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This a little something I came up with after Christy Hemme was released. This
takes place from shortly after she was let go up to New Years Revolution '06.

The Battle For Dominance Part 3: I Want Candy
by Big Red Dope (

Before the show (12/19/05 Raw)...

Trish knocked on the door to Vince's office determined to convince him to
make her Raw's new GM. After nobody answered she knocked again.

"Come in," Vince's voice said from the other side of the door. Trish entered
Vince's office wearing a long trenchcoat. She stood behind a chair in front
of his desk and waited until he looked up from his paperwork. "Can I help you
with something, Trish?" He asked with a slight smile.

"I wanted to talk to you about the opening for Raw's GM," She answered
letting the coat slide open.

"Well, Trish, you know I sent a memo out to everyone that all of the
interviews would be done live during Raw."

"I know," Trish said removing the trenchcoat all together and setting it on
the chair. The busty blond stood in front of Vince in nothing but the
skimpiest of black panties and matching bra. "But there's a situation on the
show that needs resolving and I need the power to put an end to everything."

"You know Candice pulled a stunt very similar to this last week. Obviously
if I made her GM she'd make it hell for you, Mickie, and Ashley every week.
Who's to say you wouldn't do the same thing? After watching Eric Bischoff
nearly run Raw into the ground we need someone who's impartial and fair to
heels and faces alike."

"I don't want the job to get a heads up on Torrie or her friends," Trish
said clearing space on Vince's desk and sitting on the edge with her legs
spread open. "I could beat any one of them with my hands tied behind my
back. I want the job because someone needs to put Smackdown in their place
and besides it's about time a woman ran the show again."

"You bring up some interesting points," Vince conceded. "But still, coming in
like this before the show to interview for the job seems a bit underhanded."

"Oh, come on, Mr. McMahon. You've done underhanded things before to get what
you want," Trish said as she unclasped her bra and tossed it onto the chair
with her trenchcoat. A huge smile crossed Vince's face as he gazed upon
Trish's breasts.

"Well, you do bring up another good point," He said as he and Trish both
stood up and he groped her breasts. "Maybe I should give your resume a
serious look," He said as he squeezed her tits.

"I'm sure you'll agree that I'm the best candidate for the job once you see
what I have to offer," Trish replied swatting away Vince's hands so she could
pull down her panties.

Vince removed his coat jacket, dropped his pants, and unbuttoned his shirt
as quickly as he could. He set his clothing on the same chair Trish had set
hers and sat back down in his own. Vince smiled widely as Trish got to her
knees and took his cock into her hands. As much as he had bragged over the
years about having a big set Vince wasn't exaggerating too much Trish
noticed. As her hand stroked his shaft Vince's flaccid cock hardened to near
nine inches.

"Oh yeah, that's it... Suck on it Trish..." Vince moaned as Trish wrapped
her lips around his cock and began bobbing her head back and forth sliding
her tongue along his shaft.

Trish sucked on Vince's cock for several minutes deep throating him from
time to time letting the tip of his penis push down into the back of her
throat. His cock throbbed within her mouth as she fondled his balls with her
hand giving them a slight squeeze before pushing his penis against his
abdomen and tonguing his scrotum.

"How was that Mr. McMahon," Trish said a smile as she brought her head up
while stroking his cock.

"At first glance your resume looks impressive Trish, but I'm going to need
to review it further. And please call me Vince."

"All right, Vince. What would you like to review next?"

"Now I need to make sure you're physically fit for the job. You won't just
be dealing with divas if you're Raw's new general manager," Vince answered
clearing everything off his desk. "Now I need you to lay back for a moment."

With her legs dangling over the side Trish laid on Vince's desk lengthwise.
Vince then bent over and placed Trish's legs on his shoulders lifting her a

"Oh yeah that feels good," Trish moaned as she felt her boss' tongue slide
up and down her slit several times before pushing in.

Vince pushed his tongue in and out of Trish's pussy several times
occasionally flicking it across her clit. Trish's clit slowly emerged from
it's hood and she moaned loudly as Vince rubbed his tongue against it and
slipped one finger into her pussy. He lifted his head up and laid Trish
completely back down on his desk as he started pumping his finger in and out
of her cunt.

"Please stick another one in, Vince," Trish groaned as her pussy started to
get wet and cover his thrusting finger with cream.

"Of course, Trish." Vince worked a second finger into Trish's cunt filling
her up just a bit more.

He smiled as the Canadian panted and groped her own tits pinching the
nipples as he finger fucked her. Vince began to thrust his fingers harder
and harder into Trish and her moans became louder. Trish's pussy began
squeezing down on his fingers covering them in sticky fluid. With a raging
hard-on begging for attention Vince pulled his fingers out and pressed them
to Trish's lips.

"You're more than physically fit and able to handle yourself. Now I need to
check your qualifications," Vince grinned as Trish sucked his fingers clean.

"Anything boss," She whispered smiling at him.

Vince stood at the edge of the desk and pulled Trish towards him. She gasped
as the head of his cock made its push into her pussy. Vince kept pulling
Trish towards him as he kept pushing his dick into her slowly inching it

"Oh god you feel good," Vince moaned when his nine-inches finally bottomed
out in Trish's cunt.

"And you feel so good inside me," She replied. "Fuck me hard, Vince! Fuck me

In truth the Trish didn't need to say anything as Vince looked upon the
busty blonde's body that he currently had his cock buried inside. Vince took
a tight hold of Trish's hips and slowly began to work himself out and push
back in. Within several minutes Vince had a nice pace going. Trish had her
legs wrapped around his waist as she held onto the sides of the desk. Her
large tits heaved with each hard thrust Vince made into her body.

"Oh god, Vince! Oh god!" Trish groaned as the chairmen continued to ram his
cock into her cunt with all his might. "I'm fixing to come."

Vince could feel Trish's pussy constricting on his dick and the pressure was
slowly getting to him. With each push he made inside splitting her open
Vince's throbbing cock neared orgasm. With a loud groan from Trish Vince
felt her pussy squeeze the life from his cock as she came. Vince kept
thrusting his hips into Trish as she came and slowly he pulled out once she
calmed down. His cock was glistening with her cum.

"You're resume looks great so far, Trish," Vince said as he set her legs
down. "Now I just need you to turn over onto your stomach so I can check
your references."

"Well?" Trish asked as she was bent over Vince's desk wiggling her ass in
front of him.

"Looks like they've got nothing but great things to say about you," He
smiled as he placed a hand on both sides of Trish's butt and gave it a nice
firm squeeze. "But let's dig a little deeper and see what they really have
to say."

Vince got on his knees behind the blonde and spread her ass apart. Trish
moaned as she felt Vince's tongue press up against her asshole. It slid up
and down her crack wetting her skin and occasionally pushing inside. As he
ate out Trish's ass Vince's cock seemingly continued to get harder and
larger. Of all the divas that had ever come through the company Trish was
his favorite. She had the greatest "assets" he had ever seen and he couldn't
get enough of her ass. Now as he stood up behind her he literally had
Trish's rear in his hands and could finally tap it.

"Ooooh..." Trish groaned as the tip of his cock popped into her anus.

"You've got a great ass!" Vince exclaimed as he started pushing his
nine-inches into her backside.

Trish grimaced as Vince's cock initially inched it's way into her ass, but
as it was lubricated with her cum the pain was minimal. When his dick
finally bottomed out in Trish's bowels Vince stood there with his hands
around her hips and let the feeling of finally fucking her ass sink in.

"God, Vince, you're large cock feels even better in my ass," Trish moaned.

"Yes, it does," He grinned. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this

"I think I do. Now please, just fuck me hard," She moaned.

"With pleasure."

With the largest smile on his face quite possibly since he screwed over Bret
Hart at Survivor Series so many years ago Vince slowly started his
penetration of Trish's ass as he pulled out and started back in. He worked
his cock in and out of her backside working up his pace and rhythm and Trish
groaned with each of his thrusts inward. As he continued thrusting his cock
into her rectum Vince felt the blonde's ass start to squeeze down on his

"Harder, Vince! Harder!" Trish moaned as his dick pistoned in and out of her
backside with force.

"Your ass is still so tight!" Vince groaned as Trish's ass squeezed the life
from his cock more and more pushing him closer to orgasm.

"Come in my ass, Vince! Let your hot sticky cum fill my ass!" Trish moaned
nearly screaming as her body rocked with a second orgasm.

As the Canadian moaned and orgasmed Vince's dick had all it could take from
her butt. It squeezed down just a tiny bit more on it and his entire body
gave in. Vince was nearly lying on top of Trish with his hands still around
her waist as his dick opened up and his semen starting squirting into her
ass. Trish continued moaning as his cum filled her bowels and she was
panting hard when Vince went limp and finally pulled out. As he reached down
for a box of Kleenex that had fallen on the floor Trish stopped him.

"Let me get that," She said. Trish got to her knees and quickly sucked his
cock clean. She then got up and went to the chair in front of his desk and
started to put her bra and panties back on. "So do we have a deal? I'm the
new GM right?"

"Almost," Vince said as he continued to redress.

"What?" Trish asked glaring at him.

"Now hold on, Trish, let me explain. Go get dressed and make yourself a bit
more presentable. I've got the contract in my briefcase and we both need to
sign it in front of our notary when he gets here. You are Raw's new GM, but
only for the next four months. Consider it a trial run. I was going to do it
with whomever I appointed. Depending on how you do in these four months I
may or may not extend your contract. Once everything is signed I'll fax the
contract to our home office and if they give me the okay before the night is
over I'll introduce you as Raw's new GM tonight. Good luck in your new

"Thank you, Vince. All I wanted is a chance and I know you won't be

"You're welcome, Trish, and please call me Mr. McMahon in public. I don't
want anyone to think anything inappropriate happened. We all know what
happened to Christy Hemme don't we?"

"Of course."

Trish left Vince's office and quickly made her way back to the locker room
to dress for the show. When she was finished dressing she dug through her
things and pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number.

"Hello?" Mickie asked on the other end.

"Hey, it's me," Trish said.

"Man, I really wish I had come to the show even if I have the night off."

"Don't worry about it, Mickie. Even if Melina and Jillian show up tonight and
cause problems their time for getting away with that is coming to an end."

"What do you mean?"

"Just watch tonight's show, or at least the end of it. Okay?" Trish said as
Ashley walked into the locker room.


"I have to go now. Ashley's here. I'll talk to you later all right?"

"Sure thing. Cya next week."

"See you then. Take care."

"You too."

"Hey, Ashley, what's up?" Trish asked hanging up her phone. "Good work on
Smackdown by the way. Way to screw over MNM. I just wish I could have been
there to get my hands on Jillian and Melina."

"Thanks, but about that. I had a little run-in with Melina after the show
and she's here tonight. I need your help with something."

"Where is she? She doesn't belong on this show!" Trish growled.

"She's not here yet, but she will be. She wants me to help her convince Mr.
McMahon to make her Raw's new GM."

"I somehow doubt that's going work, but I can help you work her over like
Jillian did to you last week. Just send my cell phone a text message right
before you two go to Vince's office. I'll do the rest."

* * *

"Welcome to Raw everybody!" Joey Styles exclaimed as the pyro and fireworks
went off signifying the beginning of Raw. "To those of you who missed
Armageddon last night a big congratulations goes out to the Big Show and
Kane for defeating Batista and Rey Mysterio in the inter-promotional match
last night."

"Oh please," Jonathan Coachman said, "Was their any doubt that they would
win? Smackdown's best superstar couldn't hold a candle to our worst."

"I don't know about that, Coach, but speaking of brand rivalry this feud
with the divas is getting out of hand. To those who missed last weeks
Smackdown, and that's everyone who watches Raw, let me recap from these
notes I've been handed what happened," Jerry Lawler said. "After what
happened last week on Raw Trish and Mickie tried to crash Smackdown's
show, but were banned from the building. In finely doing something right
Theodore Long indefinitely suspended Jillian Hall and put MNM into a title
match which they promptly lost due to a little distraction caused by our
own diva Ashley. Let's roll that footage for a moment and show you what
happened." Ashley's attack on Melina played on screens from the time Ashley
jumped over the barricade to when she tore Melina's top from her body. "I
must say that Melina has some nice puppies."

"But let's not forget what happened afterwards," Joey added. "Ashley was
viciously beaten by Jillian Hall, who managed to sneak back into the arena
after she had been escorted out. She then attacked a backstage cameraman,
who caught everything on tape." Jillian's attack on Ashley played as Joey
talked about it.

"Although the Raw divas outnumber the Smackdown divas this war doesn't look
to be ending anytime soon. And let's not forget we still don't have a new
GM. Anything can happen tonight," Coach added.

"Wait a minute I'm getting word from the back. We've got action in the
locker room area," Joey said.

"Hey, what the hell is this? What's Melina doing back?" The King exclaimed
looking at his monitor.

Melina and Ashley were both standing in front of Mr. McMahon's office

"I'm not doing this!" Ashley hissed.

"We have a deal! You wouldn't want me to upset poor Matt would you?"

"You bitch!"

"Shut up and talk to him. Otherwise-" Melina was interrupted as Trish
attacked her from behind hitting her in the head with the women's belt.

"You're on the wrong show, Melina!" Trish sneered.

Trish proceeded to start kicking Melina and Ashley only joined in after some
encouragement from Trish. The Smackdown diva could only cover her head and
take the blows as she was double-teamed.

Just then Vince McMahon's door opened and he stopped momentarily to examine
the mess within his doorway.

"Hey, Mr. McMahon. Sorry about the mess. We were just on our way," Trish
smiled at him.

"Don't worry about it ladies. You're taking care of business I see and it's
always good to see the home team defending their turf. Well, I must be on my
way. I have an announcement to make regarding the Women's Championship and
Raw's new general manager. Now if you'll excuse me."

"Did he just say what I thought he said?" Styles asked at the announcer's

"It sounded like he was going to announce who our new general manager is,"
King replied.

"It's about time," Coach said. "We can finally put an end to the disruptions
by Smackdown before things get out of hand. And when we return we'll finally
get some answers from Mr. McMahon himself."

Raw went to commercial break for several minutes and when it returned Vince
McMahon was standing in the ring with a mic in his hand and his theme music
playing. The music went dead as he started to talk.

"Being a man of the fans and not wanting to delay tonight's action I'll make
this announcement as brief as possible," he began. "As many of you know
there are two Smackdown divas who are currently unhappy with their situation.
I have recently talked with Theodore Long regarding the situation and told
him what was in the works for the future. He in turn told them what I said
and forbid them from appearing on this very show. As you saw last week they
didn't listen to him and now we have a developing situation that could very
well get out of hand if something isn't done about it. However I will not be
the person in charge of putting an end to the problem. Raw's new general
manager will be."

"Who is it? Who is it?" Lawler asked excitedly.

"But at this moment I am not at liberty to name the new GM of Raw. The
lawyers at our home offices are checking all of the paperwork to make sure
all the T's have been crossed and all the I's have been dotted. Once I
receive word that everything is fine I will let everyone know who the new GM
is which hopefully should be at the end of the night. Now speaking of divas
tonight will mark the beginning of a divas tournament to determine the
number one contender. In a qualifying match tonight Ashley will face Candace
Michelle and the winner will take on Victoria later in the show. Next week
Mickie James and Torrie Wilson will square off. The winner from that match
will take on the winner of the Victoria match on Raw in two weeks. That
winner will then be declared the number one contender and will face Trish
Stratus for the Women's Championship at New Year's Revolution in a Bra and
Panties Mud Match where the objective is simple. You simply have to strip
your opponent down to their bra and panties and get a three count in a pool
of mud."

"What an announcement!" Joey exclaimed as Mr. McMahon's music started again
and he left the ring. "Hopefully the lawyers will pass the paperwork before
the show is over and we'll finally find out who our new GM is."

"But even bigger than that," King began, "Mr. McMahon came up with one of
the greatest matches ever for the women's title! Trish Stratus and one of
our divas in a Bra and Panties Mud Match!"

"Who cares?" Coach grumbled. "Our boss just passed on the chance to have the
best person possible run Raw."

"Who? You?" Joey asked. "You've got to be kidding me."

"Yeah, Coach. You had Golddust and Vader with you and you still lost to
Batista at Taboo Tuesday."

"Oh, shut up!"

* * *

"Here we go with the qualifying match for the last spot in the women's
tournament," Joey began as Ashley made her way to the ring. "Like Mr. McMahon
said earlier the winner will go on to face Victoria later tonight and that
certainly won't be an easy task." Candice's music started playing and she
made her way towards the ring.

"No, that won't be," The King added. "For anybody wrestling two matches in
one night is tough, but for Candice or Ashley to have to wrestle Victoria in
their second match is going to make things even tougher."

"And let's not forget to keep everything fair Mr. McMahon has forbid anyone
from being at ringside so Candice will have to face Ashley alone."

The match between Ashley and Candice went for several minutes with about as
much action and finesse as could be expected between the two with as
inexperienced as both were. Ashley whipped Candice into the turnbuckle and
executed a monkey flip on her. The fans attentions were suddenly averted
elsewhere and accompanied by boos.

"What the hell is this? What's Jillian Hall doing here?" Joey screamed into
the mic.

"I don't know, but she can't really be here to cause problems can she?"
Jerry asked. "We saw the beating Melina took at the hands of Ashley and

"Looks like she's taking a page from Chris Masters and Carlito's book from a
few weeks ago," Coach said.

Jillian made her way down the staircase to her front row seat. She showed
her ticket to the security personnel that rushed her and after a bit of
conferencing they left and let her be. To keep from rousing anyone's
suspicion Ashley climbed out of the ring to confront Jillian.

"You here to get your ass kicked, too?" She asked.

"Don't worry about me, Ashley. Just remember that you were warned," Jillian

"I had to do what I had to do," Ashley said slightly raising an eyebrow
before climbing back in the ring and going to pin a prone Candice. The ref
counted two before she kicked out.

"We'll see what Melina says," Jillian chuckled.

Ashley then got to her feet and kicked Candice back down each time she tried
to get up. As Ashley then grabbed Candice's legs, one under each arm, and
sent her flying head first into a turnbuckle via a slingshot catapult
Jillian quickly jumped over the barricade and pushed Lilian from her chair
taking it. As Ashley got up to pin Candice Jillian pulled the brunette from
the ring.

"What are you doing?" Ashley screamed.

"I'm playing along," Jillian replied flipping her the bird as Candice got
slowly got to her feet.

With one swing of the folding chair Jillian smashed it upside Candice's head
forcing the referee to ring the bell and disqualify Ashley for outside
interference. With a bit of feigned and real anger in her eyes Ashley rolled
out of the ring screaming obscenities at Jillian. And with another swing of
the chair Jillian hit Ashley across the head laying her out.

"Mr. McMahon please name a GM for Raw. For the second week in a row Jillian
Hall has disrupted the show!" Joey pleaded frustrated.

"Imagine how much worse it would be if Trish and Ashley hadn't taken out
Melina earlier tonight," Jerry added. "We can't even have a diva match
anymore without someone from Smackdown showing up."

"GM or not we need better security or for Teddy Long to outright fire Melina
and Jillian! We can't keep having these kinds of disruptions from his so
called stars."

"Uh oh. Now what's Jillian doing now?" Lawler asked.

Jillian rolled Candice and the chair into the ring and followed them in. She
then placed the chair on the top turnbuckle and positioned Candice for a

"Damn it, no!" Joey screamed as Candice was flung into the chair face first
and fell to the mat out cold. "I don't care who, but someone needs to get
out here and put a stop to this."

The crowd then cheered as Jillian set up Candice for yet another slingshot.
She scampered out of the ring as Trish, Torrie, and Victoria charged down
the ramp towards the ring. Laughing Jillian quickly jumped back over the
barricade and made her way out through the crowd.

* * *

"How bad is it?" Torrie asked as the backstage doctor examined Candice.

"She's got a mild to moderate concussion. When I get done here I'm going to
recommend she takes several weeks off to fully recover."

"Let's go, Torrie, we need to talk to Vince about Smackdown this Friday,"
Victoria said. "We'll be back in a bit, Candice."

"Okay, I'll be in the locker room," Candice said as she popped a couple of

Raw went back to the announcer's booth as Victoria and Torrie both left the
first aid center.

"This is getting out of hand," Lawler said flabbergasted. "One of our divas
has finally been injured, because of the attacks. Someone needs to do

"Wait a second I'm getting word from the back that something is going on,"
Joey Styles interrupted. "Oh my. Vince I know your listening. Something
needs to be done," he said as the monitor returned to the first aid station.
The doctor and the first cameraman both laid on the floor unconscious and
Candice was gone.

"Where the hell did Candice go?" Coach asked.

"Find Jillian Hall and I know she can tell you," Lawler answered.

* * *

"As everyone can see we've got a few minutes before Raw goes off the air and
we're still hoping that Vince McMahon will come out and announce who the new
general manager is. The situation with the divas is getting way out of hand.
In case you missed it Candice Michelle was in a match with Ashley and Jillian
Hall viciously attacked both. Candice caught the wrath of Jillian and ended
up with a moderate concussion. Then as she was being treated by a doctor, she
was presumably kidnapped by Jillian possibly in retaliation of Melina getting
jumped by Trish and Ashley," Joey said.

"That's exactly what happened to Candice," Jerry said. "The Smackdown divas
are jealous of everyone on Raw!"

Just then the theme music for Vince McMahon started blaring and he appeared
in the entranceway. With his usual swagger and smirk Vince made his way to
the ring and grabbed a mic.

"I finally got the ok from our lawyers so without further ado let me
introduce everyone to the new general manager of Raw!" The crowd started to
go wild as Trish's music started playing and she appeared. She made her way
down to the ring with a serious look on her face. When she got in she took
the mic from Vince.

"First I want to thank Vince for making me the GM of Raw. Second I just want
Melina and Jillian to know that this is my show now and they will not be
interrupting it any further. But I should let them know that I talked to
Teddy Long earlier and got him to reinstate Jillian for one night only and
this Friday night on Smackdown they'll be facing Torrie Wilson and Victoria
in a tag team match."

"Wow, how about that?" Joey exclaimed. "Vince names Trish as the new GM of
Raw and she's made a great first match!"

"I got passed over for Trish???" Coach said shocked. "What does she have
that I don't?"

"Do you really need to ask that, Coach?" Lawler replied.

"Now as far as everyone else in the back goes-" Trish continued.

"Hey Trish! Trish! Up here!" Melina's voice cut her off. Trish turned to see
Melina and Jillian standing in the audience. "Nice job jumping me from
behind, but I think Jillian got the last laugh. Don't worry about Candice.
She's safe and sound and you'll see her again soon. Now as far as you being
the new GM goes that doesn't mean a damn thing to us although I'm rather
curious as to how you managed to get the job. Make all the rules you want,
make all the declarations you want, but we'll come and go as we please on
either show. Try and stop us."

* * *

After the show...

Ashley stood nervously in front of Melina's hotel door. After the show Melina
left her a very angry voice mail demanding to see her immediately. Ashley
just knew that her career and relationship with Matt Hardy were now over.
Melina would release the photos of her onto the internet and send them to
Matt for sure. Slowly she knocked on the door. There was complete silence
except for someone unlocking the door.

"Shut the door," Melina said calmly as Ashley entered her hotel room. She
was lying on the bed watching tv and Jillian was sitting in one of the room's
two chairs.

"Look, Melina, about tonight," Ashley began as she shut the door.

"Shut up," the brunette interrupted curtly sitting up on the edge of the bed.
"Did we not make ourselves clear to you a few days ago?"

"But you said play along with whatever Trish came up with and not to arouse

"True, but you could have warned me ahead of time that Trish was going to
try and attack me from behind."

"She didn't tell me what she was going to do! She just told me to play along
with your plan and she'd take care of the rest."

"But now we have a problem," Jillian said getting up. "Melina got jumped
from behind and hit with the belt and Trish is the new general manager of
Raw." Jillian took hold of Ashley's face in her hand. "Trish's new position
shouldn't change our plans much, but it would have been much better with
Melina or even you as GM."

"Please, I'm sorry! I didn't know any of this was going to happen! I found
out Trish was the new GM the same time you did! I don't know how she
convinced Mr. McMahon to give her the job!"

Fear was starting to creep into Ashley and it showed on her face. Jillian
grinned, kissed her on the forehead, and let go of her face. She then sat
back down in her chair.

"I know how she got the job," Melina said getting up. "Probably the same
way we were going to get it. Don't worry so much, Ashley. I'm not pissed at
you... yet. You are right. You were doing as we asked and I want you keep
Trish convinced you're on her side. Next time let me know before she or
anyone else attacks me or else I might not be so forgiving."

"Thank you, Melina! Thank you!" Ashley said breathing a heavy sigh of relief.

"Now get the hell out of here."

"What are we going to do with Candice once we're done with her tonight?"
Jillian asked after Ashley left.

"We've got her stuff in the trunk with her so we'll leave her at the other
hotel and let her call herself a taxi. We'll do the same for the others and
we'll take compromising photos of everyone so they'll play their part on Raw
on January 2. Let's get going, I want to be at the other hotel before Candice
wakes up."

* * *

Candice regained consciousness with a bit of a headache. The taste and odor
of chloroform were still in her mouth and nose as she opened her eyes.

"About time you woke up. I was expecting to be done by now," A voice said.

"Who's there?" Candice asked rubbing her eyes as she tried to clear her

"Only someone much more deserving of being on Raw than you. Someone who
knows how to wrestle."

"Melina!" the Raw diva exclaimed sitting up in bed still a bit groggy. As
she sat up Candice felt her hand brush up against her thigh and felt her
skin. She looked down and saw that she was nude. Candice quickly looked
around for her clothes and not being able to find them grabbed a pillow to
cover herself up.

"What's wrong, Candice? You seem a bit timid, shy even," Jillian grinned
ripping the pillow from her hands.

"Where are my clothes? What do you want?"

"You're clothes are in my car along with your stuff. You'll find out soon
enough what I want and when it's all said and done you can thank Trish the
next time you see her. Now spread your legs apart and starting fingering

"No! No way!"

"Do it!" Melina glared.


"God damn it, Candice! I see you want to do this the hard way!"

Jillian pounced on top of Candice throwing her back and pinning her throat
to the bed. With both hands around the Raw diva's throat she started to
squeeze. Candice tried to fight back and hit Jillian as the air exited her
body and her face turned blue, but the blonde held steady. Candice
frantically tried to pry Jillian's hands from her throat as she felt herself
hurting and getting closer to blacking out. Suddenly Jillian let go and
climbed off of her.

Melina grinned widely as she snapped photo after photo of Candice as she
spazzed and wheezed for air. She then gestured for Jillian to turn the Raw
diva over and Jillian took several shots of Candice's ass. Within a few
moments Candice's breathing returned to normal and she slowly turned herself
back over.

"What do you want?" Candice asked coughing several times with handprints
visible on her neck.

"Don't argue, don't fight, and don't scream at us and we'll try to make
tonight as painless as possible. Do any of that and the pictures we just
took along with a few of a dildo up your ass will hit the internet.
Understand?" With a silent reserved nod Candice shook her head yes. "Good."

"To be honest though, I'm not sure why we're bothering with you," Jillian
said as she and Melina began to undress. "You're just a model from a tv
commercial who prances around looking good for Vince. At least Ashley doesn't
look like a complete fool when she's in the ring."

"But if we're to make everyone including Trish completely sure that I'm the
most dominant diva in the WWE, then we have to take them all out," Melina
replied dropping the last bit of her clothing to the floor followed a few
seconds later by Jillian.

"That's certainly true. Come here, Candice, and sit up on your knees."
Candice did not like how the situation was developing and quietly moved
towards Jillian hoping to avoid another choking. "But look at these Melina,"
Jillian said roughly grabbing hold of Candice's breasts. The brunette
squealed as Jillian squeezed her chest hard and dug her nails into the flesh.
"What was that?"

"Nothing..." Candice whispered suddenly feeling helpless just minutes into
her ordeal.

"That's what I thought," Jillian replied let getting of Candice's tits and
then rearing back and slapping her right one hard. Candice bit her lip as
she felt the stinging touch on Jillian's hand on her right breast. The
blonde then slapped her left breast and it stung as well. "Her boob job is
horrible. Feel them."

Melina then grabbed Candice's chest and started feeling her up. "You're
right, these are horrible," She laughed as she started pulling on the Raw
diva's nipples. Candice bit her lip and tried to suck down the pain as
Melina kept pulling on the tips. Her nipples stretched further and further
out and her breasts even began to lift up as Melina kept tight hold between
her fingernails. She let out a small groan when Melina let them go.
"Something wrong Candice?"


"Tell me. I heard you sigh."

"It's just that it hurt when you were pulling on my nipples."

"I don't know if you're like this on Raw, but you are a crybaby," Melina
said before slapping her across the face. Candice couldn't help but cry out
as her face stung with pain and she covered the spot with her hand.

"What a little bitch," Jillian said smugly. "Now get on all fours with your
ass facing us."

Her face still tingling from the slap Candice did as she was told wondering
how much worse Jillian and Melina would be if they were pissed off. She
flinched when she felt a pair of hands grab hold of her butt cheeks.

"Don't worry, it's me," Jillian said massaging Candice's ass, "I'm the gentle
one, but I must say that I'm really disappointed in you. Your ass is rather
flat and up close I can't see why anyone would find you sexy."

"God, you're so right," Melina added as her hands took the place of Jillian's
on Candice's rear. "I'm starting to think I know why we got put on Smackdown.
Maybe our bodies are just too good. Are the other divas this bad up close?"

"I don't know... Why are you doing this?"

"I'm not here to have a conversation with you, Candice. Besides I told you
why earlier."

Candice felt Melina's hands leave her ass only for it to immediately get
cracked by a belt. She managed to bite her lip and hold back any moans the
first three times she was whipped, but as the leather strap came crashing
down a fourth time Candice couldn't help but cry out. She cried out again as
Melina whipped her a fifth time and her knees buckled sending her crashing
to the bed.

"You're pathetic. You ever get into a real wrestling match you're going to
embarrass yourself and give real female wrestlers everywhere a bad name,"
Jillian snarled giving Candice a hard punch to her back.

"None of the divas on Raw know how to wrestle anymore, you know that. Now
get up and turn around," Melina said grabbing a handful of Candice's hair.
"We'll be right back," Melina said as she and Jillian went into the bathroom
once Candice was on all fours facing the foot of the bed.

"No..." Candice muttered barely audible to herself when the Smackdown diva's
emerged from the bathroom wearing ten-inch long strap-on dildos.

"Say 'ah' bitch," Melina said getting in front of Candice with Jillian
getting behind the brunette. Candice refused to open her mouth scared to try
and take the fake cock. It was bigger than anything she had ever had in her
mouth and it wouldn't be going limp anytime soon. "I said open your mouth,
bitch!" Melina growled slapping Candice across the face.

Again Candice refused to open her mouth, but Melina didn't slap her this
time. Instead Jillian thrust the strap-on into the Raw diva's pussy as hard
as she could. Candice cried out at the roughness and before she could close
her mouth Melina shoved her strap-on inside. Candice's eyes bulged as she
felt the fake cock push farther and farther into her mouth and down her
throat. At the same time Jillian was pushing her strap-on deeper into
Candice's pussy.

Candice gagged as Melina began to slowly increase her pace and develop a
rhythm. She couldn't keep her eyes from tearing up as the strap-on worked
itself back and forth in her mouth and throat giving her just big enough
gasps of air to keep breathing. If her mouth and air supply wasn't such an
immediate concern then Candice would have been more intuned to the pounding
her pussy was taking. Jillian was thrusting the ten-inch dildo into the
brunette's cunt each push inside going further than the one before until she
was able to bottom out in Candice.

As Jillian bottomed out in Candice once again the Raw diva felt a sharp pain
between her legs like something had just tore. She would have screamed out
if she could have except that now her gullet was stuffed with Melina's
strap-on which was now just sitting place. Candice now felt a definite
excruciating pain in her pussy each time Jillian pumped herself inside. At
the same time though she was having to deal with Melina who was holding her
head in place and not moving. The Smackdown diva then began laughing as she
pinched Candice's nose.

Candice began gagging and thrashing about as she started choking on the
dildo. Drool began to drip down her chin and her face started turning blue.
Melina laughed loudly as she let go of Candice's head and nose and the diva
whipped her head to the side coughing violently and spitting all over
herself. She was given only a few seconds to compose herself before Melina
grabbed her head and began viciously face fucking her again.

As Melina started up again Jillian pulled her strap-on from Candice's pussy
and took it off. She then got on her knees behind the brunette and slipped
two fingers into her pussy. Candice's opening seemed rather loose so Jillian
assumed she was a slut unaware of the damage she had down to Candice. Three
fingers were a tighter fight inside the Raw diva's pussy, but soon that was
made easier by the creamy fluid dribbling from Candice's pussy.

As Jillian worked on getting a fourth finger into Candice's cunt Melina
toyed with the brunette's air supply. Several times she'd thrust viciously
into Candice's mouth and then hold her head in place watching her squirm.
When Melina let go of the Raw diva's face she'd always swing her head to
the side and cough wildly. It was one of these times when Melina let go of
Candice's head that Candice threw up on the bed a small puddle of bile
forming nearing the corner.

"What the fuck!" Melina screamed jumping away from the beaten and tired
diva. "Oh god!" She grabbed Candice's face and rubbed it in the bile.
"Jillian finish up with this bitch! She sickens me!"

"Sure thing," Jillian replied as she just had the remainder of her thumb to
work into inside.

Candice cried out as the blond pushed the last bit of her fist into her
pussy. Something was torn near her cunt and now Jillian was trying to pound
her fist in and out. Slowly Candice's pussy began to wet itself from instinct
and it made the fisting for Jillian easier to do, but it did nothing to
relieve the pain. Her humiliation only increased ten-fold when Melina began
pissing on her face.

Candice began crying hysterically as her body quaked and orgasmed with
intense pain shooting throughout her body stemming from between her legs.
With a loud painful pop Jillian pulled her fist from Candice's pussy. The
Raw diva laid on the bed crying and soaked in urine as Melina and Jillian
and stood above looking at her.

"You want me to piss on her, too?" Jillian asked as Melina snapped several
photos of Candice.

"If you want," Melina replied as she turned Candice onto her back careful
not to get any of the piss or bile on her hand. She started taking several
more photos as Jillian began pissing on Candice. "This'll be more than
enough to ruin Candace with," Melina commented a few minutes later. "Get
cleaned up while I have a little chat with our friend."

"This was fun I can't wait until Thursday," Jillian said with a smile
heading towards the bathroom. "Oh and let me steal a quote from you, good
god girl what else don't I know about you? That was some raunchy stuff you
just did with Candice."

"Just clean up, before I do the same to you," Melina grinned. She then
turned her attention to Candice who was now quiet but still lying on her
back. "I'm going to make this short and sweet so listen carefully Candice.
When Jillian and I finish cleaning up and dressing we're going to leave you
here with your stuff. You can call yourself a cab. Disappear for two weeks,
because Raw won't need you until January 2. I'll call you at a later time.
You do as I say then once I take down Trish you can return to your normal
activities and the photos will never see the light of day. Understand?"

"Yeah," Candice mumble pushing herself up.

"Good." Melina pelted Candice's face with a few last drops of urine before
heading into the bathroom.

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