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The Acquisition Of ECW Part 3
by Foley Fan (

The opening pyro for ECW Tuesday Night Throwdown went off throughout the
arena's backstage entryway. Down at the Commentator's table were Joey Styles
and Joel Gertner.

Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to Extreme Championship Wrestling! This
is Tuesday Night Throwdown! I'm Joey Styles...

Gertner: And well, well, well. It is I, the quintessential stud muffin, Joel
"I'll understand if you call me a fat bastard because I'm dead sexy" Gertner.

Joel gave the camera a suggestive wink.

Styles: Well anyway folks, we've got a terrific show for you tonight. The
angry Amish warrior Roadkill will take on Rhino for the ECW Television Title.
Also, the Baldies will take on Chilly Willy and Ballz Mahoney in a tag-team
match. But first-

Joey was interrupted as "Girls, Girls, Girls" by Motley Crue started
playing on the PA. Down the ramp walked none other than Teri "Fyre" Byrne.
She wore skintight black leather pants and tube top and that hugged her large
jugs, firm butt, and sculpted legs very sexily. The pants had fire streaks
down the sides. The crowd roared as she approached the ring. Joey and Joel
were ecstatic.

Styles: Joel, look at this! It's Teri Byrne! She hasn't been seen since
winning the Slutbrawl a few weeks ago! What's she doing here?!?

Gertner: Calm down Joey, you'll bust a nut.

Teri was handed a microphone from a stagehand. She smiled as the audience
chanted her name for a few moments. "Hey ECW! How's it hangin' tonight?"

Gertener: Come over here and I'll let you see for yourself honey.

Styles: Will you shut up?

"As you all know, I won the CSBN Slutbrawl several weeks ago and now have
the chance to join any CSBN wrestling promotion I want to. Some thought I'd
go back to my old home in WCW, some thought I'd go to the WWF. But after
thinking it over I realized those two just weren't extreme enough for me. So
I called Jessup Wade and told him that I want in ECW!"

The crowd hooted and howled. Lori was sucking away on six inches of
Gertner's cock, which had grown hard when Teri first came out. The strawberry
blonde underneath the table also had a vibrator shoved in her pussy.

"So ECW," continued Teri, "get ready because this girl is ready to get

Just as Teri was leaving the ring out of the back came Prodigy, his twin
sister Prodigette and Simon Diamond. The trio rushed into the ring. Teri knew
this was trouble and tried to get out of their, but Prodigy and Simon got a
hold of her first. Prodigette grabbed Teri's mic and got in her face.

"You busty red-haired BITCH!!! Who the hell do you think you are comin' in
here like you own the place? You think you're just gonna walk right on in and
start runnin' this show? Uh-uh! The three of us are tired of being held back,
we're gonna take what's ours and we're gonna start with YOU!!!"

Prodigette threw the mic down and ripped open Teri's top. The redhead's
large D-cup tits burst free. Prodigette grabbed Teri's left nipple and
twisted it savagely. Teri hissed in pain, not wanting to give the
satisfaction of a scream.

"Bitch too good to give us a scream?" said Prodigy with a sneer, "Beat her
down sis."

Prodigette gave Teri a hard elbow to the face. Teri was knocked down to
her knees, a drop of blood running from her mouth. Prodigy and Simon looked
down at Teri with a perverted look. Simon started to unzip his pants.

"You did lots of fucking in the Slutbrawl. Time for us to get our share of
the pie."

"Go to hell!" snarled Teri.

The three wrestlers grabbed Teri once again, ready to take her in any way
imaginable. At the commentary table, Joey was furious while Joel was too busy
giving it to Lori doggystyle.


Gertner: Oh yeah Lori, me like, me like!!

Simon was hitting Teri in the face with his cock when "Intergalactic" hit
the PA. Nova and Jazz came barreling down the ramp.

Styles: Here comes the Calvary: Nova and Jazz!!!

The two rescuers slid into the ring. Jazz clotheslined Prodigette to the
ground and started nailing her with forearms. Nova knocked down Simon with a
high kick to the face, then turned to Prodigy. The two exchanged furious
blows back and forth. Nova was slowing gaining the upper hand. Unfortunately,
Simon revived himself and nailed Nova in the back of the head. Simon and
Prodigy started beating down Nova.

Styles: Oh my GOD!! Can nobody stop these madmen?

Joey's prayers were answered when "Bawitiba" by Kid Rock began blaring
throughout the arena. The audience cheered wildly as Kid Kash made his way
through the crowd and to the ring. When he got there Kash jumped on the top
rope and did a reverse backflip, nailing Simon and Prodigy. Prodigette kneed
Jazz in the gut; Jazz got the wind knocked out of her. Teri attacked
Prodigette from behind with a swinging neckbreaker. Prodigette, Prodigy, and
Simon were all thrown out of the ring and headed toward the back, defeated.
The four in the ring all helped each other up.

"Thanks for the assist guys." said Teri.

"Uh, no problem." said Kash distantly.

Teri realized that both Kash and Nova were staring at her tits and had
hard-ons that were very visible. Even Jazz's nipples were hard when she
noticed Nova's tent. Teri smiled and pulled off her pants, leaving her buck
naked. She posed for the three for a minute.

"I owe you guys for saving me. Wanna have some fun?"

"Yeah." said Kash with a big grin.

Teri brought Kash over to him and gave him a deep kiss on the lips. Kash
held her tight to him, liking the feel of her large tits on his chest. Teri
broke from the kiss and got down on her knees. She whipped out Kash's 8-inch
cock. Teri sensuously gave it a lick.

"Ohhh baby that feels good." sighed Kash.

Teri took Kash's cock in her mouth and started to suck him off like the
pro that she was. Holding her fiery red hair, Kash guided Teri's mouth as she
sucked. The slurping noises that Teri's sucking caused made the scene like a
hot porno. Meanwhile, Jazz had taken off her top as well, letting her caramel
colored C-cups free. She walked up to Nova and rubbed his chest.

"I've wanted you for so long baby. How about I make you feel reeeeeal

Nova smiled at her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Jazz felt a
tingle as he kissed her. She masturbated every night to the two of them
together. After breaking the kiss, Nova bent forward and started to suck on
Jazz's tits. He uses his mouth to suck away on her large orbs. When he
lightly bits down on her nipple, Jazz gasps in pleasure.

Styles: Now we know what the real relationship between these two are. Could

Lori: Shut up and fuck my ass, Joey!

Joey whips out his cock and takes Lori up the ass. The two announcers are
now fucking Lori at both ends. Lori has her mouth wrapped around Joel's large
prick, sucking him like a true slut. In the ring, Kid Kash was ready to cum.

"Oh fuckin' A baby! You suck cock like a pro! Get ready, here it comes!!!"

Teri loved dirty talk, especially when she was the one who was doing it.
She clamped her throat muscles down tight on Kash's cock. The young superstar
couldn't hold it anymore. With a grunt he shot his load into Teri's mouth.
His cum filled half of Teri's mouth. Teri sucked it all up, loving the salty
taste of a man's cum. When she was done swallowing, she used to tongue to
lick Kash's cock clean. She suckled on one of Kash's balls for a minute,
causing Kash to moan happily.

"That was nice baby." she said with a sexy smile.

"Shit baby, you shoulda been on my side of it."

Nova had stopped sucking Jazz's tits and took off her shorts. He kneeled
in front of Jazz's snatch, admiring her neatly trimmed black-haired pussy.

"Go ahead baby, taste it." encouraged Jazz.

With a smile, Nova drove his tongue into Jazz's pussy. Jazz's eyes went
wide and she let out a satisfying moan of pleasure. Nova lapped away at her
sweet tasting pussy. Jazz wrapped her muscular legs around Nova's neck,
forcing him deeper into her cunt.

"Oh baby!! Oh yeeeaah!! Eat me, eat me now!!!"

Jazz was about to cum when Nova slid out of her. Noticing the sadness in
her face, Nova decided to give her something she'd never forget. He dropped
his leather pants, revealing his fully erect 9 inches. Jazz's mouth started
to water.

"Is this what you want?" he asked her with a grin.

Jazz just nodded. Nova slowly inserted his shaft into Jazz's tight cunt.
He then slowly began to pump in and out of her. Jazz began to groan louder
and louder with every pump. Nova reached out and grabbed Jazz's tits. He
kneaded the large orbs in his hands, lightly squeezing them. Jazz let out a
happy moan.

"Yeah that's it!!! Don't Stooopppp!!!"

While Nova and Jazz were getting it on, Teri had laid Kid Kash on his
back. She crawled up and mounted his erect schlong. The former Nitro Girl
began to happily ride Kash's fully erect cock. As she rode him, her large
tits began to bounce up and down hypnotically. Kash reached out and squeezed
Teri's large melons. He brought his mouth up to them and began to suck on
them alternately.

"Shit yeah honey, suck my big tits! Suck them like there's no tomorrow!!"

Kash gladly obliged her. The two kept slamming into each other, a
continuous fucking taking place. Teri clamped her toned legs against Kash,
holding on tight as she was getting a great fucking from the extreme

Down at the commentators booth, both Joey and Joel and orgasmed four
times. Joey was leaning back in his chair smoking a cigarette while Lori gave
him a blowjob. Joel had retrieved a busty 18-year old blonde named Cindy from
the crowd and was taking her up the ass. The buxom teenager was squealing as
she came.

Gertner: Oh hell yeah honey!! Who's your daddy?

Cindy: Y-you are daaaaAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Nova was slam-fucking Jazz in the middle of the ring now. The two friends
were consumed by lust, their only thoughts on each other. Jazz's pussylips
clamped down hard on Nova's shaft.

"This is Jazz, I'm gonna cum!" grunted Nova.

"Give it to me honey! God I've waited to long for this!! Please give it

Jazz let out a cry of pleasure as Nova exploded inside of her. Their
bodies both tensed up, then released as they came. The audience cheered as
they did. When they were done, both wrestlers were panting for breath. Nova
reached over and grabbed Jazz's head. He drew her face towards his and kissed
her full on the lips.

"I've always wanted to do that too." he said with a smile.

While two had just finished cumming, two were just starting. Teri was
wildly bouncing up and down on Kash's cock. His balls were slapping away at
her firm asscheeks wildly. Teri was moaning like crazy.

"Oh yeah!! Oh YEAH!!! Give it to me!! Give it to me NOWWWWWW!!!"

Teri came very hard, slamming down onto Kash's cock. Kash simultaneously
shot three loads into her pussy, filling it up. Kash never came so hard in
his life and was spent. When the two were done Teri rolled off of Kash, a
slight trail of cum running down her leg. Teri scooped it up with her hand
and licked it off.

"I love a good fucking." she muttered.

Nova looked up to see Teri's firm ass. His dick grew hard again. He walked
over to her and shoved it in her anus. Teri yelped in surprise, then melted
against him. She reached behind her and pulled Nova's face in closer. She
used her to tongue to lick his lips.

"Go ahead big boy, give it to me. I like it HARD!"

Nova forced Teri down on all fours and started to fuck her sweet ass. He
rammed eight inches into her anus. Teri loved it all. Jazz walked over to

"I want some of this too."

"Lay down honey and I'll be sure you get some." said Teri with a wink.

Although she wasn't bi, Jazz was very horny. She laid down in front of
Teri and spread her legs. Teri immediately dove in and began eating Jazz out.
Nova was good at eating pussy, but Teri did a five-star job. She used her
tongue to reduce Jazz to a moaning frenzy.


Jazz was bucking her pelvis against Teri's face, rubbing her pussy against
the redhead. Nova was getting more turned on by the sight and started to fuck
Teri harder. Soon all three were starting to orgasm.

"Here it comes Teri! Here it COOOMMMEESS!!!"

Nova popped a wad into Teri's ass, filling it up. Teri moaned into Jazz's
pussy, giving the black beauty all the more pleasure. Jazz came hard as well,
her pussy exploding with girl cum.

"Give it me! Give me it ALLLLL!!" shouted Teri.

Jazz's pussy was like a fountain, erupting cum all over Teri's face and
the mat. But Teri licked it all up with a grin on her pretty face. When they
were done, all three were spent. Teri's ass, pussy, and face were all covered
in cum. She loved every second of it. After reviving Kash, the four
superstars headed backstage. Nova walked up to Teri and gave her ass a firm

"I think you're going to fit in great around here."

Back at the commentary table, Joey and Joel had Lori and Cindy on the
table in a 69. Joel did the fist-pumping motion in the air, making dog noises
the whole time. Joey was putting out his cigarette.

Styles: Like we said folks, this is extreme television. Get ready because
we've got lots more up next on Tuesday Night Throwdown, right here on CSBN.


In Paul Heyman's office, Bytch Twins Diane and Elaine were both taking
turns sucking Heyman's cock. Dawn Marie got out of the shower, naked as the
day she was born. She walked over to Paul's chair. Paul was watching a
monitor as Throwdown went to commercial.

"So Paulie, did she make an entrance?" asked Dawn with a giggle.

"Yes, yes she did."

That ain't all folks.

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