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Tessmacher's Peak
by ShamanofNeidhart

It'd been a long workday for TNA Wresling's Tara and Miss Tessmacher. They
just wanted to get home, and rest, but Tara was hungry.... hungry for
something only her lover could provide for her.

"I'm hungry!" Tara said as she walked inside the house and flung her keys on
the table.

"Then get something to eat baby." Brooke smiled.

"I already do have something i wanna eat...." Tara moaned as he pulled her
lover in for an extremely passionate kiss.

"Ohh really?" Brooke said untying her wrestling top, and revealing her
breasts to her partner.

"Ohhh my god" Tara whined while biting her bottom lip.

"Make me scream!" Brooke smiled as she jumped into Tara's arms.

Tara carried Brooke to their red walled, and black carpeted bedroom, and laid
her down.

"Madison never made me as happy as you do Brooke." Tara said while slowly
stripping her partner.

"God you're so hot," Brooke moaned.

"Baby....I wanna see a show...strip for me."

Tara obeyed her partner and headed to the pole at the end of their bed as an
already nude Brooke watched her dance. Tara took off her shirt and slid down
the pole. She climbed back up it, and hung on it by only her legs.

"Ohhh god," Brooke moaned.

"Take it off baby!" she said while fingering herself.

"Hmmm, I think I'll let you do that..." Tara said walking over, and sitting
in her partners lap, wrapping her legs around her.

"Ohh really?" Brooke flirted as she nibbled Tara's neck while untying her

"Mmm baby there so big!"

"I wanna hear you run the motorboat baby." Tara cried out in pleasure as her
boobs hung freely. Brooke giggled as she pinched Tara's nipples and began to
motor boat in between her boobs.

"Ohh god...ohhh god!" Tara moaned.

"I'm gonna give you the special treatment tonight.

She laid Brooke down, took off her own top, and got back on her, her legs
around Brooke's waist.

"AHHH!!!" Brooke screamed as her partner's fingers ran down her clit, and
into her hole.

" like that huh?" Tara said laying next to Brooke, thrusting her
fingers in her hole, and sucking her nipple until it was completely erect.

"Ohh yes...ohh, give me more!" Brooke's body began to twitch with excitement
as Tara moved on to her other nipple, sucking it completely erect as well.

Tara smiled sweetly at her partner's pleasure and found herself in between
Brooke's legs.

"Make me come...ohh god, make me come!" Brooke whined in between her
partner's forceful thrusts.

"Ohh... I'm gonna make you come..... I'm gonna make you have the hardest
orgasm ever....." Tara said with a smirk on her face, as she started
thrusting her tongue into the center hole of Brooke's pussy.

Brooke began to scream in pleasure as her whole body moved with every thrust
of Tara's tongue.

"Come for me baby."

Brooke was cumming hard as Tara slowly slowed down the thrusts of her tongue.
Brooke came down from her orgasmic high and smiled as Tara licked the cum off
her lips.

"Best ever baby." Tara said cuddling up to Brooke under the covers.

"Ohh...god yes" Brooke said with one last moan.

"Tomorrow, I'm gonna make you all mine"

"That would be nice," Tara smiled.

"All Madison ever did was make me service her... I never got any joy."

"Oh baby trust me, there's gonna be joy for you." Brooke smiled and cuddled
up in Tara's arms.

They kissed each other goodnight and went to sleep.


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