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Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Feel free to send them to me at Anyways, this is the second part of my Jake Johnson
series, about an indy wrestler meeting the women of the indy circuit. It
is told from Jake's perspective.

The Adventures of Jake Johnson Part 2: Francine
by Fan Of Jericho

7:00 A.M.

I sat on my American Airlines flight from L.A. to Philadelphia, sipping
a cup of coffee and thinking about the events of the previous day. Sure,
I had wrestled one of the best matches of my career against Michael Modest,
but I would always remember that day for the night of passion I had with
Dawn Marie. As I sat there, I wondered if I would ever meet up with her
again. While I continued daydreaming about Dawn's perfect body, my
daydreams were interrupted by John Zandig, champion of Combat Zone
Wrestling, who also happened to run the company.

"You look a little nervous, kid. It's because this is your first hardcore
match tonight, huh?"

"Something like that..I'm not sure how the fans will react to me; I havn't
had much practice in this kind of match, so my offense may look weak."

"Don't worry about it. The fans hate Shadow WX with a passion, so you
should get plenty of fan support. Plus, we're assigning you with a valet
that the fans in the ECW Arena should pop huge for."

With that, Zandig pointed a couple of rows up, where I spotted none other
than the Queen of Extreme, Francine. Knowing that she would be my valet, I
felt much more confident about the prospects of the match. Sure, Shadow
wasn't the best worker in the world, but he knew how to work a death match,
and I would do my best to bump for him.

2 hours later...

Our plane landed in the airport in Philly, and I headed over to baggage
claim to grab my gear. As I waited, Francine approached me.

"So Zandig tells me you're the guy I'm valeting for tonight?"

"Yes. Jake Johnson, at your service." I extended my hand.

"Francine Fournier," she replied as she shook my hand. I then lightly
kissed the back of her hand as she giggled softly.

"You know, not too many guys treat me like a lady. Most of them just see
me as a fuck toy."

Seeing an opportunity to rack up points, I quickly replied, "Well, you
can't blame them for dreaming. But in my opinion, a lady as beautiful as you
deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity."

"A gentleman, huh? Don't see too many guys like you anymore. Tell your
girlfriend to hold on tight."

"Actually, I'm least, I think I am."

"What do you mean, you think you are?"

Not being one to kiss and tell, I left details out, but did say, "Well,
I hit it off really well with a girl yesterday, she invited me up to her
apartment, and one thing led to another. We got along great, but I am
assuming it was just a fling."

Francine got a mischievous grin on her face, puzzling me. Nevertheless,
we continued through the airport and right on down to the Viking Hall,
formerly known as the ECW Arena. As we walked into the arena, I couldn't
help but notice that Francine was deep in thought.

"This bring back memories?" I asked her.

"Of course. I lost count of how many times I appeared in this arena.
This place has special meaning to me. Anyways, how about we head into the
ring and we can practice a bit. I love taking bumps."

I nodded, and we headed into the ring, which was empty at the time, as
the ring crew had finished early. We did a little technical wrestling --
counters, etc. Then she decided to try her hurricanrana. Ordinarily, I
didn't think about the position of my head while selling a hurricanrana, but
in this case, I took notice. I realized that a bulge was forming in my
pants, and attempted to hide this fact from Francine, not wanting to offend
her. However, I wasn't quick enough.

"A little excited there, Jake?"

"Ummm...gosh, I'm sorry, Francine. I don't know what's come over me."

"Sorry? I was hoping you'd give me a sign..after what Dawn had to say
about your "abilities", so to speak, I was praying for a go."


"No need to act dumb. Dawn and I tell each other everything. Ever since
Tommy went to the WWF, sex has become a rare event for me. Especially good
sex. So, if you're willing, I'd really like to screw you."


"Who cares? We can do it here; it doesn't matter. The ring crew guys
won't be back for a few hours anyway."

"Well, OK, why not?"

"In that case.." She kicked off her shoes, and then slipped off her
skirt, revealing a pair of purple panties. She slipped her shirt over her
head, and stood before me in her panties and matching purple bra. I was
about to get up from my sitting position on the mat, but Francine shook her
head no, so I remained where I was. Fran dropped to her knees and grabbed
the waistband of my pants with her teeth. She pulled down my pants with her
teeth, and did the same with my boxers. I anxiously pulled my shirt over my
head while she stood back up.

"There..much better," she approvingly said, as she looked me over.

On my knees, I slid Francine's panties off so I could access her trimmed
bush. I started licking her, as she sighed in delight.

"Ahh...Yeah, right there....Nice..Ooh.."

As I continued pleasuring Francine, I reached my hands up and squeezed her
bra-encased breasts. I then reached behind and unsnapped her bra, letting
it fall to the mat as her tits fell free. I continued licking her until she
released her juice with a scream. I licked up some of the juice, before
gently dragging Francine down so she was straddling me.

As she licked my face clean, I turned my attention to her breasts once
again. I pinched them both, and then began licking at them as she sat
spread-eagle just above my crotch. She moaned along, but after a few
moments, pulled my mouth away.

"Wh..What's...wrong?..." I breathlessly asked.

"That..feels good, Jake..but this whole've been pleasuring me.'s your turn to have some fun."

Having said that, Francine slid down my body until she came,
well-face-to-head, I suppose -- with my member. She started out by licking
my balls, turning me on even further. She gently took my rock-hard digit
into her hand and began stroking it. Getting down to business, she took my
prick into her mouth and began sucking on it. Her mouth expertly worked on
my cock, as I wondered how many times she'd done this before. Sensing that
I was nearing orgasm, I pulled out of Francine's mouth. I readied myself,
and very slowly drove my dick into her wet cunt.

"Ooh...nice and big..shove that monster all the way in!"

As I had expected, Francine wasn't nearly as tight as the less sexually
experienced Dawn Marie, but I was still enjoying myself immensely as I
slammed into her over and over in the middle of the very ring I would later
be wrestling in. As I continued to screw her, Francine screamed in delight
while running her hands over my body. After a few more minutes of pleasure,
Francine exploded, releasing her juices on my cock. I began to lose control
as her walls started clamping down on me. Sensing that the end was near, I
prepared to pull out before I came, but Francine spoke up.

"Don't even think of pulling out before you fill me up! I wanna feel your
cum inside of me."

Obediently, I shot off my load inside the "Queen of Extreme." After I
finished, I pulled my now limp member out, and laid my head on Francine's
fit stomach, exhausted.

"Don't get too comfortable, Jake. The doors open to the fans soon. We
gotta clean up the mess we made. "

Nodding, I slipped my clothes back on, and helped Francine dress. I now
had no time to prepare for my match with Shadow, uncharacteristic of me, as
I am usually preparing myself for hours before every match. But, believe me,
it was well worth it.

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