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Thank You Australia
by Cole Galbraith

The NXT Women's Championship is on the line between Asuka and Billie Kay at NXT Takeover San Antonio with Peyton Royce at ringside. After fifteen minutes of back and forth action between the challenger and champion Asuka hits a spinning heel kick on Billie Kay and cover her but Peyton pulls the referee out of the ring after a 2 count. Asuka gets frustrated and superkicks Royce and slams her back first into the apron. As this is happening Billie Kay grabs a pair of brass knucks from her trunks and then clocks Asuka and covers her for the 3 count. "THE WINNER AND NEW NXT WOMEN'S CHAMPION BILLIE KAY!!" Billie and Peyton jump around the ring celebrating the victory as Asuka looks on in disbelief.

After the match Billie and Peyton go out on the town to celebrate the championship victory by Billie. "Oh my god Peyton I'M THE CHAMP" Billie exclaimed. "You bet your ass you are" Peyton replied in her sexy Australian accent, "It's all because of you Peyton" Billie said as she kisses Peyton's soft lips in the cab. "Take us to our hotel" Billie says to the cab driver and hands him a sheet with the address. Five minutes later they arrive at the hotel and pay the cab driver.

They enter the hotel with Billie's newly won NXT Women's Championship around her waist. They arrive at room 475 and unlock the door and head inside. They dropped their backs on the floor and Billie runs over to Peyton and kisses her passionately. "I wouldn't have been champion without you Peyton and now I want to fuck you like a champion" Billie said as she takes her 11 inch black strap on dildo out of her gear bag. Peyton undresses happily ready to get fucked by the new champion.

Peyton lies on the bed with her legs spread showing off her beautiful pink pussy for the new champion. Billie puts on her huge strapon and moves towards Peyton as she throws off her top exposing her perfect perky tits. Billie then teasing Peyton with her fake cock as she rubs it around Peyton's pussy until she rams it fiercely into her bestie's waiting cunt. Billie pounds Peyton harder and harder as Peyton moans and screams in pleasure. Billie begins making out with Peyton as she continues destroying her now soaking wet pussy as Peyton continues moaning as loud as she can hoping that the NXT Tag Team Champions DIY can't hear what they are doing next door. BillIe takes it out of her cunt and gets into 69 position and begins licking Peyton's hot wet pussy as she face fucks her fellow Australian.

"Ooooooooh god" Peyton mumbles with Billie's strapon deep down her throat. "Yeah you deep throat the champ's cock baby" Billie remarks as she rams the cock farther and farther down her throat.

After another 5 minutes of getting face fucked and having Billie eat her beautiful pussy she was getting closer and closer to exploding

"Oh god yes champ make me cum baby." Peyton screamed. "Oh yeah baby cum for the champion. Cum all over my face baby." Bille said as she gets her tongue deeper into the cunt of the beautiful NXT Superstar.

Peyton then explodes all of her juices all over the face of the new NXT Women's Champion.

"My turn" the beautiful champion exclaims as she hands Peyton her strapon. Peyton takes it and puts it on but says "I want to taste you first my champion" Peyton lies on the bed as Billie puts her beautiful champion pussy in Peyton's awaiting mouth. Peyton flicks her tongue back and forward along Billie's soaking wet pussy as the champion moans in pleasure. Peyton continues eating out the champ and spells Billie Kay is the new champion in Billie's perfect cunt.

Billie gets off of Peyton's face as Peyton readjusts her position on the bed. Bille climbs on reverse cowgirl and Peyton pounds her pussy with all the force she could mustard. "AHHHHHH MY GOD" Billie moans "RIGHT FUCKING THERE" Peyton happily obliges and gives more speed and force into the champ's pussy as Billie screams louder and louder.

Peyton continues fucking the beautiful champion's cunt furiously as Billie continues to moan loudly. Billie feels herself getting close to cumming and can't hold back anymore as her juices explode all over her strapon

Peyton pulls out of Billie and says "Wanna takes the juices of a champion."

Billie begins bobbing her head up and down on her fake cock tasting her juices and loving the taste as she smirks up at Peyton. She takes the cock out of her mouth and begins swapping her juices back and forth with Peyton as they make out passionately.

"That was amazing" Peyton said to the champ. "I'm really going to enjoy this title reign" Billie said as she kisses Peyton as they cuddle and fall asleep covered in their own fluids and with the NXT Women's Championship firmly in Billie's grasp.

The End

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