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Test This Bitch!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at an ECW on Sci-Fi television taping, ECW's muscular impact player
Test is watching a television monitor to scout ECW Heavyweight Champion Bobby
Lashley as he faces Rob Van Dam. Test is wearing black wrestling shorts, and
he grits his teeth and balls his fists, "This is complete bullshit... I'm the
impact player around here! That should be me out there kicking Lashley's punk
ass for the ECW title..." Test says as he steps back a bit so that he can
kick the television monitor off of its perch. "I'm going to fucking make an
impact one way or another!" Test shouts as he turns around to walk down the
hall but as he does he sees the Full-Bodied Italian Trinity a short distance
away. Test smirks and walks towards her, "Hey baby... interested in a TEST
drive?" Test laughs as he smacks Trinity's backside to get her attention.

The stunning, feisty Full-Bodied Italian Trinity, dressed in a short black
leather skirt and a tight-fitting black top, folds her arms and raises an
eyebrow " I know you didn't just do that.." Trinity says as
she presses her lips together and the feisty Italian locks her eyes with the
muscular Impact Player of ECW.

Test smirk, "I just did... and there's nothing you can do about it?" Test
says arrogantly as he puts his hands on his hips, "Besides... someone like
you is probably used to it...." Test laughs.

Trinity folds her arms over her large Italian chest as she keeps her feisty
eyes locked on Test "Excuse me!?" Trinity slightly snaps before she shakes
her head " my're lookin' for a beatin'...ya hear
me?" Trinity states in her attractive Italian accent.

"Lookin' for a beatin'?" Test replies in a tone that's completely mocking the
Italian accent of Trinity, "Shit... I offered you a Test drive you cheap dumb
tramp..." Test says with a smirk. 'But I bet you can't take this test...

"Whoa...whoa just call me a bitch!?" Trinity says as she starts
to ball her fists up as the feisty Italian takes a step towards the muscular
Impact Player, Test "'re pushin' your luck..." Trinity says as she
feisty, hot Full-Bodied Italian stands up to the intimidating Test.

Test laughs in Trinity's face, "I haven't even began pushin... and if I
was... what are you going to do about? Get on down to your knees like a
typical Italian whore?" Test laughs as he continues to insult the feisty
Full-Bodied Italian.

Trinity shakes her head " ain't got a clue!" Trinity says as the
feisty Italian raises her right hand that is closed into a fist as she takes
a slight fighting stance before Trinity throws at right-hooked punch, however
the powerful, muscular Test blocks Trinity's right-hook.

After blocking Trinity's right hook, Test smirks, "Big mistake bitch..." Test
laughs as he forces Trinity to turn around and he shoves the feisty towards
an heavy equipment trunk. "You're going to take the TEST bitch..." Test yells
as he rips down her short black leather skirt, as well as the blank thong she
is wearing underneath them.

Trinity grits her teeth as she tosses her soft black hair back when she turns
her head to look over her shoulder at the muscular and powerful ECW Impact
Player Test "'re messin' with the wrong Italian bitch..." Trinity
says before she spits back at Test while Test powerfully holds the feisty
Italian bent over the heavy equipment trunk.

Test jerks his head back when Trinity spits at him, "You're the only Italian
bitch here... so you're the right Italian bitch to mess with..." Test laughs
as he holds Trinity in a bent over position with his left arm as he pushes
down his wrestling shorts with his right hand to let out his huge fourteen
inch cock which is hardening by the second. "You're going to get TESTED
hard..." Test says with a laugh.

Trinity presses her lips together as she narrows her feisty eyes slightly and
shakes her head " betta quit before I get my boy Guido to teach you
a lesson, ya hear me!?" Trinity snaps at the extreme Impact Player as he
continues to hold the feisty Full-Bodied Italian down as she bent over the
heavy equipment trunk with her hot, rounded Italian ass and smoothly shaven
hot pussy just inches away from Test's extreme-impacting cock.

"That little punk... I'd fucking beat his ass in less than a minute... just
like I'm gonna TEST you... right now!" Test says as he then impales his huge
hard cock into Trinity's hot Italian pussy, which has her jolt forward
against the heavy equipment trunk.

Trinity grits her teeth together as she roughly thrusts forward against the
heavy equipment trunk after Test rams his hard, thick extreme cock into
Trinity's tight, Italian pussy "Ohhh fuck!" Trinity shouts before she bites
down on her bottom lip as Test firmly and roughly pulls Trinity back against
his cock, forcing her hot Italian ass to crash against his smooth, muscular

Test firmly grabs hold of Trinity's sexy waist as he begins thrusting his
huge cock in and out of Trinity's tight, hot Italian pussy, "Ohhh yeah...
mmmm... fuck you got something really worth TESTING for a long time..." Test
laughs as he drives his huge cock in and out of Trinity's pussy with stiff

Trinity glances back at Test over her shoulder as her hot Italian body slams
back against Test's cock forcefully as he thrusts his cock roughly and deeply
into her tight Italian pussy, before roughly jerking her body back against
his cock at a rougher and more extreme rate upon each impact "Ohhh fuck're gonna get a beatin' for this boy!"

Test laughs arrogantly as he sharply drives his entire cock deep into
Trinity's cunt, "I'm an impact player... no one beats me!" Test grunts as
Trinity's hot ass collides with his crotch and waist every time he slams his
cock forward. Test moves his left hand from Trinity's waist and tugs roughly
on her black tank-top in order to tear it from her hot Italian body.

Trinity closes her eyes as she lowers her head in the direction of the heavy
equipment trunk's surface as she feels Test begins to roughly grope her
large, rounded Italian tits as her hot, now sweaty Italian body slams back
against Test's deep-impacting cock "Ohhh you fucker!" Trinity groans as she
feels Test's large ballsack slap against her skin.

"Ohhh yeah... fuck yeah you're a nasty fucking slut aren't ya... love
getting TESTED bitch?!" Test laughs as he roughly squeezes Trinity's large
hot tits with his strong hands. The Extreme Impact Player pounds his meaty
fourteen-inch prick in and out of Trinity's pussy with relentless intentions.

Trinity grits her teeth as she tilts her head back "Awww fuck!" Trinity
shouts as her hot, sweating Italian body slams back against the Extreme
Impact Player of ECW as Test's entire fourteen-inch extreme cock is rammed
deep inside of Trinity's warm, tight pussy causing the Full-Bodied Italian
to thrust forward against the heavy equipment trunk at a rough rate. As
sweat drips off of Trinity's hot Italian body and sweat drips down her face,
the feisty ECW Vixen begins to breath heavily as Test continues his force
assault of Trinity's pussy.

"You know you love it bitch!" Test laughs as he pulls his cock out of
Trinity's hot tight pussy suddenly. He grabs the hot Italian Vixen, spins her
around, lifts her up and sits her on top of the heavy equipment trunk. Test
grabs Trinity's legs and lifts them up to place them on his shoulders, and
then he rams his entire fourteen inch cock back into Trinity's pussy and
resumes 'testing' her pussy with hard fast thrusts.

Trinity tilts her head back and she closes her eyes as her sweat-slicked body
slides back and forth against the surface of the heavy equipment trunk as
Test slams his cock deeply into her pussy "Ohhh you're gonna

"Shut up and enjoy the TEST drive bitch!" Test says as he grabs Trinity's
sweat covered tits with his hands as he deeply slams his huge cock in and
out of Trinity's pussy. Sweat drips down Test's own muscular frame and he
breathes a bit harder with every passing moment, so he puts his hands on
Trinity's waist in order to make her grind her pussy against his huge cock
as he fucks her with deep impacting thrusts.

Trinity shakes her head as her smooth back grinds against the surface of the
heavy equipment trunk as she continues to quickly and roughly slide against
the trunk while Test powerfully slams his deep-impacting cock in and out of
her pussy "Ohhh you fucker!" Trinity shouts as she arches her back slightly
when she starts to suddenly cum on his cock.

Test smirks as he feels Trinity's hot juices flow out of her pussy and all
over his huge fourteen inch extreme-impacting cock, "Mmmm yeah... you fucking
cheap tramp... can't even take this TEST can you bitch?!" Test laughs as
launches more insults at Trinity as he keeps fucking her climaxing cunt.

Trinity opens her eyes and the feisty Italian grits her teeth tightly as she
narrows her feisty Italian eyes "'re gonna get it!" Trinity shouts
and moans as Test repeatedly drives his cock into her tight, wet pussy as
sweat drips off of Trinity's hot Italian body.

Trinity opens her eyes and the feisty Italian grits her teeth tightly as she
narrows her feisty Italian eyes "'re gonna get it!" Trinity shouts
and moans as Test repeatedly drives his cock into her tight, wet pussy as
sweat drips off of Trinity's hot Italian body.

"Awwww yeah... mmmm fuck yeah... I ain't gonna get it... you are BITCH!" Test
grunts as he lets out a loud grunt as he begins to shoot a huge load of hot
cum deep into Trinity's hot wet Italian pussy.

Trinity presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow before Test roughly
pulls his cumming-spent, deep-impacting cock out of Trinity's wet, warm
Italian pussy. Test takes a step back from the heavy equipment trunk before
Trinity sits up on top of the trunk. Without saying a word Trinity reaches
forward and places her hands against the sides of Test's face before roughly
pulling the Extreme Impact Player into a deep, rough kiss. Trinity tightly
presses her lips against Test's lips before she lets go of Test's head and
roughly pushes the Extreme Impact Player away. Trinity raises an eyebrow and
slyly smirks "You just got the Kiss of Death...BITCH!" Trinity says as she
grits her teeth and lifts herself off of the heavy equipment trunk so that
she can gather her belongings off of the hallway floor.

Test smirks as he licks his lips, "You ain't got anything BITCH..." Test says
as he pulls his up his wrestling shorts, "I'm the Extreme Impact Player...
and soon I'm going to be the new ECW Champion... and you'll get this TEST
again..." Test laughs as he walks away from Trinity, completely ignoring the
warning she gave him.

Trinity smirks and slowly nods her head "Oh...I intend to live up to that
warning boy..."


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