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TexASS Showdown
by Rolodex

"And that'll do it here from the Toyota Center here in Houston, Texas as the Rockets are moving onto the Western Conference Semifinals, defeating the Dallas Mavericks 103-94."

Ah, the thrills of victory and the pains of defeat. Just as the two sides are in completely different moods on the television screen, the couch before the ultra high-definition television is just as divided. In your typical suburban home not far from the Toyota Center, are but your typical suburban residents.

The hostess with the mostess is Brooke Adams, a Houstonian by way of St. Louis. The current Ms. Tessmacher is dress for comfort within her home, wearing a tight red sports bra, that reads #Pursuit, the current slogan of Clutch City. The sports bra is anything but diffident, as Adams has her tight midsection viewable by her company. While her magnificent set of breasts are unfortunately covered, the sports bra only has a finite amount of give. Brooke's perfect pair looks as if it could rip through the bra with the slightest of jiggles. Speaking of jiggle, the majority of Brooke's fabric must have gone to supporting her big, voluptuous breasts, as her gold 'shorts' are made of less material than many women's panties. The poor excuse for shorts barely contain a portion of her hip, leaving much of her juicy ass to pour out of her bottoms. On any typical day, Brooke would be the baddest bitch in the room hands down, but again, this is not your typical day.

To the right of Brooke, is fellow fitness enthusiast and former professional wrestler, Celeste Bonin. The former Kaitlyn was born and raised in H-Town, and while she may live in Florida, her heart still calls out for the Lone Star State. Her body though, is something out of this world. With an ass that doesn't quit and a set of thick legs that could pull off some 'Mortal Kombat' type fatalities, her line of 'space pants' seem to be glued to her skin. The tight red pants with their signature booty scrunch, embrace the gorgeous curves and muscles that make up her lower body. Unlike her fellow Houston fan who is wearing a sports bra, Celeste is wearing only a black Rockets tanktop, that features a collection of Rockets players, including the Rockets' unanimous best player, James Harden. While Harden is known for a beard that covers his face, Kaitlyn's tanktop doesn't cover much of anything. The top with it's extremely low plunge and thin straps that almost race toward her ribs, was more than likely intended for men. It was especially not meant for women with globes the size of Ms. Bonin's. Ever the champion, Celeste makes due with her mammoth breasts bursting through the top and sides of the poor excuse for a top, her erect nipples attempting their damndest to pierce through the thin layer of fabric.

With the Rockets' victory clinched, the two are giddy and holding each other in laughter. Their team is moving on. Meanwhile, the third wheel on the couch is less than thrilled now that her favorite team is going home. Wearing a plaid shirt that dons the colors of her Mavericks, Mickie James is still incredibly sexy when pouty. Her shirt has very few buttons locked in place, with the remainder of her shirt tied together just below her chest, allowing for a great glimpse of the deliciousness that the Mickie has on display. The bedazzled Mavericks bra while stylish, does little to contain the big tits nesting beneath her shirt. Although gave birth not long ago, her midsection looks as perfect as it did when she was feuding with Trish Stratus. The aforementioned midsection which borders on displaying her full six pack, is but a bridge to the remainder of Hardcore Country's landscape. Her thin waist does not lead to an equally thin lower body, as Mickie's hips fill her denim shorts nicely. The scrumptious thighs and ass of Ms. James are not veiled by the shorts, which are cut off slightly more than halfway down her cheeks, the excess threads of the jean shorts dangling against her beautiful cakes. Collectively, only if the couch contained a Jenga skyline, would it be comparably stacked to its current contents.

The couch is in fear of losing one third of its population however, as Mickie grabs her purse off the coffee table, a signal that she may want to hit the road. Celeste and Brooke immediately halt their celebration, instead choosing to communicate with their down friend.

"What's wrong Mick? Just because your team lost doesn't you can't join in on our celebration!" states the former Kaitlyn.

"Yeah, let me get us something to drink! That'll make things better!" states the homeowner, who pushes off her comfy couch and makes her way toward the kitchen, giving her friends a full view of her thick cakes oozing from her shorts.

Celeste and Mickie scoot closer to each other, as Ms. Bonin tries to recognize the sadness that Mickie is feeling now that her team is going fishing. The two speak for only moments before they are interrupted by the host who is carrying a trio of champagne bottles that have been opened. Setting one of the bottles on the floor, Brooke quickly places her thumbs on the openings of the two in her hands before rigorously shaking the bubbles and dumping the contents on her seated friends! As her pair of friends scream in shock, now soaked in alcohol, Brooke exclaims, "YEAH! LET'S FUCKING PARTY!"

"HEY! WHAT THE FUCK BROOKE! I'M ALL WET NOW! I CAN'T DRIVE LIKE THIS!" yells Mickie, who wipes away the excess suds while comprehending what has just occurred. Celeste is a lot more playful in her demeanor, giggling before snatching a bottle away from Brooke's grip. The former Kaitlyn takes a swig of the champagne before shaking the bottle and spraying the bottle towards Ms. Adams' path! The country singer looks on in annoyance as Brooke grabs hold of her third bottle, a precursor to the Houston fans drenching each other in alcohol! After emptying the contents of their bottles, the tile floor is wrecked with excess champagne flooding it. Just as soaked (if not more) are the three divas post-celebration.

Mickie's plaid shirt having done a great job soaking in the suds makes the shirt uncomfortable for her, as it is now sticky, cold, and heavy. Rather than risk getting sick, the MILFalicious musician simply unbuttons her shirt before removing it, leaving her Mavericks decorated push-up bra as the only resistance to the liberation of her colossal bazookas. The drenched duo of Rocket fans turn to each other, before taking offense to the Mavericks memorabilia being displayed. The hostess immediately makes her feelings known, "You can't wear that shit in my house! Either you take your bra off or get the fuck out of my house!"

There is a slight moment of tension before Celeste breaks the silence, "Yeah Mickie, I'll take off my top if you take off yours!"

Before Mickie can consider her options, the Hybrid Diva grabs the tip of her tanktop before yanking it off and freeing her tremendously proportioned puppies. Without a proposal or via coercion, Brooke follows suit, peeling off her soaked tanktop and acquitting her whatasized warheads from any adversity! No longer concerned with the score or outcome of any game, the formerly disappointed Ms. James finally cracks a smile before stating, "Well, can you ladies at least help me remove this itchy bra?"

Celeste and Brooke sway towards each side of Mickie, undoing her bra simultaneously before yanking it off like yesterday's garbage. Mickie's big tits now exposed for the pair to see, the Houstonians each grab a thick leg of Mickie before carrying her to the champagne soaked couch. "I'm sorry about your Mavs. Kiss and make-up?" Brooke suggests before leaning in and extending her lips towards the Dallas fan.

Mickie accepts the invitation by pressing her tongue into Brooke's mouth, allowing the former Knockouts to grapple with each other's saliva! Mickie grabs her humongous breasts and gives them a squeeze before breaking off the kiss. A bridge of saliva collapses between the two before Mickie retorts, "No. How about we FUCK and make-up?" The three women share a brief laugh before things get hot and heavy in a hurry.

The former Kaitlyn immediately drops to her knees, finding herself peripherals on par with the button that holds Thickie Mickie's jean shorts in place. Ms. Bonin licks her lips before reaching in and undoing the denim, clawing at the crown of the jean shorts before sliding them down Mickie's ample thighs. The former Women's champion doesn't seem to notice as she is once again tongue deep with Brooke, the two also grabbing away at the other's substantial pair of breasts. Celeste internally celebrates as she soon finds out that Mickie decided not to wear panties, leaving not a fucking thing between Ms. Bonin's watery tongue and that succulent, juicy, wet pussy of Mickie's.

While making out with Mick, Brooke notices that her partner's slit is ripe for the taking. Brooke reaches a hand downward, rubbing her fingers against Mickie's moist cunt as Celeste teases by kissing all around the pussy. Ms. James once again breaks off the tongue wrestling with Brooke in order to show some love to her other friend. Celeste and Mickie share a slight of tongues as Brooke bites her lip in enjoyment before grabbing hold of a thick leg of Mickie's and spreading it out. After sharing spit with the former Alexis, Celeste pulls Mickie's other leg in a mirroring direction, opening Mickie's roast beef buffet for business.

The Iron Man cover girl sticks her tongue out and slides it vertically throughout Mickie's pussy, as if she were licking a fucking soft-serve dessert. Going hands-free in her pussy eating, Kaitlyn reaches a hand of hers into her yoga pants, creating enough room for her fingers to insert into their owner's slit. James takes a moment to pull Brooke's large tits into her face, sucking on the nipples like there's a title on the line. Brooke is in elation as her nipples gather Mickie DNA, until Ms. James must stop what she is doing to announce a simple phrase, "OH FUCK!" Brooke cheers on the former Divas' champion in her cunnilingus while squeezing her own big tits in recess, "YEAH CELESTE! FUCKING EAT THAT PUSSY!"

The outie pussy of Mickie is getting obliterated with slobber, as Celeste makes out with it, her tongue trying to steal portions of the pussy with it as it gathers back into her mouth. "OHHH! FUCCK YES!" yells Mickie as she pushes Celeste's head deeper into her cunt. Feeling left out for the moment, Brooke makes her feelings known to the twosome, "FUCK CELESTE, I WANT TO TASTE THAT PUSSY TOO!"

Ms. Bonin is soon forced to scoot to the left and angle her tongue differently, as Brooke joins in on the pie eating. Brooke starts off by sliding some fingers into the Virginian's vagina while Celeste continues to lick away at the snatch. The intense pleasure forces the legs of Mickie to tremble uncontrollably before Brooke joins in on the pussy tasting. The torrent of tongues causes Ms. Laree's eyes to roll back as she clutches her massive breasts, causing a slight squeak to be heard. "FUCK I'M GONNA CUM!" exclaims Mickie.

The ample tongues of the Houston fans force Mickie to waver before a creamy white fluid begins to leak from her Hardcore Cuntry. While Brooke and Celeste are on the same side, the white syrup of Mickie causes both women to get greedy and try to gather the MILFy molasses for themselves. After the duo collect the cum, the friends agree that sharing is fucking caring, and make out with the MILFshake moving through both mouths and tongues. Happy with their treat, the two swallow their gathering, still hungry for more fuck juice. After fingering the dripping cum from her lips, Brooke suddenly has a look of concern. "OH FUCK! I almost forgot..."

Celeste and Mickie look to each other in confusion as Brooke walks away, her juicy ass still chewing through her golden booty shorts. The former champions enjoy each other's tongues, exchanging wet kisses and big titty nibbles before Brooke re-enters the room with an accessory. Attached to Brooke's tantalizing shorts is a g-string with a big, red dildo glued on. It's a Houston Rocket if they've ever seen one. "OH SHIT! GIVE ME THAT FUCKING DICK!" expresses Ms. Bonin.

Ever the enthusiast, Celeste rubs at her wet pussy which is soaking through her pant, causing her cameltoe to become ever more prevalent. Clogging her slit with one hand, Bonin bends over against the couch, twerking as she expresses that she is ready to be fucked! Mickie shows a bit of her playfulness as she grabs a champagne bottle that isn't completely empty and pours the remainder on the thick, celestial booty. As Brooke approaches the bent Kaitlyn, Mickie decides against pulling down the tight, wet, red yoga pants, choosing instead to claw her fingers near Celeste's pussy before ripping open a huge fucking hole in the pants. The excess juices from Kaitlyn's clean shaven cunt dribble out of the freshly created opening. Rather than be pissed than her $70 pants are ruined, Celeste stays perky, content with the fact that her pussy is about to be ruined. Mickie grabs at Celeste's tremendous ass before spreading her cheeks out and creating a larger bulls-eye for the oncoming missile. Brooke latches on sliding her dildo into Bonin's slit with ease. As Brooke begins thrusting, Celeste uncontrollably begins to moan, "AW FUCK! AHHHH! OOOOH FUCK!"

The doggystyle fucking continues as Brooke picks up the tempo, the dildo sliding at a faster pace with ease. Mickie James hugs Brooke from behind as she continues to pump the former Kaitlyn. Mickie grabs Brooke's big tits, massaging them while licking her neck. Brooke has no choice but to turn her head and once again sharing saliva with the former Alexis. The makeshift makeout session doesn't take away from Brooke's focus, to fuck the brains out of her big bootied, yoga pant wearing bitch! The big, red rocket begins to take its toll on Celeste's pussy as she continues to cuss without contemplation, "OH FUCK! FUCKING HARDER! OOOH SHIT! AHHHH!"

Kaitlyn begins to back into the dildo, trying to get the most of every fucking thrust and every fucking inch as Brooke continues to steam roll forward! The rocket proves to be too much for Celeste as her body releases some of her nutrient heavy cream onto the dildo! Wanting her own tasty treat, Mickie quickly grabs the attached dildo and pulls it out of Celeste's defeated pussy before slurping the cum-coated cock. "YOU TASTE SO FUCKINGGG GOOOD CELESTE!" Mickie claims between licks of the rubber dick.

Brooke rubs her pussy and gets a quick taste of her love nectar before taking a seat on the champagne and cum riddled couch. Celeste tries to rub the soreness away from her exposed pussy, but instead has other ideas in mind as she grabs hold of Brooke's stingy booty shorts before jerking them off her perfect legs. With Brooke's fat pussy screaming to be fucked, Mickie has no choice to oblige, grabbing hold of Tessmacher's 'rocket' and putting on the strap-on accessory. Brooke takes in her rocket with ease, thanks not only to her soaking, wet pussy, but also the amalgamation of saliva, cum, and other natural flavors. Seeing her fellow Houstonite getting fucked, Celeste becomes overwhelmed with nymphomania. Bonin rips her already ruined yoga pants further, completely exposing her bubbly ass, tree trunk like thighs, and freshly emptied snatch. The Hybrid Diva takes a seat next to her friend whom is getting filled up, and begins to rubs her pussy; ultimately hoping to unleash a few more ounces of pleasure.

The pace begins to hasten again, as Mickie continues to thrust into Brooke's cunt, while Kaitlyn speedily rubs her shaved pussy. Brooke and Kaitlyn rotate their heads ninety degrees and connect the trio with slobber that is until their body takes over and they can no longer control their intrapersonal communication.

"OH FUCK YEAH!" hollers Brooke.

"MMMMFUCCCKKK!" screams Celeste as her fingers continue to jab at her g-spot.

The explicit soundbites only further motivate Mickie to pump hard, and fill the walls of Brooke's pussy with rubber dick. Brooke continues to make out with her fellow Houston fan, kneading her big tits as her cunt gets hammered! With each pump, Brooke's flawless body jiggles in all the right places, almost hypnotizing Mickie as she plunges into the pussy. The unremitting propulsions of penis inevitably become too much for the lively Ms. Adams to handle as she lets loose both physically and verbally with an "AH FUCK! I'M GONNA CUM! I'M FUCKING CUMMINNNNNGGG! OH!"

A volcano of cum erupts from Brooke's throbbing pussy, the white lava sticking itself to the big, red dildo. Ms. Bonin immediately calls for the bone, wanting another share of the gooey dessert. Mickie detaches the 'Rocket' inspired strap-on, ready to hand it to Celeste before it's intercepted by Brooke. The former queen of Aces & Eights, breaks off the dildo from its article before teasing Celeste by circling it in front of her lips. Before riling up her fucktastic friend too much with her tease, Brooke pops the large dildo into Celeste's mouth. Sucking off the creamy coating like a fucking ice cream bar, Celeste is too preoccupied to notice that Mickie has entwined her legs with Celeste's.

Wanting some pussy on pussy action, Mickie pounds her opening against Celeste's sore slit, causing both women to moan in delight. Brooke positions herself in the middle of the pussy bridge, grabbing a handful of ass on each side of the juicy conduit, before pressing them together like magnets. A rapidfire pace of pumps causes the curves of the two to violently jiggle up and down, left and fucking right.


"DON'T FUCKING STOP!" yells Mickie as she draws closer to her goal. The scissoring eventually taps into the cum reserve, forcing both women to milk their pussies in delight! The bad bitches continue to pump despite cumming, causing strings of cum to expand and break as the pussies separate. Out of sheer exhaustion, the parties eventually crash out on the cum and champagne covered couch.

"Fuck basketball, this was a real Texass showdown!" states Brooke, as she scoops a bit of excess cum from Celeste's tender pussy. The trio giggle and grope in satisfaction, before Brooke closes her eyes as she enjoys one last taste of the fuck juice.

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