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The Authority Always Wins
by Arcanine878

The WWE Universe was stunned at the sight of Nikki Bella betraying her own sister Brie Bella. After all the love that the twins have had for each other, it looks like The Authority has got what they wanted, and won once again. Brie was alone, in her own locker room with an ice bag to her head in the spot that Nikki blasted her in. Brie called and complained to Bryan over the phone, not exactly sure why her sister has done was she had done.

"Ugh...fucking Nikki. I swear shes always trying to get everyone's attention if I get more spotlight than her. She's always jealous of what I do and all my victories. Just...UGH!" Brie said, as she stormed around in her locker room, throwing chairs and bags everywhere. She was furious. As she raged on, a couple of knocks were heard from the door. Brie didn't bother going to the door, or even saying "Who is it?". She just continued to rage in her room. The door was opened up anyways, and out came her sister Nikki. Brie ran up to her and started yelling and cursing at the top of her mouth. "Why the FUCK would you betray me like that? And after all Steph has done to you Nikki?! You sold out me, you sold out my husband, and hell, you even sold out John Cena!"

"Brie calm down...let me explain."

"No Nikki! You attacked me flat out in the middle of the ring. I had Stephanie McMahon! She was going to be pinned, 1, 2, 3 in the middle of the ring! You just couldn't let me take the victory huh!?"

Brie continued storming on. Her anger completely took over her emotions. Nikki couldn't take all the yelling and screaming from her sister anymore, so she clotheslined her in the middle of the room. Brie laid on the ground passed out. Nikki picked her sister up easily off the ground, and carried her out the room.

A few hours later, Brie opened up her eyes as she woke up in the living room of a house.

"Wha-....where am I?" Brie spoke to herself. Brie tried getting up, but a force was restraining her back. She looked down, as her legs and arms were tied to a chair. Brie also noticed that she was wearing no clothes at all. " me!" She screamed, but got no answer. Suddenly, Brie could hear foot steps coming from the nearby stairs. She looked up, as she saw Stephanie McMahon followed by Nikki Bella come down the stairs. Nikki was carrying a bag, as both ladies were already nude.

"I should of figured...with this nice of furniture we're in Stephanie's house huh?" Brie said with an attitude.

"You see Brie...this is why you get in so much trouble. This is why you're sister betrayed you. You're just too bitchy around people. I'm surprised Daniel Bryan hasn't gotten annoyed with you yet." Stephanie said, as she leaned closer to Brie. Stephanie's huge tits flung to the floor as she leaned into Brie Bella. She smirked, as Brie got furious. Brie tried wiggling her way out of the rope, but it was no use.

"Face it Brie. You can't get out of that chair. Nikki just tied it way too good on you." Steph said, as she walked over to Nikki, running her fingers across her breast. Nikki smiled, as she rubbed Steph's shoulder. Steph and Nikki couldn't take the sexual tension anymore, and they started to make out right in front of Brie. They sucked on each others lips and wrestled each others tongues, twisting and turning and getting a taste out of one another. Brie looked disgusted, but she couldn't ignore the fact that watching her sister and the boss of the WWE make out was a little hot. Brie wanted to rub her pussy for a bit, but couldn't so she stayed in the chair and started to get wet. Nikki grabbed both of Stephanie's large titties and began sucking on them. She sucked on them until they became nice and solid. Steph moaned, as she looked at Brie.

"You like this Brie? You like your sister sucking my tits?" she said. Brie struggled again to get her hands free, but again it was no use. Nikki looked at Brie struggling in her chair, as she flicked her tongue around Stephanie's large nipples.

"Mmm Steph. You know I've always wanted to fuck you..." Nikki moaned. Stephanie held her tits up for Nikki, as she said "You know Nikki...I think it's pretty harsh that Brie is just watching. I say we both work on her now."

Nikki finished licking both of Stephanie's nipples. She looked at them again to make sure they were both as hard as she can make them, and indeed they were. She wiped some of the saliva off her mouth, and agreed to fuck Brie with Stephanie. Nikki got on Bries right side, and Stephanie got on her left, and they began sucking on Bries tits. Nikki worked her tongue around Bries elegant nipples faster than Stephanie, but Stephanie made sure to make Bries nipples as hard as she can. Stephanie alternated directions on the way she licked around Bries nipples every couple of moments. Brie moaned and wanted to move badly, but she was still restricted to the chair. Nikki held her sisters tit as they sucked a huge part of it in her mouth.

"Wow Nikki...I think Brie's nipples are harder than they were on that nipslip on MizTV." Stephanie pointed out.

"'re right Stephanie. You always get the job done amazing Steph." Nikki said, as she leaned over Bries body to kiss Stephanie again. Stephanie then moved from Nikki's mouth and began making out with Brie. At first, Brie resisted it, but then gave it. She couldn't resist The Billion Dollar Princesses tongue in her mouth. She loved it, and they started making out for awhile as Nikki was still working on Bries tits. Stephanie began untying the rope around Brie, knowing that she wont move from the chair. Stephanie and Nikki already got her horny, and the only way she will get out of this house is if she cums.

The ropes fell to the floor, and Brie got a sigh of relief. She switched from Stephanie succulent tongue and moved to Nikki's mouth. She began making out with her sister, as she knew no one could fuck her better than her own twin sister. Nikki knew exactly how to get Brie hornier, as she moved her mouth carefully to get Brie wet. You could see Bries pussy shinning from the fluids. As she made out with Nikki, she placed one hand on Stephanie's titties, getting a feel of her soft, large breasts. They felt good, just as how Brie imagined them to be. Steph moaned as her tits were pressed against her. Nikki held Bries head towards her, as she slipped her hand down to Bries pussy. Her hand immediately felt the warm fluids coming out of Bries small, tight pussy. She massaged it a bit, moving her hands around the lips in fast circles. Bries moans started getting louder, and Nikki noticed it. She stopped making out with Brie and smiled. She looked down at Bries pussy, and popped her head back up to Brie. Nikki inserted two fingers in Bries tight pussy, and slid it in and out. Her warm pussy surrounded Nikkis fingers, and she started sliding it fast. Steph wanted to get a feel of Bries pussy, as Nikki slid one finger out and replaced it with one of Steph's fingers. They both thrusted Bries pussy at the same speed. Brie moaned as she loved her pussy getting finger fucked. Nikki and Steph continued to make out as they intensely fingered Brie. Brie cupped her boobs and massaged them as her vagina was getting filled with pleasure.

"I wanna taste this bitches pussy for myself." Steph said, as she forced Bries legs farther apart. Brie grabbed the lips of her pussy and spread them, allowing Stephanie to get full access into her pussy. Steph stuck her big warm tongue in her tight hole, as she thrusted her tongue in and out of the wet pussy. She stuck it in, flicked it up and down around the clit, and stuck it back out and repeated the process. "Mmm...oh yea Steph." Brie moaned. "Mmm..yea you little slut. Moan for me." Steph said. "Oohh Steph!". Nikki got behind Stephanie and started to lick Stephanie's ass hole. Stephanie bent over for Nikki a little bit more, as Nikki spit into Stephanies ass hole. She inserted a finger into her tight ass, then took it out and began licking it in circles around the edge. Stephanie's tight ass hole tasted good on Nikki's tongue. Stephanie began moaning, but still continued to eat out Brie.

Stephanie got up from eating Bries pussy and allowed Nikki to continue the job for her. All girls were on the ground now, Brie flat on the ground while Nikki was on her knees. Stephanie sat on Bries face, and Brie eagerly began to eat Stephanie's meaty pussy. Stephanie moaned, as she moved her pussy closer to Bries tongue. Nikki was slurping the pussy fluids out of Brie, and began sucking on her clit. Brie moaned as she tugging her teeth a little bit on Stephanie's pussy lips. Stephanie loved it, as she moved her pussy up and down, across Brie Bells mouth. Stephanie made sure Brie got a taste of the Queens pussy good. Stephanie bent over to 69 with Brie. Brie held Stephanie's ass down, as Nikki and Stephanie began to lick Bries pussy at the same time. Eventually, Stephanie would spread Bries pussy lips apart to let Nikki get a taste of all of her sisters pussy. Then, Nikki held her sisters lips apart, as Stephanie started eating Brie out again. Brie Bellas' pussy was drenched at this point, as Nikki and Steph could taste the sweet pussy.

Stephanie got up from licking Bries pussy, as she wiped her lips. "Nikki. Get the bag." she ordered.

Nikki did just that, as Brie continued eating Steph's pussy. Nikki walked over to her bag, and took out the strap on. She began strapping it on as Steph interrupted her process. "MMmm..No Nikki." She said, as she was in mid moan from Brie cleaning her pussy out.

"This is a job for me." Steph said. Steph got up, and Nikki handed her the strap on. Steph strapped it on, as Nikki laid on top on Brie. The twins started making out. Stephanie began fucking Nikki in the ass with the strap on. Stephanie slid the strap on father than she thought in Nikki's ass, and she thrusted hard. Nikki moaned as she took the pounding from the dildo in her ass. She laid across Brie, moving up and down with each pull Stephanie did. Stephanie then slid the dildo out of Nikki's ass, and began fucking Brie in the pussy with the dildo. Stephanie was fucking Brie hard. You could hear splashing noises coming from Bries pussy each time Stephanie went in deeper and deeper. Stephanie alternated between sisters, not giving one Bella too much of a break. She decided to fuck Nikki's pussy, and Nikki slid her ass, controlling the speed of how she was getting fucked. She went faster and faster until Steph slid the dildo out and Nikki came. The cum dripped all out of Nikki's pussy and dripped onto Bries stomach. Stephanie then fucked Brie, as Brie came quickly. Stephanie slid the dildo back out and began licking up all the cum she can find between the two twins. She cleaned it all up and started to remove the strap on.

"Alright bitches...I better be seeing you two in my office tomorrow morning for Monday Night Raw. This isn't the only fucking we're gonna have.." Steph said, as spanked Nikki's ass and walked up stairs.

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