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The Adventures of Jake Johnson Part 3: Beulah
by Y2Curry

My match for CZW turned out better than I had hoped it would; in fact,
Zandig assured me that I could count on a call soon in regards to working for
him again. After the matches, I said goodbye to Francine, and we thanked each
other for a good time. I didn't have much time to chat, however, as I had a
show in Chicago the next night for Windy City Wrestling, and I wanted to get
a good nights sleep. So I headed for the airport and boarded my red-eye
flight to Chi-town. I settled in, and went right to sleep.

10:00 A.M. the next morning

I awoke from my sleep and got out of my bed, leaving my run-down Chicago
hotel room and heading for a local gym to get in a quick workout before
heading over to the arena to get ready for my match with WCW's Steve Boz
later that night.

After finding what looked to be a decent gym, I wasted no time getting
into my routine. When I finished my bench presses, I began to walk over to
the bikes to work on my cardio, when I heard a voice:

"Excuse me, could you spot me?"

I glanced over and saw a bare midriff. I let my eyes travel over this
attractive body, and admired her features: athletic shorts, tan legs, Nike
sports bra, good sized chest, and brown hair. She seemed...familiar. Had I
met this woman before?

"Hey there, dopey, stop gawking and spot me, would ya?"

Breaking out of my trance, I hurried over to assist the gorgeous brunette.
I still couldn't shake the feeling that I had seen this woman somewhere
before, and as I handed her the weights, it came to me.

"Ummm...aren't you Beulah from ECW?" I asked as she began lifting.

After she finished lifting, she replied. "Yes. My real name is Theresa
Hayes. I'm guessing you're a wrestling fan?"

"Actually, I'm a wrestler, but before I broke into the business I was a
fan, and ECW was a favorite of mine."

"I see. So, do you have a name, stud?"

I looked away in embarassment I replied "My name's Jake. Jake Johnson."

"Well, Jake, what brings you to Chicago?"

"I've got a match for Windy City Wrestling tonight. What about you?"

"I'm a schoolteacher, actually. I'm not involved in wrestling or any other
kind of athletics anymore. I just come to the gym on weekends to stay in

"It shows."

"Are you hitting on me, Jake?"

"Errmmmm...sorry..." I responded, embarassed.

"Wow, you're so bashful." Realizing that I was starting to become really
uncomfortable, Beulah continued on. "Hey, it's nothing to be ashamed of. I
like the shy guys. It's a proven fact that the shyer a guy is, the better he
is in bed. You're one of the shyest guys I've ever met. So that must
mean.....hmmm.." Beulah smiled seductively at me before speaking again.
" are you?"

"I can't speak for myself. I'm biased."

"I see. Well, do you have a girlfriend?" I shook my head no. "Well, in
that case....." Beulah suddenly kissed me on the lips. As she slipped her
tongue into my mouth, I let my hands roam her body, across her abs, down to
her butt. As I started to slip my hands into her shorts, however, she smacked
them away. When I shot her a questioning glance, she grinned at me. "Hey, I'm
all for a little public exhibition, Jake, but I prefer to do the good stuff
in a place that's a little more... intimate." I looked around, and noticed
the large crowd that had gathered around to watch our impromptu little show.

"Oops... guess I just got caught up in the moment," I said, embarassed.

"I'd say. So, shall we take this back to my apartment?" I nodded my head
vigourously in approval, and we left the gym. On my way out, I couldn't help
but notice the envious look the men gave me. Who could blame them? I was
about to fuck Beulah.

Beulah led me to her car, and we drove for what seemed like hours to me,
but was actually closer to 15 minutes. She parked the car in front of the
building, and we rushed to her apartment. The moment we got in the door, we
picked up where we had left off at the gym. I wasted no time in drawing
Beulah close to me in a hug, and planting a passionate kiss on her lips. As
I was kissing her, Beulah's hands removed my shirt, and then went to my
pants, which she got off in no time. She then slipped off my boxers,
revealing my rapidly stiffening cock. She broke the kiss as she got down on
her knees and began lightly stroking my nuts, which got me hard in no time.
Beulah took my now full-length cock into her mouth, furiously sucking on it.
I ran my fingers through her hair while she worked her magic. "Uhh...god,
you're good at this." Beulah did not reply; she just kept right on sucking.
Deciding to keep myself busy, I took off Beulah's top and began squeezing
her tremendous round breasts. I warned her of my approaching orgasm, but she
did not acknowledge me, just kept sucking until I shot my load into her
mouth. She swallowed every last drop and then smiled at me.

"That...was the best blowjob I've ever had," I said in amazement.

"Why thank you. But by no means is the fun over yet, Jake. Have you ever
heard the phrase, 'You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours'?"

"Yeah. Say no more." I replied, knowing what she was hinting at, and more
than happy to do it.

I laid down on her bed, and Beulah removed her shorts and thong. She
climbed on top of me, putting her neatly trimmed bush in my face. I got
right to work, rubbing her clit and then licking away. Beulah moaned in
satisfaction, and a few moments later, exploded all over my face.

"MMM... that was quite nice. It looks like your bazooka is ready to go
again," Beulah smiled, glancing down at my once-again hard cock.

"Damn straight. Let's get down to the real stuff, shall we?"

Beulah nodded, and lowered herself onto my dick. She went slowly at first,
but in no time she was bouncing up and down on my shaft. While she was
bouncing, I sucked on her tits.

"" Beulah was clearly enjoying herself. I began
kissing her neck and squeezing her ass while she continued bouncing on my

" it..comes.." Beulah released her juices onto my cock,
which sent me over the edge. I quickly followed her orgasm with one of my
own, filling her up with cum. A panting Beulah got off my shaft, and rested
her head on my chest. We both tried to regain our breath for a couple of
minutes before Beulah broke the silence.

"Well Jake, you've fucked my mouth, and you've fucked my pussy. I have one
hole left. Do you wanna fuck it too?"

"Certainly. My serpent needs time to recoop, though."

"Well I can take care of that."

Beulah got up off the bed, pulling me up to a sitting position on the
edge of it. She bent down, sticking her ass in my face. She started spanking
herself, and this naturally got me ready to go in moments.

"Ready to roll, babe. Do you have any lube?"

"In the third drawer." I pulled out the bottle, and lubed myself up
properly before placing my hands on Beulah's ass. Slowly, I inserted my tip
into her ass. She gasped, but encouraged me to keep going. I slowly but
surely went farther and farther in, smacking her ass while I progressed. I
didn't last long; her asshole was too tight, and my member was worn out, so
I rather quickly shot my load in the former ECW valet's ass. As I pulled
out of her hole, I noticed the clock.

"Oh shit! The show starts in an hour, and I left my car at the gym!"

We both quickly got dressed, Beulah drove me to the gym and said goodbye.
I hauled ass over to the arena, making it about 20 minutes before the match
began. I had no stamina, so the match sucked, and I smelled like a mixture
of cum and sweat, which made things pretty uncomfortable for my opponent. We
wrapped things up quickly, and I headed home for a week off before my next
show, and my biggest to date -- a tour of Australia with World Wrestling

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