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I decided since there isn't a Lita/Hardy Boys story, I'll write one. And here
it is. Just to let you guys know, this is one of my few attempts at erotica,
so just bear with me on this. Oh, and feel free to e-mail your thoughts about
it to me.

Thank You
by Foley Fan (

Raw Is War had ended about half an hour ago. Lita had just won the Women's
championship belt thanks to the Hardys. After signing some autographs, the
Hardy Boys made their way into the small locker room that they shared. Both
still had their wrestling attire on.

"Man, that was an awesome night." said Jeff as he took a seat.

"Hell yeah! Finally that bitch Stephanie doesn't have the title. Lita
deserves it, especially after all the times she got screwed out of it." said
Matt with a smile.

The two brothers shared a look of victory. Lita had been with them for a
few months now, and they both thought of her as a true friend. She fit in
well with their penchant for high-risk and performance.

"Hey, wanna beer? Got a few on ice." Jeff asked Matt.


Jeff got two beers from a cooler. He threw one to Matt and they both had
a cool drink.


The two turned around to see Lita standing in the locker room doorway, the
Women's title around her waist and a playful smile on her face.

"Well if it isn't the new Women's Champion. So how's it feel to be champ
finally?" asked Matt.

"Oh, not too bad." said Lita with a grin.

She closed the locker room door behind her and locked it. She then
sauntered over to the sitting brothers, a serious look on her face.

"Actually, I wanted to thank the two of you for what you've done for me.
You've really helped me out a lot. Both of you have been great friends."

"Hey, no need to thank us. You earned that title shot. We just helped even
out the odds." said Jeff.

"Yeah. There's no need to thank us." agreed Matt.

"I think that there is. You two have been real friends to me, and I'd like
to show you both my appreciation."

With that, Lita took off her top, exposing her large supple breasts. The
two brothers mouths dropped. Never had they seen such perfection. Lita's
breasts were bigger than they looked and didn't show any sign of sag. A smile
crossed Lita's face as she saw their jaws drop.

"I can see you both like what you see. So let's not stop there."

Lita took off her pants, leaving only her bright pink thong panties. She
struck a sexy pose for both of them. Both men clearly had erections showing
through their jeans. Lita got down on her knees between the two and rubbed
their erections with each of her hands.

"Why don't you boys take those pants off and we can get down to some fun?"

Not wasting any time, the two brothers dropped their pants and boxer
shorts, showing their hard-ons. Lita alternated sucking each one. She started
with Matt first, licking his shaft with her hot tongue. Matt groaned with
pleasure at the sensation. While she sucked Matt, Lita used her hand to jerk
off Jeff.

"God Lita, that feels good." moaned Jeff.

Lita smiled around Matt's cock. She always thought the two brothers were
cute, but she was afraid to act on the attraction. Now here she was, sucking
off one while jerking the other. Lita massaged Matt's balls while sucking him
off. Matt steadied Lita's head by placing his hands behind her head, guiding
each erotic suck on his pole. Soon Matt was ready to cum.

"Oh shit Lita, I'm gonna blow!!!!"

Matt blew his load into Lita's mouth. Lita took the entire load in her
mouth, swallowing each drop. When Matt was done, Lita cleaned off his rod
with her tongue, licking every centimeter of his thick shaft.

"That do anything for you?" asked Lita with a playful smile.

Matt smiled down at Lita, a look of pleasure on his face. Lita turned to

"Now to you, mister. Don't think for a second you're not getting

Lita then went down on Jeff, swirling her tongue around his cock. Jeff
gave out a loud groan at the sensation. Lita giggled at how much these
brothers groaned. While Lita was sucking off Jeff, Matt came up behind Lita,
admiring her shapely ass. He grabbed her thong panties and slid them off her.
Matt slowly entered Lita's anus, careful not to hurt her. He started to pump
into her, his breathing steadily increasing.

"Uggghhh fuuuckkk!!!" moaned Jeff, who neared climax.

Lita's tongue was making Jeff's mind blow in pleasure. Meanwhile, her
moaning had increased as well from Matt's penetration into her ass. Matt had
started to really pump into her now, and Lita loved every second of it. The
time came when Jeff was starting to blow his load, and once again Lita
swallowed every drop. Jeff could feel his cum hitting the back of Lita's
throat. That just made the moment all the better.

"Damn, that was the best head I ever got." muttered an exhausted Jeff.

Lita would've gave him a response, but she was busy getting blasted in the
ass by Matt. The two were both orgasming at the same time.

"Ohhh Matt, that feels GREAT!!!!" moaned Lita with a smile.

Matt just gave a grunt as he shot off into Lita's anus. Now it was Lita
who moaned in orgasm. Her whole body was sweating as she let out a loud moan
of pleasure.

"Ughh...Ugghhh...UGHHHH GOODD!!!!"

Lita's head threw back when she orgasmed, a look of pure lust on her
face. Spent, Matt slid his cock out of Lita's ass. Lita sat down in a large
recliner chair to catch her breath. Jeff and Matt noticed how smooth Lita's
pussy looked. She noticed them staring and grinned.

"What can I say, I like to shave my pussy. Jeff, hon, my tits need some
attention. Do you think you could help me?"

Jeff smiled and walked over to Lita. He took her right tit in his mouth
and began sucking on her large orb. Lita liked the feeling of his warm mouth
on her large breast. Jeff used his tongue to flick her hardened nipple. While
Jeff sucked on her tit, Lita squeezed her other one. Lita was then surprised
to feel another sensation down in her cunt. She looked down to see Matt
eating her out.

"Keep going Matt, that feels nice." said Lita dreamily.

Matt used his tongue to probe Lita's juicy twat. He used his mouth so suck
her juices into his mouth, his tongue massaging her cunt like hers did his
cock. Lita was moaning at the attention her tits and pussy were getting. She
knew that this would be a great night, but this was beyond what she was

"Oh boys, this...ugghh... is great. Please d...oohhh...don't stop."

Matt took his mouth away from her pussy, causing Lita to whimper in
displeasure. Matt knew what she wanted. By now Lita was very wet and ready to
be fucked. Matt slowly inserted his shaft into Lita's pussy. This caused Lita
to moan in greater pleasure.

"That's it Matt, fuck me. Fuck me good." said Lita seductively.

Matt began to pump into Lita's pussy, his shaft was squeezed by Lita's

"Damn you're tight." moaned Matt.

Jeff had stopped sucking Lita's tits and began to slid his dick between
them. They were to big that it was like Lita had another pussy for him to
fuck. Lita loved the two brothers and the pleasure they were giving her. Now
she was the one that was moaning. Matt's pumping had increased, he was really
starting to slam into her with his rod. Lita arched her back, causing Jeff to
shoot his load all over her tits.

"Oh Lita...NNgghh...shit Lita, here I go..."

Lita's tits were covered in Jeff's cum, and Lita loved it. But she was
then rocked with another orgasm as Matt began to shoot off into her. Lita's
body was quivering as she began to cum.

"Ohhh, Matt give it to me……give it to me NOW!!! OHHHH FUCK YEAHHH!!!!"

Lita's thrashed around she her entire body came like it never did before.
She was moaning at the top of her lungs, not caring if the entire world could
hear her or not. After Matt had shot his entire load, he was just as spent as
Lita and Jeff. The three of them all snuggled up in the chair together, Lita
sitting between the two brothers. All three were so spent they began to drift
off to sleep. When she saw that both brothers were asleep, Lita kissed them
both softly on the cheek.

"Thanks guys, for everything."

The End

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