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The Acquisition of ECW Part 4
by Foley Fan

*** ECW Saturday Night Hardcore TV on CSBN ***

The first hour of Hardcore TV was just wrapping up with a brutal match
between Tajiri and Nova. At ringside was Nova's new squeeze and
pillow-partner Jazz and Tajiri's manager the Sinister Minister. As usual,
Joey and Joel were at the announce table. Elektra was busy sucking Joey's
shaft. She was stripped down to just her garters and stockings, tweaking
her nipples as she gave Joey a hummer. A naked Lori Fullington was dancing
on table in front of Joel, wiggling her plump ass at his face as she did a
sexy striptease.

Joel: Nova's setting up the Kryptonite Crunch on Tajiri from the
turnbuckle... He's got it!!! The ref makes the three count and the match is

"Intergalactic" by the Beastie Boys sounded throughout the arena as Nova
left the ring, Jazz by his side. The Sinister Minister meanwhile helped up

Joel: The tension between Nova and Tajiri is very strong, Joey. I wouldn't
be surprised to see this feud last longer than my shlong at a Las Vegas
strip club.

Joey: Does every sentence you say have to have some sexual reference?

Joel (giving Lori's ass a firm smack): Yeah, pretty much.

Joey: Ok, just checking. Anyway, ECW's new interviewer Cindy Margolis caught
up with Jerry Lynn earlier today in his locker room. Let's take you back to
that interview.

*** Backstage, outside Jerry Lynn's locker room ***

Cindy is standing outside Lynn's locker room, wearing a hot pink thong
bikini with glitter on it. The thong accentuated Cindy's smooth legs and
the top showed off a good amount of cleavage.

Cindy: Hey guys, I'm standing outside Jerry Lynn's dressing room. On next
Tuesday Night's Throwdown, Jerry will face Mike Awesome in a table match
for the #1 contender's slot for the ECW Heavyweight title. Let's see if we
can get a word in with Jerry before he leaves.

Cindy opens the locker room door to reveal Jerry undressing, currently in
just his boxers. At first Jerry doesn't see Cindy, but she can clearly see
the semi-hard cock outlined in his boxers. Cindy just takes a moment to
admire Jerry's chiseled body and outlined cock. Finally, Jerry sees Cindy
standing in the doorway.

Jerry: Oh hey Cindy, didn't see you there. Something I can do for you?

Cindy: Baby, you know it.

Jerry looked confused at first. Cindy quickly dropped her microphone and
ripped off her bikini top and thong. The naked bikini model rushed over to
Jerry and locked him in a passionate kiss. As Cindy's tongue invaded Jerry's
mouth, her hands made their way down to his boxers. Her delicate hands
reached inside and caressed Jerry's slim shaft. Jerry moaned as he begins to
return the kiss with a vengeance. His hands found Cindy's d-cups and gave
them a firm squeeze. The blonde bombshell moaned as she slide Jerry's boxers
down to his ankles. Cindy got down on her knees and began to paw Jerry's full
10-inch prick.

"Baby, I'm gonna love having fun with this." said Cindy with a lecherous

"So what're you waiting for?"

With that, Cindy took a full five inches of Jerry's cock into her mouth.
She used her expert tongue to slurp on Jerry's prick while tickling his balls
with her delicate fingers. Jerry let out a groan and grabbed onto Cindy's
blonde hair.

"That's it Cindy suck my cock like the hot little cocktease you are!"

After nearly ten minutes, Jerry couldn't hold it anymore. He shot his load
into her mouth with a growl. Jerry's cum hit the back of Cindy's throat, like
so many other men's had before. Cindy cleaned Jerry's shaft with a tongue
bath, then laid down on the couch in the corner of the room. She spread her
smooth sexy legs invitingly.

"Ok Jerry, time to get serious. Come over here and get some sugar."

With a feral smile on his face, Jerry threw himself on top of the most
downloadable woman of the 'net. He gave Cindy a deep french kiss, one which
she returned immediately. Jerry shoved three hard inches into Cindy's cunt
immediately and began pumping into her. Cindy let out a squeal as Jerry
shoved five inches into her.

"You-ugh yeah-like this, Cindy?" grunted Jerry.

"Oh GOD yes Jerry!!! I love having your fat cock shoved in my snatch, I

Jerry latched his mouth onto one of Cindy's tits and began sucking like a
newborn babe. Cindy cooed when Jerry lightly bit down on her nipple. She
loved it when men, or women, sucked on her tits. It was her most sensitive
area. After beating Cindy with his meatstick, Jerry was ready to pop.

"Here it comes Cindy, get ready!!! Here it coooMMMESSSS!!!!"

Cindy was having multi-orgasms as Jerry slam-fucked her. He savagely
pumped in and out of her. Cindy wrapped her legs around Jerry's waist and
hung on for dear life. She threw her head back and let out a sharp cry of
ecstasy. The two came for several minutes. Finally, the two came down from
an incredible session. A well-fucked Cindy Margolis cuddled up in Jerry arms
and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"It's reasons like this that I love this job."

*** Back at the commentators position ***

Elektra was riding Joel's cock reverse cowgirl style. The fat man was
slamming his prick into the moaning beauty's snatch. As she was getting
fucked, Elektra was feeling up her own tits. Joey had Lori sucking his cock
with a vibrator shoved up her plump butt.

Joey: Well, ah, Joel and I seem to have our hands...oh yeah you're doing
great Lori...we're kinda busy right now! But luckily we have special guest
Symphony here tonight. Let's see what, or who, she's doing.

Elektra (squealing): Oh yeah big boy, drill me! Drill me HARD!!!

***Backstage, somewhere***

Symphony was walking around the backstage area wearing a tight red shirt,
black mini-skirt, and high heels. A few of the crewman whistled at the sight
of her slim body, cute face, perky c-cup breasts, and long sexy legs.
Symphony was an admitted nymphomaniac and fit right in with CSBN. Half the
male wrestlers employed by the Wade family and their associates had a shot
at Symphony, and every one of them was a satisfied customer. She was a
company bicycle and loved every minute of it.

As Symphony was walking, she heard moans coming from behind a locker room
door. When she put her ear up to the door, she could hear that the moans
indicated definite fucking was going on. Symphony opened the door to see
Tommy Dreamer and the Queen of Extreme Francine laying on a bed in the
center of the room, fucking like rabbits. Tommy was naked, but Francine had
on thigh-high leather boots and a cupless corset. The two stopped when they
heard the door open and say Symphony.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" shouted Francine.

"I-I'm sorry, I just wanted to see what was going on. I heard the moans

"What in the hell did you THINK was going on!!" snapped Francine.

"Well I-uh-I just-"

"Shut up!"

"Yes, ma'am." said Symphony.

Francine saw Tommy's eyes wandering over Symphony's petite body. A smile
came over Francine's face.

"Symphony, close the door and walk over here."

"I think I've done enough, maybe I shou-"

"Now." said Francine.

There was something about the way Francine said it that made Symphony
obey. She closed the door and walked over to the bed. Francine dismounted
Tommy and walked over to Symphony, looking her straight in the eyes.

"You know Symphony, Tommy and I usually have Beulah here to keep us
company. But I loaned her out to Raven for the night. Since Tommy likes you
and you rudely interrupted us, I think you should take her place tonight.
How does that sound, honey?"

"O-ok, I guess." said Symphony nervously.

Francine smiled wickedly.

"Good. Now get down on your knees and eat me like a good little slut."

Symphony got down and took a lick of Francine pussy. She could taste
some of Tommy's cum too. Symphony began to steadily lick Francine's pussy.
Francine was enjoying it, but knew it could be better. Tommy got Francine
her riding crop. Francine smacked Symphony's ass.

"Do it better!" ordered Francine.

Symphony began to lick Francine's clit harder and faster. Her tongue
began to invade the Extreme mistresses wet hole. Francine moaned as she was
being probed. The nude Tommy walked behind Symphony and tore her shirt off,
exposing her firm braless tits.

"Hey what're you doing?" yelped Symphony.

With another smack from Francine's riding crop, Symphony shut up and went
back to eating out Francine. Being skilled in the oral arts, Symphony was
sending waves of pleasure throughout Francine's body with each lick of her

"Mmmm that's nice. Oh yeah...yeah keep licking mistress's cunt! Very good
Symphony" moaned Francine.

Tommy stood back and began to beat off, watching his dominatrix girlfriend
being pleasured. In their relationship, Francine took control in the bedroom.
Not that Tommy was against it, he got to screw his hot girlfriend and other
women as well. After several minutes of oral pleasure Francine began to tweak
her erect nipples. Tommy decided to get a piece of Symphony himself. He
walked up behind her, pulled her skirt up, and slammed his eight-inch cock
into her firm buttcheeks.

"UGGHHHH!!" grunted Symphony at Tommy's penetration.

Tommy slam-fucked Symphony's tight ass while Francine was approaching

"Oh baby here it comes…oh yes-yes-YES-YESSSS!!!"

Francine came with a scream, erupting cum all over Symphony's pretty face.
For her part, Symphony held mouth open to try and lick it all up. When
Francine was done Symphony still licked off every drop she could from her
face. Tommy was still drilling Symphony's ass, not letting up one bit.
Symphony began to forget about the cum on her face and began to squeal with
each thrust that Tommy gave her.

"Frannie honey, you sure do know how to pick 'em." grunted Tommy, "This
girls has one hell of a tight ass!"

As Tommy continued his assault, Francine walked over to a bag in the
corner and pulled out some shackles. With a smile she began to latch them
onto the wall. Then she sat down on a chair and shoved three fingers in her
cunt, masturbating to her man fucking the hot blonde in front of her. After
a few more minutes of anal assault, Symphony was beginning to cum.

"Oh Tommy!! Fuck me, fuck me HARD!!"

"You like taking it up the ass, honey?" asked Tommy.

"Oh yeah! I LOVE it!! Shove it in there Tommy!! Let me have it! Let me
have it alllll!!!"

Tommy bottomed out and was viciously fucking Symphony. The petite blonde
felt Dreamer's balls smack against her with every thrust. Both came very
hard, Tommy passed out and Symphony was panting heavily. Francine wanked for
another few minutes, having a refreshing orgasm. She then grabbed ahold of
Symphony's arms and dragged her toward the shackles. Symphony was panicking.

"Wait a minute, I don't want to do this!"

Francine locked Symphony into the shackles and slapped her across the
face hard.

"You don't have a say in this matter! Now be quiet!!"

Symphony shut up very quickly. Francine ripped off the remains of
Symphony's skirt, revealing that she had no panties on either. Retrieving a
12-inch vibrator from her bag, Francine shoved it in Symphony's pussy and
turned it on high. Symphony was immediately sent into a wave of pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh yesssss!!! Yes-yes-yeeeesssss!!!"

As Symphony was overcome by pleasure, Francine retrieved a two-way strap
on. She slid one end into her pussy, then began to fuck Symphony's ass the
same way Tommy did. For five minutes Symphony was taken in both holes
non-stop. Francine reached in front of Symphony and began to squeeze her
perky tits.

"You're doing great baby. Maybe I'll get to have you as my new whore."
Francine whispered into Symphony's ear.

Just then, Raven walked into the room with a naked Beulah slung over his
shoulder. Beulah had cum on various parts of her body and looked very well
fucked. When Raven saw Symphony strung up, he got a smile on his face.

"Hey Frannie, I see you guys have been busy. Mind if I have a shot at
this piece of ass?"

"Go ahead hon." said Francine dismissively.

Raven dropped Beulah on the ground and walked over to Symphony. He
whipped out his ten-inch piece and started to tit-fuck the cooing Symphony.
Beulah wanted to get in on the action but was afraid her mistress Francine
would be angry if she did without permission. She began to smile though when
she saw the naked Tommy Dreamer coming to.

"Damn that was some good fuckin'." muttered Tommy.

Tommy saw the naked Beulah staring at him hungrily. In an instant, Beulah
was on top of Tommy riding him like a woman possessed. Tommy didn't think
twice and started to suck Beulah's d-cup tits. Meanwhile, Raven and Francine
continued to use Symphony like a fuckrag.

"Damn this bitch has some nice tits!" grunted Raven.

Symphony was in heaven. She had a dildo in her ass, a vibrator in her
cunt, and a hard dick between her tits. She took the triple threat for over
five minutes until she was ready to cum. Symphony dripped cum all over the
vibrator and onto the floor. Francine came twice while violating her new
bitch from behind. Raven kept on fucking Symphony's tits for a while longer,
then blew his load all over her chest. Tommy and Beulah kept on fucking like
mad rabbits. Beulah came with a wide smile on her face.

"Oh Tommy give it to me! I was born to be a slut, now give it to me!!
Ohhhhh yyyeeeesss!!!"

When all five people were done coming, the hardly had the energy to move.
Finally, Raven put his piece away and got up towards the door to leave.

"Damn I love visiting you guys. Give me a ring next time you plan
somethin' like this."

"Sure babe, take care." said Francine as she got up to the bathroom.

Francine went into the bathroom to clean herself. After a quick
refreshment break she'd have Symphony and Beulah go at it for a while. Maybe
her and Tommy could finish their earlier session they had before being
interrupted. She loved being the Queen of Extreme.

*** Paul Heyman's office ***

Paulie had Elaine Bytch's ass speared with his foot-long rod.

"And they say there's nothing good on television anymore. What do you
think, Elaine?"

The blonde bombshell could only groan a response as she approached her
sixth orgasm of the night.

"Yeah, I knew you'd see it my way."

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