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That'll Do Pig

It had been a long night and one of those nightmarish, eight woman tag team
matches. Eight women on a team, that was. Mickie liked Brie, Nikki, Barbie,
Tiffany and the others -- she really did! -- but working with them in the
ring, especially when carrying inexperienced heels like Alica Fox and Layla
could be absolute torture. It was a blessing to have women like Beth and
Michelle, too... they were at LEAST able to string a match together with her,
even if Michelle could be magnificently bitchy sometimes.

All Mickie wanted to do now was to slip her comfy civilian clothes back on
and head to the hotel. She sighed and stood in front of the locker, patting
down her smooth, sweat slicked body with a soft towel. There wasn't a mirror,
so she saw the pale, blond shadow slipping up behind her, but didn't realize
that it was actually Michelle -- talk about speaking of the devil! -- until
Mickie found herself pinned face first against the lockers.

"Ow," Mickie said, "Michelle... what the hell?"

"You're mine now, Piggy..." Michelle whispered, altogether too pleased with
herself, "just try to get away."

Mickie did, and discovered that her hands were cuffed on a short chain. There
was little give and she was able only to jerk it a few inches, was barely
able to turn and face Michelle. "Ugh, what are you doing? And why are you
calling me Piggy? That's just some dumb angle, isn't it?"

Michelle leaned in to kiss Mickie with sultry, spearmint lips. To her
everlasting surprise, Mickie didn't back away and even returned the kiss,
biting Michelle's lip softly when the time came to pull away. She said again,
"What the hell is happening, Michelle? Is this some kind of stupid prank? Did
Dave put you up to this? Cause if he did I swear I'll -- "

"No, Piggy, no," Michelle whispered in Mickie's ear, "that big douchebag
doesn't have anything to do with this, just me and Layla. Relax."

"Layla?" Mickie said, "What? Where?"

She smaller woman waved from over by her locker, polishing Michelle's
championship belt, "Hi! Mummy said I have to wait my turn; see you in a
minute, Piggy." She giggled, "Well, I see all of you now... I guess I'll just
see you up close in a minute!"

Mickie sighed and tried to ignore how deliciously it made her full breasts
brush against Michelle, "Will you two PLEASE stop it with the Piggy nonsense?
You know I hate it!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Michelle said, "your mouth says you hate it, but..." she
smiled and traced her tongue around Mickie's collar bone, "that fat, wet
pussy says you LOVE it. I even noticed you getting damp during our segment
tonight, when Layla crawled around in the Piggy James suit and shook that
pudgy little ass of hers."

Mickie blushed and turned her head away, "Ugh... you know, Michelle... I
THOUGHT you were a little nuts when we first met, and then I said no, no,
she's probably not all that bad, you're probably wrong. Now I know that I was
wrong; you're not a little nuts; you're full on crazy!"

"Yeah," Michelle said, "crazy about eating a little bit of barbecued pork."
She dropped to her knees and frenched Mickie's navel vigorously, let her
tongue explore the cute little button and the tender flesh around it.

Mickie moaned and arched her back involuntarily, "Ugh, not only are you
CRAZY, Michelle, you're corny as hell too!"

"Now, now," Michelle stood up, turned Mickie by her bound wrists, and slammed
the former women's champion against the lockers hard enough to make her teeth
rattle, "now, now... there's no call to be a bad little Piggy and insult me."
She slapped Mickie's ass hard enough to make the big, round cheeks jiggle.
"It looks like I'm going to have to punish you." She looked around to her
friend, "Layla! Get over here and hold this fat little whore down."

"Yes, Mummy," Layla said. She carefully folded the belt and, with just as
much delicacy, slapped Mickie across the face hard enough to split her lip
and make the spit fly, and then backhanded her down again. Gripping Mickie's
chin, Layla kissed her bloodied lip and smiled sweetly, "Don't talk so nasty
to my Mistress, love... OUR Mistress... unless she asks you to, 'kay?"

"Yeah," Mickie said, dazed from the surprisingly stiff slap, "yeah, okay,

Seconds later she found herself forcibly knelt, face down to the floor and
ass high, held in place by Layla sitting on her neck, surprisingly strong
thighs holding Mickie fast around the neck. She also felt the English woman's
small, well manicured hands kneading and fondling her cheeks, pulling them
wide apart to reveal her tight, clencing asshole to the air.

"Mmm," Michelle said, "I thought we had us a little slave girl... looks like
we had a big, fat sow instead. I wonder how she tastes..." Mickie moaned at
the feeling of Michelle's hot, wet tongue parting and exploring her asshole.
Her pussy had begun to drip, there was no way to hide it, and waves of both
pleasure and shame cascaded over Mickie's body. With Michelle's tongue in her
ass and long, slender, expert fingers in her pussy, Mickie found herself
floating in sub space, the shame and pleasure mixing, coarsely at first and
then delicately, into a perfect, erotic swirl.

Mickie found herself so lost in this state, a few minutes later, close to an
enormous orgasm, that she didn't notice the huge strap-on until it began
boring into her asshole. Mickie bucked, struggled, tried to fight against it,
but Layla's weight and Michelle's thrusts were too powerful to resist. "Uh
uh," Michelle said, "I don't think so you goddamn fat pig whore... you're
gonna lay there and take this big dick like the worthless cum dump you are
and then you're not gonna sit right, or shit right, for a week." The dildo
was a curving corkscrew, to imitate a boar's curving prick, and Mickie could
feel its prodigious width exploring a full foot or more into her bowels. Her
entire body was on fire with humiliation and agony, but Mickie's cunt was
burning only with desire.

"Oh," Mickie said, "oh Jesus... oh Jesus fuck SHIT, why are you doing this
Michelle? Why do you hate me so much? Ohhhh..." she could feel her voice
breaking, getting higher. She couldn't stand feeling weak like this, hated
how degraded that this made her feel, but loved the feelings spreading
through her whole body.

Michelle, for her part, was on top of the world. "Oh, yeah, oh yeah," she
said, enraptured, the back end of the dildo rubbing against her own pussy,
"that's good... that's good... you better squeal you fat little piggy."
Mickie fought against the screams rising inside her. Michelle felt the hot,
wet juices running down Mickie's thighs, though, and redoubled efforts. "Come
on, Piggy," she said, "I know you love that big dick, don't try to hide it...
squeal, you fat little hog, come on and motherfucking squeal, pig, squeal!"

Mickie couldn't take it any more. When she finally came -- and it was a
massive orgasm when she did -- the screams came out weird and muffled between
Layla's thighs and sounded, for all the world, like the cows squealing on the
farm back home when the boars mounted them and drove their fat, curly pricks
deep inside. She knew, from that moment on, that no matter how much she hated
it she would ALWAYS come when Michelle called, would always be her muddy
little hog whore

When Michelle's own orgasm, as large as Mickie's, had subsided she slid out
of her slave's ass in a long, leisurely pull which make Mickie grunt and
squirm, to Michelle's great pleasure. She spread Mickie's gaped ass wide and
spat in it, glad to have loosened such a beautiful hole. Finally, before
heading over to pick up her belt and leaving Layla to bring their new pet
home, Michelle patted Mickie's quivering, sweat streaked side and said,
smiling, "That'll do, pig, that'll do."

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