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The Assistant Writer Part 2: Debra Comes Home
by Dr. Feel Good (DFG)

My name is John, a 26-year-old former model and Hollywood writer/producer
that is a new hire by World Wrestling Entertainment on their writing team.
I work directly under Stephanie McMahon-Levesque, the pregnant wife of
Triple H, as her writing assistant. I was hired to work for the company on
December 22nd with the specific task of catering to the needs of the WWE
divas. I'm the first person that the company has ever hired that has taken
on the role of writing storylines for the women in the company. Like
Stephanie told me after I got hired: "You work for me, but more importantly
you work for those divas. They are very valuable to us and I want you to do
to everything you can to please them." I believed in it.

I was headed to the December 27, 2005 Smackdown taping in Hartford, which
is about 45 minutes away from company headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut.
I was a little tired from the night before when I spent the night with Trish
Stratus, but I was eager to move on simply because I was genuinely excited
about my new job. I met with all the writers and bookers early that day,
about 2pm and we went over the show. I didn't have as much to do on Smackdown
because there were only a couple of divas on the show as compared to Raw,
which had several more. Just before the show was going to start, I found out
what my task was for the night.

Twenty minutes earlier I was walking around backstage when I saw former
WWE diva Debra McMichael-Williams, now going by her maiden name Marshall,
chatting with one of our makeup ladies. Debra was in her late 30s by now,
but was still gorgeous thanks to a beautiful face, massive tits, an ass
that she takes really good care of and legs to die for. When I really got
into wrestling as a fan in 1999 it was in part because of her since she
was by far the most popular diva at that time, especially after Sable left.
I didn't really say anything to her because she had no idea who I was and
I was nervous as hell, but I did smile at her. She noticed that, smiled at
me and winked at me too. Then I went off into the other direction.

Right around 8pm was when Steph called me to her office. Once there, I saw
Debra sitting on one of the chairs looking rather despondent. I took a good
look at her, staring at her crossed legs and her amazing breasts. I had a
hard time believing this was actually real. But there she was in front of
me, Debra Marshall. With her hair and makeup done, she looked even better
in person. She had on a black/grey leather business suit, the same one she
wore in an internet photo shoot that I vividly remember. There was a very
short leather skirt to accentuate her legs and ass, black heels and just
one button on the jacket covering her bra, which housed her world famous
36D sized breasts. I could see most of her bra and could tell that it was a
combination of leather and lace with her breasts heaving out the top. She
looked at me in my black suit and blue tie, then smiled at me although this
time it was half-hearted. She looked depressed.

Steph brought me close to her to tell me what was going on.

"I need you to take Debra back to her hotel."

"Now?" I asked.

"Smackdown's about to start soon and I don't have anything more to say to

"Stephanie, please," Debra pleaded. "Please reconsider."

"I told you no, Debra." Stephanie fired back. "I know you want your job back,
but we're not at a stage where we're hiring past their prime non-wrestlers
like you. I'm sorry."

Debra stood up, furious. "Why do you have to be so mean to me Stephanie? When
I was working here before I was nothing but courteous to you and this is how
you pay me back?"

"I guess I'm a bitch then," Stephanie confessed. "I'm also in charge and I'm
not asking you. I'm telling you: get the hell out of my office."

"Where am I supposed to go, huh? I just flew in today, I don't have a hotel
to go to, I don't know anybody here," Debra said.

"Oh right, as if you can't afford a hotel. You married two guys for money,
you got half and now you act all innocent. Don't try that shit on me, it
won't work," Stephanie told her.

I didn't really know what to say. I knew it wasn't my place, but I thought
Steph was being way too harsh. Debra looked to be in near tears as she picked
up her bag and slowly went to walk out of the room. Then I spoke up.

"Ms. Marshall wait, let me get that for you," I told her.

"Wow, somebody with respect around here. Who are you anyway? I saw you
outside before and didn't recognize your face."

"He's my assistant," Stephanie said. "He works for me with regards to the
divas and right now the work I need from him is to get you out of my face.

Steph was furious and I could tell Debra was pretty pissed too. I turned to

"Where should I take her? I don't even have a car." I asked.

"You can use my limo, that's fine. Take her to the airport or some hotel. I
don't care. Just go."

"What time should I be back..." I tried to ask.

"You don't have to come back here tonight. We've got everything handled
okay. Just be at the office by 9am tomorrow because Melina's coming in for
a photoshoot and we need you to interview her for the magazine. Don't be

"Can we go already?" Debra groaned. I looked at her, then back at Steph.

"Remember, no matter what she does or what she says under no circumstances
are you going to let her think she can have her job back. Alright?" Steph
pleaded with me.

"Alright, I understand. See ya later." I walked over to where Debra was in
the room, picked up her bag and we made our way out to the parking lot. Debra
looked furious and didn't even look back at me.

We were nearly out of the building when Debra looked back at me. "What car
are we looking for anyway...uh...what's your name again?"

"John," I reminded her. "And it's a limo. It's Stephanie's."

Debra smiled back at me with a big smirk on her face. It was at that point
where I could really sense that Debra hated Stephanie. We made some small
chit-chat on the way out to the parking lot when I told her about my
background in Hollywood writing erotic films.

"Oooh, I always wanted to be in Hollywood. Closest I ever got was WWE, but
this is a fucking circus. Maybe you can give me some tips, huh?"

"I'm not really involved in that stuff anymore," I told her. "But I can give
you some advice."

When we got out into the parking lot it was pretty empty because it was a
private lot separate from where all the wrestlers, writers and production
people parked. We saw the limo, but before we walked out there Debra stopped
me and turned around to face me. We were standing about ten feet from the
limo when she rubbed her hands across my face.

"So tell me John, what are my chances of getting my job back?"

"It's not my decision to make, but I don't think..." I tried to tell her.

"Yeah, I know my chances aren't good, but maybe you could help me."

"Help you how, Debra?"

"Fuck me in that limo right now."

Then she kissed me passionately on the lips as my whole body froze, amazed
by what was happening.

"Then after you fuck me...then you can tell me what my chances are of getting
my job back. Can you do me that favor?"

"Oh fuck yeah, Debra. Let's go."

As we walked over to the limo, Debra kissed me passionately on the lips
again. Then she knocked on the driver's window.

She talked to the driver: "Drive us to the airport and park in the back of
the lot. Turn the car off and don't come back until the morning. Here's a
little something for you too." She reached into her purse, then threw some
money at him. It was a stack of hundreds, probably ten or so. I held the
door open for her as she unbuttoned her jacket to let me stare at her
massive tits covered by the black bra. Then we jumped into the back of the

We kissed some more on the seat in the back, then I went to reach to take
off her skirt, but she pushed me back.

"Tell me sugar, were you a big Debra fan?" She asked.

"Huge," I told her as I kissed her on the neck.

"Did you masturbate when you saw me on TV?" She asked again.

"Yeah, a lot too." I smiled. "On TV, on the net, in magazines - I had tapes
with you on them. I did it all the time."

"Really? Do it for me now, hon."

I sat back on the one seat of the limo as she sat on the opposite side. I
took off my shirt with all the buttons as she ripped off her coat, tossing
it down. Then I went to unclip my belt and zipper, taking them off. She
turned around so her ass was right in front of me. I reached up for her
leather skirt, then pulled the zipper down on the back leaving her in just
bra and panties while I was still in my boxers. I reached into my boxers
and then whipped out my hard cock. She got on all fours in front me, her
face just a foot away from me.

"Rub it until I tell you to stop," she ordered. Without hesitation, I went
to rub it as I saw her smile. I could tell she appreciated my size. Maybe
ten seconds later, she told me, "Stop, let me try it."

She put her hands on my cock. She then rubbed my cock getting it harder and
harder. I leaned back in the seat as she stretched her legs apart a bit,
pushed her hair back and put her head right by my dick. She rubbed me some
more, then she spoke while she gently stroked me.

"I bet you fantasized about this for a long time, huh?" She said as I nodded.
"You want me to lick your cock?" I nodded again. "Like this?" She asked as
she started to lick the tip of my dick. "And you want me to suck it?"

"PLEASE, YES! OH YES!" I yelled out excitedly.

She obliged as she dropped her head down, then took my dick into her mouth as
I thrusted my hips up towards her face. I went hard into her and I could feel
her gag a bit, not ready for all the girth, but she managed to take it all
in. She started licking and sucking it as the limo moved, it was quite the
rush. I laid back as she kept sucking my shaft up and down, tongue thrashing
all over. I rocked back and forth to give her some momentum while I could see
her grabbing the seat cushions to hold on tight. I was about ready to cum.


She didn't stop. She just kept sucking it in as the cum started to cum out of
me right into her mouth. She took most of it in, but then moved and some of
it went over the floor of the limo.

"Oops," she said. "Guess we messed up Stephanie's precious limo."

She crawled up to her knees as she looked me in the eye. She unclipped her
bra, then tossed it aside. On her knees, she crawled over the main seat of
the limo, then titled her head over to me.

"Did you ever fuck Stephanie doggy style?" She asked as I realized how she
really must have thought I fucked Stephanie to get my job. I didn't even say
anything. "I bet you'll like me better."

I made my way over to her as I stared down at her ass. "I think so," I
smiled. I slid her thong down her hips, then down her legs and off her feet
while rubbing her pussy with my hand.

"Fuck me like you dreamed of fucking me. All those nights watching me on TV
hoping for this. It's fucking here. So fuck me good. Fuck me now. Fuck my
pussy like you dreamed it!"

Not one to argue, I stopped rubbing her pussy and I stuck my dick into her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She moaned. "You're huge!"

I pounded my dick into her hard as she rocked back and forth while I rocked
with her. Our bodies were moving together in one motion as she rocked back
into me. I went really hard into her with my dick fully erect inside her as
I could feel her juices at the end of my dick.

"Faster! Harder!" She ordered. I picked up the pace as she moaned again.
"Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Just like tha.........ohhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"You like that you dirty whore?" I asked her.

"I fucking LOVE that. Talk dirty to me, you asshole!"

"You want me to fuck you like I fucked Steph, huh?"

"I'm fucking better than Steph," she yelled back as I slowed down inside her.

"Yeah, well, Steph fucking loved it when I pulled her hair when I fucked her
like this," I lied, but she had no idea.

"Pull my fucking hair now! And fuck me hard!"

She titled her head back a bit as I took a small handful of her hair in
my left hand. I didn't pull on her head at all, but I used it for better
positioning as I went deep inside her again, this time harder than before.
I was really pumping inside her.

"Yesssssssssss! Fuck yesssssssssssssss! More! More! I want all of you inside

I really started to pull back on her hair now as she moaned more. I didn't
think I was hurting her, so I kept going. I stayed inside her until I could
feel it was time to cum.

"Debra, I...uh...I'm cumming!"

"Do it you son of a bitch. Do it to me!"

I let go of her hair, relaxed my body a bit and shot the load into her
pussy. She collapsed slowly as the cum stopped and she lay up on one of the
seats. I slid up beside her on the main seat in the limo. We kissed each
other passionately for thirty seconds or so as I rubbed my hands across her
breasts. They were massive, a true mouthful, and I cupped them with my hands
to really take them all in. I licked her nipples getting them really hard as
she pushed down on me with her tits giving them to me. I stopped for a few
seconds mainly just to get a breather as she looked down on me.

She looked at me. "Don't fucking stop, sugar. Don't ever stop!"

I fondled her tits some more. They were amazing. I licked the nipples quickly
switching from right to left as she let out some soft moans. Then she lifted
my head up to her face to talk to me again.

"I'm gonna ride you. Sit up."

I sat with my back on the seat and my legs out on the floor as she straddled
me. My cock was still throbbing from before, but she rubbed it and made it
really hard again. She positioned herself on me pushing her clit down right
on top of my dick. With my hands I put her tits in her mouth. She liked it,
but she took my hands away.

"Keep your hands down there, baby, guide my hips. I'll take care of your
mouth," she said as she kissed me. "Trust me."

So with each of my hands on each side of her body I held her upright as I
thrust my cock into her again. My eyes were level with her tits now as she
looked down on me with that cute smile of hers. I tried to lick them, but
she kept pulling back, so I came up short. She laughed, taunting me.

"Are my tits better than bitch Stephanie's?" She asked as I felt my dick
getting harder and harder inside her.

"They're the best tits I've ever seen you fucking slut. Let me taste them."

She leaned forward with her left tit as she brought my head in close with
her hands. I started gnawing away at it, licking and sucking it repeatedly
while she started riding me more. I picked up the pace with my dick, driving
it hard into her clit, reaching deep inside her as she kept yelling...


and yelling...

"Ooooooooooooooo! FASTER!"

and yelling...


She was panting heavily, so I took my mouth off her tit, then told her to
kiss me. Then I rocked her world some more, punishing her cunt with my cock
as she stuck her tongue deep inside me. I kept pumping her some more when we
felt the limo stopped. We slowed down a bit as we heard a door slam and the
driver knocked on the window. We knew he couldn't see inside so we kept going
at it, and then he said, "have a good evening." Debra took her tongue out of
my mouth long enough to say loudly.

"Oh fuck yeah, we're having a great night!"

We kissed some more, our tongues thrashing in eachother's mouths as our
bodies continued to rock. I let her know I was about to cum again.

"Let me swallow it," she ordered. She got off me, then slid down to my dick
again and the cum quickly jetted out of me right into her mouth. With a bit
of exhaustion, we cuddled up together on one of the seats. She rested her
head on my chest as we talked briefly.

"I have to be honest, John." She said.

"About what?"

"I know you didn't fuck Stephanie. I don't even want a job on TV again.
Steph and I, we worked you."

"Really?" I said with a smile, although she couldn't see it.

"Yeah. Steph wanted you for herself, but she got pregnant with the baby and
called me instead to see how you were."

"I can't believe this," I laughed. "You fucking bitches!"

"I'm sorry," she said politely. "You're not mad are you?"

"Why don't you suck my dick some more and I'll think about it, alright?"

She looked at me, noticing the big grin on my face.

"I forgot to say too that you were fucking great and I think this is just
the start of a wonderful relationship."

I couldn't believe it. They fucking worked me. I wasn't about to complain
with Debra going down on me again, but all I could think about what was I
could do to get back at them.
_ _ _

Part three will be in the future. I may go a different route for my next
story, but I will definitely come back to the Writer's Assistant series.

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