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This a little something I came up with after Christy Hemme was released.

The Battle For Dominance Part 2: Collateral Damage
(MMMF, FF, reluc, anal, ws, snow)
by Big Red Dope (

Just like Jillian had foreseen Theodore Long was not a happy man after seeing
her and Melina make an appearance on Raw. He became even unhappier when he
had to wait for more than an hour before he could get around to resolving the
situation, because neither MNM nor Jillian were in the arena when the show

As the show returned from a commercial break a red carpet rolled down the
ramp and MNM's entrance music started as the tag team champs and their
manager appeared. This time they were also accompanied by Jillian Hall.

"Well Tazz the show is almost over, but Melina and Jillian have finally
appeared and they are accompanied by the tag team champs. Maybe now we'll
find out why they appeared on Raw and attacked Trish Stratus and Mickie
James. As we saw earlier Trish and Mickie were here before the show trying
to get into the building, but weren't allowed in as they are not Smackdown
superstars and both Teddy Long and Palmer Cannon have refused to comment on
the situation," Michael Cole said as the foursome made their way to the

"I have it on good authority that they are unhappy with something about the
show and that our general manager knew that they wanted to go. He forbid
them from going, but as we saw they didn't listen to him," Tazz replied.

"And who did you hear that from?"

"Please Cole, I have to protect my sources."

"What sources? You have the same ones that I do."

"Just trust me, I have sources."

MNM and Jillian Hall had made their way to the ring with Melina a bit ahead
of the pack leading them. When the four of them were in the ring and the
music stopped Melina grabbed a mic.

"Like I told Teddy Long I was going to do I went to Raw and put Trish in her
place. I am the most dominant diva in the WWE and once someone gets a set of
balls and gives me the rematch that I'm due and have the opportunity to face
Trish without outside interference then nobody will be able to question me!"
The crowd booed and hissed Melina as Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, and Jillian
Hall stood behind her and applauded her. "Now as far-"

Melina was cut off and the look on her face soured as Teddy Long's music
started and he appeared with an irritated look on his face and a mic in his
hand. "Cut the music," he said not moving from the entranceway. "I bet you're
proud of yourself," Teddy said sarcastically. Melina and Jillian gestured
that they were. "You should be after all. I mean you two attacked Trish and
Mickie right after they had just had a big tag team match and you stripped
them down to their bra and panties. Did I forget anything? I want to make
sure you get your due."

"You forgot to mention that they would have been wearing even less hadn't we
decided to go easy on them," Melina replied.

"Well Melina you're not only on your way to proving once and for all that
you're the most dominant WWE diva, but you also did Smackdown a big favor by
humiliating two of Raw's most popular divas. As a result of you completely
disobeying my wishes and taking Jillian with you I want to reward you.
Jillian you are hereby suspended indefinitely. Security please escort Ms.
Hall outside and do not let her back in." The crowd started cheering and
Jillian started throwing a fit as Teddy Long made his announcement and
several members from security made their way down to the ring. He waited
until she was gone before continuing. "As for you Melina since you like to
get involved in tag team matches so much MNM will defend their tag team
titles tonight..." Melina, Joey, and Johnny were not happy to hear that just
a few days before Armageddon. They were even less happy when they heard who
they had to defend the titles against. "Against the World Heavyweight
Champion Batista and Rey Mysterio! Oh and Melina the titles can change hands
via disqualification so don't get too involved."

"Wow, what an announcement!" Michael Cole exclaimed. "Jillian Hall has been
suspended indefinitely and kicked out of the arena and MNM has to defend the
titles tonight just days before the pay per view!"

"Against Batista and Rey Mysterio no less! I don't think Melina was expecting
any of this Monday and it just goes to show once and for all that you don't
cross the boss and expect to get away with it," Tazz added.

* * *

Joey and Johnny were out of their game as they wrestled Batista and Rey
Mysterio. Perhaps they were still preoccupied and pissed off at Teddy Long
for screwing them again or maybe they were just being out-wrestled. Either
way they were getting their asses handed to them and it wasn't looking good.

Melina screamed and started to panic as Joey was leaning on the ropes and
Rey was setting him up for the 6-1-9. Then as he was bouncing off the back
ropes Melina pushed Joey to the mat and pulled him out of the ring. A dazed
Joey laid on the floor and Rey and Batista watched with a "What the hell"
look as Johnny and Melina helped Joey to his feet and the three of them
started to stumble up the ramp.

"Where the hell is MNM going!" Cole screamed.

"Hey they're doing the smart thing Cole. Teddy Long said the titles could
change hands via a disqualification, but he didn't say anything about a
count out," Tazz said.

"Some great champs they are."

"No, no, no. I don't think so playas," Teddy Long said appearing at the top
of the ramp. "If you don't finish this match I will strip you of the titles."

"Wow Tazz I don't think I've ever seen our GM this upset with anyone," Cole

"Yeah, he seems determined to see this match come to an end one way or
another and I think it's safe to say that he has it out for MNM."

"Go to hell!" Melina screamed at Teddy as MNM made their way back down to
the ring as Rey tagged in Batista. "You're going to regret this!"

Melina was down on the floor as Joey and Johnny climbed back onto the ring
and Joey slowly got back in. Then suddenly as action was starting to resume
someone in the audience wearing sunglasses and a hooded sweatshirt jumped
over the barricade and attacked Melina from behind. The attacker punched
Melina several times before picking her up and body slamming her onto the

Joey who had dazed Batista temporarily saw the attack and directed Johnny's
attention to it. The attacker started back up the ramp as Johnny jumped from
the ring. The distraction was all the time Batista needed to gather himself
and set up Joey for the Batista Bomb. As Batista went for the pin Johnny
quickly climbed into the ring, but was met by a dropkick from Rey.

"Batista and Rey have done it!" Michael Cole screamed as the ref counted
three. "Their match at Armageddon with Kane and Big Show now becomes
champions versus champions."

"That's for sure. It's an incredible win for Batista and Rey Mysterio, but
who the hell attacked Melina?" Tazz said.

With all of MNM down for the count Melina's attacker returned to her side
standing over her slapping her around like Trish had been slapped around a
few days earlier. Batista and Rey left the ring with belts in hand and
started up the ramp. They momentarily stopped as Melina's attacker started
to rip the top from her body, but then continued to the back. The crowd went
wild as Melina's top came off and booed as Johnny got to his feet.

The attacker ran up the ramp and stopped before pulling back their hood and
throwing their sunglasses to the ground revealing themselves to be Ashley
Massaro. She flipped MNM off and retreated into the back as Joey finally
rolled out of the ring and stumbled to his feet. Johnny handed Melina her
stretched out top and she put it on oblivious to the fact that everyone in
the arena could see her in her bra. Her immediate thoughts weren't that Joey
and Johnny had lost the titles, it was that of the Raw divas. There was a
war coming all right, and in the end their former champion would be flat on
her back and Melina would stand over her victorious with the title.

* * *

Ashley quickly made her way through the backstage area to the parking garage
where she had setup for a cab to be waiting for her.

"Where the hell is it?" She muttered out loud as she entered the parking lot
and saw no cab. "Shit!"

"Something wrong?" A voice behind her asked.

"Uh... no," Ashley answered turning around and seeing Jillian Hall. "What're
you doing here? You were kicked out of the arena!"

"You're on my show girl," Jillian sneered. "Are Trish and Mickie both too
big of a coward that they have to send you to attack Melina?"

"We both know your boss banned them from coming in and I'm here because of

"They could have gotten in if they really wanted to. Melina and I got into

"Yeah, but nobody figured a couple of second rate divas such as you two would
dare show your face on our show."

"Second rate divas? What exactly have you done in wrestling besides win your
contract in a T&A contest? Melina would be the women's champ if it wasn't
for Mickie."

"Oh please stop bitching will you? If I'm so bad then why am I on Raw and
you are on Smackdown?"

Tired of Ashley's lip Jillian hit her with a strong forearm to the face. Not
giving her a chance to recover Jillian hit Ashley with her own version of
the Clothesline From Hell. Ashley hit the parking lot hard and rolled around
writhing in pain. Jillian then picked Ashley up and Irish-whipped her into a
nearby car.

"You stupid bitch!" Jillian laughed as the Raw diva laid on the ground
whimpering. She then happen to turn around and see a cameraman taping the
two of them. The last bit of video that was taped was what the camera shot
as it crashed to the ground.

* * *

"What?" Melina snapped as someone knocked at the locker room door of MNM.

"It's me. I've got something to show you."

"Jillian? What the hell?" Melina muttered as she went to the door. "I
thought Teddy had you kicked out of the building?" She asked as she answered
the door.

"He did, but I came back. Not in time to help you keep the belts though,"
Jillian replied.

"Don't worry about it. They'll get them back at the rematch. What is it you
wanted to show me?"

"Come with me. It's out in the parking garage and let's hurry. I've already
had to dodge security once."

Jillian and Melina quickly made their way to the parking garage stopping at
one particular car. Jillian popped the trunk to her rental car and Melina
smiled widely as she looked in.

"My, my, my. What do we have here?" Melina asked looking at Ashley who was
bound and gagged with heavy-duty duct tape. "There's this place right outside
town off of Highway 4 exit 212 called Beaver Lodge. As long as nobody dies,
then the desk clerk there doesn't pay attention to anything. Take Ashley
there, get a room, and call me on my cell. I've got a few things to take care
of. I'll be there in a few hours. Looks like she's volunteered herself to be
the first Raw diva to be put in their place."

"Hey what did I tell you Jillian?" Theodore Long yelled crossing the parking
lot towards them. "You're suspended!"

"I know I know," Jillian said quickly shutting the trunk. "I'm leaving. I
just had to talk to Melina about something."

"Look I'll see you tonight, you better get out of here," Melina replied.

"Yeah see you."

* * *

Following Melina's directions Jillian found the seedy motel after a short
twenty-minute drive. She parked in front of the office and went inside.

"I need a room," She said to the clerk.

"How long?" The man asked not bringing his eyes up from a tv on the counter
in front of him.

"What do you mean?"

"1, 2, 3 hours all night, how long?"

"Three hours then."

"Sixty bucks."

Jillian opened her mouth to argue about the price then realized what kind of
motel Melina had sent her to. She'd have to ask her about that later. Jillian
paid the man and took the room key. She got back into her car and drove to
the room listed on the key. Jillian opened the room door and walked to her
trunk. She looked around the dimly lit parking lot shrouded by the night sky
and popped the trunk. Ashley started squirming around screaming through the
tape, but Jillian ignored her sliding her arms under Ashley's and dragged her
from the trunk into the room. She threw Ashley onto the bed and quickly went
back outside to shut the trunk and lock the doors and returned to the hotel
room. Jillian then called Melina.


"Hey it's me. Everything's set and we're in room 115."

"Good. I've still got a few things to do to set up my guys' rematch and a
few other odds and ends to take care of. It'll be about an hour or so before
I get there. We're going to have some visitors so get Ashley ready if you
don't mind."

"Not at all. I'll see you in an hour then."

"Have fun, but not too much," Melina said before ending the call. Jillian
then turned her attention to Ashley who was still struggling trying to get

"Melina will be here in a little while, until then it'll just be the two of
us," Jillian said to Ashley. She then walked next to the bed and smirked in
amazement at the blonde. "God you Raw divas are just so completely clueless
and ungrateful for what you have," Jillian said sitting down next to Ashley.
"There's six of you on the show and you have the Women's Championship. Any
number of matches could be made at any time and if you work hard and the
creative team decides to give you a push you might get to be champion. I
mean come on even Maria occasionally has matches." Jillian then reached for
Ashley's pants. "But you know perhaps you were right about what you said in
the parking lot earlier tonight," Jillian said with a half-hearted smile as
she pulled Ashley's pants and underwear down to her bound ankles. "I suppose
a legitimate argument could be made for you being a better diva than me and
Melina. You do have a point in that you're on Raw and we're stuck on
Smackdown struggling to get ourselves noticed outside the current roles
we've been given. I'll be honest and say that jealously played a small role
in why I beat you like I did earlier tonight. That and the fact you cost MNM
the tag team titles. Anyway you're on Raw because you won a contest. I had
to bust my ass forever and get implants just to get noticed and I get stuck
on Smackdown. Other than Maria playing the role of a moron, none of you on
Raw have a really bad gimmick. Not like the facial growth that I was given."

Ashley looked up at Jillian in complete confusion as she listened to the
blonde's sob story. Jillian had beat her pretty good earlier in the night,
but now she it sounded like she was almost apologizing and listening to
what she had to say Ashley found herself somewhat acknowledging Jillian's

"You're not going to scream are you?" Jillian asked with a raised eyebrow as
she reached for the tape covering Ashley's mouth. Ashley shook her head no
and Jillian tore the tape from her skin.

"Ow!" Ashley muttered.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine for now. What's up with you? First you kidnap me and now
you're telling me this sob story trying to explain why you've been behaving
like you have."

"Melina and I keep getting promised the world on Smackdown and we're tired
of waiting for anything to come to fruition. When she asked me to come with
her to Raw it didn't take a lot of convincing. And before tonight you
weren't on our radar," Jillian said before gently kissing Ashley on the

"What are you doing?" Ashley asked surprised when Jillian broke the kiss.

"Kissing you. It's not quite the same as kissing Melina, but I can see why
Matt likes you," Jillian said as she pushed the diva's shirt up along with
her bra.

Ashley couldn't help but take Jillian's comment as something of a compliment
and she wondered about the Melina comment. Even more unusual to Ashley than
Jillian's comment about Melina was the fact that the Smackdown diva's hand
was stroking her inner thighs. "Uh... Thanks I guess," the blonde stuttered,
"but what did you mean-"

"Shh!" Jillian whispered as she slipped a finger into Ashley's pussy.

"What are you doing?" Ashley moaned. "Stop it."

Jillian ignored her and kept sliding her finger in and out of Ashley's cunt.
The Raw diva continued to protest even as Jillian slipped a second finger
inside. Jillian knew though that Ashley liked the feeling. Her pussy was
getting wet and her breathing was getting heavier. Ashley's protests gave
way to moans and though her hands and feet were still bound and uncomfortable
there was no getting past the excitement her body felt.

As she kept working her fingers in and out of Ashley's twat Jillian leaned
forward cupping one of Ashley's breasts with her free hand giving it a nice
soft squeeze. Ashley moaned even louder as Jillian's tongue slid across her
tit giving her nipple a nice wet tease. Jillian wrapped her lips around it
giving it a slight pull outward. Ashley then let out her loudest moan of the
night completely ignoring the fact that the person giving her the pleasure
was her kidnapper.

Jillian smiled at Ashley's reaction and continued digging her fingers into
the blonde's pussy as she switched breasts and started licking Ashley's other
tit. It wasn't too long before Jillian felt Ashley's cunt start to really
press down and tighten around her fingers.

"How do you feel Ashley?" Jillian teased as she continued to thrust her
fingers into the Raw diva. "I can tell you like it. You're pussy is so
fucking tight."

"Oh god! Fuck me Jillian! Fuck me hard with your fingers!" Ashley moaned her
body now heaving with excitement.

Jillian continued to finger fuck Ashley as hard as she could. Ashley's pussy
started to really drip lubricating Jillian's fingers making it that much of
a quicker and easier insertion. It wasn't too long before Ashley's body
couldn't take it any longer. The Raw diva moaned loudly, practically
screaming, as she came. Jillian grinned as she felt Ashley come with an
intensity. The diva's cum flowed generously and her body shook along with
it. When Ashley finally calmed down Jillian removed her fingers and smiled.

"You're a bit of a gusher aren't you?" She said as she sucked her fingers

"Just leave me alone," Ashley replied closing her eyes embarrassed at having
an orgasm by Jillian's touch. With the rising tension between the brands
over the past several weeks and Melina and Jillian's attack on Trish and
Mickie if Trish ever found out what Jillian did to her Ashley feared she
never hear the end of it. Suddenly she felt something cut through the tape
binding her feet and opened her eyes. Jillian was freeing her. "Why are you
cutting me loose?"

"Turn over real quick," Jillian replied flipping Ashley onto her stomach
then cutting her hands free.

"Why are you doing this?" Ashley asked again.

"Melina will be here soon and you need to get cleaned up."

Thoroughly confused by the situation she now found herself in and Jillian's
new attitude towards her Ashley removed her panties and pants so as not to
soil them and made her way into the bathroom shutting the door behind her.

* * *

Melina pulled into the Beaver Lodge parking in front of room 115 next to
Jillian's rental. A second car pulled up right next to her on her free side.
Melina got out of her car and went to the driver side window of the one that
had followed her.

"Wait here and I'll be back in a moment. I just need to make sure everything
is ready first," Melina told the driver. She then knocked on the hotel door
and waited until Jillian let her in. "This is interesting." Melina said as
she walked in and shut the door behind her. Ashley was laying on the bed
clothed, no longer bound by the tape, and watching tv.

"Melina..." Ashley mumbled slowly sitting up.

"What is going on?" Melina asked turning to Jillian. "The last time I see
Ashley she's bound and gagged in the trunk of your rental car and now she's
laying on the bed watching tv. She is the reason why my boys lost the titles
tonight and let's not forget the fact she tried to strip me down to my bra
and panties."

"I got you down to your bra," Ashley smirked.

"You little bitch!" Melina growled making a beeline towards the Raw diva.
"Let me go!" Melina screamed as Jillian got in the way and held her back.

"You're such a hypocrite Melina!" Ashley shouted back. "You two stripped
Trish and Mickie down to their underwear on Monday!"

"Why do you care so much about them for? They don't give a rat's ass about

"You're full of it!" Ashley shot back. "Trish came to my defense when I was
getting jumped by Torrie, Victoria, and Candice!"

"I don't have time for this! I have a couple of guys outside waiting to have
a good time with you. You want to pull a Mike Jones and give out your number
during the Diva Search, then the least you can do is pay back some of the
guys who voted for you. Get your clothes off while I go get them."

"I'm not doing this!" Ashley protested when the Smackdown diva disappeared

"You have to," Jillian replied. "Look just get these guys off, keep Melina
happy, and everything will be fine."

"Yeah, then what happens one day when I piss off one of you and Matt somehow
finds about tonight?"

"And what would happen if Trish and Mickie found out that you let me finger
you and you got off on it? Look, get through tonight and do what we ask
while we work our way through the women's division and nobody will know a
thing. Now hurry up and get undressed before Melina returns."

* * *

"Sorry guys. That took a little longer than expected, but everything is
ready now," Melina said as she leaned into the driver window of the car that
arrived with her.

"Not a problem," The driver replied, "Is everything alright? I thought I
heard shouting."

"That was just the tv. You've got your digital camera with you right?"

"Right here," the driver replied handing it to Melina who handed him a wad
of cash.

"Good. Let's go in."

Melina led the men into the hotel room and locked the door behind them. They
all looked to be in their early twenties. All three grew wide smiles when
they saw Ashley sitting on the bed on her knees wearing nothing but a black
bra and panties.

"Hi there gentlemen. Who are you?" She asked smiling.

"I'm Keith."



"Good to meet you all. Melina tells me that your fans of mine and you voted
for me during the Diva Search," Ashley said unclasping her bra and letting
it fall to the floor.

"I sure am," Jeff replied staring at Ashley's tits.

"Me too," Keith said rubbing his crotch through his pants.

"I-" Dean started catching Jillian in the corner of his eye sitting quietly
in a chair in the corner of the room. "Why is she here?"

"Don't worry about her," Melina answered. "She's just here to watch and make
sure things don't get completely out of hand. Now I think someone is waiting
for you."

Dean quickly turned his attention back to Ashley who already hand her left
hand around the base of Keith's cock as she bobbed her head back and forth
over his member while her right hand was wrapped around Jeff's cock jerking
him off.

He quickly stripped his clothes off and joined the group at Keith's free
side. Ashley looked up and smiled at Dean at the sight of the third cock and
started jerking him off with her left hand. After several minutes Ashley
switched her attention to Jeff and wrapped her lips around his fleshy shaft.
Jeff held her head in place as she continued to masturbate Dean and started
on Keith. While all of this was going on Melina had started to take pictures
of the group. The whole get together had been very impromptu so she bought
the digital camera off of Keith after finding him outside the arena after
the show and had to be selective in the pictures she took as not to fill up
the memory card too fast.

"One moment guys," Ashley said as she stood up on the bed and removed her
panties. "Who's first?" She asked as she got onto all fours. Jeff quickly
answered her call climbing behind her and slipping the head of his cock into
her pussy. "Oh god that feels nice, push some more in."

Ashley moaned as Jeff started inching his way into her pussy and he bottomed
out. She had already turned her attention back to Dean and Keith as Jeff
started sliding his dick in and out of her pussy upping his pace with each
thrust. Ashley eagerly sucked on Dean's cock as his hands held her head in
place as he fucked her face. Keith meanwhile was feeling very horny and
wanting some action as Ashley's hand continued to stroke his shaft. Jeff
meanwhile felt his dick start to throb as he continued to thrust it into
Ashley's warm wet pussy.

"God it's my turn. I want some of that diva pussy," Keith said.

"Sure thing," Ashley replied sitting up again and climbing off the bed. "One
of you lay down."

Keith was quickly on his back with his hard-on sticking straight up. Ashley
straddled Keith lowering herself onto his dick

"God you feel great too," She smiled as she felt it go all the way in.
Ashley leaned forward as Keith started thrusting himself into her. "There's
room for one more," she moaned her tits shaking with each push inward.

Dean quickly went around to the back of Ashley and brushed his cock up
against her ass. With a quick hard thrust he pushed it inside and she moaned.
Ashley's body started rocking back and forth as Keith continued to thrust his
dick into her pussy and Dean fucked her in the ass. As the two guys worked
her from behind Ashley looked up at Jeff who was now sitting in front of her
and took his cock into her mouth.

Jeff excitedly pounded away at the diva's face as she eagerly slurped on his
manhood pressing her lips onto it. Several minutes later he felt his cock
start to throb again as he neared orgasm and he decided he wanted one last
bit of tail. Ashley's moans could be heard when Jeff pulled himself from her
mouth. Her body was burning up as Dean's shaft continued to slide in and out
of her anus and his balls slapped against her skin. Keith meanwhile had his
hands around Ashley's waist and was wildly thrusting himself into her pussy.

"Oh god I'm fixing to come!" Keith moaned his body aching for release as it
got closer to orgasm with each thrust.

"Come on her face," Melina replied with camera in hand still taking pictures.
Everyone separated momentarily with Ashley sitting up on her knees and Keith
standing on the floor.

"Oh god... Oh my..." Keith grunted as he stroked his dick faster and faster
with it pointing at Ashley.

"Come on Keith, come for me. Squirt your hot warm cum onto my face," Ashley

"Oooh!" The dirty talk from Ashley was all that Keith needed as small white
globs of his cum spurted out from his dick. Melina smiled taking several
pictures as the white cream struck Ashley in the face in several places.
After a moment the Raw diva took Keith's cock into her mouth to lick it

"Now go clean up big boy while I take care of your friends," Ashley said as
she wiped globs of cum from her face and ate them.

"You guys are doing great," Melina smiled. "This is exactly what Ashley
needed. Now how about you two studs both take a stab at her pussy?"

"That sounds great," Ashley replied.

Jeff was the one who laid down on the bed and Ashley straddled him taking
his cock into her pussy. She leaned forward and let out a soft moan as Dean
started to push his dick into her pussy as well. Ashley squirmed and moaned
as Dean kept pushing until he had inched his entire dick into her cunt. This
was Ashley's first time at double vaginal penetration and it showed as
everyone felt tight.

Meanwhile as Dean and Jeff took turns thrusting in and out of Ashley trying
to get a rhythm going Keith returned from the bathroom and Melina was still
busy watching the action on the bed and taking pictures. Keith then walked
to where Jillian was sitting watching the action silently.

"Don't worry they'll be finished soon. They won't last long," Keith said.

"You came first," Jillian replied.

"Yeah that was only because I was fucking Ashley. God she's so smoking hot.
I have more of a thing for her than Dean and Jeff do, otherwise I would have
lasted a lot longer than them."

"How quickly are you able to get it up again?" Jillian asked.

"Pretty fast, why?"

Without saying a word Jillian got to her knees in front of Keith and unzipped
his pants lowering them. She then slipped his penis from his underwear and
began to stroke it. Keith was near instantly hard again as Jillian's hand
slid back and forth over his shaft. He moaned as she wrapped her lips around
his dick and began to suck on it.

As Jillian sucked on Keith's dick Dean and Jeff had managed to get the speed
of their thrusting up a bit and stretch Ashley's pussy. Ashley moaned as
their cocks pounded her insides with her pussy still hurting a bit from the
stretching. Harder and harder each guy pounded her coming ever closer to
orgasm with each push inside.

Figuring Dean and Jeff weren't far from coming Jillian had intensified her
efforts on Keith's cock. She eagerly sucked on his shaft and had even began
to fondle and massage his balls. Keith had one last decent spurt in him as
he ejaculated into Jillian's mouth. With a smile she sucked him clean taking
as much of his cum into her mouth as she could, but she didn't swallow it.

It was few minutes later that both Dean and Jeff were standing on the floor
masturbating excitedly in front of Ashley's face. They let out a collective
groan as white spunk started leaping from their dicks striking the diva in
the face. Like she had done to Keith Ashley sucked their cocks clean
swallowing their cum. As the guys started to dress Jillian tapped Melina on
the shoulder and gestured for the camera.

"God you dirty slut," Melina grinned. "This was for her. Me and you were
going to hit the town later."

Jillian rolled her eyes taking the camera and gestured for Melina to wait a
moment. She then gestured for Ashley to follow her into the bathroom.

"Get in the tub and open your mouth," Jillian said as best she could with a
mouth full of cum. Ashley started to look a bit tired thinking her ordeal was
over, but she did as she was told. "And do not swallow," Jillian gurgled as
she let Keith's cum drip from her mouth into Ashley's.

Ashley did as she was told holding the thick salty substance in her mouth.
Jillian quickly licked her lips clean as she started to unbutton her pants
pulling them and her panties down.

"Look Ashley I kind of like you, but we've got to treat you the same as we're
going to treat the other divas. Again, do not swallow," Jillian said. Ashley
shook her head in acknowledgement and closed her eyes as Jillian pressed her
pussy to the Raw diva's mouth and started pissing into it. Ashley gagged
several times nearly spitting up as the yellow liquid filled her mouth.
Jillian stepped back when the mixture of urine and cum reached near Ashley's
lips. "Now close your mouth, shake your head for a bit, then open your mouth
again," She said as she wiped herself and pulled her pants back up. Ashley
did as she was told and when she opened her mouth again Jillian took several
pictures of the foamy mess inside. "Okay, you can spit and clean up now."

"Hey baby, what were you two doing in there?" Melina asked when Jillian

"This," Jillian replied handing the camera to Melina with one of the bathroom
photos of Ashley displayed on the LCD screen. "You send the guys on their

"Yeah," Melina answered raising an eyebrow at the picture. "What exactly is

"A foamy beer. You piss in someone's mouth, come in it, and have them shake
their head. It would have looked better with a fresh load of cum."

"Good god girl what else don't I know about you?"

"There are a few other things." Melina and Jillian looked up as Ashley
returned from the bathroom.

"Are we done? You happy Melina?" Ashley asked as she started to dress.

"For now," Melina replied.

"Why are you doing this? What's your problem?"

"You want to know what my problem is?" Melina said fixating on Ashley.

"Melina don't," Jillian whispered in her ear.

"You know what? Forget it," Melina said blowing Ashley off. "This doesn't
even really involve you other than the fact that you're a Raw diva and were
the first one to strike back defending the honor of someone who doesn't give
two shits about you."

"I heard Jillian's hard luck story earlier tonight. What's yours? I want to
know why you even care enough about our show that you have to show up and
screw things up. Smackdown's ratings are fine given the timeslot you're in."

"You know what sucks the most about being a WWE diva?"

"No. What's your big beef with everyone at the moment?" Ashley asked rolling
her eyes.

"God damn it, that was a rhetorical question. I was getting there if you
would just shut your mouth and let me finish," Melina growled.

"Like I said earlier our problem is the fact that we're stuck on Smackdown
with nothing to do except play manager," Jillian interrupted Melina.
"Christy's been fired and Stacy's too busy making movies and appearing on tv

"So go say something to Mr. Long."

"We have, many times," Melina said, "and many times he's assured us that a
women's division was being set up for Smackdown and it hasn't happened yet.
We're tired of waiting so we're taking matters into or own hands."

"There's got to be an easier way to get things done. You can't just go around
doing as you please. People who behave like that here don't last long. Like
anywhere else there's a pecking order. Nobody likes starting on the bottom or
in your case on Smackdown."

"Real funny. Come up with something new to say about my show okay? Anyway,
that's besides the point. You know who's on top and has all the power in the
women's division? Trish does," Jillian said.

"She's been here the longest and she's the women's champion."

"Yeah she came to your rescue when you were getting jumped in a three on one,
but why do you think she did it? To get over with the fans since she was gone
for so long. She doesn't care about you. You're just a contest winner to her
who lucked your way into a job with the WWE."

"You two are just jealous," Ashley insisted.

"God you are so na´ve," Melina said rolling her eyes. "Just tell me this.
What's your place in the title picture right now with Trish and Mickie middle
of it? And who are you currently feuding with? You haven't been on tv in a
meaningful match in awhile. Trish pushed you aside once Mickie came along and
now you're just doing spot appearances on Raw."

"Oh god..." Ashley mumbled hearing Mickie's name.

"Something wrong? You have a problem with Mickie?" Jillian asked.

"Not really except that she talked Trish into pushing me to the side to work
with her instead," Ashley replied with an agitated look on her face.

"Trust me with as long as she's been working in the WWE Trish doesn't get
talked into doing anything she doesn't want to do. Once Mickie appeared
Trish decided that she was better to work with than you and shoved you onto
the back burner. They're both at fault for what's happened to you."


"Look Ashley," Melina began. " First let me apologize about tonight.
Things aren't where Jillian and I want them to be wrestling wise and it's
frustrating. I don't know what Jillian told you before I got here, but you
weren't even a concern of ours because of your lack of importance to the
women's division right now and your push into obscurity by Trish and Mickie.
You attacked me and cost my boys the titles so we had to do something once
Jillian got a hold of you even as impromptu as tonight was. I don't want you
to hit them with chairs or anything. You're still going to go to Raw like
you do every week and make your appearance as a cheerleader for Trish or
whatever two-bit appearance you have. You're still a Raw diva so just go
along with whatever Trish and Mickie decide to do about us. I want you to
think about what we've said and if you decide not to help us in the future
then fine. Stay out of our way and the pictures will never see the light of
day. Come along for the ride and behave and you'll have more opportunities
and exposure than you'll know what to do with once I put Trish in her place
and become Women's Champion."

"So before tonight you were going to leave me alone because I'm a nobody and
yet you are going to go after Candice? I have more in-ring skills than she

"She's got Victoria and Torrie watching her back. Who's watching yours?
Certainly not Trish or Mickie. They're too busy playing with each other. To
show you there are no hard feelings let me drive you to wherever it was you
were going before you ran into Jillian."

"I was just going to go back to the hotel Matt and I are staying at."

"I'm the Accord outside," Melina said handing Ashley the car keys. "Let me
use the bathroom real quick and we'll go."

"You let her go outside with the keys?" Jillian asked.

"Don't worry about her," Melina replied kissing Jillian on the lips before
heading to the bathroom.

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