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This a little something I came up with after Christy Hemme was released.
This takes place from shortly after she was let go up to New Years
Revolution '06.

The Battle For Dominance Part 4: We Ain't The Ladies To Mess With
(FFF, anal, fist, bdsm)
by Big Red Dope (

(12/23/05 Smackdown - Yes I realize it was a best of show)

"Much like last week," Michael Cole began as Smackdown returned from a
commercial break, "hour one of Smackdown is over and neither Melina nor
Jillian have arrived at the arena."

"Come on Cole, they're just being fashionably late. You know what that's
like don't you? Ah... on second thought nevermind."

"No Tazz I've never purposely been fashionably late."

"What are you talking about? What you just said doesn't make any sense. You
can't be fashionably late on accident."

"Regardless, you're starting to sound like you approve of what Melina and
Jillian's done these last two weeks."

"Cole, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. You might not agree with
their tactics, but they do have a point. Melina did get screwed out of the
women's title at Survivor Series and there's been no mention of a rematch.
And Jillian well... We all know what her problem is."

"Still there are better ways for them to go about this. Wait a sec Tazz, I'm
getting word that a limo is pulling up and we have Josh Matthews in the

Josh waited as the limousine came to a stop in the parking garage. The
driver then got out and opened the passenger door. Joey Mercury and Johnny
Nitro got out first holding their tag team titles. Melina and Jillian then
got out with a confident air about them and the smiles on their face to
prove it.

"You're scheduled to have your rematch for the WWE Tag Team titles against
Batista and Rey Mysterio next week, but people are starting to wonder if
Melina's recent actions are going to become a distraction. There's also been
rumors that she's become bored with just being your manager and wants to go
to RAW to jump start her wrestling career in the WWE. What are your
thoughts?" Josh asked the guys.

"What are our thoughts? What are our thoughts?" Joey asked incredulously.

"Who are you anyway? You're not a photographer; you're not an a-lister or
anybody important that we need to know," Johnny said blowing off Josh.

"Guys, just go to the locker room. We'll be there in a minute," Melina said.
"Josh you're an idiot. We'll win our titles back next week and there won't
be anything left of the Raw divas once I'm finished with them so I'm not
leaving Smackdown anytime soon."

"Well concerning your tag team match tonight with Torrie Wilson and Victoria
our general manager Teddy---" Josh stopped when he noticed Jillian no longer
had the growth on her face. "What happened to the--- to the thing on your

"I had it surgically removed," Jillian replied making quotation marks with
her fingers when she said surgically. "Now what were you saying about our
tag team match tonight?"

"Just that earlier in the show Teddy Long announced that to make sure nobody
interfered in the match everybody was barred from ringside and if anyone did
interfere they were suspended indefinitely."

"What! He can't do that!" Melina screamed pushing Josh.

"What are you angry at me for? He said it, not me!"

"Teddy's fooling himself if he thinks anything he does will affect us any,"
Jillian smirked. "But send him a message for us will you?"

"What's that?"

"This!" Josh fell to the ground and began rolling around holding his crotch
after Jillian kicked him hard in the groin. Melina and Jillian laughed at
him a bit before turning to head to the locker room.

As they were heading to meet Mercury and Nitro they were blind-sided by
Victoria and Torrie with chairs to their backs. Jillian fell to the ground
and Melina stumbled into the limo. Torrie planted several boots to Jillian's
body as Victoria hit Melina with several right crosses.

"Where's Candice! Where is she!" Victoria screamed grabbing Melina by the
throat. The Smackdown diva was dazed and didn't answer. "Fine. You're going
to get what you deserve."

Victoria started to walk Melina to the back of the limousine but the
Smackdown diva started to fight back. The two started to exchange blows and
when it looked as if Melina was getting the upperhand Torrie struck her in
the back with a chair. The brunette fell to her knees and Victoria quickly
composed herself. She then pulled Melina to her feet and started walking her
to the back of the vehicle.

Torrie meanwhile got in a few more kicks to Jillian's head after helping her
friend out. She then picked the blonde up and ran her head first into the
side of the car. "Don't you ever come back to Raw again!" Torrie laughed as
she began stripping a severely dazed Jillian.

As Torrie stripped Jillian down to her bra and panties Victoria laid out
Melina on the trunk. She then picked up one of the chairs and slammed it
into Melina's head. The brunette's body shook from the impact then slid from
the trunk and fell to the ground. As Victoria started to strip Melina, Joey
and Johnny appeared and chased off the Raw divas. Melina was unconscious and
it was several minutes before Jillian began to stir. Smackdown went to
commercial break as medics converged in the back.


"For those wondering why the tag team match between Melina and Jillian Hall
and Victoria and Torrie Wilson hasn't taken place it's because Victoria and
Torrie attacked Melina and Jillian when they arrived. The beating looked
pretty severe with Melina's head getting smashed between the trunk of her
limo and a chair. We have about fifteen minutes or so before the show is
supposed to end, but we have no match at the moment to fill the time."

"Wow Cole. Wrestling is a brutal sport, but this feud between our divas and
the Raw divas has gotten very personal and become very vicious. Hey it looks
like Josh grew his set back and is able to work again. He's in back with
Teddy Long now."

"Mr. Long at this point everyone's wondering what happened to the diva's tag
team match? Are Melina and Jillian injured and if so what are you going to
do with the time we still have until the end of the show?"

"Well playa it's like this. Melina has suffered a mild concussion and can
not compete tonight and Jillian has few bumps and bruises and a hurt ego,
but she's good to go. Now normally I'd wait until everyone was cleared to
wrestle before I let the match happen, but seeing how Jillian had no problem
taking out both Candice Michelle and Ashley on Raw and I told Trish Stratus
and all of our fans that we'd have this match tonight the show must go on!
Tonight in a handicap match Jillian Hall will take on Victoria and Torrie
Wilson! And my previous ruling still applies. If anybody interferes in this
match then they will be indefinitely suspended and that now includes

"Wow! Teddy Long is forcing Jillian to wrestle tonight without a tag team
partner and after the beating she took!" Tazz exclaimed.

"It's like you said last week Tazz 'Don't cross the boss'."


Victoria and Torrie were like sharks in a feeding frenzy as they waited for
Jillian to hobble to the ring. Both were anxious to get their hands on the
diva and even quibbled a bit over who would start the match. Torrie
eventually gave in and went to the outside of the ring.

The match was nowhere even close to being even. Jillian was still feeling
the effects of the beat down earlier in the night. She had managed to fight
back a few times, but her fatigue and the double-teaming by the Raw divas
always proved to be too much for her. Then as Victoria and Torrie started to
set Jillian up for a two man suplex the crowd erupted in boos.

"What the hell is Edge doing here?" Cole screamed as the wrestler made his
way down the ramp with his Money In The Bank briefcase in hand.

"I don't know Cole. I sure as hell don't want him here!" Tazz replied.

"He's a Raw superstar and this is a divas match! Lita's not even involved in
it! This doesn't make sense! There's no reason for him to be here!"

Victoria let go of Jillian's neck and started walking towards Edge with a
confused look on his face. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm just here to watch!" Edge shouted putting his hands up to show he
wasn't up to anything. "You better help your partner!"

Victoria turned to see Torrie and Jillian exchange a few blows before
Jillian kicked Torrie in the gut. She then grabbed the Raw diva and whipped
her towards the ropes in front of Edge. Just as Torrie was about to hit the
ropes Edge jumped up and pulled down on the top one. Torrie flipped over it
hitting the floor with a thud.

"What the hell did you do that for!" Victoria screamed.

"It was an accident! I thought it was Jillian!"

"Liar!" As Victoria turned her attention back to Jillian the ref exchanged a
few words with Edge before pointing to the back and throwing him out.

It was then that Victoria started to whip Jillian towards the ropes, but the
Smackdown diva reversed it. The referee barely turned his head in time
before getting plowed into by Victoria and tumbling from the ring. Jillian
quickly hit Victoria with a clothesline and as the ref shook the cobwebs
from his head Edge threw his briefcase to the blonde.

"Hit her!" Edge shouted as Jillian briefly looked at him with a confused
look. Jillian slammed the briefcase into Victoria's head as she got up and
tossed it back to Edge. "We'll talk Later!" He screamed before rolling the
ref back into the ring. With briefcase in hand Edge walked back up to the
ramp as the referee counted to three declaring Jillian the winner just
before Torrie was able to get back into the ring.


"God damn Edge cost us the match!" Victoria growled as she and Torrie
dressed in their locker room.

"What the hell was he doing here anyway?" Torrie asked.

"All I know is Trish better do something about him on Monday."

"Call her now. You know she was watching."

"I would, but I can't find my cell phone," Victoria said as she searched
through her things.

"Me neither," Torrie said as she did the same. Then there was a knock at the
door. "Who is it?"

"I've got a phone call for Torrie Wilson," a page said.

"Who is it?" Torrie asked opening the door.

"He said he was your husband."

"Did you get a name?"

"No, he said it was urgent that he speak to you and that your cell phone
just kept ringing."

"Oh god, what now... Which phone?"

"The closest one is by catering."

"Something wrong?" Victoria asked.

"I hope not. I'll be right back."

Torrie made her way to catering and picked up the phone. "Is everything

"I don't know. You tell me."

"Edge you bastard! You cost us the match!"

"You're the one who let your partner get pinned, not me sweetheart."

"Just wait until Monday. Trish isn't going to let this slide."

"You think I'm scared of Trish? Please. By the way, before you let your
partner down again I'd go check on her."

"What are you..." Torrie suddenly dropped the phone and made a mad dash for
the locker room. Upon arriving she found Victoria gone and her things
missing. "Shit!"


"You never fully explained yourself. Why are you here?" Melina asked as she
leaned against the hood of the rental car Victoria and Torrie were supposed
to be sharing. Jillian was leaning against the hood as well to Melina's left
and Edge was standing in front of them with his rental car parked to the
left of theirs.

"People like to talk and there are rumors I'm hearing about you two and what
you're up to. Nobody's been able to get into contact with Candace since
Monday night and now there are people claiming on the internet that you two
were in a hotel room with three guys as they fucked Ashley and that Jillian
even gave a blowjob to one of them afterwards. I don't know exactly what's
going, nor do I care, but the fact you've got Victoria bound and gagged in
the trunk makes me think you two are involved in something rather kinky that
I'm sure can get you in a lot of trouble."

"That's a nice thought, but beyond kidnapping Victoria which you helped us
with, everything you're saying is hearsay," Jillian said.

"Yes well you're already on suspension and I think this alone will get you
fired. And Melina I'd probably say goodbye to MNM's title shot next week if
any of this came out."

"As former champions their rematch is guaranteed. Now while your threats
don't scare us, I'm curious as to why you're trying to blackmail us," Melina

"Because I want Ashley."


"Give me one night with her."

"What makes you think we can bring her to you?" Jillian asked.

"Let's not play games."

"Pretending we could get Ashley for you what's in it for us?" Melina asked.


"Lita? She's a has been who hasn't wrestled in a long time and isn't even
worth the bother."

"She's a submissive little thing and will do anything I ask including
becoming your toy."

"What do you think Jillian?"

"I don't know, someone who is willing to take our punishment? It's more fun
beating people down."

"I know... Thanks but no thanks."

"What do you want? I want one night with Ashley as one last way to stick it
to Matt Hardy."

"We have to rent another car and do a lot of driving tonight. We'll let you

Edge grumbled at not having secured a deal with the Smackdown divas. He got
in his car as the two of them drove off with Victoria in the trunk. As Edge
started up his vehicle his cell phone started to ring.


"What the hell is going?" It was Lita on the other end.

"Hey calm down. I don't like your tone."

"What are we going to tell Trish on Monday? You tell me to watch tonight,
because you're going to make some big impact and I see you helping Jillian
get the win."

"We aren't going to tell Trish anything. I was at Smackdown conducting some
business and I told you not to come, because I would have to help them get
the win. You had nothing to do with this and will be in the clear. Everyone
will be angry at me."

"So what do we do now?"

"I'm flying into Bridgeport tomorrow instead of going home and flying out

"Okay I've got some things to do around here so I won't be up until Sunday."

"Don't worry about Trish. What's the worse that could happen?"


"Long drive huh?" Jillian asked as she and Melina carried an unconscious
Victoria through the back door of a fetish club.

"I didn't want him following us across town and harassing us for an answer
or looking for something to blackmail us with. I wasn't about to let the
money I spent to rent this room and get a key to the back door go to waste.
Hold her for a sec," Melina said as she let go of Victoria as they stopped
in front of a door. She took a key from her purse and opened the door. The
two of them carried Victoria inside and literally dropped her on the floor.
Melina then quickly shut the door.

"So this is what one of these places look like..." Jillian commented as she
looked around the room. Shackles were hanging from the ceiling and there
were dildos, whips, and various other sex aides sitting on shelving.

"I would have thought you had been to one of these places before."

"Why? Because of last week with Ashley? I was pretty straight and narrow
with sex before I met you."

"Good to hear you're willing to learn new things. Pick up Victoria for a
sec," Melina said walking to a crank on the wall. As Jillian picked up
Victoria's unconscious body the shackles from the ceiling began to lower.
When they had lowered enough Melina bound them to Victoria's wrists and
began turning the crank again. She stopped once Victoria's arms were
dangling above her head and her feet just barely touched the ground.

"Just out of curiosity do you have any idea what we're going to do about

"I haven't really thought about it since we left him, though I probably do
owe him something. I doubt we'd be here now if he hadn't interfered in the
match. We let ourselves get too lax and we got jumped tonight. I left
something in the car, I'll be right back. There should be tape on one of the
shelves. Find it and tape her mouth shut then find the ball gag."

Melina quickly returned to Victoria's rental car and opened the back door.
She searched through her stuff for several minutes before finding the
barbershop clippers and digital camera she was looking for. Returning to the
room she found duct tape covering Victoria's mouth and the Raw diva alive
and kicking at Jillian.

"Damn bitch woke up right as I was taping her mouth," Jillian said. "She
started screaming and trying to kick me."

"Then let's shut her up," Melina said setting down the items on a table and
searching the shelves until she found what she was looking for. She picked
up a riding crop and snapped it into Victoria's back. The diva arched
forward crying out. "Now be still or there's more where that came from."
Fury raged in Victoria's eyes as she glared at Melina. "Tsk tsk, why the
look? There's nothing personal here. It's all business. We've dealt with
Ashley and Candice already and after we're through with you we'll get to
everyone else. Once it's all said and done you can thank Trish for tonight."

"You're going to have to get yourself some new wrestling attire," Jillian
said as she took a knife to Victoria's top. Her ample breasts popped out as
the blonde sliced through the fabric. She then grabbed Victoria's shorts and
pulled them and her panties down to her ankles. "Not bad," Jillian said
setting the knife down on the table. She cupped Victoria's right breast in
her hand and slightly squeezed it. The Raw diva then screamed into the tape
kicking at Jillian again as the blonde ran her tongue across the nipple.
Jillian stepped back but not before getting lightly kicked in the shin.
"Good, we were so hoping you'd put up a good fight."

"We certainly were," Melina grinned as she whipped Victoria with the riding
crop this time striking her right below the breasts.

Victoria screamed thrashing about again. Since her feet were not bound to
the floor her body began to slowly spin. Melina took this opportunity to
whip Victoria's ass. She smiled seeing the temporary mark it left on the Raw
diva's skin and then cracked the riding crop against her ass again. Victoria
screamed loudly as her body shook and this time the riding crop left a mark.

"Hey hold on baby," Jillian said grabbing Melina's hand as it reared back to
hit Victoria again. Her free hand wrapped around Melina's body and pulled
her close. "We need some before pictures, before we get too rough." Jillian
kissed Melina on the neck and took the riding crop from her.

"I wish we could do more of this when we're alone. I was getting so worked
up whipping Victoria," Melina said slinking out of Jillian's grasp and
giving the blonde's ass a squeeze before retrieving the camera. She took
several photos of Victoria's nude body from several angles then sat the
camera down and picked up the clippers. "Jillian hold her steady," Melina
said as she switched on the power. Victoria screamed and thrashed about and
Jillian struggled a bit to keep her still as Melina took the clippers to
Victoria's head. Bit by bit chunks of Victoria's long dark hair fell to the
floor as Melina shaved her head.

"The new haircut looks good on you," Jillian remarked sarcastically with a
large smile when Melina finished shaving Victoria's head. She then picked up
the camera and took several shots of the Raw diva as she screamed at the top
of her lungs and her faced turned red with anger.

"What was that?" Melina asked tearing the tape from Victoria's mouth.

"You stupid bitch! I'm gonna get you for this! I'm going to beat you
senseless and then I'm going to have you fired!" Victoria screamed

"First you need to learn to shut up," Melina replied slapping Victoria
across the face. She then took the ball gag and stuffed it into the diva's
mouth fastening it behind her head. "This really is a nice haircut," Melina
smirked running her hand back and forth over Victoria's head. "But that's
neither here nor there. Tell me something, are you really the lady not to
mess with?" The glare of fury in Victoria's eyes was all that Melina needed
to see. "That's what I thought. You really are a tough chick much more than
anyone else on Raw. Let's see how tough you really are then."

Victoria squirmed and moaned as she felt the tip of something push into her
ass. Jillian was standing behind her with an eight-inch long two-inch thick
dildo. Victoria's backside wasn't one to stretch and be accommodating so
Jillian had to put some muscle into it. Every time she pushed a little bit
in she'd pulled the dildo out and give it a nice hard thrust. The Raw diva
grunted with each new inch of the dildo Jillian worked into her ass.

Meanwhile Melina found a small box with a dial and two clamps attached to it
by wires. She clipped one end to each of Victoria's nipples and turned the
knob to one. Victoria flinched as a small bolt of electricity was sent into
her body. Melina then turned it up two and three after that. The Raw diva
squirmed and cried out with each jump in voltage that hit her body. The
shocks started out feeling like minor shots to her body that took a little
getting used to to gut through the pain, but as Melina turned the knob to
higher and higher settings Victoria began to spazz and shake violently
screaming hysterically. Her body movements became so spastic that Jillian
couldn't get anything done with the dildo and left it plugged in Victoria's

Jillian got up and walked around to Melina's side. "Having fun?" she asked
wrapping her arms around her friend's waist as Melina turned the box all the
way back down to one seemingly letting Victoria compose herself a bit and
shake of the effects of the shocks.

"Lots," the brunette grinned suddenly turning the dial all the back up to
it's max at ten. Victoria thrashed about shrieking as loud as she could. A
glint of sadism sparkled in Melina's eyes as she watched Victoria twitch
violently. When she finally noticed the tears in Victoria's eyes Melina
turned off the device satisfied. "I guess you aren't that tough," She said
as she removed the clamps, "but I want to make sure."

"I've got an idea," Jillian said with a wicked smile.

"What's that?"

"You want the front or the back?"

"The front. What are we doing?"

"This," Jillian grinned squatting behind Victoria and pulling the dildo out.
She then licked her index and middle finger sucking on them succulently
before pushing them into Victoria's ass.


Melina pushed Victoria's stiff spasm riddled legs apart and began licking
her cunt. She lapped her tongue up and down the Raw diva's slit licking her
insides trying to persuade Victoria's cream to come out. Slowly as she felt
Victoria's pussy starting to wet itself Melina pushed a finger inside and
began working it in and out.

Jillian meanwhile was still working her two fingers in and out of Victoria's
backside. She had it spread open just enough to slip a third finger in. It
wasn't so much that Victoria's ass had loosened up that much, but rather
Jillian was ramming her fingers in hard enough that slowly her asshole was
giving way.

Melina was working over Victoria's pussy nicely and it was starting to wet
itself. Slowly she was able to work her middle finger inside and it seemed
to excite Victoria's body that much more. Victoria was tired and hurt and
still feeling the effects of having her breasts shocked with electricity,
but she couldn't stop her body from wetting itself and lubing Melina's
fingers. The only thing that kept her from enjoying the experience was the
painful reminders she got with each thrust of Jillian's fingers. The three
fingers had managed to turn into four even without lube and it was tearing
up her backside.

Melina really touched a nerve within Victoria's body as her two fingers
turned into four within a very short period of time. It was like the Raw
diva's front and back were operating separately of each other. Victoria's
fluids were flowing out at such a rate now that they were dripping down her
legs. With a strong push Melina pushed her hand deep into Victoria's pussy
all the way down to the wrist.

Within a few minutes Victoria found herself stuck between perverted bliss
and pain. Shortly after Melina managed to squeeze her hand into the diva's
pussy Jillian managed to force her thumb and wrist into Victoria's ass. Both
Smackdown divas started off slow trying to work Victoria's orifices a little
wider and deeper to get some real motion going. The brunette's body was
fighting with her as the fists started to get a little momentum and steam
behind each thrust gorging themselves further and further inside.

When Melina looked up and saw the brief glimpses of pleasure that crossed
Victoria's face along with the looks of pain she ripped her fist out.
Victoria cried and bit down on the gag trying to quell the pain from
Melina's rough exit.

"I don't think so!" Melina growled pushing hard on Victoria's head. "There's
no way I'm letting you use me to get off!" Melina used Victoria's face and
buzz haircut to wipe her hand off as best she could then she used her top to
clean the rest. "Jillian find something else to plug her ass with. We got
other things to do to her now."

"Sure thing," Jillian smiled tearing her fist from Victoria's asshole. The
Raw diva screamed as her sphincter suddenly stretched the other way to let
the hand exit. She whipped about violently as the pain permeated her body.

Jillian took a minute to look around the room then grinned finding what she
wanted. She walked over to a shelf and retrieved a Super Peter dildo. At
about twelve inches long and three inches wide it was going to tear Victoria
a new one. Jillian set it down on the floor below Victoria.

"Lower her a bit so we shove this thing into her," Jillian said.

With a smile Melina used the crank and started lowering the shackles. As
Victoria's body got close to the ground Jillian grabbed her hips and began
guiding her butthole towards the large toy. The tip wasn't any larger than
Jillian's fist and didn't bother Victoria, but when Jillian began to press
down on Victoria's shoulders it started to hurt. Considering what she had
just been through the Raw diva got the first three rings into her backside,
but the insertion of the fourth was when Victoria started to feel some real
agony. Her backside felt like it was tearing open in order to accommodate
the oversized dildo and she managed to get down to the fifth ring before
there was just no way any more was getting in.

With her hands still bound above her head Victoria began screaming
hysterically when Melina came over to Jillian and began helping to pus down
on Victoria's shoulders. The pain was excruciating as her muscle and flesh
began to tear. Tears were streaming down Victoria's face and she was almost
to the point of breaking the ball gag in her mouth she was biting down so
hard. Melina was happy only after they got ten inches of the dildo into
Victoria's asshole.

"God there's so much stuff I want to try on you, but I can't if I'm going to
have you to return to Raw in a few weeks," Melina said half pouting. "But
there is one last thing I can do," She said spotting something on a top
shelf. Melina retrieved a ten-inch long glass cylinder that had an electrode
inside and a switch on the bottom. She then inserted the cylinder into
Victoria's stretched pussy and slid in about nine inches. "Tell me how does
this feel?"

Victoria went off the wall screaming into the gag like a banshee and
thrashing about wildly as the cylinder came to life electrocuting her pussy.
Victoria's cunt clamped down on the object squeezing as hard as it could as
she was being shocked. After about five seconds Melina turned it off...
temporarily. She flipped the switch back on and laughed as Victoria howled
and began twitching again.

As Melina played her game with Victoria Jillian spotted a candle and got an
idea. She took a match from the book next to the candle and lit it. She
waited several minutes for the candle to start burning then she carefully
picked it up and walked to Victoria. The pain became too much for the Raw
diva and she temporarily blacked out when she felt hot candle wax drip onto
her head. When Victoria came to Jillian poured some more wax onto her body
this time on her breasts.

Victoria's mind was racing a hundred miles an hour as she tried to deal with
the pain of the dildo, the electrified cylinder, and now the hot wax Jillian
was pouring on her body. The pain became too much for Victoria though when
Jillian dripped the wax onto her clit. The Raw diva screamed hysterically
shaking violently before passing out.

"That's a shame," Melina grinned as she turned off the device in Victoria's
pussy and pulled it out. "But it was fun. Do me a favor, get her down and
revive her. I need to make a phone call."

"You calling Edge?" Jillian asked as she walked towards the crank.

"Yeah, I'll be right back."

Melina's intentions were to call Edge and take him up on his offer as she
walked back to the car to get her cell phone. When she got there though she
found she had a voicemail and listened to it.

"Hey it's me," Ashley's voice began. "We've got problems. I just got off the
phone with Trish and she told me Torrie called her a little while ago and
was hysterical screaming about the two of you and Edge working together to
kidnap Victoria. Trish said something about punishing Edge and making sure
that nobody from Raw ever even thinks about turning their back on the show
again. Let me know what you want me to do if anything."

Melina returned Ashley's phone call, but it went straight to voice mail and
she left a message. "Thanks for the heads up. It's business as usual for
now." She then went back to the room and found Jillian in the bathroom
washing her hands and Victoria barely awake and lying on the floor.

"She just woke up," Jillian smirked.

"Good," Melina smiled squatting down next to Victoria. "Listen to me
carefully if you ever want to wrestle again and don't want the photos of
yourself ending up on the internet. Your stuff is in your car. When we're
done here you can get dressed. We're going to drive back to the arena and
find our rides. You'll be on your own then. You just need to disappear until
the January 2nd Raw. We'll call you later with instructions on what you're
going to do that night. Once New Years Revolution is over you and everyone
else can go back to your mundane activities on Raw. Until then do as I say
and the photos will never see the light of day. Do you understand?" Victoria
coughed as she shook her head yes. "Good. Let's get going. We've got things
to do and new plans to make. Oh and you should probably get yourself a wig
within the next week and a half."

"New plans? Have our plans for Monday changed?"

"Not much. Our plans for Torrie aren't changing, but I just got word that
Trish is going to try and rally the troops on Monday and also give Edge the
beating of a lifetime."

"So you are going to accept his offer?"

"Not just yet. We have a few minor details to work out. Go get Victoria's
stuff and help her get dressed. I want to be out of here asap," Melina said
flipping open her cell phone and hitting her speed dial.

"What's going on Melina?" The voice asked picking up on the other side.
"Edge interferes in Jillian's match tonight, and you two disappear without a
word after the show."

"Hey calm down. Don't scream at me."

"Johnny and I couldn't leave the arena for several hours. We were stuck in
Teddy's office getting grilled by him in person and by Trish over the phone.
They kept wanting to know where Victoria was."

"Jillian and I haven't told either of you anything for that reason. We're
just taking care of some business and getting ready for my title match with
Trish at New Years Revolution."

"But you don't have a match with her."

"Not yet, but I will and then you two will have your titles and I'll have
mine. Anyway the reason I called is that I need a small favor this Monday."

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