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The American Way
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During the broadcast of Raw in July of 2003, Rene Dupree and Sylvain Greiner,
the two cocky young Frenchmen that form the team La Resistance, are in the
backstage area discussing their usual shtick about how bad the United States
of America is. Rene, dressed in black slacks and a light blue button up
shirt, shakes his head, "My friend, America has no class... they lack all the
qualities that we French posses..."

Sylvain, who's dressed in a white button shirt and black slacks, nods his
head, "I agree... all American's do is rush in to things... like war and

Rene laughs, "That is very true... their divorce rate is so high..."

"Must be because they are such bad lovers..." Sylvain replies with laugh, as
neither man pays any attention to who may be over hearing their conversation.

Rene smirks, "But Sylvain, back to the subject matter at hand...
Americans are the scum of the world... we Frenchmen are better at them
in everything... we're better fighters, better lovers... we're more

"Excuse me?" A voice says behind both of them in the backstage area. Rene and
Sylvain slowly toward to find the manager of the overly flamboyant Rico, the
lovely Miss Jackie, looking at the both of them with her arms folded as she
dressed in pink and purple tye-dyed pants and a match tye-dyed top. "What
exactly is that supposed to mean?" Miss Jackie asks with a bit of a snap in
her voice.

Rene and Sylvain both turn their heads and look at Jackie with smirks on
their faces. Both men fold their arms almost simultaneously before Rene says,
"Look Sylvain, a typical ignorant American woman..."

Sylvain nods his head, "And a rather, how they say, trashy looking one as
well... those clothes are such an eye-sore."

Jackie opens in her mouth in shock. "What did you just say to me?" Jackie
asks raising her voice a bit. Jackie shakes her head " didn't just
call me trashy." Jackie rolls her eyes a bit "Besides I'd rather be a trashy
American than a wimpy French..." Jackie raises her eyebrow a bit "Umm...
French person..."

Rene and Sylvain start laughing after they heard Jackie's attempt at an
insult. Rene slowly composes himself and smirks at her, "Oh that was quite
humorous... you Americans try to talk big... but don't know what to say."

Sylvain is still laughing, "She sounded like their President Bush... mouth
opens but nothing comes out..."

Jackie's eyes narrow as she points a finger at Rene and Sylvain "You listen
here. I bet I can do anything better then you French bitches..."
Jackie replies as places her left hand on her left hip with a slight dose of
an attitude.

Rene laughs, "My dear... there is nothing you can... that is better than
what we French can do... you should try to stay in your... what's the word...
ah yes, league."

Sylvain unfolds his arms and moves a his left hand up and down in Jackie's
direction, "And it appears that your league is that of English tramp."

Jackie laughs a bit and nods her head "It seems you two are very sexual,
huh?" Jackie smirks a bit "And seeing as you two are French pussies...and
seeing as the French invented a threesome and seeing as I'm an English
tramp..." Jackie says with a lot of sarcasm in her voice "Why don't we see...
who the better is at fucking the French or...the two or...

Rene laughs, "You... want... a menage af trois with two genuine... handsome
Frenchmen such as us... you must be mentally unbalanced..."

Sylvain nods, "Yes... only a pure French woman could handle what we can do."

Jackie smirks "Oh...I think you'd be surprised what I know I'd be
lowering my standards to be with the two of you." Jackie pauses and nods
her head "But for this...I'll take ya."

"Lowering YOUR standards?!" Sylvain's face goes turns completely red with
anger after hearing Jackie's remark, but Rene holds his hand up to keep him

Rene licks his lips at bit, "My dear... pathetic American tramp... if you
want to experience the thrill and passion of being with two phenomenal
Frenchmen such as ourselves... fill free to follow us..." Rene then looks
at Sylvain, "Let us depart..." Sylvain nods and the two Frenchmen walk a
short distance down the hall before entering a nearby locker room. From
where Jackie is standing she can see they left the door open.

Jackie smiles a bit as she starts to walk towards the open door of the locker
room "I'll so them...just like always the Americans will kick ass." Jackie
says to herself before reaching the locker room and steps inside, as Rene
being a slight gentleman holds the door open for the lovely flamboyant Miss

"Nice of you... to accept our gracious invitation..." Rene smirks as he
closes the locker room door behind Jackie once she's inside. The locker room
of La Resistance has a rather unique way about it, with the lighting of the
room being fairly low, a large French Flag hanging on one wall, there's a
long leather couch against one wall, and a wooden circular table in the
center of the room with a blue, white & red table cloth draped over it.

Sylvain has his arms folding as he looks at Jackie, "She couldn't resist
Rene... this is probably a fantasy for her."

Jackie raises her eyebrow as she looks around the room "Nice place..." She
says sarcastically.

"Thank you..." Rene replies as walks around Jackie while he starts to
unbutton his light blue shirt.

Sylvain points at Jackie, "You should prepare yourself... we Frenchmen do not
like to ruin clothing... even if they are... wretched looking," he says as he
begins to unbuckle his belt.

Jackie looks down at her tye-dyed pants and her tye-dyed top "What's wrong
with what I have?" Jackie asks as she starts to remove her tye-dyed pants.
She pushes her pants down her smooth shaven, tanned legs to reveal a very
thin and skimpy light blue g-string with a small amount of material covering
up her pussy.

"It makes you look like something out of that movie with the moron British
spy..." Sylvain replies as he pulls the belt through the loops of his slacks.
He turns around and lays the belt on top of the circular table before he
begins to unbutton his white shirt.

Meanwhile, Rene has removed his light blue button down shirt and has
carefully laid it over the right armrest of the couch. "I believe my friend
is referring to one of those... Austin Powers films..." Rene says in disgust
as he unbuckles his belt and goes right onto undoing his slacks.

Jackie raises her eyebrow and then rolls her eyes before she starts to untie
her tye-dyed top. She pulls it away from her chest, revealing her large,
perky tanned tits. Jackie turns around to face Rene and smirks "So...
French-boy...what do you think?"

Rene takes a long look at Jackie's breasts and smirks, "Those... are
impressive... for an American..." He replies as he does stare at Jackie's
breasts before he kicks off his shoes so he lower and take off his black
slacks, revealing a plain white pair of briefs that has an impressive size
bulge in it.

Sylvain, meanwhile, has taken off white button shirt and has laid it on the
table and has taken off shoes as well. Before he takes off his black pants,
Sylvain moves to where he can look at Jackie's tits and shakes his head,
"Those look extremely cheap..."

Jackie looks back at Sylvain "For your information...I paid good money for
these." Jackie replies as she quickly turns her head back to Rene "I guess
I'll start with you least you're showing some class." Jackie says
as she starts to step closer to Rene.

Rene licks his lips, "But of course..." He says as he lowers his black briefs
down his fairly muscular legs, freeing an semi-erect eight inch cock, which
hangs between his legs with a slight angle to the right.

Jackie licks her lips "Not bad for...being French..." Jackie replies as she
gets down on her knees in front of Rene, instantly taking hold of his cock,
by wrapping both of her hands around his cock "This how us...American girls
do it..." Jackie says before she starts to slowly move both of her soft hands
up his shaft, before gradually quickening the rate at which she's stroking
Rene's cock.

"Aha..." Rene nods his head as looks down at Jackie as the flamboyant beauty
skillfully strokes his cock with both of her hands. The young Frenchman can
feel Jackie tighten one hand around his shaft to use a bit more force with it
while keeping a limp grip with her other hand. Meanwhile Sylvain has taken
off his slacks and is now standing in a pair of white briefs. Sylvain folds
his slacks over one arm then places them on top of the table.

"That doesn't look so impressive..." Sylvain comments as he sees the hand
technique Jackie is using on his tag team partner while he lowers his briefs
to reveal his seven-inch cock which is dangling like a worm on a hook.

Jackie looks over her shoulder at Sylvain "Why don't you get your limp ass
over here and I'll show you impressive..." Jackie says with attitude in her
voice as she lowers one hand down to Rene's ballsack, cupping his balls. As
Jackie strokes the top portion of Rene's cock with her right hand, she rubs
his ballsack with her left hand.

"Mmmmm...." Rene licks his lips as Jackie's left hand cradles his ballsack.
He closes his eyes a bit, actually enjoying the way Jackie is stroking his
cock, which has become harder than it's ever been before thanks to Jackie.

Sylvain slightly glares at Jackie, "I am not a limp ass..." Sylvain snaps as
he walks over to Jackie and stands on her slightly to the left of her and he
folds his arms across his chest. Jackie smirks up at Sylvain as she leans her
head forward, sticking her tongue out of her mouth. She grazes her tongue
against the head of Sylvain's cock, before gently patting her tongue against
the tip of his cock. Jackie closes her eyes as she starts to circle her
tongue around the head of Sylvain's cock, which starts to instantly harden
up. As Jackie works her tongue over the head of Sylvain's cock, she tightens
her left hand on Rene's ballsack as she rubs the head of Rene's cock with the
palm of her right hand.

Sylvain's cock very slowly starts to rise to attention, and he does let out
a soft moan when he feels Jackie's tongue going around his cock. He coughs a
bit and composes himself, "I don't... you American tramps knew how to give
oral pleasure... I see that's not true..." Sylvain laughs a bit.

Jackie slowly moves her head away from Sylvain's cock "We'll she what your
friend has to say..." Jackie says with a smirk as she flips her hair back,
turning to face Rene's cock. Jackie opens her mouth and pushes Rene's cock
into the wet cavity of her mouth. Wrapping her lips tightly around Rene's
shaft, Jackie's begins to bob her head on and against his French cock.

Rene's eyes fly open and he gasps in pleasure "Ahhhh... magnificent..."
The younger of the two Frenchmen places a hand on top of Jackie's head and
intertwines his fingers with her hair.

Sylvain watches with a less than amused look on his face as he watches Jackie
suck on Rene's cock with expert skill. "That is not at all impressive... I'll
show you something impressive..." Sylvain says as he steps around behind
Jackie and pulls her lower body up so that her perfectly tanned ass is in the
air. He kneels down behind her, and before the over-the-top blond bombshell
can see what he's doing, Sylvain rips down her g-string and proceeds to
insert his seven-inch cock into her tight warm pussy, and almost instantly
starts to fuck her with hard swift thrusts.

Jackie lets out a muffling moan around Rene's cock as she starts to lift her
head up to look back at Sylvain, however, Rene places a hand Jackie's her
head forces her head to stay down as she starts to thrust his cock into
Jackie's hot mouth. Jackie starts to push her body back against Sylvain's
cock as her head moves quickly on Rene's cock.

"Ahhh... ahhh yeah.... you like... that French... cock!" Sylvain grunts as he
fucks her warm tight pussy with sharp thrusts. He puts his hands on Jackie's
perfect hips and pulls her backwards him so that her ass cheeks slap hard
against his waist.

Rene licks his lips as he feels Jackie easily adapt to him thrusting his
cock in and out of her mouth, with his ballsack smacking up against her chin,
"Ohhh... this... is incredible..." Rene says as he feels Jackie's tongue
against the underside of his shaft. Jackie swirls her tongue against Rene's
cock, splashing his cock with her warm saliva. Jackie tightens her lips
around his shaft, making her soft lips drag against his cock times she lifts
her head up and then goes back down on his cock. Jackie moans against Rene's
cock as Sylvain thrusts his cock deeply into Jackie's warm and tight pussy.

Sylvain sees the looks on Rene's face and starts thinking that Rene is
enjoying Jackie's mouth a bit to much, "Hey... Rene... let us... show this...
American bimbo... what it means... to fuck... with the French..." Sylvain
grunts as he thrusts hard into Jackie's pussy.

Rene nods his head, "Yes... we... have our pride..." Rene moans and pulls his
cock out of Jackie's warm wet mouth. His cock lightly slaps against Jackie's
face before he moves to the right side of her. Sylvain pulls his cock out of
her tight pussy and he lays down on the floor. Rene bends down and picks
Jackie up and sits her right down on Sylvain's cock with her back facing his
tag team partner.

Jackie grits her teeth as she slams down on Sylvain's cock after Rene drops
her down "Ohhhh fuck.." Jackie moans as Sylvain already begins to thrust up
into her warm pussy, making her bounce on his cock. Sylvain grits his teeth
together as he grabs hold of both of Jackie's arms and as her lean backward,
with Jackie's blond hair hanging down over his face. Rene kneel down in
front of Jackie, grips his eight-inch cock and starts to push it into
Jackie's already cock-filled pussy. Jackie's eyes widen as her mouth opens,
but no moans escape as she feels Rene's cock inside stuffed pussy along with
Sylvain's cock. The two Frenchmen begin to thrust their cocks in and out of
Jackie's cock-filled pussy at the same rate, making Jackie's stunning body
bounce back and forth between their muscular bodies.

"How... does... that feel?!" Rene asks with a grunt as he puts his hands on
Jackie's hips to rock her back and forth between himself and Sylvain. Rene
uses a lot of his leg strength to make each of his thrusts harder than that
of Sylvain's.

Sylvain keeps a firm hold on Jackie's arms, but he does allow her to place
her hands on his chest to gain some type of balance, "I bet... she's never...
been pleasured like this... by her fellow Americans..." Sylvain says as he

"Ohhhh...godd...I French people really did...invent the three-way"
Jackie moans as bounce harder on Sylvain's cock due to Rene's powerful,
speedy thrusts.

Rene smirks as he starts to sweat, "Let us... change... positions..." Rene
says as he pulls out of Jackie's pussy.

"Good suggestion..." Sylvain says as the two Frenchmen help Jackie get up off
of Sylvain's dick.

Rene takes her hand and the two of them start to walk towards the leather
couch as Sylvain stands up. Rene smirks at Jackie, "Hopefully... you can keep

Jackie smirks "Ohh...I can keep up...and I see just as always the French pull
out...when they're needed and wanted.." Jackie laughs a bit at her own joke.

Sylvain clearly hears Jackie's joke and sneers, "That was not funny, us
French do not pull out when needed!" Unlike Sylvain, Rene lets the comment
slide as he sits down in the middle of the leather couch and he puts his
hands behind his head. He spreads his legs apart a bit, giving Jackie plenty
of room to climb on to him.

Jackie shrugs a bit as she looks at the expression on Sylvain's face "Well...
I thought it was funny..." Jackie replies as she climbs onto Rene's lap,
straddling him as he sits on the couch. Jackie lets her body drop down onto
Rene's cock, making her moan softly. Jackie places her hands on Rene's strong
shoulders and begins bounce in an up and down motion on his cock, while
rocking herself back on his French prick.

"You Americans are all the same..." Sylvain snaps.

Rene puts his hands on Jackie's hips and assists the sexy flashy diva in the
speed of how she bounces on his cock. Rene then leans his head to the right
and looks at Sylvain, "Sylvain... are you... just going to stand there?" He
asks with a smirk. Sylvain gives Rene a bit of a glare before laughing a bit.
Without replying to Rene's question, Sylvain gets behind Jackie and places
his right hand on her back to push her forward so he's able to ram his entire
seven-inch shaft into her tight asshole.

Jackie tilts her head back "Ohhhh shit..." Jackie groans as she feels the
sudden impact of Sylvain's cock into her tight asshole, causing Jackie to
jolt up on Rene's cock only to come crashing back down on his cock, smacking
her pussy hard against his missile-like cock.

Sylvain grunts and groans as he drills Jackie's asshole with perfectly timed
thrusts. "Uhhhh... you... must... be a bit... French... cause your ass... is
almost as good... as French woman's..." Sylvain says as he reaches around
Jackie and places both of his hands on her large round tits and he begins to
squeeze them together. Rene pushes up into Jackie's pussy several times
before moving his right hand behind her head to pull her head forward so he
can French kiss her, slipping his tongue into her open mouth. Jackie moans
into Rene's mouth as she swaps spit with him, flicking her tongue against
his tongue as the two kiss, while she bounce up and down on his cock. Jackie
manages enough momentum to push herself back against the cock of the rude
Frenchman, Sylvain Grenier as he slams his cock deep into her tight asshole.
Due to Sylvain's thrust to her ass, it causes her to grind her pussy sharply
against Rene's cock as she starts to sweat.

As Rene continues to kiss Jackie, he pushes himself off the couch when
Sylvain takes a step back to adjust his thrusts. In a matter of moments,
Rene is now standing, and both French studs are bouncing Jackie on their
cock as they fucking her standing up. Rene breaks the hot kiss with Jackie,
and a bit of saliva falls out of both their mouths. Rene licks his lips and
grins at her, "You... holding... on.... pretty good... for an American..."
Rene says with a bit of genuine praise in his voice.

However Sylvain isn't so kind, "She... must be... an all... out whore... if
she's... lasting this long..." He grunts, refusing to admit Jackie is doing
as good as she is as they fuck her.

Jackie grits her teeth as she bounces wildly on both cocks while the two
French studs bang the hot American as they stand. " you two aren't
so limp, like most Frenchmen..." Jackie replies with a smirk as she rocks
back against Sylvain's cock, gently yanking his cock back that's buried in
her tight asshole. Jackie moans as she thrusts her body forward, grinding
herself against Rene's nicely sized cock.

"That... is... a gracious compliment... from an American..." Rene smirks as
pumps his cock harder into Jackie's cunt.

Sylvain grits his teeth, "You... dirty... American... bitch... I'll...
show..." Before Sylvain can finish what he's about the say, the big mouth
arrogant Frenchman suddenly starts to cum inside of Jackie's asshole.

Jackie starts to laugh and moan at the same time as she feels the sudden rush
of Sylvain's cum into her tight asshole. Jackie licks her lips as she feels
some of Sylvain's warm cum drip out of her asshole. Jackie looks back over
her shoulder at a frustrated Sylvain "What happened there?" Jackie laugh as
Rene wraps his strong arms around her sweaty waist and bounces her on his
cock. Jackie continues to look over her shoulder at Sylvain as she bounces
" comes to... you.... Ohhhh...
Frenchies... do... blow quick..." Jackie says and moans.

Sylvain pulls out of Jackie's cock, resulting in some of his cum to land down
on the floor, "You cheap American whore!" Sylvain balls his fist angrily but
instead of doing anything he goes into the shower area, practically running
away. Rene quickly moves over to the table and sits Jackie on it, but keeps
his cock buried in her cunt, not commenting on Sylvain's retreat. Jackie
grits her teeth as she starts to move on the table as Rene thrusts his cock
into her sweet, wet pussy. Jackie wraps her arms around Rene's neck and pulls
him down on top of her as she lays down on the table.

"Ahhh... shit... you are... a credit... to your country..." Rene says with a
grunt as he slams his cock in and out of Jackie's tight pussy. Rene places
his hands on Jackie's shoulder and uses his hips to drive his dick balls deep
repeatedly into her wet warm pussy.

Jackie tilts her head back as she moans, while getting her pussy powerfully
slammed by the French stud, Rene Dupree. Jackie feels some of Rene's sweat
drip down onto her stomach and chest as she grinds her pussy up against
Rene's cock.

Rene throws all of his 250 pounds behind every stiff thrust, "Ahhh... there's
one... more... way.... to show you... how good... the French are!" Rene pulls
out of Jackie's pussy and stands up straight. He grabs hold of Jackie's legs
and turns her over the table so she's on her stomach, then he pulls her
backward so her feet touch the floor. Rene wipes some sweat from his forehead
and he then thrusts his cock back into her pussy.

Jackie tilts her head back and grits her teeth, feeling Rene's entire eight
inches slam suddenly into her pussy "Ohhhhhh fuck!" ain't bad from
a Frenchman...but us American's are way better..." Jackie moans with sweat
dripping off of her tan body.

Rene grips onto Jackie's thighs to hold her still as he rams his cock in and
out of Jackie's pussy. "Ahhh fuck... you're... enjoying... this... don't
you!" Rene yells as he balls slap against her ass.

Jackie smirks as her body slides against the table which Rene is fucking her
on "You...are... too... French-boy."

Rene licks his lips, "Well.... some... things...are... better than what it
seems..." Rene pulls back and gives Jackie one more sharp thrust and starts
to blow his hot load deep inside of her pussy.

"Mmmmm..." Jackie moans as she feels Rene's warm cum. She the smiles knowing
she outlasted the two members of La Resistance.

Rene keeps his cock buried deep inside of Jackie's pussy until every drop of
his cum has been shot into. "Ahhhh.... damn..." Rene says as he slowly pulls
his cock out of her pussy. "You... are... incredible..."

Jackie sits up on the table and smirks "I know...I'm also one
for the Americans!" Jackie says with a proud smile.

Rene smirks a bit, "Yeah... yeah... you win this time... but next time... The
French will conquer..."

Jackie gets off the table and smirks "Yeah...sure whatever.." Jackie rolls
her eyes "Like always...The French come up short."

"Do not think you experienced everything..." Rene folds his, then he smirks,
"We French are crafty... and now that I know you... you will fall in a second
French invasion."

Jackie rolls her eyes "Bring it on..." Jackie smirks.


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