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This a little something I came up with after Christy Hemme was released.

The Battle For Dominance Part 1: The Road To Raw (FF,fist)
by Big Red Dope (

"Good luck with your match tonight playa," Theodore Long said as sat behind
this desk shaking Batista's hand. "Tell Rey to get ready. You're match
against JBL and Orlando Jordan is up next."

"Thanks again Teddy," Batista said before leaving the general manager's

"Another fantastic match Teddy," Palmer Cannon gushed. " A great tune-up
match for Batista and Rey Mysterio before they face Big Show and Kane at
Vengeance and get another victory for Smackdown."

"I'm so glad The Network approves," Teddy Long said rolling his eyes.

Both men were suddenly startled as the office door was thrown open and hit
the wall with a loud thud as Melina stormed in.

"What the hell is going on?" Melina demanded.

"Hey babydoll calm down. Mercury may have lost tonight, but the three of you
and Kid Kash certainly put the Mexicools in their place."

"Melina please calm down and leave. Teddy and I have-," Palmer started
before being interrupted by her.

"Palmer shut up!"

"I've got a show to run so tell me what this is all about or run along
please," Teddy said.

"First Stacy is off busy making movies and then Christy gets released.
You've got Jillian stuck with that lame growth gimmick and as a valet for
JBL. What the hell am I supposed to do now? I agreed to play the role of
manager until Smackdown got it's own women's division up and running. Oh and
my match at Survivor Series, the only real match that I've had in a while, I
got screwed over by Mickie James and I've heard nothing about a rematch with

"You've got some good points, I'll give you that, but barging in here
screaming at me isn't going to get you anywhere," Teddy began.

"Yes Melina, The Network doesn't like subordinates disrespecting their

"Shut up Palmer."

"But The Network-"

"I said shut up. Like I was saying I talked to Vince about this very thing
and he told me that the women's champ will start wrestling on both shows.
However, since RAW is currently without a general manager you'll have to be
patient and wait."

"You know what Teddy I like you and think you're a generally good guy even
with some of the crap and last minute matches you've decided to put MNM
through. I've taken you for your word and been as patient as I could have
possibly been, but I can't wait any longer. I'm going to Raw next week and
letting everyone know that despite what happened at the Survivor Series I am
the WWE's most dominant diva."

"What are you talking about? You are under contract to Smackdown and the tag
team match at Vengeance will be the last inter-promotional match the WWE has
for quite awhile."

"Try and stop me!" Melina dared with a determined look in her eye.

"Don't be a damn fool Melina. If I see you on Raw-"

"You'll what Teddy? Suspend me? Fire me? I can convince Vince to let me be a
Raw diva if I need to." Melina and Teddy Long stared each other down for
several minutes before Melina broke the silence with a smile. "That's what I
thought. I'll see you next week." Melina turned and left the office

"I don't want to tell you how to do your job Teddy, but-"

"Shut up Palmer and get the hell out of my office!" the general manager

* * *

"Hey Melina wait up!" Joey Mercury shouted across the parking lot after the
show had ended. Melina loaded her things into her rental car as she waited
for him to catch up with her.

"What's this I'm hearing about you going to Raw next week?"

"I've got some unfinished business to take care of is all."

"You're not changing shows are you?"

"Look, don't worry. Unless our 'esteemed' general manager does something
stupid I'll be back for next week's show. The next time you talk to Johnny
let him know what's going on will you?"

"Sure thing."

"Thanks a lot!" Melina said giving Mercury a peck on the cheek before
climbing into her car and driving off.

As she drove towards her hotel Melina dug through her purse and pulled out
her cell phone. After trying to keep her eyes on the road and scroll through
her directory she found the number she was looking for and hit the call


"Hey Jillian what's up?"

"That's what I'd like to know Melina. From what I hear you told Teddy to
fuck off and that you're switching shows."

"That's a bit of an exaggeration. I told him I was tired of waiting for
Smackdown to get around to creating their own women's division and that I
was going to Raw to settle some unfinished business. Teddy tried to act all
high and mighty and forbid me from appearing on Raw, but I put him in his
place and that was it. I never said anything about quitting Smackdown, but I
told him that if he wanted to fire or suspend me I could get Vince to let me
become a Raw diva."

"I'm guessing it has something to do with Trish and Survivor Series. What do
you have planned?"

"I've got a few ideas I'm working on, but I haven't decided on anything yet.
You know what though? Come with me to Raw next week. The two of us can make
a statement together."

"I don't know about that..." Jillian trailed off.

"Look we're both in the same boat here. There's no diva division coming to
Smackdown anytime soon and there's nothing for us to do either except be
managers or image fixers or whatever it is they call you."

"Well you do have a point..."

"How about this then. Let's meet for drinks tonight and we'll discuss it
then. If I can't convince you to come with me by the end of the night then
don't worry about it. I'll go to Raw alone."

* * *

As Melina finished dressing and touched up her makeup one last time her hotel
room phone rang.


"Hey I'll be in the bar when you're ready to go," Jillian said on the other

"Ok, I'll meet you down there in five," Melina replied.

"See you in a bit."

Melina hung up the phone and checked her clothing in the mirror slightly
adjusting her skirt and sleeveless top. She made a quick stop in the
bathroom, then headed to the bottom floor to meet Jillian in the hotel bar.
Melina found her at a table in the back corner sipping on a margarita.

"I said I'd be down in five. You couldn't wait?" Melina asked.

"I've been down here a little longer than that actually. I was already here
when I called the front desk from my cell phone and they transferred me to
your room. Sit down and have a drink."

"Can I get you something to drink?" A waitress asked as Melina sat down
across from Jillian.

"A long island iced tea will be fine thanks."

"I thought we were going out for drinks?"

"So did I, but you've already started drinking."

"We still can. I'm almost done with my margarita, so just cancel your order
and we can go."

"It doesn't matter to me," Melina said. "The only reason I suggested drinks
was so we could discuss what we were doing on Monday."

"What exactly is your plan?" Jillian asked as Melina's drink was brought to
the table.

"That all kind of depends on whether or not you're going with me. Either way
I'm going to take out each diva one by one until it's only me and Trish. Then
I'm going to take the women's title away from her."

"It sounds like you've got things figured out. What do you need me for?"

"I don't really need you, but that's not the reason why I asked you to come
with me. I manage the tag team champions and trust me I get bored a lot when
all I've got to do is dance around and act pretty. Occassionally I get to
interfere in matches, but that's just a temporary fix. I can only imagine
how boring it must be for you to jump from one superstar to another just to
be their 'fixer'. Don't tell me you don't want more than that. They've got
you working one of the dumbest gimmicks in history with that stupid facial

"You're right Melina and I've bitched to Teddy about all of this before and
he keeps saying 'Just a little longer'. Everything you're saying is right
and although Teddy might not suspend you for disrupting Raw without his
approval he most certainly will suspend me."

"No he won't, not if I have anything to do with it. Look, they've been
promising Smackdown a women's division forever. Stacy is busy making movies
and not much of a wrestler to begin with and they just released Christy.
Don't repeat this to anybody, but I would have quit Smackdown, waited the
ninety days, and gone to TNA if it wasn't for the fact they don't have much
of a women's division at the moment either."

"You hate Smackdown that much? Mentioning TNA around here is like trying to
murder HHH."

"I know that and with the way Smackdown is now I can't take much more of it.
We have to go to Raw if we're ever going to get in-ring work on more than a
once a month basis."

"Alright, let's go to Raw this Monday. Just know that I'm only promising
this Monday. Let's see what happens after the show, before I decide on what
I'm going to do. You know Teddy's going to be pissed when he sees both of us
on the show."

"Screw Teddy and screw Smackdown. We gave them plenty of opportunities to
appease us. So what do you want to do tonight?" Melina asked while she
worked on her drink.

"You know what? Tonight I've just kind of been out of it and I'm not sure
why. If it's all the same I'd rather stay in and catch some sleep."

"No problem. I don't feel much like going out either. I should probably call
Joey and Johnny and reassure them that I'm not jumping shows just in case
they need the reassurance."

"Melina don't stay in because of me. Go out tease some guys and have a good

"I'm not staying in because of you. I really hadn't planned on going out
other than having drinks with you."

"All right then," Jillian said getting up from the table reaching into her
pocket for some money.

"Don't worry about it, I got it covered," Melina stopped her.

"Cool thanks. I'm just going to go on up to my room and probably take a
shower and hit the sack. See you tomorrow at the airport."

Melina watched Jillian leave as she finished her drink and a smile crossed
her face. "You're time is coming Trish," she thought.

* * *

Washing the last of the shampoo from her hair Jillian stepped out of the
shower and quickly dried off before slipping on the oversized shirt and
panties she slept in when she traveled. She then turned off every light in
her room, slid into bed, and turned on the tv. Jillian then channel surfed
for several minutes before settling on HBO which was showing Anchorman. She
then set the tv timer to go off in an hour knowing that she would be asleep
well before then. In fact Jillian was ready to completely fall asleep twenty
minutes later when there was knock at the door. She dragged herself out of
bed wanting rather to be sleeping and slowly walked towards the door.

"Who is it?" She asked through the door not even bothering with the peephole.

"It's me," Melina said from the other side.

"Hey what's up?" Jillian asked letting Melina in and flipping on the room's
main light.

"Did I wake you? It's only 11:30."

"Well I wasn't completely asleep yet..." Jillian replied rhetorically.

"You start acting any older you'll be taking naps during shows."

"When you can beat someone in the ring besides Christy Hemme in a singles
match without interference then come talk to me," Jillian said as she turned
off the tv.

"You haven't beaten anyone in the ring!"

"Like you were bitching earlier I just haven't been given the opportunity.
So what can I do for you tonight?"

"I know we've still got a few days, but I wanted to talk about Monday

"You sure you want to go ahead with your little interruption? You're
starting to seem rather paranoid about this and you were begging me earlier
to go with you."

"I said I didn't need you to go, but that I wanted you to come for your own
good," Melina said moving closer to Jillian and slowly bringing her voice to
a whisper.

"For my own good huh?" Jillian replied pulling Melina's body to hers and
kissing her on the lips. "You know that if the new GM, or Vince for that
matter, ever finds out about our relationship they're going to want to
exploit it for all it's worth."

"So?" Melina asked pulling Jillian's shirt up and off of her revealing her
massive chest. "Actually I was going to bring this up with you about going
to Teddy with the idea, before UPN decided not to air Stacy and Christy's
lingerie pillow fight."

"Mmmm..." Jillian moaned as Melina cupped her bare breasts in her hands and
gave them a slight squeeze. "Do you... Oooh... Do you want to go to them with
the idea or let them figure it out?" Jillian moaned again as Melina continued
to squeeze and fondle her breasts and began sliding her tongue against the

"I don't care," Melina grinned as she started to unbutton her top. As it
opened and fell to the floor Jillian's hands caressed Melina's tits through
the soft fabric of her bra. Jillian unclasped the garment for her and soon
Melina was topless as well.

"I swear these look better and better each time I see them," Jillian said as
she now groped Melina's breasts firmly squeezing them with her hands.

"I do have great tits don't I?"

"Humble as always I see," Jillian said as she lowered to her knees so she
was waist high to Melina.

She unbuttoned Melina's short skirt letting it fall to the floor soon
followed by her panties. Jillian slipped her face between Melina's legs and
flicked her tongue up the brunette's slit. Melina moaned as Jillian took
several licks of her pussy teasing to push her tongue in, but never doing
so. Then for good measure Jillian started to rub her finger along Melina's
hood waiting for the clit to appear and when it did she took her time with
it slowly sliding her tongue across it severely teasing her. Jillian then
stood up to remove her panties and waited for Melina to completely remove
the last bit of her clothing.

"Get on the bed," Melina said sliding her hand between her legs pushing the
tip of her finger into her pussy working it a bit as she watched Jillian
crawl onto the bed and turn over onto her back.

Jillian moaned as Melina started right out from the get go and slipped a
finger into her pussy. She slid it back and forth several times to get it
wet then she slipped a second finger into Jillian's pussy. As Melina
fingered her pussy Jillian reached up and took hold of her breasts. The
blonde squeezed her breasts pinching her large sensitive nipples. As she
continued to finger her friend Melina could feel her Jillian's pussy start
to moisten more with each passing stroke and felt her fingers become
extremely slick. Melina pulled her fingers out and sucked on them swallowing
the sticky fluid that covered them.

"Mmm... Nice," Melina moaned with a mischievous smile as she dug her fingers
into Jillian's pussy to scoop up some more. She then got onto her knees and
wiped her messy fingers up and down her butt crack and penetrated her anus
wiping Jillian's cream off of them.

"God if you stay out of Playboy and avoid the curse you can work this ass
for years and make a fortune," Jillian complimented as she slid her hands up
and down Melina's butt.

She took a nice firm hold of Melina's buttcheeks and gave them a hard
squeeze. "Jesus..." Melina heard Jillian mutter before sliding her tongue
in-between the muscles and working it up and down her crack. Jillian cleaned
her wetness from Melina's ass pushing her tongue into her anus as well to
clean in there.

Melina then gasped as she felt one of Jillian's fingers penetrate her ass.
Jillian worked it in and out for several minutes to let Melina get
comfortable with it. Then she popped a second finger into Melina's butt and
the brunette gasped even louder this time. "Oh god Jillian!" Melina moaned
as her friend began working the two fingers in and out. "This feels great!"
Since becoming the premiere Smackdown diva Melina didn't have a lot of time
for sex, especially with her friend, and what little she had was always to
relieve stress.

As her two fingers started to slide back and forth in Melina's butt with
some ease Jillian slipped a finger into the brunette's pussy. Melina felt
her body start to get really hot and bothered as Jillian fingered both of
her holes. With each push her fingers made into Melina's body the one
Jillian had in Melina's pussy began to slicken more and more.

"Ooooh yeeeaah!" Melina moaned loudly as Jillian slipped a second finger
into her cunt.

Jillian was starting to get wet herself as she worked her fingers in Melina's
pussy to a nice steady rhythm. Listening to her friend's loud moans and
feeling her cream start to cover her fingers was starting to work Jillian
over almost as much as it did Melina. Jillian began to excitedly thrust her
fingers deep into Melina's ass and pussy. The brunette felt her body shaking
wanting release. Melina began thrusting her hips back grinding herself down
onto Jillian's fingers. Jillian kept thrusting her fingers into her friend's
near orgasmic body. Melina's moans were becoming louder with each push inside
and her pussy was starting to squeeze down on Jillian's fingers.

"Oh god! Jillian!" Melina moaned as she started to come. Her cunt squeezed
down hard on Jillian's fingers as her body let loose.

Jillian slipped her fingers from Melina's ass and turned over situating
herself underneath licking her friend's pussy as cum started to squirt out.
When Melina finally calmed down Jillian pulled her fingers out and sat up. A
minute later Melina was sitting up next to her.

"You ready to keep going baby or do you need some rest?"

"Shut up Jillian, it's your turn!" Melina laughed pushing her to the bed.

Her fingers still covered with Melina's cum Jillian cleaned off the bottom
side on her fingers on her left breast and the tops of her fingers on her
right breast. Melina immediately took hold of Jillian's tits burying her
face in them. She began by slowly licking her cream from the left breast
wrapping her lips around the nipple and rubbing her tongue across it. Melina
pulled her face back pulling on the nipple with her lips and Jillian moaned
as she let go. She then began sucking on Jillian's right tit, but this time
she softly bit the tip of the nipple.

"Oooh!" Jillian moaned loudly at the slightly painful sensation. "That was

"Oh you've got more coming baby," Melina teased running her hands up and
down Jillian's body before stopping at her legs and slipping a finger into
her pussy.

As Melina pushed her finger in and out of Jillian the two friends had
similar thoughts. It had been far too long since they had any real time to
spend together, but that was the part of what you gave up joining the WWE if
you wanted to keep a relationship quiet.

"Keep going," Jillian whispered as she once again began massaging her breasts
and tweaking her nipples.

Melina listened to her dear friend and slipped a second finger in. It had
been a long time since she started down this road with Jillian she thought
as she really started to work both fingers in. When both fingers had become
nice and wet Melina worked a third finger into Jillian's pussy. It had been
so long since the blond had done anything like this that she already felt
tight, but she was feeling real good tonight.

"All of them Melina," Jillian moaned as her pussy started to stretch and keep
Melina's fingers lubed.

After the fourth finger went in Melina kept on pushing. Soon the thumb was
halfway inside and with a little patience and a bit more of Jillian's cum
Melina managed to work her entire hand inside. Even as Melina's hand sat at
rest Jillian was in near ecstasy. It had been so long since the last time
she and Melina had this kinky of a get together.

Slowly the brunette started working her fist back and forth in the tight
space. There wasn't much room for her hand to move around and the suction
like effect Jillian's pussy had on her hand didn't help much either. Slowly
but surely though Jillian's cunt enlarged itself to accommodate Melina as it
always had before.

It was good for Melina to see a smile like this back on Jillian's face and
to hear her moans as she fisted her pussy. With each thrust Melina made into
Jillian's cunt it clamped down a little harder on her friend's fist and her
moans became louder. The brunette nearly punched her fist into her friend's
pussy she thrusted with such force. That's the way Jillian liked it and it
showed as she orgasmed trapping Melina's hand inside of her. When her body
finally calmed down and Melina pulled her fist it out her entire hand was
glistening with Jillian's cum.

"Just like old times huh?" Melina smiled as she began to lick her hand.

"Oh yeah," Jillian replied with a sly smile as she began to lick Melina's
hand too to help clean it. "Enjoy this now, because the ideas that I have
for our appearances on Raw won't let us have much free time for a long

"Appearances? So you are staying for more than one show? I've got quite a
few ideas of my own for putting those so called divas in their place."

"Unless shit completely hits the fan and something major happens I'll be
around until the end."

* * *

Trish Status and Mickie James versus Victoria and Candice Michelle was a
match created after Mickie lost to Victoria due to interference by Candice
and an accidental kick from Trish.

"All of these women are gifted athletes and this match could go either way,"
Jonathan Coachman said as he called the match. Mickie and Candice were
currently in the ring doing battle with each other. "But you've got to admit
that Trish and Mickie need this win more considering what happened last

"Oh come on Coach everyone knows what happened last week was an accident,"
Joey Styles interrupted.

"Yeah, but you saw the look on Mickie's face. I don't think she thought it
was an accident," Jerry Lawler added.

As the three announcers debated whether or not Trish kicking Mickie was an
accident the match in the ring seemed to be drawing to a close. Mickie
whipped Candice into the ropes and followed it up with a clothesline. As
she went to pin Candice Victoria interrupted the referee's count with a kick
to Mickie's back. Trish quickly entered the ring and startled battling with
Victoria. After a couple of minutes the fight ended up outside the ring with
the ref distracted.

Torrie Wilson who accompanied her friends to the ring forced Lillian Garcia
from her chair taking it and handing her dog to her. Meanwhile Mickie and
Candice were both back to their feet in the ring exchanging blows with
Candice eventually getting the upperhand. Torrie quickly climbed into the
ring tossing the folding chair to Candice and held Mickie's arms behind her

With a smile on her face Candice took a swing at Mickie, who ducked out of
the way, and struck Torrie in the head by mistake instead knocking her out
cold. Candice dropped the chair as Mickie planted a boot to her gut. Mickie
quickly got Candice in a headlock and executed the Stratusfaction on her.
She kicked the chair and Torrie from the ring and the ref turned back around
after Trish summarily beat Victoria down. Mickie covered Candice and got the
three count.

The crowd went wild as Trish and Mickie were declared the winners. Candice
slowly rolled out of the ring leaving the winners alone. After a few minutes
of celebrating and selling to the fans the duo started to step through the
ropes to leave, but stopped. The Jet song "Cold Hard Bitch" started playing
through the speakers and the Titantron started playing video of interlaced
Melina and Jillian Hall clips with various effects added.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute what's going on here?" Lawler asked.

"I don't know, but someone is raining down on Trish and Mickie's parade,"
Coach replied.

"Everyone watching can see that," Styles replied annoyed. "Going by the
video it's got something to do with Melina and Jillian Hall who are both
Smackdown divas."

"I don't know if you'd call Jillian Hall a diva," Coach said.

"Yeah, but she's got some nice puppies," the King replied.

Trish and Mickie both look confused as they keep watching the ramp, but saw
nobody two minutes after the entrance music starts. The crowd started to boo
and hiss as Melina finally appeared and started down the ramp.

"Finally Melina has appeared, but as gorgeous as she is she is a Smackdown
diva and needs to stay on her own show," Coach said.

"Smackdown or not she can stay here as long as she wants. I'm not going to
throw her off of Raw," Lawler replied.

"Coach is right. Melina had her chance at the women's title at Survivor
Series and lost. First it's Melina, then who? Do you really want The Dicks
wrestling on our show? I know it takes time to find a replacement, but we
need a general manager now or else everyone is just going to start doing as
they please," Joey said.

Melina only came down to the bottom of the ramp and stopped. The music and
video had stopped, but now she was exchanging verbal insults with Trish and
Mickie. They kept challenging her to come into the ring and she kept thumbing
her nose at them acting like she was too good for them. After a few minutes
of this Melina turned and started to walk back up the ramp.

No sooner had Trish and Mickie looked at each other smiling in victory then
Jillian came rushing out of the audience, hopped the barrier, and slid into
the ring. As she got to her feet and started exchanging blows with Mickie
Melina ran into the ring as well and started fighting with Trish.

"What's this all about? Why are Melina and Jillian here feuding with Trish
and Mickie?" Coach asked.

"Obviously Melina's still upset about losing at Survivor Series, but I have
no clue as to why Jillian's here," Joey replied.

"What happened to that ugly blemish she had on her face? It's gone," King

Melina soon found herself against the ropes getting pummeled by Trish. After
a few minutes of no action from Melina Trish backed up a few feet before
coming at her with a clothesline sending her tumbling outside to the floor.
She then turned her attention to Jillian and quickly she and Mickie were
able to overpower her.

They started to set her up for a two person DDT when Melina reappeared in
the ring with a steel folding chair. A quick shot to the back sent Trish
sprawling to the mat and a shot to the head knocked Mickie out cold. As
Trish struggled to her feet Melina quickly got her into a headlock and
executed a Stratusfaction on her.

"We've got to get security out here! Somebody needs to stop this! Melina and
Jillian do not belong on Raw!" Coach screamed.

"Trish and Mickie don't have enough problems already dealing with Victoria,
Torrie, and Candice. If these two keep showing up on Raw then Trish and
Mickie are really going to be in no man's land," King added.

"Things aren't looking good that's for sure," Joey said. "Trish and Mickie
have been devastated and left laying in the ring by an unprovoked attack
from Melina and Jillian Hall. Wait a minute, now what's going on?"

Jillian climbed to the top turnbuckle as Melina dragged Trish then Mickie
into the center of the ring laying them side by side. She then launched
herself into the air hitting Trish and Mickie with a 450 Splash. As Jillian
got up Melina kicked Mickie to the side and straddled Trish.

"Are you listening Trish??? Are you???" Melina screamed repeatedly slapping
Trish in the face until her eyes opened. "I am the most dominant diva in the
WWE! And when I decide to take the title from you you won't have anyone to
help you!" Melina then turned to Jillian who was standing near Mickie. "Bra
and panties!" Melina went to work pulling Trish's black top off then tore
the tight black shorts she was wearing from her body. When she turned to
Jillian she saw Mickie down to her bra and panties as well.

"Melina and Jillian have just stripped Trish and Mickie down to their
panties. After watching what has just transpired you can safely say that
whatever message that the two Smackdown divas were wanting to send has been
received loud and clear," Joey said with a bit of incredulity in his voice.

"I'm all for seeing our divas in their bra and panties and seeing their
puppies, but this just seems vicious somehow," Jerry said.

"This is going to be one of those few times I'm going to agree with you King.
It just seems that Melina and Jillian have some kind of personal vendetta
here. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Don't tell me," Coach added.

The audience started to go insane as Melina and Jillian tried to rip the
bras off of the Raw divas. As Melina started to pull Trish's bra off Trish
poked her in the eye with a thumb. She quickly pushed Melina off and got to
her feet. Jillian then left Mickie to go help Melina as Trish started
kicking the brunette. She hit Trish from behind with a clothesline knocking
her forward. As Jillian started to kick Trish a hand grabbed her shoulder
and whipped her around. Mickie and Jillian were quickly exchanging blows as
were Melina and Trish a few seconds later.

Security soon filled the ring separating the opposing factions. Melina and
Jillian left the ring on their own, but Trish and Mickie had to be held
back. The Raw divas cursed and screamed at the Smackdown divas to get back
in the ring, but Melina and Jillian just backed up the ramp claiming victory.
Before disappearing into the back Melina grabbed a mic.

"You didn't beat me at Survivor Series Trish. You and Mickie did. Just know
your time as women's champ and supposed most dominant WWE diva is coming to
an end."

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