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The Acquisition Of ECW
by Crank Case

"Damn, damn, damn!" screamed Paul Heyman as he checked his companies
latest monetary figures and ratings. Heyman was slowly sinking into a
nervous breakdown. His company was losing it's major network, the PTC was
beginning to ignore the WWF and attack his company, his wrestlers hadn't
been paid in weeks, some of the more workrate-concious talent like Kid Kash
and Jerry Lynn were entertaining offers from both the WWF and XPW, every
major corporate exec. from Ted Turner to Donald Trump was making a play for
his company, and to top it off his girlfriend had left him.

"Could this day get any worse?" he thought as he downed a Bud Ice.

"Sir," buzzed his secretary, "There's a Mr. Jessup Wade and associates
here to see you."

"Fuck shit damn bastard sonovabitch!" he thought, "Send him in!"

The door of the low-rent hotel suite/office opened and the chairman, CEO,
creative control, and official boss man of the Vegas-based WCW walked in.

Wade was flanked on both sides by women wearing immacuetly tailored
business suit/skirt type things, though each had a slight variation. Ms.
Hancock was carrying a palmtop computer, Leia Meow's shirt was deep purple
silk and she had a purple choker on, Liz was wearing a chauffer's hat, and
the surgically enhanced Asya was wearing leather gloves and steel-toed
ass-stompin boots.

Heyman menacingly pointed a finger at the leather-jacketed exec, "Look
Wade, I respect what you've done with that shitty organization. But I'm
going to tell you what I've told everyone else. ECW IS NOT FOR SALE!!! I'M

"Duly noted," replied Wade when he dropped into the hotel chair and
propped his feet on Heyman's desk, "But I'm not interested in creative
control of ECW." Wade held up a hand to silence Heyman's oncoming tirade,
"I'm offering you my network's financial backing, prime timeslots on Tuesday
and Saturday nights, the best technical guys in the biz to make your shows
look professionally done, top arena's, immense salaries, you'd keep complete
creative control, and I'm even willing to give you back some of your guys
as well as some of ours. And all I want in return is for you to get your
female talent to sign these exclusive all-access contracts."

Wade slid the contracts over the table to Heyman whose eyes bulged when
he read them, "But you want them to..." Wade smiled and nodded. He snapped
his finger and Ms. Hancock held out her palmtop and an E-pen. The ECW/WCW
contract was outlined on the screen.

"Just sign on the electronic line, my man." Wade said.

Heyman grabbed the pen, glanced over at his secretary who'd poked her
head in the door, and signed his name on the screen.

"Acquisition complete, sir," said Ms. Hancock.

"Pleasure doin' buisness witcha, Paulie." Wade said as they shook hands.
After Wade and his entourage had left, Heyman looked down at the financial
papers in his hand and threw his hands in the air, "YEEEEEHAAAAAAAA!!!!!"

***Two Weeks later, Tuesday Night Throwdown, CSBN at Nine***

Joey and Joel were in the ring. "Hello Phillidelphia and Welcome to
ECW's Tuesday night Throwdown on our new network, CSBN! I'm Joey Styles!"
Exclaimed Joey.

Joel grabbed the mic, "Well well well, and I'm Joel "Yo' momma loves my
cock in her tight snatch and she goes down on her sister for a midnight
snack" Gertner."

Joey said, "That one was pretty week Joel."

Joel replied, "Hey I saw what was up next on the itinerary and I didn't
want to waste a lot of time! Sue me!"

"Riiiiight," Joey said and looked at the camera, "And I'd like to
personally thank Jess Wade and all the execs at CSBN for putting their trust
in us and allowing us to go completely unedited and unrestrained so we can
bring you, the fans, the most extreme action ever!!!!"

"Yeah yeaa," Joel said, "Let's get to the announce positions!"

Joey and Joel left hte ring and walked over to the announce booth in the
crowd where Elektra and Lori Fullington waited wearing nothing but black and
white garters, stockings, stilettos, and chokers; respectively.

"I just love the perks of this new network, Joel." Joey said as Elektra
opened his pants and slid her red-painted lips over his throbbing member.
Joel could only make that fist-waving motion when Lori pantsed him and gave
him a lap dance.

"Sex On Wheels" came over the loudspeakers and Jasmin St. Clair, The Blue
Meanie, Mikey Whipwreck, and Cathy Cunt (Alias C.C., alias Barbera Bush from
the WWF.) stood on the entrance way. Jasmin and Cathy were wearing nuthing
but g-strings and tiny bikini tops. Cathhy was carrying a black bag. The
four people went to the ring and no sooner had Jasmin picked up a mic when
"Heard It On The X" played on the loud speakers.

Francine, The Queen of Extreme, was on the ramp wearing a bikini top,
semi-see through pants, and a thong underneath. She spoke as she walked to
the ring, "I, for one, am sickened by the disgusting turn this company has
taken! Teasing is teasing but actually having sluts fucking the announcers
on camera is way too far! And I wonder what you four degenerates are doing
in the ring, given the way the night's progressed so far?"

Joey tried to give a reply but could only grunt as he pistoned into
Elektra doggy style. Joel's retort was muffled by his face being in Lori's
pussy as they 69'd.

Jasmin had to make the democratic response, "First of all, bitch. I won't
even mention some of the things you had to do to get your job. Second, get
used to the fucking cause we're gonna be doing a lot of it what with the
regular shows, pay per views, and new line of videos "The Girls of ECW."
Finally and to answer your question, Mr. Wade and Mr. Heyman thought you
might be a little unreceptive to this new format, so they sent us to help
you get used to it!"

With that, Meanie and Mikey grabbed Francine's arms and Jasmin and Cathy
stripped naked. They yanked Francine's pants and thong off and Meanie had
long since dispatched her bra so he and Mikey could suck and fondle her tits.
Francine started to scream so Cathy slapped her and shoved one of her huge
melons in Francine's mouth.

"OOOOh that's right bitch. Suck CC's big DD!" she said. Jasmin shoved
four fingers in the struggling Francine's dry cooch and rammed them in and
out quickly.

Cathy and Mikey switched places so Cathy could return the tit-sucking
favor to Francine. Mikey whipped out his ten inch dick and slapped Francine
in the face with it repeatedly while she tried to shout obscenities at him.
Meanie was fingering Francine's anus as well as licking het tits and kissing
Cathy. His girlfriend Jasmin meanwhile, was still pumping her fingers into
Francine's slowly dampening slit and sucking her clit like it was a tiny

Mikey shoved his dick in Francine's mouth and said, "If you don't suck
it or if you bite it, me and Meanie will keep fucking you till we're sure
you're knocked up!" Francine went wide-eyed with fear and she instantly
started licking the underside of his prick and took half of it down her
throat. About this time Francine decided it was time to get serious and
really give the people a show. She instructed the others to drag Francine
to a turnbuckle. She then handcuffed Francine's hands behind her back and
around the middle turnbuckle coupling. Mikey hopped up on the second rope
and resumed his position in Francine's mouth. Jasmin and Cathy pulled down
the Blue Meanie's shorts to reaveal a fifteen inch long, five inch thick
cock that made both womens' mouths water.

Meanie positioned himself under Francine and Jasmin oiled up Francine's
asshole and Meanie's dick with a jar of KY that she pulled from the black
bag. Meanie lined himself up and shoved hgis massive tool three inches into
Francine's asshole. Francine screamed around Mikey's pistoning cock and
tried to wiggle away which only succeeded in helping Meanie push an
additional five inches in her. Francine's asshole was stretched wide around
Meanie's five inch wide dick. Jasmin kept applying more KY to Francine's
asshole and Meanie shoved another three inches in her before he bottomed
out. Meanie slowly pulled back against Francine's ass' vice-like grip on
his prick till only his fat purple cockhead was in and the slowly pushed
back in. Francine was in absolute agony. Her asshole was being stretched
wide and she was being forced to suck some jobber's dick while two dykes
fondeled her on national tv!

Her humiliation would only get worse, however, because Jasmin had a few
more surprises for The Queen of Extreme. She rummaged around in the bag and
pulled out something that she kept hidden. She whispered something in
Cathy's ear and the two sweating, wet, naked women advanced on the prone
and violated Francine. The two women each took one of Francine's nipples in
their mouths and sucked and licked and nibbled them till the brown nubs were
hard and protruding.

Jasmin whispered in Francine's ear as she rolled her nipple between
thumb and forefinger, "Guess you kind of like this huh?"

Francine was ashamed to admit that she was getting wet and dripping girl
juice onto the mat, a fact that was greatly emphasized by Joel Gertner as
he came in Lori's buttery ass. Jasmin and Cathy worked on Francine's nipples
till they were completly hard and then Jasmin unveiled her surprise to a
horrified Francine. Her surprised were two stainless steel, barely-padded,
chain connected nipple clamps. Cathy and Jasmin viciously clamped them on
and tugged the chain with their combined strength. Francine's nipples were
distended at least an inch more than they should've been. The tears that ran
down Francine's face only spurred on Mikey and Jasmin who moved on straight
to the main event.

She grabbed her last two goodies from her bag. Two eighteen inch,
double-headed, black, ribbed, vibrating dildoes. Jasmin got down on her
knees and placed her face in Cathy's sloppy-wet cunt and started to lick
up the cream. Then she shoved one end of one of the dildoes all the way up
Cathy's pussy and flipped the switch. The vibrations caused an instant
orgasm in Cathy and her cum shot out the sides of the phallus and onto
Jasmin's face. Jasmin roughly shoved the other vibrator in her own pussy and
jumped on Francine. The vibrations caused some minimal problems when Jasmin
went to shove herslef into Francine's pussy but once she got in both of them
experienced mind blowing mutual orgasm.

Jasmin screamed at Cathy, "Shove it up my ass!!" while she sawed in and
out of Francine, feeling her boyfriends huge penis through Francine's vaginal

Cathy shoved the vibrating monster in Jasmin's ass and all three women
came again. Mikey and Meanie were starting to get frustrated as neither of
them had come yet so they began plunging into Francine with earnest.

Francine thought, "Oh shit! Here I am, on national television, being
raped and sodmized and used as a cheap fuck-toy! I should be furious, but
I'm cumming all over the place! I love the feeling of these two bitches
see-sawing into me while they pull my nipples! I love these two big beautiful
cocks raping my orifices! I want to taste all of their come and be their
bitch-fuck-slave forever!!! I'm not the Queen of Extreme!!! I'm the eXXXtreme
Bitch and I LOVE IT!!!!" She came again and again while she humped herself
in all directions and her attackers violsated her.

Jasmin and Cathy fell backwards to the mat with Cathy still fucking
Jasmin's ass and fondling her boobs. Mikey finally let loose a huge cum-load
into Francine's mouth that only managed to fill up half of the eXXXtreme
Bitch's massive mouth. Meanie let loose five ropes of cum into Francine's
ass and hurried out from under her still popping his wad so it landed on
Jasmin's titties and face, Francine's still-cumming cunt, all across her
tits, all over her face and hair, and two shots actually made it in her
mouth. Jasmin climbed off of the passed-out Cathy and shut off Cathy's
dildo. She pulled it out and licked it clean of the girl-cum the she went to
work tounging every drop of cum off and out of Cathy's crotch and spit the
load into Francine'ss mouth, filling it up.

Jasmin uncuffed Francine and dragged the cum-soaked woman by her hair to
the center of the ring and the camera man. She grabbed a mic and proclaimed,
"Welcome to ECW!!! And this is..." She shoved the mic into the eXXXtreme
Bitch's face and the camera panned down to get a shot of Francine's
cum-covered face and tits. She showed the camera the huge cum=load she had
in her mouth. She swallowed it all in one gulp and sultrily said,

***Front Office***

"And you said this wouldn't work!" said Jess Wade as Ms. Hancock bounced
up and down on his dick. "You're right," said Paul Heyman who had Dawn
Marie's ass speared on his rod, "Guess I owe you a Coke"

The End

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