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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Miss Tessmacher (TNA; Brooke Adams in WWE), Robbie E (TNA), Rob Terry (TNA).

Tessmacher Wants Bigger... Bro!
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage after the end of the January 10th 2013 edition of TNA Wrestling's Impact Wrestling show and appearing on the online post-show webcast, it appears that a one-sided argument is taking place between the recently at odds friends of Robbie E and "Robbie T" better known as Rob Terry. Both men are clad in signature stylish tight-fitting wrestling trunks along with open buttoned Jersey Shore-like shirts to show off their muscular upper bodies although Terry's is clear for more impressive and vast in size, fitting for his nickname of The Freak. Robbie E is not looking happy due to the events of the night that saw Miss Tessmacher turn down his offer to team with him in a mixed tag match in favor instead of Terry, and then the post match celebration of a Dirty Dancing-like lift pose and Terry planting a huge kiss onto Tessmacher who appeared to be left in a pleasurable daze by the lip lock.

"Bro! I mean... Seriously... Bro!!" Robbie E yells as he looks mad, while Terry calmly looks right ahead as if he's just putting up with this until its done. "Last week you hijack the Bro-Off that I was gonna win! This week, you hijack the chick I was gonna team with, win the match I was gonna win, and then you end up doing... Doing... Whatever you did before you went and kissed her Bro!! What's the deal??"

Keeping his composure, Rob just turns and looks at the man he's been basically the bodyguard of for several months. "I told you, it's not my fault that she turned you down. You just need to forget about this, and we can move on from this."

"Move on?? Are you kidding me Bro?? Are you and me not on the same List anymore??" Robbie rants, referring to the infamous The List that no other TNA star can seem to be good enough to him to get onto. "This is serious, just as serious as Jersey Shore getting canceled!!"

"Robbie... Things like this just happen... And besides, the last time someone from that show was around here you almost tripped over your feet walking down a rampway..." Terry seemed about ready to talk some more, but someone approaching easily catches his attention and makes him smile.

The very TNA Knockout responsible for this falling out, the stunningly curved brunette known as Miss Tessmacher, still in her skimpy and colourful ring attire that hugs to her large breasts and juicy, thick ass, has a big, seductive smile on her face as she walks with a sway of her hips, her eyes locking onto Rob Terry. The woman who as Brooke Adams was apart of the Extreme Expose dance trio in the ECW Brand of WWE looks like she hasn't forgotten the events of tonight either, and a light lick of hips seems to indicate in particular the kiss between her and Terry has left her wanting more than just another peck on the lips.

"There you are... Winner..." Tessmacher says, paying no attention to a now even more outraged Robbie E as she steps forward and boldly takes a hold of Terry's shirt with her hands as she smirks up at him. "You know, I was kind of sad when I woke up after that big old kiss you gave me and you weren't there... I think you should make it up to me... After all, we need to really "celebrate" that win tonight..." She suggestively states, already stepping back and tugging his shirt in a clear "follow me" motion.

"...See you later Robbie..." Terry says, his own smile widening as he lets himself be "pulled" despite him being far bigger and stronger, showing he loves the sounds of this.

"WOAH!! Are you serious Bro??" Robbie E rushes in, rudely shoving Tessmacher away to break the grip as he now glares between them both. "First of all honey, you are not on The List so don't even think about paying off with favors to sneak into our VIP!" He rants at Tessmacher who looks far from impressed at this interruption, but Robbie is already looking at his friend now. "And you Bro? You're gonna ditch me for her? Your best buddy over her?? What's the deal?? We're a team! You can't just ditch me like this!!"

"Mate... I can, and maybe I will..." Terry says, his look turning serious like he's losing patience with his friend. "Look... Hang on a second here..." He pauses, taking in a calming breath before he looks to Tessmacher. "Listen... That little "offer" of yours sounds good... But Robbie's right, we party together, and rules are rules... You might not be on The List... But how about if you and me celebrate, then it's with Robbie E as well as Robbie T. How's that sound?"

Tessmacher raises an eyebrow, not completely sold on this idea. "So... If I don't put up with your jerk buddy here... I don't get to "party" with you at all? You drive a hard bargin, and I'm not a girl used to be told no by a hunk..." She starts to smirk slyly. "Playing hard to get huh? You know what? You're on boys, but only because I want the bigger Robbie... Bro!" She adds, directing the last line towards Robbie E before she gives Terry a wink and motions for him to follow her, and he wastes no time in going right after her.

Robbie E stands for a moment before he starts to grin. "She wants the bigger Robbie... That's totally me Bro!" He very wrongly assumes, celebrating with a fist pump before he also heads off after them both.

* * *

Moments later in the empty TNA Knockouts dressing room, the stunning and now completely naked Miss Tessmacher is teasingly swaying her hips from side to side as she slowly lowers herself down onto the handsome face of Rob Terry who is lying down on the floor. He's grinning up at her, the bulge in his tights clearly showing he's packing something big but for now his attention is on that one of kind ass coming towards him. "That's a piece of art that is..." Terry marvels as his hands go onto those tanned, juicy cheeks so he can spread them, lifting his head up and wasting no time in pushing his tongue out, sliding it up and down the crack of her booty which makes her moan with a sly smirk, already arching her body to make sure her thick ass along with her large, perfectly rounded tits are being shown off.

"Bro, you know you can't resist getting some of the real big Robbie around here!" Robbie E claims as he now steps forward, also naked with his impressively long and nicely thick cock on display, and as she looks over him it seems she's pleasantly surprised by his size, enough to smirk again and reach forward, giving his shaft a couple of quick pumps to make sure he's fully hard. "See? Bet you're mad you didn't pick me to team with to begin with!" He boasts, not understanding why that makes her roll her eyes but soon he's made to moan when she opens her mouth and takes his cock inside, wrapping her big, pouty lips firmly around his man meat and starting to slide herself back and forth along him, using the hand more to keep him straight and where she wants him as she starts to blow him.

"Mmmmm... Mmmm!" The former WWE Diva of the ECW Brand lets out a moan around the dick she's sucking, getting motivated to service one of these TNA hunks thanks to the man underneath her who's expertly warming her up by working over her tight asshole, darting his tongue against and around her entrance and dabbing his saliva all over her. As she rocks her long brunette haired head along the groaning stud in front of her, she can't help but grind her one-of-a-kind ass down onto the face pushing right up into her, wanting that tongue deeper inside her and when he picks up the hint, she again groans out with lust as she feels him sliding into her back passage to probe around her.

"Ahhhh! Mmmm yeah... I think you want to get right to the top... Mmmm! Of my list!" The cocky but desirable wrestler from the Jersey Shore assumes she's just horny for his cock from the way she's smoothly and swiftly bobbing away along his inches with ease, her hands now just moving onto her own breasts as she squeezes them, another teasing display while she has those luscious lips tightly wrapped around his manhood. "Ahhhh fuck! Shit girl! You've got to have partied down at The Shore!" He grins as he moans, watching her beautiful face plunge down deep onto his dick, leaving him coated with her sensual saliva that's dripping slightly off his inches from the quick, repeated motion she's been doing on him, showing she's far from inexperienced at this sexual act if the series of groans of pleasure he's being made to let out weren't proof enough of that fact.

"Mmmm!! Hmmm... Mmmm..." Truth is, while she isn't objecting to treating Robbie's E to some top notch cock sucking to prove a point, it's all down to how well the Welshman underneath her is eating out that stunning American ass, her hands now sliding onto her own butt cheeks to deeply grab and spread them, getting more than just turned on as she continues to grind her ass down onto his face even as she sucks on the other man's dick.

"Mmmm! Mmmm mmmm!!" She groans again, lifting her head up slightly so she can gaze down, just about seeing his head underneath her thick and full backside, but feeling his obviously well trained tongue sliding around inside her asshole as he tastes and gets her a little wet from his own saliva, knowing just how to treat a world-class ass like this right.

"Hey... Hey!" Robbie E is starting to look mad as it becomes clear she's more interested in what's being done to her than blowing his dick anymore. "You serious bro? You can't just ignore me here! I'm the party animal Bro! The best TNA has!"

Lifting her head away and licking her lips clean, she raises an unimpressed eyebrow as she looks up at him. "Listen Robbie... You might be a little bit above average, but already I can tell that Robbie T here is much, much more impressive than you'll ever be..." Tessmacher informs him with a smirk as she tosses her hair back and now lift herself off from the other man with a groan.

"That's bull, yo!" A wide eyed and angered Robbie says, stomping a foot.

"One minute on my dick and I'll show you who's impressive, just like I've shown all the chicks I've pumped!" He claims, making his trademark fist-pump motion to try and put his point across.

"I doubt that honey... But feel free to try..." She says with a seductive tone, slowly moving herself down onto her hands and knees on the locker room floor before she gazes up at Rob Terry as he unbuckles his pants. When he lowers them, the sight of a huge and thick cock makes her mouth water and eyes widen. "Oh yes... I knew I picked the bigger Robbie..." Tessmacher grins, her eyes never leaving from off his rod as both men move down towards her.

"Come on baby... Let me have that big fucking dick!" As soon as Terry's dick was near her mouth, the former TNA Knockouts Tag Team and singles Champion almost rushed forward to get at him, impaling her head down onto his dick with a lusty motion down, but soon finding herself groaning and gagging as she was too eager to try and take on such a massive dick.

"Gahhhh! Hmmmm!! Mmmm!!" Rather than be put off, that fact seems to be turning her on again as she moans, trying to force her stretching lips to press down around his meat as she starts to steadily move her head back and forth along the top portion, allowing her mouth to adjust to his vast size and it's certainly working to make him moan as he grins and watches her start to service his member.

"Mmmm shit Bro! You can't have partied for real before!!" Robbie E assumes as he pushes his cock into her snatch from behind and feels how tight she is even with how nicely damp she is, finding himself already gritting his teeth as he has to start pumping in and out of her pussy when it becomes clear he's not going to easily force her wide open even with his impressively lengthy pole. "She's more tight... Ahhh... Than that mouthy chick I used to have on my arm when I first came around here!" He groans as he takes a hold of her waist, banging the stunning Knockout doggy style but suddenly finding that she's pushing back against his thrusts which makes him grin as he wrongly assumes she's slutting it up and wants it bad, so he has no problem with making his pumps firm and perfectly timed to give her the kind of banging he thinks she wants.

"Mmmm... Mmmm!!" The former Brooke Adams in WWE however isn't rocking herself backwards so she can take the pumps deeper into her snug pussy from behind, even if that is a nice bonus for her. She's actually using the momentum to push her face further down along the huge cock she's slobbering over as she skillfully slides her tongue around the underside, causing it to stick out from her mouth on occasion as she bobs swiftly along his size.

"Mmmm!! Mmmmm... Mmmm!!" She's going wild on this massive Welsh dick, making sure it's covered in her spit from the repeated sucks as she tries to take him as deep as she can into her hungry, damp American mouth, and while this kind of motion would render a normal woman's jaw saw for a long while, she's clearly eager to take every thick of him that she can and all the while gazing up at him with a look alone that would cause a red blooded male to blow their load.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm yeah Miss Tessmacher... Never seen anyone go down on me like this!!" The man nicknamed The Freak is quite rightly in awe of the dick sucking on display as he watches her pouty, full lips drive down and slide back up with speed and force, having never seen anyone before being able to take so much of his incredibly long cock into their mouth, let alone give him this kind of better than pornstar quality blowjob. "Mmmmm!! Damn... You can sign me up to be your partner any time!" Even as his on-off friend and tag partner nails her from behind so the two of them have her spit roasted between them, she isn't missing a beat as she rocks her head up and down along him, making saliva seep from her lips and drip down onto her chin and all the while keeping her eyes gazing up at him like she's trying to still seduce him even with his member lodged deep in her oral hole. He's not complaining though, loving the feeling and more than happy to let her go to work on him as she tries again to go down deep but the head of his tool hitting the back of her mouth makes her gag again, but not backing down she goes for it again with a moan followed by another muffled gagging noise.

"Whoa! You serious Bro?? You can't ditch me!!" The former X Division and Television Champion in TNA objects to his tag partner's statement while he carries on thrusting in and out of her tight snatch, his muscular midsection now connecting with her thick backside when he fires in balls deep into her and gives every inch of his nicely thick dick into the former Extreme Expose dancer. "Bros... Ahhhh!! Before hos my dude!!" He doesn't seem to be noticing that the force of her movement back sharply into him is making him jolt back, showing he isn't as in control as he believes, but the pleasure he's getting for nailing the stunning model turned wrestler is what he's focused on as he keeps on banging her snatch from behind as his balls slap against her sexily tanned skin.

Hearing that remark, Tessmacher lifts her head away from the now saliva drenched cock she'd been sucking, catching Robbie E off guard as she sharply slams herself back with enough force put behind her full, juicy ass to knock him back and embarrassingly to the floor. "The fuck did you say about me??" The furious Knockout demands as she glares down at him, while behind them Terry has to hold back a chuckle at this. "You're about to get your ass kicked buddy if you don't watch your mouth!"

"Yo! You can't threaten me!" Robbie E finally scrambles up to his feet.

"I'm Robbie E! The bigger Robbie, and the best Robbie! Tell him Robbie T!" He yells, looking over to his on-off friend who is just shaking his head, having seen this all too often from him. Rob's attention however soon goes to Tessmacher who's giving him a seductive smile and a flutter of the eyelashes.

"Rob Terry babe... Could you be a doll and get me out a bottle of lube from my bag over there..." She only has to point at her bag before Terry is hurrying over to it. That leaves her to turn and again glare at the other man involved in this threesome. "I should have ditched you to begin with... Face it, you just don't measure up to the real big, and I do mean big Robbie here!" She adds with a smirk, before turning to see Terry approaching with the bottle of lube as he takes a seat on the couch in the Knockouts dressing room.

"No wonder they call you The Freak..." She says in regards to Terry's massive dick as she straddles his lap, facing him and easing her snatch down onto his rod, making them both moan as her mouth hangs open, feeling herself being stretched as despite being previously fucked there moments ago, this vastly longer and thicker rod is already stuffing her full but isn't even half-way deep into her. "Oh fuck!! Ahhhh!! Mmmmm yes!!" She moans as wraps her arms around his strong neck, starting to bounce herself on his shaft and groaning with each movement, deliberately taking a lead so he can use his hands to open up the lube, spreading some on his fingers which then travel around her juicy booty so he can push a digit firmly into her asshole, again making her groan as she feels her ass starting to be lubed up as he slides it in and out.

"You serious?? You're not gonna leave out the host of this party Bro!" Robbie E says in a pissed off tone as he moved in, grabbing her by the hair in order to turn her head towards him, and he takes advantage of her open, moaning mouth to push his cock in, making her taste her own snatch off of his tool as he starts to pump himself in and out of her oral hole. "Mmmmm!! That's more like it! Oh oh oh!!" He says, making his fist pump with the free hand as he slides his length in between her pouty lips but rather than be annoyed by this invasion, the former WWE Diva of the ECW Brand just rolls her eyes, allowing him to have his way with her mouth but not even pressing her lips around his man meat as she focuses on riding the far longer and thicker cock with her snug, wet snatch.

"Mate... You seriously... Mmmm!! Need to chill out!!" The Swansea, Wales-born hunk says to his friend but obviously his attention is on the stunning babe currently riding his manhood and making him moan as she impressively takes well over half of his length inside her, using perfectly timed motions to gradually ease his inches deeper and deeper into her very wet snatch. "Ahhhh... Just have some fun! I know... Mmmm!! I am!!" He adds bringing his finger out of her ass so he can skillfully pour a little more onto his digits even without seeing his hands, although some spills onto her juicy ass and down into her butt crack as well. He now pushes two fingers into her asshole to make her groan, and that only continues as he proceeds to finger bang that tight hole, moving the lube in deeper to get her back passage more than well prepared, and in turn it's driving her on to bounce away on his dick, the slap of skin against tanned skin ringing out to show how much she's loving his huge man meat.

"Ahhhh! I know you... MMMM!! Can't resist a taste of... AHHH!! The Jersey Shore!!" Robbie E claims as he thrusts his dick quickly and forcefully back and forth into the warm and wet mouth of the native of Houston, Texas, but from the amount of sweat forming over his nicely muscular body it's clear that his face fucking of her is taking far more of a toll on him than it is on her. Further proof is the fact that as she moans around him and rides away on the other TNA hunk involved in this, she isn't gagging at all even when he pushes all his inches in and his ballsack smacks against her chin, so she seems content to put up with his rapid pumps into her mouth as long as she can keep her main target deep in her snatch.

"Mmmmm! MMMM!! Mmmm..." The former Knockouts and Knockouts Tag Team Champion is only sweating a little, all down to the effort she's using to shift her stunningly curved and tanned body sharply up and down onto the massive rod of the former TNA Global Champion as he continues to pump a couple of lubricant coated fingers back and forth into her asshole. "MMMMM!! Mmmmm!!" Her snatch is soaking wet now as she's finally able to bottom out on him, stuffing her now not quite as tight as before pussy full with every fat inch of his cock but even that doesn't make her slow down her lusty bounces on him, her large tits shaking right in front of his face from the motion she's using as she groans away around the dick being fed into her oral hole.

"Ahhhh... Come on, admit it..." The ever arrogant Robbie E says as he pulls his dick out of her mouth, allowing her to freely and loudly moan as she bounces on the other stud's cock for a couple more times. "You've just been playing hard to get with me..."

"MMMM!!! Ahhh!! You couldn't play... Mmmmm!! If you had a video game all to yourself!! MMMM!!" Tessmacher responds as she's clearly wanting to focus more on the much longer and thicker dick between the two TNA wrestlers. However, figuring she'll have to get rid of Robbie E in order to do that, she lifts herself off from him once Terry pulls his fingers out of her booty. "Listen, if I get you off with my tits, will you finally shut up?" She offers, giving Robbie a clear glare to show she's certainly not doing this because she's been impressed by him.

"That's a sure way to get on The List, Bro!" Is the answer, showing he's missed this clear signal as he now takes a seat on the couch when the other "Robbie" stands up.

"Do me a favor Rob..." Tessmacher says seductively, grabbing the bottle of lube so she can pour a generous amount onto his cock, in turn making him groan at the sensation when she rubs it all over him with a couple of quick pumps. "While I take care of this idiot... Fucking wreck my sexy ass!" She almost orders with a bite of her bottom lip before she turns and kneels down in front of Robbie E.

"That's it babe! Show me how you can party!!" Robbie E grins as he watches his cock getting sandwiched between her large, tanned breasts and no sooner has he moans from between them does she go right to work on sliding them up and down along his shaft, using her hands to keep his rod trapped between her mountains as she uses them to jerk him off. "Oooooh fuck! Mmmmm!! Shit!!" He can only moan as it's made clear she's looking to get him off as soon as possible, so she's not holding back as she spits down onto his tool, swiftly moving her tits all the way up and down his dick, a slapping sound ringing out when the bottom of her boobs connect with his crotch and seeing him moan and sweat like this makes her smirk as its obvious in terms of him, she's in full control.

It's the opposite however with the other hunk, proven by when he kneels down and pushes his lube coated dick into her asshole she moans loudly and pushes her rump right back, gazing over her shoulder and watching as his huge length gets forced into her tightest of holes, and even with all the previous fingering and lubing up back there it's still an extremely tight fit due to his vast thickness, let alone length. "FUCK!! Ahhhh... Mmmmm fuck!!" Terry grunts, easing himself back until just the head of his dick is still in her back passage before he gives another testing thrust that makes them both groan as he feels a vice-like grip around his tool and she experiences her ass being forced to spread further than she's ever felt before in all her life. It's clear why she need so much lube to be used before he entered just from his size alone, but it's paying off as she's able to begin pumping his man meat in and out of her gorgeous and thick backside.

"AHHHHH! Yesssssss!! Mmmmmm FUCK!! Fuck my ass!!" She almost forgets all about the other man she's supposed to be servicing, only just keeping her hands pressing her titties around that cock as she moves her boobs up and down on him to keep him groaning. The former Brooke Adams in the ECW Brand can't help but stare and groan as she watches the man known as The Freak slide his monstrous member in and out of her asshole, causing her to time her pushes backward to make sure he can go extra deep into her tight hole, unable to deny the feeling of having her thick and juicy ass being filled up already like this. "YES!! Ahhhhh!! More!! Fucking bang my ass you fucking stud!!" She's moaning like a desperate whore, craving more of his length even with half of his size already filling her up, but she's getting what she wants as he's steadily pumping into her, sweat now forming over his incredibly muscular frame as he stares down at her tanned cheeks and keeps them spread so he can focus on tapping that ass.

"MMMM!! Oh oh oh!! AHHHH!!" Robbie E is barely hanging on here, sweat dripping off his handsome facial features as his hands grip the couch he's sitting on, eyes closed and just enjoying the feeling of such large and soft tits sliding up and down his cock, making his inches vanish between them with his bell end barely visible when those mounds move downward before quickly and smoothly rising back up to repeat the motion. He's just a sideshow now while the other two desirable TNA stars focus on their hot and heavy ass fucking, but all the same the moans of the former X Division Champion moans are loud and shameless as he gets mind-blowing pleasure from the big tits of the former TNA Knockouts Champion tightly pressed around his dick.

"MMMMM!! FUCK!! Fuck my ass!! Fuck it!! AHHHH!!" The beautiful but sometimes teasing Knockout is shamelessly moaning, being driven wild by the feeling of the vast shaft thrusting in and out of her back passage but taking this far better than most experienced porn starlets would ever be able to as she keeps on pushing her booty back sharply to meet every incoming pump into her asshole. "Oooooh shit!! Give it to me!! MMMMM!! Fuck that ass!!" Her groans drip with desire in between gasps of air, getting off on this ass fucking even with her pussy not being touched as a couple more inches are fed into her beautiful American ass by the hung Welsh hunk who's pounding away into her butt with a series of stiff and well paced motions as despite her needy cries, he's not planning on losing it or blowing his load any time soon.

"MMMMM!! AHHHHHH!!!" The same however cannot be said for the on-off friend who lets out a long, deep groan with his head tilted back, and one last pump of her tits is all it takes to finally make Robbie E cum with the first stream shooting up and soon splashing down onto the top of her tits, but Miss Tessmacher is so caught up with the anal pounding she's taking from behind it barely registers with her. So she just continues to slide her big boobs up and down his twitching rod, unintentionally milking him dry as shot after shot of jizz shots up and down, giving her tits a nice glaze but most of it collecting and smearing into her cleavage from the tit wank.

It's only after glancing over does she see what she managed to do as it appears that the spent Robbie E has now slumped onto the couch, his cock softening as he's now asleep after being forced over his sexual peak. This makes her grin as she turns back to gaze up at the hunk she's been after all along. "Now that... AHHH!! That loser is out of the way... MMMM!! How about you show me... MMMM!! What The Freak can really do??" She groans as he gives her ass a couple more pumps.

"Well it's no Dirty Dancing..." Rob Terry says, wiping sweat from his forehead as he pull out of her asshole with a groan. "But since you can handle it... I think I've got something that you'll love..." He adds with a handsome smirk as he stands up.

"Mmmm shit... My ass hurts so good already!!" She marvels, rubbing her booty as she stands up, but soon finds herself being scooped up completely off the ground, being held by the thighs as her back rests against his chiseled from stone upper body.

"Oh trust me... You want to get wrecked?? Then you'll get fucking wrecked!!" He says, lining his dick up with her entrance once again before he pushes back in.

"OHHHH FUCK!! AHHHHH!!" Tessmacher almost screams at the first harder than she expected thrust that causes her perfectly tanned and curved body to jolt roughly up on his dick, but she doesn't get any time to adjust as he starts pumping away into her ass, driving his mighty shaft deep and hard into her to fully give her backside the kind of treatment not only that it deserves, but that she has been demanding all this time. "YES YES YES!!! MMMMM!! Ooooooooooh FUCK!!" She can only jolt and gasp in awe of the feeling of this intense ass pounding she's getting, one arm reaching back to only just wrap around his neck to just grip onto something while her other hand presses right onto her snatch, being so turned on by being stuffed full in her ass along with this position that she absolutely has to get herself off on this.

"Ahhhh!! Mmmmmm FUCK!! Fucking take it Tessmacher!!" The stud from Swansea, Wales in the United Kingdom grunts into her ear as he thrusts his hips straight up, sending his huge cock deep into her juicy, made for fucking American ass while at the same time using his superior strength to insure she stays suspended right off the ground as he bangs her. "MMMM! Ahhhh... Ahhhh yeah!! You fucking love this, don't you?" He's able to moan out as the piston-like pumps continue on, his cock able to go deeper than before into her still tight back passage, but unlike before when she could at least push back, now he's in full control and dominating her sexy booty with slam after deep and hard slam into her anal hole at the kind of relentless pace that would otherwise be cruel to any normal woman.

"FUCK!! Ahhhhh!! Oh yes!! YES!! MMMM!!" Clearly though, the former dancer in the Extreme Expose trio in the ECW Brand of WWE can handle this and then some, even if it's leaving her a moaning, sweating mess in the grasp of this muscular stud who's shoving his dick far deeper into her ass than she even thought she could take. She keeps on rubbing her snatch with furious, desperate motions back and forth as her fingers get coated with her juices but more importantly the action ensures she's getting the maximum pleasure from this deep anal pounding. "Ahhh! Ahhh! OOOOOOOH FUUUUUCK!!" Her large, cum stained tits bounce away from the jolting motion her curvacious frame is being made to do each time his cock fires right up in between her butt cheeks, her back sliding up and down against his incredibly defined chest as her ass gets hammered time and time again, and she loves every single moment of it.

"Ahhhh... Oh FUCK yes!! What a fucking ass!!" Of course, this kind of rapid pace makes them both pay a price, but while the former member of The British Invasion is sweating hard and grunting away as he pumps her juicy jump, he's still able to stand straight and tall and most of all keep her held up and off the floor to fully dominate her, and all the while neither he or the busty brunette taking this care of the out of it fellow TNA star slumped on the couch across from them. "MMMM!! Shit!! Ahhhh... MMMM!!" Almost all of his length is now buried deep inside her back passage as he repeatedly rams himself in and out of her thick and sexy backside, the sinful slap of his cock ploughing back and forth into her asshole sounding out as he keeps his motions fast paced and forceful like a man possessed, not caring that if he keeps this up he'll soon be busting his load.

"AHHHH YES!! YES!! FUCK YESSSSSS!!" With that last, lusty hiss as she tilts her head back, Miss Tessmacher reaches her own limit and cums on her own fingers, having gotten completely off on being fucked hard and deep in the ass by Rob Terry. "Ahhhhh!! MMMMM!! Oooooooh..." She groans as she keeps her hand moving across her dripping wet snatch, her juices leaking out and down her crotch, trickling under to just reach her ass before dripping off her body down to the floor where already there's a combined small pool of both her sweat and his. As she moans and keeps rubbing her pussy, she still has to jolt as she takes more forceful pumps right into her backside from the equally moaning hunk still holding her off the ground, leaving her little choice but to just take it but from the big smile on her face she doesn't have any problem with that.

Whether it was feeling her cum, the feeling of her back passage managing to tighten during her orgasm, just the intense pace of this sexual encounter finally sapping him, or more like the combination of all three, it's finally the turn of The Freak to finally blow his load as with a deep groan of pleasure Rob Terry starts to cum deep in the ass of Miss Tessmacher. "Ahhhh! MMMM!! Ahhh yes..." He moans as his thick, Welsh spunk fires up right into her juicy American ass that he's been relentlessly pounding for several, sweating minutes and even now he makes sure to pump himself into her each time a stream of jizz shoots out of his cock. Her groans as she feels that cum splashing to coat her back passage just give him reason to smile a little wider as he he keeps her held in his strong grip until his dick shoots the last of his big load into her and he finally pulls his starting to go limp manhood out from her well fucked and now gaping wide asshole.

"Mmmm... Oh fuck... Rob babe... I think... I think I'll need your help to get back to the hotel..." Tessmacher says breathlessly, gasping for breath with cum covered tits heaving.

"Is that... Your pick up line for wanting to continue this?" Terry asks with a smirk, impressively still keeping her held up off the ground even after just cumming.

"Oooooh that sounds hot honey..." She smirks for a moment. "But seriously... You'll need to carry me... I don't think I can walk after getting fucked like that..." She admits, before looking over to finally notice that Robbie E is still naked and out of it on the couch. "Oh, I forgot about him. Should we...?"

"Don't worry about him... He can make his own way back... Probably..." Rob says with a shrug and a smile. "But I think we'd better get dressed before I take you anywhere."

"Looks, strength, and brains in there as well?" Tessmacher grins as she licks her lips a little. "That's why I always want bigger... Bro..."

* * *

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