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The Assistant Writer: Completely Stratusfied
by Dr. Feel Good

My name is John Shavian, a 26-year-old former model and Hollywood writer that
is a new hire by World Wrestling Entertainment on their writing team. I work
directly under Stephanie McMahon as her writing assistant. I was hired to
work for the company on December 22nd with the specific task of catering to
the needs of the WWE divas. I'm the first person that the company has ever
hired that has taken on the role of writing storylines for the women in the
company. Like Stephanie told me after I got hired: "You work for me, but more
importantly you work for those divas. They are very valuable to us and I want
you to do to everything you can to please them." I believed in it.

This story takes place on December 26th, 2005 in Bridgeport, Connecticut,
site of Monday Night Raw that week. It was famous for the lesbian kiss
involving Women's Champion Trish Stratus and Mickie James. Aside from Vince
and Stephanie McMahon, as well as the other writers, I was virtually an
unknown as I went to my first Raw as part of the staff. For the most part I
stayed in the writer's room for the show, although I did accompany Stephanie
as she directed the Trish/Mickie segment. I was briefly introduced to the
women, but I doubt either of them noticed. I also found myself being a bit
uncomfortable because when they kissed I was very horny with a boner. Again,
I'm not sure if it was noticed. The rest of the show went pretty well and
after it was over I was left to clean up the room we were in and then I was
headed to Hartford for Smackdown the next night.

It was about 12am, nearly an hour after the show and the backstage area was
pretty much empty. I was the last one in the writer's office when I heard a
knock on the door. It was Trish Stratus knocking with a jacket on, some jeans
and a gym bag on her back.

"Now I remember. I've just been stressed out lately. You were in that room
where we filmed that segment with Mickie and I, right?"

"Yep. I was standing behind Stephanie as she was directing the segment."

"I thought so. I saw you there and I didn't really know who you were, but
it's all coming back to me now."

We both sort of paused for a moment that point as I was in awe of her beauty.
She was somebody I was always fond of as a fan of the business, but now that
I was standing with her this close I really got to appreciate just how hot
she was. Much like before for her backstage segment, I found myself pitching
a tent in my pants. I'm not sure if she noticed, but she might of, since I
was wearing a pair of khakis that didn't do the best job of covering it up.
While continuing to look at her, I saw her reach into her bag and pull out a

"The reason I was looking for Steph was because after my segment tonight I
decided to write down some ideas for where this storyline with Mickie could
go. I wanted to brainstorm with her about it because I was interested in
where this story was going from this point on. It's like do I act like I
really like Mickie, or do I treat her like a psycho because of this? Know
what I mean?"

"Of course," I told her. "Steph's gone now though and I'm not sure if it'd
be a good time to reach her."

"You're probably right. What about you? Maybe you can listen to my ideas and
pitch them to Steph the next time you have a chance."

"We can do that sure. I don't think we can stay here, though. They told us
once it gets past midnight they start making sure everybody gets out on time
and we're past that point."

"That's fine. We can't go to a bar or a restaurant or something like that,
though. I'd get mobbed. I hate that whole scene. I just want to go some place
quiet like a hotel maybe. I got a room at the Red Roof Inn a couple of blocks
away. That fine?"

She looked at me with her gorgeous brown eyes and that great smile of hers.
In my mind all I could think about was saying that's it's not fine, it's
fucking great! Somehow I kept my cool and I let her know that it was good.
I asked her to give me a few minutes to gather my stuff. She said cool and
told me to meet her in the parking lot in the Ford F150 truck that she
rented while in the city.

As I grabbed my bag and my suitcase all I could think about was how lucky I
was. I also recalled the conversation I had with Stephanie after I got the
job about working for the divas and doing what is asked. Walking out to the
parking lot, that's all I had on my mind. Five days ago I was hating my life
at home and not knowing what my future entailed. Now I'm set to go to Trish
Stratus' hotel room even though it's for business it's still amazing to me.

The ride to the hotel featured the usual chit chat. She told me she just
turned 30 on December 18th, I told her I was 26 and she smiled coyly telling
me that I had a lot to learn. I told her about my past as a model and a
writer in Hollywood as well. I found out also that she was frustrated a bit
with where her career is headed, but that she made some personal resolutions
on her birthday and she was determined to go down as the greatest diva in
WWE history. When I told her that I'd do everything I could to help her, she
let me know that she appreciated it and gently put her right hand on my
thigh. We pulled up to the hotel. I helped her with her bags and then we were
on our way into the room. She told me she was going to change because the
jeans she was wearing were uncomfortable and she wanted to loosen up a bit.
I told her that was cool.

In the room it was pretty small. Small TV, small table with one chair, small
bathroom and the bed was just a double bed. Not king or queen size, but it
was okay. I understand why she wanted a small room because she's able to be
left alone from the public. Not sure where we would sit to talk, I moved the
table and the chair closer to the bed as I sat on the bed waiting for her.
While I sat there, all I could think about was how lucky I was just to be
talking to this woman and then I got another boner. This time with Trish out
of the room I unzipped my pants, readjusted my dick with my hand and then
just as I was to do my zipper up the door opened and Trish came out.

She looked amazing. She wore the white lingerie outfit she once wore on Raw
when Kane and Lita got married. It was an all white outfit with a transparent
white open gown covering up white pantyhose, white undies, white heels and a
white bra underneath the gown. The gown was tied right at her breasts, but
there was still some considerable cleavage showing. I recognized it
immediately because it's the kind of outfit that if you see once you'll never
forget it.

"I hope this is alright. I wore it once on Raw last summer (August 2004) when
Kane and Lita had that wedding. I didn't wear it since, so I packed it up
this week and decided I would wear it on this trip. Like I said earlier, I
didn't expect company. You sure you're okay with it?"

"It's perfectly fine," I told her. "No problem at all."

She sat down on the chair and opened up the notepad, then placed it on the
small table that sat in between us. As she sat down, I saw her looking me up
and down while licking her lips ever so quickly. I wasn't sure if she saw my
zipper down or not. Frankly, I didn't care. I was too focused on just staring
at her body.

"Basically what I wanted to talk to Steph about was that I'm hesitant to do a
lesbian angle with Mickie. It's nothing against her. I'm just not comfortable
kissing men on camera. I'm not that comfortable kissing men on camera either,
but I'd rather just be portrayed as a female athlete, ya know?" I nodded yes
as she continued to speak. "To be honest with you, I haven't kissed anybody
lately. I haven't been with a guy in a very long time. Over a year now, in

"Seriously?" I asked. "I find it hard to believe that a woman as beautiful
and talented as yourself has a tough time with the guys."

"People think wrestlers are dumb. Or they think we're like our characters on
screen. They don't ever want to know me. It's frustrating."

"Yeah, I can imagine." I stared right at her breasts as I spoke. Then I
looked up at her face and noticed she saw me looking at her tits.

"Have you even listened to a word that I have said?" She asked.

"Of course I have. What do you mean?" I asked, hoping to get out of this.

"I can tell that you're staring, John. My legs, my ass, my tits over and
over. You don't have to lie. I know you're doing it."

"I'm sorry," I pleaded. "I didn't mean to…"

"Sssshhhh. Don't be sorry. If you want something to happen tonight we play by
my rules. And if you don't, I guess I can just call up Stephanie, tell her
that you made her top diva uncomfortable and you'll be gone. So are we good

"We're good." I said, as I took a deep breath, not knowing what was to come.

She moved the table that was between us out of the way and sat back in the
chair, her legs crossed. I sat on the bed silently, not knowing what to do or
what to say, so I said nothing.

"You listen well. I like that in a man. Now I'm telling you to listen some
more because I've got an important story to tell. I used to fuck guys a lot.
Then when I got into this wrestling business six years ago I stopped. I
didn't want to be 'one of those girls' as we say. That's not me. I wanted my
experiences with men to be special. I wanted them to be memorable. I wanted
to save myself for the guy I'm going to marry. Six years I've waited. Now
I'm 30, I was alone on my birthday and I was alone on Christmas. Fuck
marriage. I'm tired of being alone. That time is over."

Trish pulled the chair forward, took her shoes off and put her feet on my
lap. "Rub them," she told me. So I did, one hand for each foot. I went to
reach up her leg for the top of her pantyhose, but she brushed my hand away.

"I lied about not knowing who were John," she continued. "After Steph hired
you I called her and I asked who she hired. She told me your name, so I
looked it up on Google and there it was right in front of me. Former model,
former Hollywood writer and a huge wrestling fan. Then I did some more
digging and digging until I found something else. It was in some Playboy
model's blog, something about the guys she fucked at a party and how you
were the best one. Then I went to her friend's page and found the same
thing. Then I found one more and there it was, the clincher, the ten inch
cock. They were raving about it."

"Haha," I laughed. "You missed the best part. When I moved out to Hollywood
I got myself a vasectomy so whenever I am with a woman I don't need

I let out a shy smile, not knowing what to do or say as she moved her right
foot off my thigh and directly onto my cock, gently rubbing her foot on it.

"It just keeps getting better and better, huh?" She asked.

I was aroused again as she stopped rubbing it and then got up out of the
chair. She unhooked the gown that was covering her and tossed it aside as
she stood in front of me in only her bra, panties and pantyhose. Without
a word, she urged me to stand up and began unbuttoning my shirt, rubbing
her hands across my chest and my abs. I tossed the shirt aside as she
reached down for my belt.

"When I saw you backstage during that segment with Mickie and I, I looked
down. I saw your hard cock. When I knocked on that door and you turned
around, I saw that hard cock. When I walked out of this bathroom I saw that
cock again. I'd love to see it one more time, but you have to promise me

Sweat was starting to drip from my forehead, but I managed to sneak out a
"what's that?"

"Nobody is going to know about this. This is just a meeting between two
colleagues. Just another dull day in the wrestling business. If you're good
and you keep that promise then there will be more of this."

She reached for my head, pulled me in close and gave me a long, deep throat
kiss that lasted at least ten seconds. Then she pulled my pants down leaving
me in just my boxers.

"Deal?" She asked.

"Oh God yes."

"Now, let me see what you got in there for me." She reached into my boxers
and started to rub my erect cock. "Mmmm, it checks out. I want to taste it,
but first, you have to taste me. Get me wet, I'll get you wet and we'll get
eachother wet, okay?"

She sat down on the bed, her legs spread open. We kissed some more, swapping
spit and tongue as I started to massage her breasts. She told me I had to go
down first, so I knelt down between her knees. I kissed her left leg from her
toe all the way up to her thigh, massaging her leg with my hands and then I
did the same to her right leg. I went to take her pantyhose off, but she
urged me to keep them on. So I reached for her undies with my right hand,
then slid them down her legs and lay them on the floor. She lay back on the
bed now as I put my right hand on her ass, my left on her inside thigh to
keep it open and I dove in head first…literally. I licked her clit fast, then
slow, then faster and finally at a really rapid pace.


I kept going as I put my left hand on her butt as well, lifting her up and
right into my face with my tongue deep in her pussy. She moaned and moaned,
and I didn't stop. When I slowed down for a quick break, she shoved the
back of my head down for more. I could taste her whole pussy, the juice was
flowing, it was so wet and so awesome. I kept going and wanted to make her
climax, but she tapped me on the head asking me to stop for now.

She took my head and put me down with my back on the bed. Then she mounted me
and unclipped her bra. She leaned down and made out with me some more, then
leaned back and let me feast on her tits. I was licking them, kissing them,
rubbing them and even nibbling a bit.

"Oooh, I like that."

She went down to my boxers, then slid them completely off. She knelt off the
edge of the bed as my boner was right in her face now. I sat up, smiled at
her and she went to work. She rubbed my cock with both hands really fast,
then put my dick in her mouth. She licked it some, then she bobbed up and
down on it, moaning all the way.

"Come on Trish, suck it hard. Suck it."

She kept going, this time with her left hand juggling my balls as she went
deep on my cock. I could feel it all the way in the back of her mouth, she
was taking it all in and doing a heck of a job with it. She kept pulling on
my ass cheeks, so I pushed harder and harder wanting to get my cock into her
mouth even more. She kept moaning as she sucked and I kept on yelling for

"Oh God! Trishhhhhhhhh! I'm gonna cummmmmmmm!"

"Cum in my mouth! I want it nowwwwwww!"

She kept sucking and I kept on getting harder. She sucked, I hardened some
more. Then I finally had to cum, so she took a step back and there it went
into her mouth. She took all of it in with just a little bit spraying
elsewhere. As I looked down on her, she wiped her mouth with her hand and
smiled up at me. Then she slowly crawled up to the bed as we made out some

"I want you inside me. Doggy style."

She kneeled in front of me and started rubbing on my dick getting it hard.
I was kissing on her breasts some more while she did that. My dick was hard
again so she got on all fours in front of me. I got on my knees in behind
her, rubbing her ass with my hands a bit, then feeling her up and reaching
for her tits. She moaned in pleasure. I put my right hand on her right thigh,
my left hand on her left thigh and in one motion inserted my cock into her
clit. I pushed on her hard, ramming my cock deep inside her as she rocked
back and forth. She reached out to the headboard on the bed and held on as
I went HARD inside her.


The more she yelled, the harder I fucked her.

"I love your pussy, Trish. I won't stop!"

My dick was so deep inside of her and I placed my hands on her back, rubbing
her while I was fucking her.


As a few minutes went by I finally had to cum, so I loosened up, told her
what was next and she loosened up, then I cummed into her pussy as she let
out a moan. She crumpled down onto the bed, fatigued from what just happened
and I laid down beside her. We kissed some as I noticed some sweat coming
from the both of us. Her kisses were awesome, always full of tongue and
always with passion. I reached down with my left hand to her clit, gently
rubbing it and feeling the juices down there.

"Not least not yet. Play with my tits, please?" She asked with a
pretty smile.

"Trish, you don't have to say please to me." I informed her.

With Trish on her back, I mounted her and started to nibble on her breasts.
With my hands I cupped them and I licked them all over.

"Oh God, John. That feels soooooooo good. Don't stop."

I put them in my mouth some more, first licking and sucking the left one for
a good sixty seconds. Her nipple was so erect, she pushed my hand over to the
other one and started rubbing her own nipple.

"I love when my nipples get hard like that. Do the other one."

Then I went to her right nipple, kissing and sucking that one some more. I
put it all in my mouth, sucking, licking, nibbling some more. I heard her
moaning again. With her hands, she pushed my head back. She kissed me gently
on the lips using her tongue in my mouth.

"Fuck my tits. Fuck 'em now!"

I was on my knees on the bed now as Trish sat on her ass, her legs to my
sides. With my left hand, I moved my cock into position as she held her
breasts together and I stuck it between them. It was big enough that it
poked through her tits, right under her chin. As she held her breasts
together to feel every ounce of pressure from my cock, I was ramming it
as hard as it could go. It was so erect and so long that it was actually
going into her chin a few times. I could see some pre-cum all over her
upper chest as I started to really work my cock hard. She kept on smiling.

"More! Titty FUCK me! I want to feel your cock all over! My tits want you!
My tits need you!"

Still fully erect, I kept pumping my dick in her tits. A couple of minutes
must have passed. I was about ready to cum, but I kept holding it in, not
wanting to surprise her. Finally, I couldn't hold it in anymore.

"I'm gonna cum! Right now!" I yelled.

She tilted her head down and I shot my load right into her mouth. Again,
she took it right in the mouth, but there was some more splashing this time,
going onto her chest and down her tits a bit. With her fingers, she wiped it
all up and put it in her mouth, smiling all the while. She sat on the edge
of the bed and took off the pantyhose that was still on her legs, tossing
them down to the ground. Then she crawled on top of me. My dick wasn't in
her, but I sure wanted it to be.

"I want you to lie back and let me take you. I could have had anybody, but I
picked you. Now you have to show me why I did. I'm going to ride you. I'm
going to ride you like no woman has ridden you before. I want you to stay
hard. Stay real hard. Fuck me, John. Fuck me!"

She got off of me, crawled to where my dick was and started stroking it. She
was getting it hard again after it softened a bit from being overworked. I
knew I had something left. I had to. I couldn't disappoint her. Not now. Not
like this. She sucked on my cock for half a minute or so, then positioned
herself on top of me. Slowly, she started rocking back and forth. My cock was
getting harder with every movement she was making while my hands were rubbing
on her tits. Then she stuck out her hands as I stuck out mine, interlocking
them and getting myself in a more comfortable position. I was sitting up now
with my cock on her pussy with my legs under her and her legs wrapped around

"You fuck my pussy and I'll fuck your mouth." She ordered.

"Deal." I smiled back at her.

Our tongues met at full force in our mouths as we kissed passionately. With
my hands, I brought her in as tight as I could and pounded her pussy with my
dick. I was going so hard inside of her.


As she moaned, I sucked on her tits while fucking her pussy as hard as I
could. I could feel her body shake as I kept ramming my dick into her, but I
made sure to hold her up with my hands to keep her strong. She kept moaning
in pleasure.


When I came in her, we both sorta relaxed our bodies for a bit, but she
didn't get off of me. She just kissed me, asking for more. So I obliged. This
time, I tried something a little different. We switched positions so she was
on her back and she spread her legs. I took my dick out for just a second to
reposition it inside of her and I stuck it back in she sent out a moan of
pleasure. I leaned forward as she stuck her legs up in the air and I pumped
into her again. Our bodies rocked gently at first, then the pace picked up
and I had her yelling again.


"You want me to fuck you more? Scream my name!" I finally had the urge to
demand something of her.


"Like this huh?" I said as I rammed my cock deep inside her.


I kept on ramming her until I couldn't take it anymore and I had to cum
inside of her again. With both of us panting hard and sweat dripping
everywhere, we laid down beside eachother out of breath, but full of lust.

"Wow," she gasped. "That was un-fucking-believable. You were amazing, John."

"You weren't too shabby yourself," I told her. I reached down for her pussy,
rubbing it gently.

"Not now, babe. I need some rest. But maybe in the morning."

I kissed her passionately on the lips while rubbing my hands on her breasts.

"Definitely in the morning," she confirmed.

* * *

The next morning she woke me up with a 6am blowjob as we fucked on the bed
again and then in the shower. When she left for the airport that morning I
thought that was the only sex I'd have that day. What I found out when I
went to Smackdown in Hartford later in the day was that I was very wrong.
Not that I was about to complain.

Part 2 of "The Assistant" with the return of a former WWE Diva is coming

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