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The Adventures Of Jake Johnson Part 4: Midajah
by Y2Curry

So, I took a much needed week off to allow my body to heal from the
nightly beating it had been taking in the ring -- not to mention the
exhaustion I was experiencing after sleeping with a number of indy divas.
As my brief time off drew to a close, I found myself wondering if I would
be fortunate enough to hook up with any hot chicks down in Australia,
where I'd be for a series of matches with World Wrestling All-Stars. I
tried to shake those thoughts, and concentrate on the task at hand; after
all, the WWA is arguably the biggest wrestling organization in North
America, aside from the WWF. If I impressed the WWA people, I felt there
was a good chance I would get a spot on their PPV later that week.

The plane touched down in Australia at about noon. For most people, such
a radical shift of time zones would throw off their daily routine, but I was
prepared, as I had been going on Australian time during my week off. I
grabbed my bags and spotted who I was looking for: Jeremy Borash, lead booker
of the WWA.

"Hello, Jake. It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person."

"Likewise. Mr. Borash, thank you for this opportunity."

"Don't mention it."

"So, what's on tap for tonight's show?"

"You'll be wrestling Brian Christopher. You'll be doing most of the
offense. This is basically a tryout for you: if you do well, your future with
World Wrestling All-Stars is bright. If not...well, I think you get the

"Yes, understood."

Seven hours later....

As Borash promised, Christopher's offense was kept to a minimum. He was
essentially just a tool I used to showcase my skills. After about 5 minutes,
I put him away with a Dragon Suplex. Satisfied with the crowd reaction, I
headed back to the dressing room with high spirits. Upon my return, I ran
into Borash and WWA owner Andrew McManus.

"Looks like Borash's instincts were right. The people really seemed to
react to you, Johnson. I think you have a future with my company." McManus

"In fact, Jake, I think we have a spot for you on the PPV." Borash stated.

"Oh, really, is it for the Cruiserweight title?" I asked. I had my fingers
crossed that he would say yes. While not the top draw, I felt that a match
with WWA Cruiser champ A.J. Styles would be a legit match of the year

"Actually, no. We discussed that when watching tapes of you, but Bagwell
decided at the last minute to bail out on this tour. He was supposed to be
Steiner's opponent at the PPV. Every other worthy contender is already booked
on the card, so with your impressive performance tonight, you earned the shot
at Steiner."

Wow! This wasn't as good as working with Styles; it was better! Only a
year in the business, and I was going to headline a PPV with Scott Steiner,
the WWA champ. I thanked Borash and McManus, and after hitting the showers,
I went to sleep at the hotel a happy man.

When I arrived for the next day's show, Borash explained to me the plan:
Steiner and Jeff Jarrett lay out Brian Clarke of Kronic, leaving Brian Adams
without a partner for Kronic's scheduled tag match against Jarrett and
Steiner. Before the start of the match, WWA's on-air commissioner, Sid
Vicious, would declare that if someone volunteered to substitute for Clarke,
and this person scored the victory in the match, then this partner would
become #1 contender for the WWA title at the PPV the following night. This
is where I come in.

Once Borash finished filling me in, I headed to the locker room to get
ready for the match. While I was stretching, someone tapped me on the
shoulder. I turned around, and was suddenly face to face with Midajah, Scott
Steiner's gorgeous valet and real-life girlfriend.

"Can I help you?" I asked, as I struggled to keep my eyes off her ample
cleavage displayed in her usual leather wrestling attire.

"Jake Johnson, right?"


"Hi, I'm Midajah. So Borash tells me you're working with Scotty at the

"That's correct."

"I think it'll be good for both of you. You get the exposure of working
a PPV main event, while Scotty gets his first quality opponent. I saw your
match last night; you're amazing."

"Thank you very much."

"Well, I guess I'd better get going. See you out there tonight!"

"See you then," I replied as Midajah walked away. I couldn't help but
admire her nice, firm ass swaying back and forth in her tight leather skirt.
Shaking those thoughts from my head, I resumed my preparations for the match.

Later that night...

Sid had just finished his speech. "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the
Machine began playing over the PA, my cue. I ran out to the ring and
assaulted both of the heels, getting the match underway.

It was pretty much standard tags, double teaming behind the
ref's back, etc. Finally, Adams made the hot tag to me, and I laid into
Jarrett with a dizzying flurry of moves. He groggily tagged in Steiner, who
charged me with a clothesline. I ducked, and scored with a Swinging DDT. As
I began to walk towards the buckle for the match-ending 450 Splash, Midajah
unexpectedly hopped onto the apron. I curiously moved in closer to her.

"Kiss me," she whispered.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Yes, just do it."

So I planted a kiss on Midajah's lips. She rolled to the floor, and I hit
the 450 Splash to end the match and set up the PPV main event.

After showering, I went back to my hotel room for a night of relaxation.
While I was watching the movie Office Space, someone knocked on my door.

"Who is it?" I shouted from my lying position on the bed.

"It's Midajah."

"Be right there." I got up off the bed, and opened the door.

"What can I do for you, Midajah?"

"Actually, I was wondering what your plans are for the rest of the night?"

"Well, none really. I'm just sitting here and watching some TV."

"Scott went out drinking, and I am bored as hell. Mind if I join you?"

"Be my guest." After Midajah stepped into the room and I shut the door, a
thought crossed my mind.

"Hey, Midajah, how did you know my room number?"

"Simple: I called up Borash."

"Oh." It seemed strange to me that Midajah would go out of her way to hang
out with me, someone she had just met, when she had been working with some of
these WWA people since her WCW days. However, I've never been one to complain
about the presence of beautiful women, so I kept my thoughts to myself.

"Well, have a seat." Midajah sat down next to me on the edge of the bed.

"You want some chips or something?" I offered.

"No, thank you, I try to watch what I eat. Another stellar performance
tonight, if I may say."

"Thanks. I thought it went pretty well. By the way, why'd you throw in
that little spot at the end?"

"Oh, you mean the kissing? Why, did you have a problem with kissing me?"

"No, not at all, it's just that I've heard some stories about Steiner and
his temper; we didn't plan that, so I wasn't sure if it would be cool with

"And so what if it wasn't? He doesn't own me, you know: I'm free to make
my own decisions. We're not married or anything."

"I understand that, but with my being new and everything, I just didn't
want to upset the guy."

"What about me? Don't you think it upsets me that Scotty controls my
life? He doesn't even care about me; he just fucks me, and expects complete
obedience from me while he goes out and parties, doing God knows what, while
I'm left alone. For all I know, he could be screwing five girls a night."

Midajah began crying softly. Not really knowing what else to do, I hugged
her and assured her everything would be fine. She composed herself, and then
excused herself to the bathroom. I began watching the TV once again, when
Midajah emerged from the bathroom. I looked up to see if she was feeling
better, and to my shock I discovered she was completely naked!

"Midajah..wh...what, are you doing??"

"Look, Jake, I'm sick and tired of Scott thinking he can run my life. I'm
gonna do what I want to do, whether he likes it or not. And the first thing I
want to do with my newfound freedom is...fuck you."

"Midajah...I'm sorry, but this just is not a good idea.."

"Shut up, Jake..." Midajah bent over and kissed me. As she slipped her
tongue into my mouth, I broke away.

"Midajah, this isn't the right time for this. I don't want to jeopardize
the biggest opportunity of my career."

"OK, fine, have it your way. We won't tell Scott. Deal?"

Before I could respond, Midajah kissed me once more, and then gave me a
shove so I was laying down on the bed. She unzipped my pants and slipped them
off, as I took off my shirt, leaving me in my boxers.

"OK, let's see what ya got, Jake.." With that, Midajah took off my boxers,
freeing my already erect cock. Her eyes widened.

"'re big. Much bigger than Scott."

"I guess that's to be expected, with all the steroids he's taken over the
years..." I responded.

"Very true." Midajah answered, laughing. "And now, down to business..."

Smiling at me, Midajah slowly crawled onto the bed, inching her way on
until her face was lined up with my member. Without a word, she engulfed my
rock-hard cock in her mouth, sucking with a fury I had never experienced. She
hungrily bobbed her head up and down on my shaft, as I sighed in contentment
and ran my hands through her hair. She began tickling my balls, which only
increased the pleasure. Just as I was about to cum, she took my dick out of
her mouth, gasping for air.

"Jesus...christ. Midajah, that was almost made me shoot my
load right there!"

After taking a moment to catch her breath, Midajah replied.

"I couldn't help's been so long since I've been with a man who
has such impressive size. Say, Jake, what part of my body do you like the

"Hmmm...I don't know. Your ass, I guess. I've always been an ass man."

"Is that so? In that case..I'm thinking a spanking is in order..."

The stunning valet/fitness model got up off the bed, and walked over to a
nearby chair, placing her hands on the chair and sticking her ass straight

"It's all yours, stud."

Grinning, I got up off the bed and positioned myself behind the gorgeous
woman. I began things by slowly rubbing my hands on her ass, and then
suddenly bringing my hand down on her right cheek. SMACK! Midajah squealed in
pleasure, which encouraged me to spank her harder. So my hand came down with
greater velocity, drawing an even larger moan from Midajah. I gave her a good
15 to 20 spanks, each one coming down with increased force. When she stopped
responding to them with moans, however, I knew that it was getting to the
point where my smacks were not giving her pleasure, but just pain instead. So
I slowly inserted my dick into her and started screwing her from behind.

"'re....big..." Midajah moaned as I began to
pick up speed. It wasn't long before I was banging Midajah from behind at a
blistering pace.

"!!! OH FUCK YEAH!!" Midajah released her fluid
onto my prick. I knew it wasn't going to be long before I followed suit.

"Midajah..I can't..hold on..much longer..."

"I want it on my tits," Midajah managed to mumble. Complying, I pulled out
and she turned around, facing me. She dropped to her knees and took my member
into her hand to finish the job. A couple of jerks was all it took for me to
shoot my load all across Midajah's large breasts.

After I finished, I scooped up Midajah into my arms and carried her back
onto the bed, where we both instantly fell asleep.

The next morning...

I woke up and immediately noticed Midajah was nowhere in sight. Shrugging,
I took a shower and went to the arena in Sydney for the big PPV. I didn't see
Midajah or Steiner backstage, and I was quite relieved by it. The last thing
I wanted was for Steiner to discover what had happened.

"Bulls on Parade" began playing, and I made my entrance. As I did some
light in-ring stretching, Big Poppa Pump ran down to the ring before my music
had stopped, and attacked me from behind. We hadn't planned this, so I was
confused. I threw a couple of punches at Steiner's gut so I could get in my
offense, but he paid no attention. He whipped me into the ropes, and signaled
for a clothesline. I prepared to take the bump, but the champ simply clubbed
me across the jaw with his forearm. I was dazed as Steiner picked me up,
waistlocked me, and haphazardly threw me backwards onto my head in a Release
German Suplex. As I lay on the mat in pain and realized that Scott knew about
me and Midajah, he grunted 'Frankensteiner.' This was to be the finish of
the match, but the match was not supposed to end for another 15 minutes.
Considering the mood Steiner was in, I was more than happy to end it early.
I allowed him to whip me into the ropes, and hoped he would take care of me
on this extremely dangerous move.

He didn't. Rather than allowing me to take the bump properly, the angry
champion just dropped me right on my neck. Looking down at me with a sinister
grin, he turned me over and put me in his 'Steiner Recliner', except he was
really wrenching hard on my already injured neck. I took the opportunity to
tap out, as the confused ref signaled for the bell. The official handed
Steiner the WWA title and raised his hand, and the champ looked down at my
prone form.

"That'll teach you to fuck my freak, you son of a bitch."

I staggered to the back with the help of a pair of referees, as I clutched
my neck in pain. A red-eyed Midajah ran up to me.

"God, Jake, I am SO sorry! I tried to sneak in last night, but he was
waiting for me. He was so angry...he threatened to beat me. I'm sorry, I had
to tell him. I couldn't think of anything.."

"It's not your fault, Midajah. I knew the risk I was taking when I got
involved with you. I'm just as responsible as you are. But you better get
going; the last thing I want is for him to see us talking, and finish what
he started in the ring."

Midajah nodded and hurried off. Jeremy Borash approached me.

"Jake, Midajah told me what happened. I can't help but feel somewhat
responsible for what happened here tonight. If I hadn't given Midajah your
room number."

"Eh, don't worry about it, Borash. It wasn't your fault; it was mine."

"Well, in any event, I'm sure you realize how tense things would be if I
continued to employ you."

"Jeremy, I know what you're going to say. I can't work here anymore,
right? I understand completely. Besides, I think my neck might keep me from
wrestling anywhere for awhile."

"Yes, Jake, thank you for understanding. We will cover your doctor's

We shook hands, and I departed for the U.S. Upon my return, a doctor
examined my neck and told me that, while not broken, it was still best that
I took a couple of months off from wrestling to allow my neck to heal. While
I was relieved that there was no serious damage, I was still faced with the
unhappy prospect of wondering what the hell I would do for those two months.

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