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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988). Thus the events in this story did not really happen.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

The BOSS Gets... IT!
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The scene fades showing The Boss Sasha Banks exiting the catering area of San Antonio's Alamadome hours before the start of the 2017 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, where she is scheduled to face the dominating force known as Nia Jax on the pre-show. The former three-time RAW Women's Champion makes her way to the ring area in order to get her mind ready for her match, but as she walks she hears the voice of United States Champion Chris Jericho screaming, "I don't care! I can take whatever I want into that damn shark cage! Foley made it a NO DQ match!" Intrigued by what she heard, Sasha changes directions to where the Shark Cage that Jericho will be contained in during the WWE Universal Championship match is being held, and sees Jericho along with referee Charles Robinson.

"Doesn't mean you're going to interfere, we saw what happened with Ellering at Takeover in Brooklyn where he still got involved in the match, you won't be allowed to take anything into the cage with you," Robinson says firmly.

"You... you... This is not right! Foley put you up to this because he wants my best friend to lose to Roman Reigns of all people!" Jericho snaps, "You know what... you're going on THE LIST for being a complete stooge!" Jericho yells as he turns to storm away from Robinson and the Shark Cage, which has him heading right towards Sasha Banks who caught the end of the conversation. "Doesn't he know who I am! He should! I'm Chris Jericho... the United States Champion... and Kevin Owens' best friend damn it!" Jericho yells, clearly upset that he's not getting his way, much to Sasha's amusement.

Sasha, dressed in a pair of black leggings and a light purple tight fitting tank top, smirks a bit "Damn...don't get your panties all in a knot.." Sasha says with a slight laugh

Jericho narrows his eyes as he looks as Sasha, "I am not wearing panties and if I were, which I wouldn't, they wouldn't be in any knot if that stupid idiot Mick Foley wouldn't have made the decisions he did! My best friend is facing that vile, disgusting, bottom feeding Roman Reigns in a NO DQ match and I'm going to be a cramped little shark cage!"

Sasha raises an eyebrow and shrugs "I think he's just trying to make things fair... no problem with that"

"You don't have a problem with that? Was it fair that the iron man match you were in was allowed to continue into sudden death when you survived 30 minutes with Charlotte? Answer... no it was not fair! It was fair to Flair, but not you! Just like this isn't fair!" Jericho says

Sasha rolls her eyes slightly "You know... if you weren't such a whiny, entitled douche... like you've been..." Sasha pauses and casually looks over Jericho "You'd be The Boss's type"

"I'm every woman's type!" Jericho says defensively, "I'm a sexy beast., I'm a rock star, a first ballot Hall of Famer, if I ever choose to retire which I won't because I'm the greatest of all time!" The boastful reigning United States Champion says before adding, "And only a someone who wants to get on the wrong list instead of getting...." Jericho pauses as he points his index finger at Sasha, "IT... is a stupid idiot!"

Sasha places her hands onto her hips and presses her lips together "Are you calling me a stupid idiot?" Sasha says, looking at him in a playfully challenging manner.

"You for implying that I'm not The Boss's quote unquote 'type'!" Jericho says as he does quote marks with his fingers, "Cause any woman who calls herself 'The Boss' only cares about size and I'm packing baby!"

Sasha laughs "I'll take your word for it..."

"Or ask your little buddy Bayley... she got the gift of Jericho... and she drank it in..." Jericho says smugly.

Sasha Banks nods her head "Alright... I'll bite" Sasha says as she looks over Jericho again

"You don't bite... IT!" Jericho says in an overly dramatic fashion.

Sasha sighs and rolls her eyes "Yeah, yeah... let's just go and get this over with"

The scene fades from view and cuts to that of Jericho's extravagant, absurdly expensive tour bus where a fully dressed Sasha Banks is shown seated on the edge of a leather recliner that sits opposite of the side-couch while Jericho stands in front of her "You sure you're ready for... IT?" Jericho asks. Sasha looks up at Jericho with a playful smirk as she unbuttons his black pants and starts to push his pants down from his waist. Jericho places his hands on his self-described gorgeous waist as Sasha pushes down his pants, and he smirks arrogantly when he sees the mouth of 'The Boss' drop open once she sees his large, thick cock.

"I guess you aren't all talk..." Sasha says as she places her left hand around his cock and begins to pump her hand against his shaft, making it become fully hard.

"Do I look like Seth Rollins?! I'm Chris Jericho damn it... I'm not all talk!" Jericho says as Sasha moves her left hand back and forth along of his shaft that when it's fully erect in her grasp looks even more impressive. Sasha leans her magenta haired head down and slides her wet tongue over the head of Jericho's cock, while moving her hand along his shaft. "Mmmm..." Jericho moans as Sasha laps her tongue around he head of his cock, dripping some of her saliva onto it as she continues to work her left hand along the length of his shaft.

"Mmmmmm..." Sasha moans as she moves her tongue over the head of his cock, spreading her saliva around and teases his piss-slit. The reigning United States Champion smirks as he watches Sasha flick the tip of her tongue against the tip of his cock and locks eyes with her when she happens to glance up at him. Sasha parts her lips and takes his cock into her mouth, wrapping her pouty lips around Jericho's cock and begins to bob her head to suck on his cock.

"Ahhhh take it... woMAN..." Jericho moans as Sasha smoothly rocks her head on his cock as she holds it in a slightly upward angle. Jericho places a hand on her head and pushes her hair back to make sure his view isn't blocked.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Sasha Banks moans and smoothly bobs her head on his cock, with her lips traveling on his shaft. The reigning United States Champion licks his lips as Sasha maintains a smooth and steady pace as she sucks and slurps on his shaft. Sasha places her hands onto his self-proclaimed gorgeous waist as she leans closer to him and feeds his cock deeper into her talented mouth.

"Ahhh... mmmm.." Jericho moans as Sasha takes well over three-fourths of his cock into her mouth as she bobs her head continuously on it while her saliva drips down and off of his manhood.

"Mmmmmm....mmmm" Sasha moans and bobs her head forward, with her saliva drips down on his cock. Jericho moves his hand off of Sasha's head as she takes his cock deep into her mouth with every forward and downward motion she makes with her head. Sasha smoothly turns her head on Jericho's cock, lightly grinding her lips as she sucks his cock like a true a boss.

The scene continues with Sasha sucking Jericho's cock for several moments before it gradually blurs from view. When it clears, 'The Boss' is shown leaning forward against the tour bus's refrigerator with Jericho behind her, smoothly thrusting his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy while he has just hand on her waist. "Mmmmmm...ohhhh" Sasha moans as she places her hands onto the surface of the refrigerator as she moves on her feet with Jericho thrusting into her from behind

"Yeah... take IT..." Jericho says with a groans as he pumps his cock firmly into the former three-time RAW Women's Champion's snatch as she rocks on her feet.

"Mmmmm...ohhh shit..." Sasha moans and glances over her shoulder to look back at Jericho as moves on her feet to push back on his cock. Jericho places his other hand on Sasha's waist and begins to increase the tempo of his thrusts as result of Sasha pushing back against him. The Untied States Champion smirks at her when he sees her looking back at him as he gives her the true gift of Jericho.
"Ohhhhhh....mmmm" Sasha moans as she feels his cock deeply thrusting into her pussy, with her gorgeous rounded and nicely tight ass connecting against his waist

"Yeah... mmmm The Boss likes IT big doesn't she?" Jericho grunts as he drives his stiff cock deeply into Sasha's twat with each thrust he performs.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Sasha moans and pushes her body back against his cock, perfectly pushing and grinding on his cock. Jericho adjusts his thrusts to where they are as long as possible, pulling his cock nearly all the way out only to plunge the full length of his shaft forward into Sasha's tight wet pussy. "Mmmmmm..." Sasha groans as Jericho completely pulls his cock out before deeply thrusting his cock back into her

"Ahhhh... awww..." Jericho groans as he repeats the pattern of 'long-fucking' the former three-time RAW Women's Champion,, which results in Sasha pushing back to make sure his dick stays within her.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh" Sasha moans as she looks back at Jericho again, smirking as she feels every inch of his cock thrusting into her.

"Ahhh yeah... experience the gift of Jericho!" Jericho smirks at Sasha as he continues to hammer her tight wet pussy with his intentionally drawn out thrusts as the scene blurs from view. When it completes its transition, Sasha is shown sitting on the tour bus's sink counter with Jericho between her legs, thrusting his cock sharply into her pussy. Sash grits her teeth and places her hands behind onto the surface of the counter, arching her back slightly as she hooks her legs around his waist as he hammers his cock into her. "Ahhhh... awww..." Jericho groans with the effort he's putting into fucking the beautiful Bostonian, using a brisk pace to thrust his shaft into her pussy as she squeezes his waist with her legs.

"Mmmmm yeah...mmmm" Sasha moans as she perfectly pushes back on his cock, grinding and bouncing downward. Jericho places his hands on Sasha's thighs as he maintains his pace while watching her perfectly shaped tits jiggle as she moves on the counter to push herself against his pistoning pole. "Ohhhhh...ohhhh" Sasha moans, her perky tits bouncing, as Jericho continues to thrust steadily into her.

"Awww... ahhh.." Jericho licks his lips as he pulls Sasha forward on the counter, causing her ass to fall of the edge, but he holds her up as he continues to plow his cock into her tight fuck hole. Sasha moves to wrap her arms around Jericho as she pushes against his body with his cock thrusting up into her. With 'The Boss' holding on to him, Jericho begins to bounce Sasha up and down on his cock as he steps back away from the tour bus's sink counter.

"Mmmmm...fuck...fuck" Sasha moans as her rather petite but toned body bounces on his cock. Jericho grits his teeth as Sasha keeps her body pressed against his, feeling her tits against his chest while he helps her bounce on his cock while slamming his shaft fully into her cunt. "Ohhhhh shit...ohhhh" Sasha moans as sweat drips down her body The sight of Jericho bouncing 'The Boss' on his cock while standing and fucking her freely remains on display for several moments before slowly blurring out.

When the scene clears, Jericho is shown sitting and leaning back on the leather recliner with Sasha mounted on his cock with her back towards him as she works her gorgeous ass up and down on his cock. "Mmmm yeah..." Jericho groans as he lays his hands against Sasha's hips to keep her lined up perfectly as she bounces her ass on his dick. Sasha licks her teeth as she places her hands onto his chest, while facing him, grinds her ass down on his cock, while rocking and bouncing. "Mmmmm..." The reigning United States Champion as the former NXT and RAW Women's Champion rides his cock like a true Boss, with her ass dropping perfectly down the length of his manhood.

"Mmmm...yeah you like The Boss, baby?" Sasha moans as she starts to move at a quicker pace.

"Ahhh yeah.... awww..." Jericho groans as he now starts to thrust his cock upward into Sasha's ass, easily matching the brisk pace that she is starting to set.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmmm fuck" Sasha moans, dropping her body down on his cock. Jericho repeatedly pops his hips upward, pushing the full length of his large cock up into Sasha's tight anal passage, making her bounce harder than she intends to. "Mmmmmm...." Sasha moans as she slides her hands against Jericho's chest while she rocks and bounces on his cock

"Yeah... ride IT.... ahhhh... mmmm..." Jericho grunts as he adjusts the position of his hands so that his fingers are spread wide apart as he holds onto Sasha's torso as he delivers a series of stiff thrusts that cause her body to jolt wildly.

"Mmmmmm..." Sasha moans and lowers down eagerly on his cock. The sight of Sasha Banks bouncing on Chris Jericho's cock like a true Boss continues to be shown as the scene shifts from view. As the next segment fades in, it shows Sasha laying on the tour bus side couch, her body fold nearly in half with her legs on Jericho's shoulders as he continues to pound her asshole, with thrusts that repeatedly result in his balls crashing against her ass. "Mmmmm ohhhh yeah... mmmm fuck that ass!" Sasha moans as Jericho deeply thrusts into her ass

"Ahhh... ahhhh... take IT baby!" Jericho groans as he hooks his arms around Sasha's legs and grabs her forearms as if he was going to do his old lifting power bomb as he quickens the pace of his thrusts. Sweat drips down Jericho's face as he rams his large cock into Sasha's ass with the same unrelenting drive he used to recently become the Untied States Champion.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh fuck..." Sasha moans and breaths heavily, sweat coating her body. Jericho grits his teeth as he keeps shoving his cock into the depths of Sasha's anal passage while looking down at her and listening her cries of lust as she experiences The Gift Of Jericho. "Mmmmm... yeah... fuck that ass! Fuck that ass!" Sasha moans as she keeps her eyes locked with Jericho.

"Awww.... ahhh... ahhh...' Jericho grunts and groans as he keeps up his impressive endeavor of plowing his cock into the ass of Sasha Banks, with neither seemingly caring about their scheduled activities later that night. Letting go of Sasha's left forearm, Jericho moves his hand between her legs and begins to rapidly rub her soaking wet pussy while continuing his anal onslaught.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh shit...shit...shit... fuck" Sasha moans as she closes her eyes and breaths heavily. Jericho licks his lips as he moves his left hand swiftly against Sasha's snatch in sequence with how he's pounding her ass while her legs stiffen across his shoulders in response to his actions. "Mmmmmm...ohhhhh shit..." The sweat covered Sasha Banks moans as eyes open and roll back in their sockets while she breaths heavily, with her body trembling with lust as she begins to cum

"Awww yeah cume on baby..." Jericho grunts as he feels Sasha's cunt juices against his hand as he rubs her pussy while he continues to show her whose 'boss' with how he's pounding her ass. Sasha grits her teeth and closes her eyes as her warm juices release onto Jericho's hand. As Jericho continues to fuck Sasha's ass with stiff, rapid thrusts, the scene blurs from view one final time. When it clears, a sexually exhausted Sasha Banks is on her knees slumped back against the couch behind her as Jericho uses one hand to haver her tilt her head back as he uses the other to stroke his throbbing cock, "You're gonna drink it... woMAN..." Jericho says with an arrogant smirk.

Sasha tiredly looks up at Jericho and nods her head before smirking "Yep... and I'm gonna do it... like a boss..."

"Ahhh... ahhhh..." Jericho moans as he rapidly jerks off, and he lets out an another grunt before he starts to cum, shooting thick wads of jizz down towards Sasha's sweat covered face. Sasha tilts her head back and holds her mouth open as Jericho thick cum rains down onto her face and into her mouth. The only Superstar to have held every single major singles championship that existed in WCW and the WWE during the era of the Monday Night Wars groans as he continues to cum for several long moments before the final drips of jizz fall from his piss slit.

"Mmmmm" Sasha moans before she licks her lips, swallowing the cum the landed inside of her mouth.

"Ah... don't move..." Jericho says as he steps away from Sasha who clearly wasn't planning to move as she begins to recover from experiencing the Gift Of Jericho. He heads to the back of his tour bus and returns moments later with a Polaroid camera and his scrap book of women who have made 'The List'. "Smile like a boss..." Jericho says as he sets the book down on the side couch before aiming the camera down at The Boss.

Sasha raise an eyebrow and looks up at Jericho "What the fuck?" Sasha says before there's a flash from the Polaroid camera

"You just made The List..." Jericho says as he takes the picture from the camera and waves it to help it develop faster. He looks at the picture and smirks, "Not bad... should've smiled..." Jericho says as he sets the camera down and picks up his scrap book, opens it and smacks the picture of Sasha down on the first open space he finds.

"You're not serious are you?" Sasha says as she looks at Jericho with disgust

Jericho smirks arrogantly down at Sasha, "I told you to smile... every woman wants to end up on The List... have no choice after they receive the Gift of Jericho..."

Sasha rolls her eyes and shakes her head "Yep... still a douche" She says as Jericho ignores her and heads to the back of his tour bus as the scene fades to black.


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