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The Adventures of Mighty Molly
by Darklord2k1

Molly Holly leaped up to the top turnbuckle as The Hurricane held
Jacqueline for the Molly-Go-Round. Molly flew through the air and drove the
wind out of Jackie's lungs readying her for the pin. Quickly the wCw referee
hit the mat for the three count and awarded the match to The Hurricane and
Mighty Molly.

"That bitch!" growled Austin as he watched Molly Holly and The Hurricane
played it up to the crowd as he they left the arena. "How dare they allow
anyone to join the Alliance with paying respect to me! What's going on here

Debra couldn't reply as at that moment she had her mouth full of Austin's
manhood. So as she sucked him off she let him rant on.

"Every woman that has joined the Alliance has had to show their loyalty
to us by fucking me....Ow!" Austin stopped talking as Debra gently bit his
dick at the mention of his sex with the wCw Divas. But Austin carried on his
rant. "Now The Hurricane allows that country bumkin into the Alliance without
seeing me first."

Debra's head began to bob up and down faster and faster as she felt
Austin's balls tightening ready to release his load. Austin barely realized
that he had came as his dick exploded cum down the back of her throat. Debra
stood as she swallowed every drop of Austin's seed.

"Steve." said Debra. "You don't have to worry about Molly or The
Hurricane. The fool thinks he's a super hero and I know for a fact that he
hasn't done anything with Molly yet. It goes against his super hero code."
Debra sat down next to Austin and took his shrinking cock in her hands and
began to rub him back to hardness.

"You know if it means so much to you." said Debra. "Then leave it to me
and I'll get Molly to pay you the respect that you want and more."

Austin let a wicked smile appear on his face.

"You know you know just how to get my juices flowing." growled Austin as
his dick grew rock hard in Debra's hand.

"Just what do you have planned for little Miss Holly?" Debra seductivly
knowing exactly what Austin planned to do to Molly Holly.

"Here let me show you." growled Austin as his hands leaped outwards to
rip open Debra's shirt to expose her huge puppies.

* * *

"Come on Spike." gasped The Big Show. "These Ho's didn't come cheap." The
Big Show growled with pleasure and closed his eyes while one of the two Ho's
swallowed his massive cock into her mouth as far as it would go. The second
Ho called Candy was slowly planting kisses on the first called Amber's
velvety black skin of Amber's back slowly making her way down to her asshole.
Then Candy's tongue snaked out and began to lick at Amber's anus. The Ho
groaned in delight as Candy gently licked at her ass. Candy then gently
slipped one of her fingers in to the hole and began to finger fuck Amber's

But Spike wasn't intrested in the threesome going on in the dressing room
as he was to busy watching the monitor showing his ex-girlfriend Molly Holly
and The Hurricane as they celebrated on their way out of the arena.

The Big Show groaned as Amber sucking his dick began to bob her head up
and down faster as Candy continued to fuck her ass with her finger. Slowly
Candy slipped a second then a third finger in to her tight hole then she
pushed the rest of her fingers inside and began to fist Amber's tight ass.
The Big Show could feel his balls tightening as he was almost ready to

"OOOHHH!!! Man." said The Big Show. "Spike you should try some of this
man." Big Show then pulled his cock from Amber's mouth. "I want some of that

Candy pulled her fist from Amber's ass as Big Show stood up and swapped
places with Candy. Candy sat in the chair and Amber instantly buried her face
in to Candy's hot cunt. The Big Show then knelt behind Amber and placed the
tip of his manhood against Amber's asshole.

"N-n-no." said Amber pulling away from Candy's cunt. "You're to big for me
to take it up the ass."

Amber was right his dick was to big for Amber's ass not in length but in
girth. Even though Amber's hole could take all of Candy's hand the Big Show's
manhood was twice as wide and would do her considerable damage if he fucked
her that way. So instead he dropped his dick down to her cunt and began to
rub it along her gash so that he was well lubricated when he fucked her. The
Big Show then slipped his dick inside Amber's wet hole and began to fuck her
as hard he could. With each thrust Amber groaned as she drove her tongue
deeper in to Candy's cunt driving her to a powerful orgasum. Amber wasn't far
behind as the Show's dick drove her to an intense climax. After the two Ho's
had came it was the Big Show's turn. His thrusts got quicker and quicker then
he shot his load in to Amber. The Show then slipped his dick from Amber's
cunt and lay against the wall. The two Ho's cuddled and kissed each other for
a few moments as they recovered from their orgasms then they got up and got

"You two were the best." said the Big Show as he paid the Ho's.

"It's a pleasure." said Candy. "It's a pity that your friend didn't want
to join in."

The Big Show looked over a Spike who still had his eyes on the monitor.

"He's still getting over being dumped." said the Big Show. "Maybe next

"Yeah maybe." said Candy as she patted Big Show's harderning dick through
his pants. "And maybe you fuck me up the ass with this thing. I know I can
take it."

"I look forward to it." said the Big Show as the two ladies walked off
down the corridor. The Big Show then turned back to Spike. "Will you get over

Spike finally looked up from the monitor.

"I've got just the thing that will help me get over that bitch." said
Spike with an evil smile on his face.

To Be Continued...

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