoff blows
him with such skill and ease that it's clear this is not the first time she's
done this kind of sexual act, but perhaps never with such a long and thick cock

Working her mouth up and down him a few more times, Miss Tessmacher brings her
hand to a stop at the base of his dick, slightly squeezing him before she lifts
her head up so just the crown is still inside her mouth. Here, she twists her
head slightly from side to side, grinding her full lips around his manhood to
make him moan from the sensation, only made to feel better by her patting her
tongue against the underside of his tool. After a few moments it's back to the
bobbing head motion, a little quicker than before but still just working over
the same top half as before, while her hand strokes over the rest of him at a
slower but still pleasurable pace. His good hand slightly runs through her long
hair as a form of encouragement, moaning as he enjoys her mouth on his hard,
foot long cock and the sight of her pretty face moving along him as she sucks
him off.

Lifting her head back off of him completely, she strokes him a couple of times
while using her free hand to adjust her glasses. Taking a deep breath she looks
up at him. "How was that Mr. Dinero?" She asks with a smirk, still stroking him
off as she talks and listens to his reply.

"That little Lady is an almost sure fire way to getting into the front row of my
next sermon!" D'Angelo states with a grin. "But "Your Pope" will require you, in
order to fully appreciate your kind actions just now, to become fully...
Exposed... And "The Pope" does not just mean exposed as in exposed to the truth,
or the elements, now can I get an Amen to that?"

She licks her lips, letting go of his dick and standing up in front of him.
"Amen, but I haven't been in an "Expos‚" for a while..." She says teasingly as
she reaches behind her, undoing her straining bra.

"But what does "My Pope" think about these?" With a raised eyebrow she peels
away the garment, revealing her massive, perfectly rounded and completely tanned

With a big, smug grin and the nod of his head, Dinero feasts his eyes on her
tits. "A whole chapter of the good book should be dedicated to those! But don't
stop on the account of "The Pope". Take your time, and let's see your form, just
as the good Lord intended!"

Giving him a smirk, the stunning secretary turns around, legs apart slightly as
she places her hands on her short, black skirt. Looking back over her shoulder
at him, she starts to lower her skirt down her smooth, tanned legs, bending over
as she does so reveal her stunning, huge and juicy ass in a tiny black thong.
She's not finished there though, as after she pushes that garment down to her
feet, her hands go back up again, this time fingers going into her underwear and
slowly just like before, she pulls them down, putting on a sexy show in the
process as she fully exposes her mind-blowing ass along with her tight, smoothly
shaved and already wet looking pussy. After looking over her backside for a few
moment, he looking up to the ceiling and seems to speak to someone as he winks
and mouths the words "Thanks Big Guy!" up at the roof.

Now wearing nothing but high heeled shoes and her glasses, Miss Tessmacher makes
her way back over to him, giving him a smirk as she again sinks down to her
knees between his legs, taking his thick cock back in her hand to give him a
brief pump before sticking her tongue out to lick all across and around the bell
end, punctuating the motion by spitting onto the head which makes him groan in
pleasure. Using her hand to quickly rub her spit into his shaft, she moves her
head back down onto his cock, taking him deeply into her mouth as she wastes no
time in handling over half of his thickness inside her. She keeps her head there
for a moment before she starts to bob her head along him, travelling all the way
up to the top before heading back down to where she had been at a pace already
noticeably quicker than the one she'd been using previously.

Moaning as he watches his thick black dick appear and disappear between her full
lips, the leader of "The Congregation" starts to move his hips up slightly,
pumping his shaft up into the mouth of the sexy secretary as she lowers herself
down onto him. This move that makes her raise an eyebrow up at the charismatic
and handsome wrestler, even smirking around his cock as she's made to take even
more of him into her wet mouth, and she doesn't have an issue with that at all
by the looks of it. Moaning lightly around his manhood, she increases her
sucking efforts, patting her soft tongue against the underside of his dick as it
smoothly slides in and out of her oral hole, letting go of his cock so she can
let him really thrust up into her and fully use her mouth to pleasure his long,
impressive man meat.

As he pumps up into her soothing mouth, Dinero reaches down with his one good
arm to cup her huge tits, squeezing one and then the other with his hand which
makes her moan around his dick, clearly loving the touch of the man she's
sucking off toying with her titties. In fact, she's enjoying the treatment so
much that she has to reach down with a hand, firstly teasing her other breast by
giving it a squeeze and lightly pinching the nipple between her fingers to make
herself groan, before moving it further down to slide the fingers across her
already wet pussy, further teasing and stimulating herself as she blows the TNA
Superstar. Resting the other hand on his thigh, she's going fully to work on
him, her hair slightly swaying from the swift motion her head is using on his
moving dick as now she's practically taking his entire length into her clearly
talented mouth, her mouth just barely an inch away from the base with her saliva
trickling down his shaft and onto his balls.

Not even a surgeon could remove the grin from his face, as the currently on the
injured list wrestler as the stunning female most remembered as Brooke from the
ECW brand of the WWE swiftly and smoothly sucks him off as he sends his cock
straight up into her, an erotic smacking sound ringing out when skin meets skin.
Now all of his foot long and nicely thick shaft is deep inside her mouth,
and impressively she isn't gagging for a moment, continuing to lift herself up
half-way up him before travelling right back down with force, multi-tasking as
she also rubs her snatch as she rapidly rocks her head back and forth along his
length. Her saliva completely coats his dick, also coating her own lips and
trickling out over her chin and down his dick onto his crotch which just makes
the already sexy sight of the beautiful face of the Knockout moving along his
black cock look even hotter as she really makes sure his "needs" are being taken
care of.

Ceasing his pumps up into her, he allows her to do the work and she soon takes
advantage of this, pushing herself right down onto him to deep throat him,
lightly flicking her tongue against his underside as she keeps her face right
down into his crotch, his whole twelve inches held inside him for a long moment,
at the same time still moving her own hand against her damp pussy. Letting out a
loud moan, "The Pope" just savours the moment, using a hand to wipe some sweat
off from his forehead as he looks down on the stunning assistant, still keeping
herself completely down on him without gagging at all and still having her
glasses on, using a hand to gently push them back up before she herself rises up
along his dick all the way up to the head before going right back down to the

Tessmacher lifts herself back up once again, this time all the way and off of
him, taking a moment to gasp and take in a deep breath of air, licking her lips
as she gazes over the sight of his saliva-covered cock. Glancing up at him, they
exchange smirks before she leans her head down slightly, batting her tongue
against the very tip of his cock for a few moments, following it up with a
swirling motion all the way around his cock, showing that her "skills" are not
limited to office-based work. Slightly adjusting her spectacles, she leans back,
running her hands up her body to squeeze her large tits, pushing them together
and letting out a slight groan from the touch, the sight of which he of course
takes in a lusty stare across her whole, perfectly tanned and curved body.

"Girl, that body of yours is a blessing..." D'Angelo states with a grin. "And
that mouth is a taste of heaven right here on the soil that the Lord created."

Miss Tessmacher smirks, standing up and placing her hands on her hips. "I am
here to take care of your needs." She says with an extremely seductive tone. "So
what does "My Pope" require from me?" She adds with a lick of her lips.

"Well, I could think of a great many things..." Dinero states as he strokes his
chin with his good hand. "But right now "Your Pope" wants to see if that fine
booty of yours can handle this "magic stick" as well as your glorious mouth just

"I am here to serve..." She states, coming close to him and turning around,
allowing him to gaze over her perfect, juicy ass as she does so.

Looking back over her shoulder at the seated TNA star, she positions herself
back with spread legs, starting to squat down with her hands reaching back to
spread her cheeks apart as he holds his cock up straight, lining it up as she
brings her ass gradually down towards him so his thick, black shaft is lined up
with her asshole. Soon enough, his bell end presses against the entrance to her
back passage, the sensation causing her to bite down on her bottom lip as
she slightly grinds herself against the crown before lowering herself down
further, groaning as her ass takes his cock inside, going down far enough to
take in at least four inches inside her very tight hole before she starts to
rock herself back and forth to ride his mighty shaft.

Moaning as he enjoys her tightness, he places his good hand onto her shapely
ass, giving it a quick squeeze as she lifts herself up and back down on his
shaft, only her own saliva being used as a form of lube as she takes his dick up
her stunning backside, leaning forward so her butt is sticking right out towards
him. She keeps one hand reaching back to keep her ass spread apart, the other
cheek being held to the side by his hand, while her other palm is back down
between her thighs, moving across her wet and horny pussy to keep herself
pleasured as she stuffs her ass full of the cock of the injured wrestler. She's
showing no signs of pain as she makes her backside go down further and further
still onto his huge manhood, forcing her back passage to accommodate the
invading thickness that's entering and leaving her.

The man formally known as Elijah Burke has his gaze firmly fixed on the
wonderfully rounded backside of the sexy, sometimes ditzy secretary as well over
half of his thick shaft is lodged deep in between her cheeks that are slightly
shaking as she puts some force and speed behind her rocking motion along his
length which is also making her large tits slightly sway in time with her body's
movements. Letting out a moan, he lifts his good arm up slightly to spank her
cheek, grinning as the plentiful flesh jiggles from it and she lets out a groan,
at least eight inches now stuffed up her ass and she's showing no signs of
letting up yet, continuing to move herself up and down in this squatting
position. She also lets out a sound of pleasure from her well used mouth,
getting off on fucking such a long and fat dick with her phenomenal backside as
she rubs her snatch with her own hand, the fingers slightly rubbing against
her lower lips as they quickly move back and forth against it.

Tilting her head back slightly with her glasses still in place, Miss Tessmacher
lifts herself to half way along his cock before she quickly drops all the way
down, moaning loudly as her butt cheeks slaps down into his lap, taking his foot
long manhood balls deep into her ass which makes him sigh with pleasure, moving
his good hand up onto her toned waist. Not settling just for taking her
completely up her backside, she continues to raise and lower herself on his
"magic stick" which despite its vast size and length is being hugged tightly by
her back passage as she smoothly moves herself up and down like an elevator on
his cock, now using a swift, steady pace with which to ride him with. As she
takes his shaft deep into her ass, she uses one hand to firmly finger her own
damp pussy with two digits working back and forth into her tight hole while her
other hand switches between groping and squeezing her large, well rounded
breasts as they bounce from the motion her body is quickly using.

D'Angelo rubs his hand across her waist, never removing his eyes away from
staring down at her tanned booty as it shakes and smacks off his crotch and lap,
feeling her skin touching his balls as each time she drops down onto him she
takes all of his foot long cock into her still tight back passage. The always
"pimping" wrestler has of course had his way with many a fine ass, but this is a
mind blowing one he won't forget in a long time as the hourglass-figured
secretary lifts her sweat covered body up to half way along his shaft before
dropping sharply down to the base, a sexy smack ringing out each time their
bodies connect. He might not enjoy being unable to complete in the ring as he
currently is, a part of him hopes he'll stay injured for a while if this is the
kind of treatment he can get from the woman who's supposed to be the assistant
to one of the most powerful decision makers in TNA.

With her hand rapidly finger fucking her own dripping pussy, the sexy Knockout
has her eyes closed and mouth open in an O shape, squeezing her bouncing tits as
she slams her hips back and forth to swiftly take his twelve inch, thick, black
cock deep into her tanned, juicy ass like she was born to do this. This may have
started out as a way to supposedly make sure that "The Pope" is taken care of,
but she's just going on pure lust right now as she maintains this squatting
position and lifting her hips back and forth, moaning and groaning loudly as she
stuffs his shaft balls deep into her backside with ease despite her tightness,
his great size and the only lubrication that had been used being her own
saliva from when she blew him earlier. Her thrusting fingers into her snatch are
now completely coated with her juices, with some even splashing onto her hand
and wrist as she rapidly gets herself off while fucking a long, thick dick with
her tight ass.

As confident and somewhat arrogant as he is, even the handsome stud from the
Streets of Harlem, New York knows he has his limits, and feeling his cock start
to throb inside her sexy, perfectly tanned and rounded ass as sweat too covers
his athletic and muscular body. He uses his good hand to deliver a couple of
firm spanks to her backside, getting her attention as she looks back at him over
her glasses that are nearly falling off her pretty face, and she smiles at him
as she brings herself to a stop on his lap, grinding her butt against him to
make them both groan with enjoyment. Letting his shaft remain balls deep inside
her back passage for a few moments, she lifts herself slowly all the way up his
big, black cock, eventually going high enough to let his dick pop free which
makes her groan with a little relief as she shakily stands up, reaching back to
rub her no doubt soar ass cheeks for a moment as he watches on with a smirk.

"Oh Mr. Dinero..." Miss Tessmacher moans, continuing to slightly rub her soaking
wet pussy as she turns around. "I hope that was to your approval." She says,
biting down on her bottom lip as she looks down at the cock that had just been
deep in her now well fucked ass.

"Your dedication to your job is promotion material, no doubt..." Dinero says,
unashamedly checking out her sweat covered and curved body as he does so. "Now
show "Your Pope" how dedicated you are in become a front row member of my
Congregation by giving my "member" some more dedication."

She licks her lips with a nod, pushing her glasses back into place. "With
pleasure, "My Pope"."

Dropping down to her knees once again in front of him, she takes his shaft back
into her soothing mouth, not having any problem with going ass-to-mouth as she
already goes to work with a smooth and swift bobbing motion, her thick, pouty
lips wrapped around him and deeply sucking him off which has him moaning deeply.
With a hand down between her legs furiously taking care of her own lusty needs,
her head is rocking back and forth along his foot long cock, tasting her own ass
off of it which only makes her moan around his thickness as she looks to
properly finish him off while getting off herself from this entire sexual
encounter. If the way her other hand is twisting the nipple of her tit is any
indication, she wants the latter to happen very, very soon.

Leaning back and with a grin on his handsome face, "The Pope" lets out a deep
moan, feeling his cock getting superbly treated by the stunning secretary as she
moves her nicely wet mouth along almost all of his thick shaft with quick, firm
motions that has his manhood throbbing away more than ever before. Most men
would have been completely spent a long time ago, but he is still rock hard and
able to take just a little bit more of her top notch oral ability as the
charismatic star gets sucked off by a fellow former WWE star. With his cock
throbbing more and more and his moans getting deeper by every suck it's
receiving, he knows that his sexual peak is quickly approaching and he has no
intention on holding back for a moment longer.

With one last loud groan, D'Angelo Dinero starts to cum right into the mouth of
Miss Tessmacher, thick streams of cum shooting out of his foot long and black
dick and collecting into her hungry mouth as she continues to move her head back
and forth along his dick, moaning around him as she milks him dry. As she
collects his spunk in her mouth, her eyes close and she groans as she too starts
to cum, her pussy clamping around her fingers as her juices flood out over her
hand and thrusting digits, slightly bouncing on her hand as she impressively
rides out her orgasm while still managing to bob her head smoothly along his
dick as it fires out load after load of creamy goodness into her waiting mouth.

After a few steamy moments, she slows the motion of her head down, lifting her
full mouth off of his softening cock that has a little cum still on it,
savouring the taste of his load as she pulls her soaked fingers out of her
snatch, having finished cumming but still enjoying the glow of its intensity.
Looking up at "The Pope", she opens her mouth to let him see all of his spunk
that she's collected inside her, before closing it and with a moan swallows it
all down with one big, satisfied gulp, opening her mouth again with a gasp to
show that it's all gone which just makes him grin again. With a smirk, she leans
down, using her tongue to lick off the little spunk that's left on his shaft,
drinking it down as well before she sits up on her knees, adjusting her glasses
as her large chest heaves as she takes in much need breaths of air.

"I assume that was all to your enjoyment, Mr. Dinero." Miss Tessmacher asks
although clearly already knowing the answer, looking up at the man she just
sexually pleasured.

"Assume correctly girl, you have the skills to no doubt pay all the bills..."
D'Angelo states with his million dollar smile. "And I must say skills that will
no doubt earn a whole lot of bills in many fine establishments that I like to
frequent. As part of spreading the good work of the big man upstairs of course."

The stunning secretary of TNA bites down on her bottom lip as she lifts herself
up to stand in front of him. "Is there anything else you need? I'm here to make
sure all your needs are taken care off of."

"Well, "Your Pope" will need from you a simple few things... Firstly, the
numbers in correct order of your cell phone, and then the numbers of your hotel
room as I feel that we shall continue this sermon after this taping has
concluded. "The Pope" has a great many more teachings for you to embrace and
enjoy... And that, that... Is Pimping."

* * *

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