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by Big Dick Dudley (

(Stacy and the Dudleyz have come off another win this time by beating the

Stacy: Great win boyz! I swear none of them had a chance in hell of beating
you two.

D-Von: Thanks Stace.

Bubba Ray: Yeah, thanks. But before you go, you never thanked us.

(Stacy looked at him strange.)

D-Von: Yeah, you see if we never let you be our valet you'd be out of work.

Stacy: D-Von, you can't keep me off TV too long, fans would get blue balls.
They need me. Even if I was still with Stasiak I would still have a job
because I'm so hot.

Bubba Ray: We beg the differ. WWF has enough sluts in the locker room with
big tits and perfect asses, enough to keep the crowd happy for years. They
don't need you, you need us.

(Stacy looked at the Dudleyz, they were right.)

Stacy: So what do you want?

D-Von: Nothing much. We just want to be thanked accordingly.

(Stacy nods and begins to speak.)

Stacy: Okay, than-

(D-Von cuts her off)

D-Von: I said accordingly Stacy.

Stacy: What does that mean?

Bubba Ray: Let me put it simply. Get on your knees and thank me and D-Von

(Stacy looked at the Dudleyz and smiled she got on her knees in front of the
two and started to rub their crotches.)

Stacy: You have no idea how long I've waited for this boys. I thought you
would never ask.

(Stacy then undid their camoflauge fatigues and had their huge manhoods in
front of her face. She flashed a big smile at the men and started to jerk
them off. With both Dudleyz at full attention she looked at the huge pieces
in front of her. She held both cocks at the base with her hands. She looked
at the dicks and decided D-Von gets her mouth first. She opened wide and
took the dark meat in her mouth and started sucking him fast. Bubba looked
at her blow his brother. He smiled at the whore as she cut off circulation
from his dick with her tight grip around the base.)

Bubba Ray: (thinking) I bet her grip isn't the only thing that is tight on
that body.

(Bubba eyed her ass and was fixated. Such a work of perfection was that nice
round juicy butt on that girl. Stacy stopped sucking D-Von and tried to
catch her breath. Bubba Ray then grabbed her head and pulled it to his dick
with one hand. Stacy quickly opened her mouth and started blowing Bubba Ray.
She let go of D-Von and placed both her hands on Bubba's hips as he did
baby thrusts in and out of her pretty mouth. D-Von sat back on the couch to
cool down. He looked at Ms. Keibler's ass and also became enamorated with it.
He got off the couch and walked over to her. She didn't notice and was too
busy to anyway. D-Von got down low and was face to face with that round butt
on the skinny blonde. He pulled up the skirt and pulled down those lace
panties far enough to get his face right in the crack of her ass and started
to search for her barely used pussy with his tongue. Stacy groaned around
Bubba's wood as D-Von licked her butthole some of her pussy and all in
between her ass cheeks. Stacy stopped and stood up to the Dudleyz

Bubba Ray: Hey!

(Stacy placed a finger on Bubba's lips and pulled her underwear down the
rest of the way and sat Bubba Ray on the couch. She got on her knees again
and picked up from were she left off. D-Von looked at the pink cunt that he
was searching for with his tongue a few moments ago, now in plain view all
for him. He got behind her and stuck his tongue as far as it would go into
her cunt. His toung went in deep on Ms. Keibler to were she let out and high
pitched moan around Bubba's manhood. D-Von tongue fucked that pussy for all
it was worth. She couldn't take anymore and stopped with her blow job on the
older Dudley just to let out a series of loud moans.)

Stacy: Ohhhh D-Von! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! OHHHHHHHH LICK ME MORE!!!!!!!!!

(Bubba stood up and pulled his brother's face out from between her ass
cheeks, his tongue was still sticking out when Bubba pulled him off. Stacy
gave Bubba the evil eye for his actions but made up for it as he playfully
body slammed her on the couch and spread her long legs. The brothers and
Stacy all smiled as they knew what was coming.)

Bubba Ray: What did you think I was doing?

(D-Von smiled and looked at Stacy who was currently getting face fucked by
Bubba as he held her legs apart for his younger sibling. D-Von once again
lowered his head into the cunt he was becoming all too acquianted with.
Stacy started to buck her hips against D-Von's face as he ate her like she
was his first meal coming out of the desert. He was lapping at the tender
pussy like a starving cat and she was moaning up a storm. Bubba pulled his
dick out of her mouth and D-Von stopped eating and she gave them both a
dirty look. Bubba sat on the couch next to Stacy and strattled the big man
and took his cock deep in her tight pussy that was wet from her girl cum and
D-Von's saliva. She took it all the way down to the hilt and then she
started to hump him, bouncing her big ass up and down, taking in Big Bubba's
rock hard cock. D-Von stared at her ass again and spit in his hand. He
rubbed his spit all over the head of his prick to get it nice and slippery.
Bubba held Stacy down by hugging her to his body, she was immoble and knew
what was coming. D-Von pushed his dick against her anus which was two sizes
too small for D-Von's thick member. But he got passed this problem,
literally as he shoved his dick into Kiebler's asshole with all his weight
behind it, penetrating her virgin ass deep. She bit down hard on Bubba's
shoulder to absorb the pain better. Bubba Ray couldn't help but notice the
already tight grip her pussy had was got even tighter when D-Von shoved his
dick in her asshole. Bubba thrust up into Stacy's cunt and D-Von in her ass
at the same time. Both were doing hard thrusts into the tight body before
them. Stacy was begining to like it as the brothers penetrated her deep and
hard. She took off her top letting loose her perfect A cup tits with tiny
dime sized nipples. Then she took control again by bouncing her ass up on
D-Von and down on Bubba Ray. The young 22 year old getting it on both ends
and loving every second. Bubba just sat back and let her do all the work
same with D-Von who just placed his hands on the young Dutchess' ass as she
fucked herself with their wood. She was moaning like a porn star now. Her
orgasim was well on its way, this time with no brother stopping her from

Stacy: Oh fuck! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

(Stacy was convulsing on the brothers and twitched a few times before she
got off them. Her asshole was wide enough for a baby to stick his leg in
easily. Bubba looked at the wide gaping hole and shoved his dick in. Her
sphincter tightened like a vine around the thick prick as his deep
penetration commenced. Bubba grabbed her from around the waist and reclaimed
his position on the couch with Stacy on top. She spread her legs wide for
D-Von and he got between them and started to fuck the moist twat hard and
long. She wrapped her 41 inch legs around D-Von's waist as he pounded away
on her pussy and Bubba in her ass. D-Von sucked her nipples and squeezed her
ass cheeks tighter around Bubba's manhood. Stacy came again and let out some
low moans.)

Bubba Ray: Oh shit I'm gonna cum!

(D-Von pulled out and Stacy got off of Bubba and went down on her knees and
opened up wide as Bubba jacked himself off and came in her mouth. This must
have been one of his first lays in a long time because he shot almost a pint
of cum in Stacy's mouth, on her face, and on her body. Bubba handed her a
towel and she cleaned herself off. D-Von motioned to her to come here and
she did. She jumped on his waist and wrapped her legs around him once again.
He positioned his cock and stuck it inside of her. Once inside, Stacy
started to bounce wildly up and down on D-Von's dick. The Dudley held his
ground as the blonde rode him while he was still standing. The force of her
riding almost made the 235 pound man stumble to her 111 pound weight. But he
held his own as she rode him and held out to the last second.)

D-Von: Shit Stacy, I'm cumming.

(He threw her onto the couch and jerked off all over her body. She was
amazed at the amount of seed the brothers shot, this one had at least a pint
stored in his balls and was now all over the Dutchess of Dudleyville's thin
body. While she took a shower the brothers talked to each other.)

Bubba Ray: Hey D-Von, you wanna tall her that we just wanted her to get on
her knees and say thank you?

D-Von: No, why should we?

Bubba Ray: D-Von, testify.

D-Von: No, it's like this white boy. TESTIFY!

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