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The Acquisition Of ECW Part 2
by Foley Fan (

XPW had just wrapped up a show in Los Angeles and all the wrestlers were
leaving. The next day they'd head out to do a show in San Francisco. Dressed
in a small pink dress with spaghetti straps that hugged her body quite
nicely, Kristi Myst exited the arena and headed to her rental car in the
parking lot. As she fished her keys out of her purse, all she could think
about was getting back to her hotel and take a nice hot bubble bath.

"Well, well, well. Look who we have here." came a voice from behind.

Kristi froze like a deer in the headlights. She knew who's voice it was
and hoped that they were alone. Slowly turning around, she came face to face
with the pissed off the eXXXtreme Bitch Francine, with kendo stick in hand.

"What's the matter Kristi, don't recognize me? Let me refresh your memory.
How about Heatwave last July. You remember that night, Kristi?" asked
Francine with a sneer.

Kristi was scared shitless. She normally talked trash about ECW, but that
was because she never thought she'd get in trouble for it. But even though
they weren't in the same company, everyone in the wrestling business knew
that you don't make Francine pissed. And Kristi knew that she talked enough
shit to royally piss off Francine.

"L-listen Francine, me and the guys were just doing what Black told us to
do. He said it would be good publicity for both the companies if we crashed
the pay-per-view and caused some trouble. We didn't know ECW wou-"

"Would what? Not want a pack of third rate 'extreme' performers to crash
our show and start trouble? Now why wouldn't we want that?" asked Francine

"Okay Francine, I'm sorry. I didn't-"

"Too late to apologize now bitch!"

With that, Francine whacked Kristi right on the head with her kendo stick.
With hardly a yelp, Kristi hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Francine
smiled at the limp form of the woman so many men wanted to screw senseless.

"Get ready honey, it's gonna be a wild night."


With a groan Kristi woke up. Her vision was blurry at first but soon
cleared up. Her arms were above her head and she couldn't move them. When she
got the cobwebs out of her head, she found that she was handcuffed to a
headboard in a motel room.

"Making yourself at home?"

Kristi turned towards the bathroom door to see Francine in one of her
trademark black mini-dresses. She walked over towards Kristi, her hips
swaying erotically.

"If there's one thing you learn on the road, never underestimate the hard
working staff a Motel 6." she said with a smile.

"What're you going to do with me?" asked a scared Kristi.

"Since Heyman joined up with CSBN, ECW has gotten certain liberties. Paul
wanted to get XPW back for the little stunt you pulled, and he thought I was
the perfect one to lead the charge. So guess what that means? Tonight, you're
gonna be my personal whore. And with CSBN's backing, I wouldn't suggest XPW
trying to fight back or you'll get your asses buried."

Francine sat down by Kristi's legs and let her hand wander down their
smooth surface. With a smile, Francine worked her way between Kristi's legs
and up to her pussy. Francine licked her lips.

"I didn't know that you shaved Kristi. That's very sexy."

All of the sudden Kristi regretted never wearing panties. Francine
continued to tease Kristi's snatch with her fingers. Although Kristi hated to
admit it, it had felt good. Within a minute her pussy started to get wet.

"Getting wet already my little whore? Be sure so save your strength.
You'll need it."

Francine slapped Kristi across the face, leaving a throbbing red mark on
her right cheek. Kristi was scared; she didn't know what Francine would do to
her. With a cruel smile, Francine walked over to the room's table in the
corner and retrieved her kendo stick. She walked back to the bound Kristi and
ripped her skirt off, leaving her bottom half totally unclothed. Francine
slid two fingers over the round top of the kendo stick like she always did.

"Let's see how loose you've become over the years Kristi."

Francine then shoved the top of the kendo stick into Kristi's wet pussy.
Unlike her other sticks, this one was thicker than usual. Kristi grunted as
four inches was suddenly shoved into her. Francine smiled evilly at Kristi's
pain and started to pump the kendo stick back and forth into Kristi's snatch.

"Oh Francine...p-please stop I-oh god-I'm sorry." panted Kristi.

The plea only made Francine drive another five inches of the thick kendo
stick into Kristi. She tried to fight it, but Kristi couldn't help herself.
Within minutes she was moaning at the top of her lungs, her pelvis humping
Francine's kendo stick.

"Oooooo, god that feels so gooooodddd! Don't stop, please!!!"

Francine loved making the petite blonde beauty writhe in pleasure. She
used her kendo stick to screw Kristi just like a real cock would. And Kristi
was loving ever second of it. But just as Kristi was approaching orgasm,
Francine pulled the kendo stick out of Kristi's cunt. Kristi groaned in

"Wh-why did you do that?"

"Because I'm not here to give you pleasure, I'm here to make you pay."
said Francine with a grin.

Just then, Tommy Dreamer walked into the room. When he saw the bound
Kristi, he smiled. Francine walked over to him and gave him a passionate
french kiss.

"So are you two having fun?" he asked.

"Oh we're just getting started. How'd you guys do?"

"We did good. Me, Rhino, New Jack, Sandman, and Balls Mahoney beat down
Supreme, Kid Kaos, Messiah, and Homeless Jimmy so bad they'll be in the
hospital for a couple of days at least."

"Good." smiled Francine. "Now how about we show this bitch what extreme
really is?"

"Hell yeah, honey."

Tommy walked over to Kristi and gave her a hard kiss on the lips. Kristi
tried to resist, but Tommy was so good it was hard to resist. When he was
done with her mouth, Tommy kissed Kristi's slim neck. Kristi cooed like a
schoolgirl. What she didn't feel was Tommy ripping off her top, exposing her
36D cup tits.

"Damn, she's got nice tits." said Tommy.

Tommy used his hands to paw Kristi's endowments. He brought his mouth to
one and bit down softly on her nipple. Kristi had a lustful look in her eyes,
she was starting to like this. As Tommy felt up Kristi, Francine removed her
black mini-dress, exposing the most eXXXtreme body in ECW.

"Enough playing around, honey, time to get serious." she said.

Tommy knew what that meant. He whipped out his 8-inch cock and was just
inches from Kristi's pussy. Francine walked over to the bed and sat on
Kristi's face.

"Ok whore, lick my pussy NOW!" ordered Francine.

Kristi wasted no time in lapping away at Francine shaved cunt. At the same
time, Tommy shoved three inches into Kristi and started to fuck her. Being a
porn star, Kristi was used to fucking and utilized those skills right there.
She rocked back and forth on Tommy's cock as best she could. Tommy got seven
inches into her and was pumping away.

"Damn Francie, you were right. The bitch is a perfect fit." he grunted.

"Uhhhhh-h-huuuuu." groaned Francine.

Francine was moaning at the attention her pussy was getting from Kristi.
The blonde had a third of her tongue shoved into Francine, using it ways that
were almost beyond imagination. It was obvious that Kristi had eaten out
other women before.

"That's it you little-oh fuck yeah-little whore. Eat out the queen's cunt!
Do it!"

Francine started to feel her own breasts now. Her hands felt her soft tit
flesh like they belonged to a teenage boy. She enjoyed feeling herself up
with the blonde sexpot beneath her eating her out while getting banged by her
boyfriend. It was truly a great moment for the eXXXtreme Bitch.

screamed Francine.

Francine was humping Kristi, girl cum flowing all over her. Tommy was
using his meatstick to batter Kristi's pussy. He grunted with each powerful
slam into the lithe blonde. As for Kristi, she was enjoying every second of
it. Her only point of existence was to be fucked like a $2 slut on the
corner. Tommy shot off two loads into Kristi, only filling her up halfway.

"God damn baby, she is a whore." he grunted with the final shots.

Francine continued to hump Kristi's face for several minutes. Beneath her,
Kristi's cries of passion were muffled. Both women orgasmed several times
before they were done. When a spent Francine got off of Kristi, Tommy was
very turned on by what he saw. The cute, sexy face of Kristi Myst, covered in
his girlfriend's cum.

"More please." asked Kristi submissively.

Tommy snickered at the transformation that had overcome Kristi. Before she
thought she was god's gift to men. Now here she was, a broken whore asking
for another fuck. He was about to give her another ride but then saw Francine
crawling over to him, a lustful gaze attached to his cock. Francine got on
her knees in front of Tommy and started giving him one of her legendary

"Oh FUCK YEAH Francine! Suck my cock like the pro that you are darling."

Tommy was in heaven. His sexy bitch of a girlfriend was giving him a
mind-blowing blowjob while having a porn star watch the whole thing. Francine
licked Tommy's head, sending a shiver pleasure throughout his body. Kristi
was getting hornier by the minute as she watched. She wanted to be fucked so
bad but that didn't look like it was going to happen. After another five
minutes of getting his cock sucked, Tommy came.

"Here I go Francie, swallow it! Swallow it ALL!!!"

Tommy unloaded several loads into Francine's mouth, then pulled out of her
and shot two more on her face and chest. Being the eXXXtreme Bitch, Francine
loved every second of it. She started to lick some of the jism off her face
when she heard Kristi whining like a little puppy.

"Shut the fuck up you bitch! You'll get fucked when we say so!" snapped

Francine had Tommy sit down in a chair by the corner of the room. She
started to give him a lap dance, her hips gyrating against his pelvis. Her
tits swayed erotically in his face. Tommy loved it when Francine was in a
nasty mood, the sex was always great. Francine licked her lips hungrily at
her boyfriend. Just then, Rhino, New Jack, and Gorgeous George entered the
room. George was dressed in black leather pants and a white tanktop.

"Whoa! All right Tommy!" said New Jack.

"Hey guys, see you found George." said Tommy, eyes still on Francine's

"Hey, Wade wanted someone to oversee the whole thing." said George, "I see
you found Kristi. You two mind if we take a crack at her?"

"Go ahead." said Francine as she gave Tommy a passionate kiss.

"All right, first a fight and now a fuck. Could this night get any
better?" said Rhino with a smile.

Kristi saw Rhino's sadistic smile and felt fear once again. George
unbuckled New Jack's pants, his 12-inch fuckstick being released.

"Ok Jack, show this bitch what you've got." said George.

New Jack walked up to Kristi's face and shoved six inches into her mouth.
At this point Kristi was so hot from watching Tommy and Francine, she reveled
at the chance for some cock. Kristi began to suck on New Jack like a newborn.
New Jack loved it.

"Damn, this fine ass cracker is a good cocksucker." he moaned.

George had whipped out Rhino's 15-inch monster and started to jack him
off. The large wrestler kissed the sexy porn star savagely on the lips.
George got on her tiptoes and returned the kiss, wrapping her free arm around
Rhino's large neck. Rhino lowered his large hands down to George's backside,
then squeezed her firm asscheeks.

As the two made out, New Jack was enjoying the blowjob Kristi was giving
him. "That's it you white bitch, suck off the Natural Born Killa. You'll
swallow everything I give you. Tonight, you're my bitch."

Any other woman would have been offended, but Kristi was beyond caring.
All she wanted was to be fucked.

George tore away her kiss from Rhino and got down on her knees. She tried
to get his entire cock in her mouth, but it was just too big even for her.
Rhino didn't care, he grabbed her head and face-fucked her anyway.

"We've all seen the video George. Show me what you've got." he said with a

As George and Kristi sucked off their boys, Francine was in the corner
riding Tommy like a cowgirl. Francine was moaning at the top of her lungs in
total sexual bliss. Tommy sucked her tits as she rode him. This was turning
out to be a damn good night for Tommy Dreamer.

"Oh fuckin' A George! Suck my cock, suck it like the porno star you are!"
grunted Rhino.

George loved it when men talked to her like that. She knew she was a tease
and she backed it up. Using some of the methods she picked up from Leia Meow,
George had become a great cocksucker. Within minutes she had Rhino moaning
like a little boy. When he blew his load, George's mouth was filled to
capacity. She had come close to gagging, but was able to keep it all down.
When Rhino finished coming he reached down and peeled George's shirt off,
letting her large breasts hang free.

"Damn George, you got one of the best racks I've ever seen." he said.

George smiled at the compliment. She turned to see New Jack emptying his
load into the slut mouth of Kristi Myst.

"What do you say we show that XPW bitch what you've got big boy?"

Rhino smiled and walked over to the bound Kristi. He grabbed her by the
waist and flipped her over. He saw the fine globes that were Kristi's ass.
Rhino used his hands to feel their firmness, making his cock rigid once

"N-no please. It'll hurt too much." whimpered Kristi.

Rhino didn't care and slammed his cock into Kristi's ass. Kristi groaned
in both pleasure and pain as Rhino slammed his large member in and out of her
anal cavity. George wanted in on the action too. She got underneath Kristi
and got in a 69 position with her. Both women were slurping away at each
other's pussies.

"How's the bitch from that end?" New Jack asked Rhino.

"Tight as hell. And I love it!"

Rhino slammed in his full 15 inches, causing Kristi to scream in pleasure
and pain. She'd never had a cock this big in her ever. Her pussy was battered
for ten more minutes before Rhino came inside of her. George was in the
throes of passion as well, Kristi did know how to eat pussy. When George and
Rhino were done, Tommy and Francine were getting dressed as well. Before the
four ECW stars and Gorgeous George left, Francine grabbed her purse from the
table and pulled out a camcorder that had taped all that happened to Kristi
so far tonight.

"Paul will LOVE to see this." she told Tommy as they left.

They left Kristi handcuffed and covered in cum. They figured that room
service would get her in the morning. But as Tommy passed the front desk, he
saw two teenagers trying to get a room. It was their prom night and the guy
wanted someplace to screw his girlfriend.

"Here you go kids, room #7 paid for the rest of the night. Have fun." said
Tommy as he gave them the room key.

When the teenagers got to the room, they were shocked to find XPW star
Kristi Myst handcuffed to the bed, naked, and begging to be fucked. For the
rest of the night, boyfriend and girlfriend enjoyed fucking Kristi in the
greatest threesome any teenager ever had.

The End.

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