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The Adventures Of Murda Mac
by Deuce Pac (

Chapter 1

The Rich Girl from Greenwich, Connecticut
(starring Stephanie Marie McMahon-Helmsley)

It was all cool. Since The Rock was screwed out of the title shot at
Wrestlemania, Vince signed him in a handicap death match against N'Sync. And
after delivering numerous Rock-Bottoms to those faggots from Orlando, The
Rock was victorious. Justin had to go to the hospital on a respirator and JC
"Thug Life" Chasez died after a People's Elbow. But after the match, The
Rock celebrated with his best friend, Chris. And a few minutes later, HHH
successfully defended his title against The Big Show.

Rock was in a good mood. After the match, all the wrestlers and Chris were
socializing backstage. Then, she came in. It was Vince's daughter, Stephanie.
She looked so hot wearing a tight baby blue t-shirt and her booti huggin
black dress pants. Damn! Her hair was up in a ponytail and her smile just
glowed the entire room. After all the wrestlers left the building, The Rock
introduced Stephanie to Chris. Chris was so nervous. I mean, he had thought
Steph was hot since the first time he saw her on national TV. Stephanie
looked at Chris and smiled and said that she wanted to talk business with
him. Chris agreed and told Rock that to meet him at his hotel room in about
an hour so they can smoke a blunt and have some beers.

The Rock said "It don't matter if we smoke a blunt or not! Chris! The
Rock says this. You go up to Stephanie and get some pie! POONTANG PIE!"

Chris just smiled and hugged The Rock as they parted.

When he stepped into Stephanie's office, he noticed that Stephanie was
crying. "Whats wrong?" Chris asked.

"I'm sick and tired of people calling me a slut", Steph answered.

She knew that wrestling was just fake, but it hurt her deeply being called
a slut 24-7 when you're just walking down the street. Chris seized the

"You're not a slut, Steph", Chris said, "I think you are very pretty and
you are brave for sacrificing your rep for the good of the business. It
doesn't matter if you are called a slut by millions of people. They should
know that its just fake."

"Really???" Steph said as she began to wipe the tears of her face. Then,
they began to hug and pretty soon kiss. Somehow, they got to the floor of her
office as they were kissing passionately.

"What should we do next?" asked Steph.

"I dunno" Chris answered, "I dont wanna do anything that you don't wanna
do, ok."

Stephanie just nodded as she took off her shirt and revealed her luscious
breasts encased in a white bra. Then, she unzipped her pants to reveal that
she was wearing nothing but a black thong. Oh my god!

"Take off your clothes, Chris." replied Stephanie. Chris obliged to and
took off his shirt and pants to reveal a huge hard-on. "Ooh", Stephanie
sighed as she was fingering herself. Then, Chris just took off Stephanie's
thongs and began to go down on her.

"Ahhh! More more, baby!" Stephanie said as Chris was eating her out. Chris
just gave her a devilish grin and turned her over. He soon parted her round
firm asscheeks and licked her asshole.

"Ooh! Baby" Stephanie said "I've never had that done before." Pretty
soon, Chris was done tossing her salad and she returned the favor by giving
him a blowjob.

Slowly, Stephanie took Chris's hard cock into her mouth and sucked it
seductively. She never gave a blowjob before, but Chris just moaned with
excitement. All Stephanie could do was smile and suck it.

Then Stephanie laid on her back and said "Chris, fuck me now, baby!"

Without any more persuasion, Chris took his big dick and started to fuck
Stephanie like a madman. Stephanie was fucking him back as she swiveled her
hips to match his movements. Then, Chris just stopped. Stephanie began to
worry cuz she wanted some dick bad.

"What's wrong, honey?" Stephanie said.

"I want your ass!", Chris replied.

Then, Stephanie just smiled and got on all fours. It was so tight! Chris
couldn't get it in. Then, like Obe Wan Kenobi talking to Luke Skywalker,
Chris saw a vision of The Rock and Rock told him "Hey, Jabronie, use the
jelly! God dammmit! Get your dick, shine it up, and stick it straight up her
candy ass!!"

Chris followed The Rock's directions as he applied some KY to Stephanie's
sphincter and his cock as well. Then, slowly and carefully, Chris began to
slide his 8 inch dick into Stephanie's ass. Stephanie began to moan in pain
knowing that she never had a dick in her ass before. Then, inch by inch,
STeph's asshole began to take in all of Chris's dick. Soon, he was ramming it
in her hole wery rapidly.

"Fuck me, baby! Fuck me with that big Filipino dick, baby!" Stephanie said
as her ass was getting violated.

"Cum goddamit!" Stephanie urged. Within a few minutes, Chris was beginning
to slow down. "Ohh shit! Steph! Baby! I'm gonna fuckin ' cum in your ass."

Then, without warning, he sprayed her asshole with his hot white cum.
After he pulled out, the two just lied there in each other's arms as Chris's
cum was starting to ooze out Stephanie's ass.

(To be continued)

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