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Test Gives Trish A Sample Of His Testicles
by Craig

Backstage, Trish was warming up for her match wearing a very skimpy outfit.
It was almost like she was going to go out in lingerie. She leaned to one
side, letting her juicy ass to stick out in the air. Test who had just been
dumped by Stacy Keibler was so desperate for a blow job because he hadn't
had one in a couple of weeks. He was backstage looking for the perfect girl
to give him head when he saw that ripe butt in front of his face. He licked
his lips as he could feel his cock grow hard in his short wrestling tights.

"Hey baby." he said in a sexy tone as he got closer to his victim.

Trish stopped doing her excersises and rolled her eyes at the familiar voice.
She turned her petite body and glared at him, "What do you want Test?"

"I need a favor. Come to my locker room." he replied, continuing to look her
up and down. He then took a moment to look at her two full pouty lips. He
couldn't wait for those perfect lips to be wrapped around his dick. He always
knew Trish was a slut and was easy so he figured he would lure her in, and
then seduce her.

When they finally reached his locker room, Test closed the door behind them
both. Trish looked around curiously and then turned to him, "What am I doing
here, exactly?"

Test grew a large grin as his hard meat pressed against his wrestling tights
begging for release. He looked down to his buldge and then back up at her,
"You're here to blow my dick, slut. Why else do you think I'd have you come
over to my locker room?"

Trish's eyes began to grow wide and her lips parted to gasp. That made Test
wild, watching her sexy lips open up. He got closer and closer to her, making
her back up into a wall.

"Wait...Test..." she began.

"Nice try Trish. You've been fucking checking me out all year. Do you think
I'm stupid Trish? I know you want my big cock. Once you've had Test, you
can forget about the rest." he said, getting a little impatient with her
questions and stalling of time.

"You're right Test...I've always wanted to sample those testicles." Trish
said with a sly smile forming her face.

He grabbed his cock through his short wrestling tights and motioned her to
get down on her knees. "I saw you the other day, checking out my dick now get
on your knees and suck it like a good girl. I'm gunna shove it down your
throat that you're going to feel it in your stomach."

Test then pulled down his wrestling tights, letting his harden meat stick
out. He then pushed it in Trish's face. "You like that dick don't you? Now
open up that hot mouth of yours and get to work. I wanna feel those soft
full lips wrapped around my fuck stick."

Before Trish could even open her mouth, Test used one of his free hands to
grab the back of Trish's head and shoved her down on his cock. It must have
been nine inches long and it wasn't even fully hard yet. She couldn't even
believe what was happening, having Test's cock in her mouth. As soon as he
got her mouth opened, he placed both of his hands on her head and pushed her
deeper and deeper with every thrust on his man meat. She could start to feel
his cock grow in her mouth and with that, he forced her down harder and much
faster. He started to roughly fuck her pretty face.

"Oh yeah, that it Trish. Take my dick in your mouth. I'm gonna make you suck
every inch of my hard cock. You're going to feel my veiny meat down your
throat. Look up at me when you suck my dick, bitch. I want you to watch me
force you to take my thick dick." he moaned in pleasure as her lips began to
work their magic on his stiff rod.

Trish enjoyed the feeling of Test shoving her down on his cock. The feeling
of his rough and strong hands on her head pushing her down on his meat making
her take it was enough to almost make her wet. She began to groan and moan
with pleasure the whole time while sucking him off. Test gave Trish a break
from sucking on his cock because he could tell that her mouth was getting
tired. "Yeah so you like that, cocksucker? Beg for my cock. Beg me to let you
suck it. Beg me to shove it down your slutty throat." Test began to trash
talk her, while jacking off his dick in her face.

"Test, let me suck your cock...just shove it down my throat please. I need to
feel that cock meat being thrusted into my mouth forcefully." Trish pleaded
sticking out her tongue to lick the sweaty head of Test's massive cock.

"Yeah that's right Trish, beg for this big meat. You're going to get it now.
I'm going to fuck your face so hard right now, you're going to be begging for
my nut soon."

Test then pushed her down on the floor and straddled over her, dangling his
cock in her face. Trish opens wide and then with one thrust, Test fed Trish
his lengthy cock down her open throat all the way to his balls. He then
started to fuck her face deep and hard, his large balls hitting her chin with
every hard thrust. Test continued to pound her mouth with his cock. She could
feel every inch of his dick slide down her hot and wet throat, becoming more
lubricated with his pre-cum with every thrust.

"Oh shit Trish, yeah...get all of my cock nice and wet. Mmm, take all of that
cock. Take it like you want it." he moaned as he tossed his head back in

Trish could already sense that Test was going to cum. His nuts grew tight and
his dick got harder. Also, his breaths became shorter and he started to pant

"Get ready Trish, I'm gunna nut and you better swallow it better
drink all my hot jizz. Every drop...yeah, mmm...Trish baby...those lips are
incredible." he told her, giving her more urge to please him more. She bobbed
her head up and down on his thick meat, wanting his dick head to hit the back
of her throat each time. She moaned around his dick, sending vibrations
through his cock which made him come closer to blowing his load.

Finally, the time was coming, Test took his dick as he shoved himself in and
out of her mouth. He started to pump her face faster and faster with his
dick, holding her head tightly in place as he fucked her gaping mouth. Trish
started to feel stream after stream of warm thick liquid being pumped into
her mouth. Test started to yell "Oh yeah Trish, take my nut...yea...swallow
all of it...oooh baby, drink that jizz...ooh yeah, take it all...let that
shit slide down your throat...mmmh!" Trish swallowed as much of his cumload
she could hungerly. With his dick still in her mouth and his hot load still
being shot, warm jizz started to spill out of her mouth and down her chin
onto his balls. His cock was pushed all the way down her throat, sending
almost a glass full of cum total down her thirsty throat.

Test pulled his cock out of her throat and fell back, totally spent. Trish
kept her lips on his cock though, making sure it was clean and making sure
she didn't miss a single drop.

"Mmm...yeah, get it all...that was fucking awesome Trish. Stacy could never
do that shit. Come here and snuggle up with daddy." he said, motioning her
over to him.

Trish crawled over and they both fell asleep in each others arms.

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