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This a little something I came up with after Christy Hemme was released.
This takes place from shortly after she was let go up to New Years
Revolution '06.

The Battle For Dominance Part 5: Best In Show
(MMF, FF, F-best, reluc, anal, oral)
by Big Red Dope (

(12/26/05 Raw) Before the show...

"What exactly are we doing here?" Joey Mercury asked as he and his tag team
partner got out of their cab in front of the hotel Melina was staying at and
started towards the front door.

"I don't know. We may or may not be doing Melina a favor tonight. She didn't
explain the situation very well to me. All I know is somehow Edge is

"This better not have anything to do with him. He's a punk and just because
he decided to interfere in Jillian's match doesn't mean a damn thing to me,"
Joey said as he and Johnny stepped into the elevator and headed up.

"It will if Melina says it does."

"Let's just wait and see."

"What are you being a bitch for? Stop worrying."

"I'm not. I'm just thinking about our tag team match on Friday. Long's
already pissed off enough at Melina and Jillian as it is. He sees us on Raw
tonight he's going to try and screw us on Friday."

"God, what a crybaby," Johnny groaned rolling his eyes as the two of them
stepped off the elevator.

"Whatever." Stopping in front of Melina's hotel room Joey knocked on the


"It's us," Johnny replied.

"Good you made it," Melina said answering the door.

"We've got a problem though," Johnny said closing the door behind him.

"What's that?"

"Joey's being a bitch and crying about Teddy Long."

"Fuck you, Johnny! I want to win back our tag team titles on Friday, but I
don't want him throwing the book at us trying to make it as hard as possible
for us to win."

"Oh and he's already decided he's not going to do you any favors if it
involves Edge."

"Hey boys calm down," Melina smiled placing a hand over Mercury and Nitro's
mouths. "Are you two going to keep your voices down and behave?" The team
nodded their head yes. "Good. As far as Friday night goes we'll get back our
titles. I have something in place just in case our esteemed general manager
decides to try and make the match hell. And as far as tonight goes it all
depends on what Trish does with Edge. Yes, you'll be doing me a favor by
helping him out and that's final. Is that understood?"

"Sure. I've got no problem with it," Johnny smirked.

"Edge is a punk, but fine."

"Feelings of him aside he helped me out in more ways than you or him realize
and I'm going to return the favor if for no other reason than to piss Trish
off. Now we've got several hours before the show starts and we've got to
make ourselves scarce until then..." Melina said walking towards the bed
while pulling her shirt up over her head. She unfastened her bra dropping it
to the floor with her back still facing Mercury and Nitro. Melina then
turned around and sat down on the bed. "Which one of you wants to help me
with my pants?" She asked spreading her legs.

"I will," Johnny said getting down on his knees and as he unfastened Melina's

Melina leaned back and watched Joey strip as Johnny's fingers slid between
her panties and her skin and began to pull down. She then motioned for
Mercury to come over and when he did she wrapped her hand around his shaft
and began stroking it. Melina slid her hand back and forth over his cock
several times before taking it into her mouth.

"Oh yeah suck on it," Joey grinned as Melina's lips wrapped around his cock
and she slowly began to bob her head back and forth.

Meanwhile Johnny had her legs spread wide apart and his face was buried
between them. His tongue rubbed up and down her lips pushing them apart to
taste her insides. Melina moaned wrapping her lips just a little bit tighter
around Joey's shaft whenever Johnny's tongue slipped inside her pussy.
Slowly her pussy began wetting itself and Nitro got to taste every drop of
hers that came out. Feeling his cock hard and aching Johnny stood up and
quickly began to strip starting with his shirt and working down to his

"Stick your cock in me," Melina grinned pulling her lips from Joey's dick.

"Sure thing," He smiled moving to where Mercury had just been.

Joey raised Melina's legs and pulled her towards him. He pressed his dick to
her slit rubbing it up and down a bit teasing her. Then with a well placed
thrust his cock penetrated her pussy and his shaft slid inside. As Mercury
slowly worked on getting a nice pace going Johnny took Joey's spot. Melina
reached out taking his rock hard dick into her hand and began stroking it.

As she was wrapped her lips around Nitro's shaft and began bobbing her head
back and forth Mercury began to vigorously thrust himself into her. Joey's
balls slapped against Melina's ass with each push of his cock into her pussy.
Her body shook and her breasts swayed with each thrust. Melina herself was
becoming rather excited by the penetration and couldn't pay proper lip
service to Nitro.

"Hold on," She smiled pulling off of Joey and standing up. "Who wants

"I'll take it," Mercury grinned laying down on the bed.

Melina climbed on top of him lowering herself onto him until the head of his
dick was just pushing into her cunt. She then leaned forward invitingly
waving her ass for Johnny. Nitro took hold of his cock leading it to her
anus. He rubbed his dick up and down her ass before pressing the head

Melina gasped as both Joey and Johnny began to push inside right around the
same time. Her pussy was wet as was Joey's shaft and he bottomed out inside
her first. He was the first to take hold of her hips and gently began to
thrust into her as her tits started to sway back and forth in front of him.
Johnny meanwhile had to slowly work himself in and out of her ass. His cock
had been lubed with her spit, but her asshole was tight just like the last
time the three of them had gotten together.

While Johnny was working on stretching Melina's ass just a little bit more
Joey was having a field day with her pussy. With long hard thrusts he was
easily pumping in and out of her cunt and it was dripping her cum all over
his cock. It wasn't long before Melina could feel her pussy tighten around
Mercury's dick.

Her body started to burn with excitement and her pussy tingled yearning for
release as it tightened it's grip on Joey's shaft. Soon she felt her asshole
accommodating Johnny's cock rather nicely and could feel his balls slap
against her skin. Melina moaned loudly as she lost herself and began to
orgasm. Her holes began to squeeze down hard on the shafts inside them and
squeeze the life from them, but the guys managed to hold on even as Melina's
cum completely drenched Joey's shaft. Melina didn't even have time to compose
herself as her guys kept going, but she did have them do something for her.

"Come on guys, double stuff me," Melina moaned with a smile.

"Sure thing," Johnny grinned pulling himself from her ass and lowering his

Joey and Melina held still as Johnny began to press his dick into her pussy.
It rubbed up against Joey's shaft and it stretched Melina's insides just a
little bit more as it inched inside. Melina moaned as Mercury and Nitro
slowly began to slide their cocks in and out of her pussy. Her insides were
still very wet from her orgasm as was Joey's dick and slowly the three of
them got a good rhythm going.

Melina's body lurched forward with each thrust and her tits rocked back and
forth beneath her. Even with the way her pussy was stretched with the two
cocks inside it still squeezed down as the pace became faster and more
frenzied. Suddenly Johnny felt his cock start to ache and felt himself near
orgasm. He quickly pulled out and thrust his cum ridden dick back into
Melina's ass.

"Put it back..." Melina moaned.

"I'm fixing to come," Nitro replied.

"Then I want both of you in my ass."

Johnny pulled his throbbing dick from Melina's asshole and waited as she got
into a reverse cowgirl with Joey lowering her ass onto his cock. He climbed
back onto the bed and inched his way forward. Johnny wrapped his right leg
over Melina's left leg as he sat down on his left knee. He took his cock in
hand guiding it towards her asshole. He pressed it's head in the tiny opening
between Joey's shaft and her anus.

Melina gasped as the second penis entered her rear. Both were generously
soaked in her cum which made entry a bit easier. She moaned the first couple
of times Mercury and Nitro began to thrust into her, but slowly her anus
widened allowing for easier access. Joey and Johnny took full advantage and
began to thrust themselves inside with long hard strokes.

The feeling of orgasm Johnny had earlier soon began to overwhelm him again.
He could feel his body pushing for release and his throbbing cock almost
hurting as he tried to hold back. It became too much for him and he pulled
out of Melina's ass. Johnny excitedly stroked his cock as his started to
come. White strings of his cum shot from his peehole striking Melina's belly.
As he calmed down exhausted Melina wiped up the cum with her index finger and
slowly ate it bit by bit.

As she finished cleaning up her abdomen she felt Joey's grasp on her hips
tighten and he grunted as he twice thrust hard into her ass before coming.
When the bit of Joey's cum buried itself in her bowels she pulled herself
off of him. Melina reached around to her backside and felt up her ass. She
wiped up the bit of Joey's cum she felt dribbling down her leg and licked
her finger clean with a smile.

"We won't have a problem helping Edge tonight will we?" Melina asked her guys
who were sitting on the edge of her bed.

"No," The agreed in near unison.

"Good, now let's hit the showers."

* * *

The music played and the fireworks and pyro lit up as the December 26th
edition of Monday Night Raw went live.

"King, I know you're not a fan of Smackdown and don't normally watch it, but
like the rest of us you were watching this past Friday. Just when you think
that our Raw divas will put Smackdown in their place something like what
occurred takes place and makes absolutely no sense," Joey Styles said.

"You're absolutely right, Joey. Our divas gave Melina and Jillian a taste of
their own medicine and attacked them from behind when they arrived at the
show. Melina was hurt and they ended up in a handicap match against Jillian
Hall. Just when it looked like they were about to get the victory... Well
everyone saw what happened," Jerry Lawler replied as Edge's assist to Jillian
played on the monitors.

"Well guys I don't have any more of an idea than you do as to why Edge was
their or why he helped Jillian get the win," Coach said, "But remember this
isn't the first time he's turned his back on Raw. He refused to wrestle at
Taboo Tuesday and we saw how that turned out."

"For once your right Coach, but now everyone wants to know how our new GM
Trish Stratus is going to respond." As Lawler finished his sentence Trish's
music started blaring and she appeared at the top of the ramp. She made her
way to the ring with no theatrics, no smile, and a very scornful look on her
face. Climbing into the ring and grabbing the mic laying in the corner it
was almost a minute before she spoke.

"It's one thing to have a couple of wannabe divas from Smackdown crash Raw
and disrupt it. This is the show to be on after all and Melina and Jillian
will be dealt with in time. It's another thing though for someone from the
Raw roster to show up on Smackdown and help them get a win over our own
divas. That being said I'll deal with Edge in a minute. Now as most of you
are aware Candace has been missing since the attack on her by Jillian Hall
last week and now Victoria can't be found either. This obviously creates
some problems with the tournament to determine the number one contender for
my title and since the match for the WWE Women's Champion at New Years
Revolution has already been announced and the contract has been drawn up the
match must take place one way or the other. Therefore I have cancelled the
tournament and instead Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, and Ashley will compete
in a triple threat match tonight and the winner will face me at the
pay-per-view. Now like I said earlier it's one thing for a couple of jealous
divas to crash Raw and try to interrupt it. It's another thing for one of our
superstars to turn their back on the show. So Edge I want you out here now!"

A few seconds later Edge's music began and he appeared cocky as usual with
his Money In The Bank briefcase in one hand and a mic in the other. As he
made his way down the ramp he stopped and mocked hitting someone with his
briefcase. Then he mocked Victoria falling down and getting pinned. Furor
raged within Trish as Edge finally got into the ring.

"I don't get it Edge. I just don't get it. What exactly were you thinking
Friday night? I know you chickened out on your tag team match at Taboo
Tuesday, but this match had absolutely nothing to do with you."

"You want to know why I was at Smackdown and helped Jillian Hall get the
victory? Is that it?"

"You're damn straight!"

"Well too bad! It's none of your damn business why I was there or did what I

"You know what? You're right. I don't care why you were there, but here's
what I'm going to do. Tonight you will compete in a Last Man Standing match
against Val Venis."

"Oh no Trish! Don't make it too tough on me," Edge mocked her.

"I'm not finished yet. You will take on Val Venis, Tyson Tomko, and Snitsky
in a handicap match."

"That's crap! You can't do that me!"

"You brought this on yourself Edge and I can make any match I want. I'm
still not finished though. Because of your actions on Friday I talked with
Mr. McMahon earlier today and he agreed that I could strip you of your Money
In The Bank contract."

"You bitch!" Trish reared back and slapped Edge across the face. This
infuriated him and he started to raise his fist.

"You touch me and I'll fire you on the spot!" With chagrin and anger on his
face Edge lowered his hand. "However, you can only lose your guaranteed
title shot in a match which is what will happen if you don't win tonight. Oh
and just one last thing. Just to make sure everything goes smoothly and
nobody cheats too much I am naming myself the special guest referee." Edge
was left standing in the ring boiling as Trish walked back up the ramp with
a smile.

"Wow! Trish's second match is even bigger than her first! A one on three
Last Man Standing handicap match!" King exclaimed "And if he loses the match
he also loses his guaranteed title shot!"

"That's just completely unfair!" Coach complained "He might have done some
things we all didn't agree with him on, but he doesn't deserve this."

"Deserving or not with this match Trish is sending a clear message to the
locker room."

* * *

"What do you think you're doing?" Lita screamed storming Trish's office.

"Is there a problem?" Trish asked nonchalantly.

"Edge is going to be the next WWE Champion and you're trying to screw him
out of that!"

"This is not a discussion I'm having with you Lita and unless you want to
end up on my bad side like he has, then I suggest you lower your voice and
leave right now."

"Stupid bitch..." Lita mumbled as she started to leave.

"Oh and if you try to help him in any way you're fired." As Lita slammed the
door Trish picked up the phone and dialed for head of security. "How's it
looking Steve?"

"No sign of Melina or Jillian, Ms. Stratus."

"Good. Keep in touch."

* * *

Torrie was in the divas' locker room bending and stretching getting ready
for the triple threat match. As she sat down to tighten up her boots Ashley
took a seat next to her.

"So do you think Melina or Jillian will show up tonight and interfere in the
match?" Ashley asked.

"I hope not. Trish has beefed up security tonight specifically for them, but
you never know. For as long as I've known Trish I've never seen her this way.
Can I ask you something?"


"How come they didn't take you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You cost MNM their tag team titles, but after Jillian attacked you in the
parking lot they let you go instead of doing whatever it is they did to
Candice and Victoria."

"Please don't tell anyone this okay?"

"Yeah... Okay..."

"I think they have compromising photos of me. What you didn't see on the tape
after Jillian attacked the cameraman was her throwing me into the trunk of
her car. I was unconscious and like I said before I don't remember anything
except for when I woke up. My stuff was sitting on the floor of some seedy
hotel room and I was naked with my legs spread open. On the nightstand was a
note that said "Do as we ask and the photos will never see the light of day."
I don't know what kind of photos they have of me if they do have some, but I
didn't want to find out and I didn't want a big deal being made out of the
situation possibly upsetting Melina and Jillian so I didn't say anything to
anyone. I was supposed to help Melina get Vince to make her our new GM. You
saw what happened, but somehow I got lucky and convinced Melina and Jillian
to give me a second chance though they haven't talked to me since then."

"Oh god... I don't know what to do. I know it's only Trish's second week as
GM, but do you really think she can make a difference with Melina and
Jillian's interference? Whether it's on our show or theirs they've managed
to come out on top each time we've tried to confront them."

"I don't know. I think the best thing we can do now is put our differences
aside for the time being and watch each other's back."

"That sounds like a good idea. What should we do about Lita though? You saw
what Edge did on Smackdown."

"I guess we should keep an eye on her, but I wouldn't worry too much about
her. She didn't go with Edge to Smackdown and as far as I know Trish isn't
going to punish her just yet. Not like she's doing to Edge tonight. I'm
going to go talk to Mickie before tonight's match. Good luck."

"You too." Just then Torrie's new cell phone began ringing. "What the?"

"What is it?"

"It's Victoria's cell number"

"Answer it! Find out who it is."

"Hello?" Torrie answered.

"Torrie, it's me."


"Listen to me. I don't have a lot of time. Candice and I are trapped in a
hotel room outside of town. Jillian is outside in her car. She's by herself
because Melina's going to crash the show tonight. The others are there so
please come get us!"

"How's Candice are you two okay???"

"She's out cold laying on the floor. Torrie, I really don't have a lot of
time before Jillian comes back and finds me awake. I'd fight her off myself,
but they must've drugged me because I'm very weak and can barely move. We're
at the Jolly Rodger Motel room 110. Let me give -- Oh god I gotta go!" With
that the phone suddenly went dead.

"Something wrong?" Ashley asked seeing the concern on Torrie's face.

"I know where Candice and Victoria are at! I've got to find them!"

"Let's get Trish and we can go get them."

"No, you can't! You've got to stay here! It was Victoria and she said
Melina's going to crash the show tonight. Let Trish know Melina is coming
while I drive to this motel they're are being held at."

"You can't go alone."

"It's just Jillian there and I can take care of her. Please Ashley let me
do this. I wasn't a good friend to let them get kidnapped."

"It wasn't your fault Torrie."

"Please Ashley do this for me."

"Fine, but call me as soon as you get there okay?"


Ashley looked at Torrie shaking her head as she grabbed her things and left
the locker room. Ashley didn't know what was going on, but she knew Torrie
had no idea what was in store for her. As she turned to go find Mickie and
Trish her cell phone rang and she recognized the number immediately.


"Congratulations, Ashley. You're going to be in a number one contenders match
tonight with Mickie James," Jillian said.

"What's going on?"

"Victoria called Torrie just a few minutes ago so Torrie should soon be on
her way to pick up her friends."

"I know. I was in the locker room with her when you called. Is Melina really
going to show up tonight?"

"Yes, which is why I called you. You wanted to know if we wanted you to do
anything and we do. You're going to throw your triple threat match tonight."

"Is Torrie going to be back in time for it?"

"Don't worry about Torrie. This is what you're going to do..."

* * *

"This is complete bullshit!" Edge growled as he prepped for his match later
in the night.

"I hope whatever it was you went to Smackdown for was worth it, because Trish
is nuts right now."

"Yeah, I can kinda see that she's got it out for me, thanks for the update!"


"Whatever, just shut your mouth for a moment." As Edge's face brimmed with
anger and he tried to figure out what he was going to do his cell phone rang.
"Get that."

Lita retrieved his phone from his bags and answered it, "Yeah?"

"Seems Edge is in a bit of a bind tonight," Melina said.

"What the hell do you want, Melina?" Lita snarled.

"Put him on the phone."

"Not so loud damn it!" Edge growled snatching the phone from Lita. "What do
you want? I thought you said no to the deal."

"I said we'll let you know what wanted and now I'm going to tell you."

"Out with it."

"You may talk to Lita with that tone, but you're not going to do that with

"Okay I'm sorry. What's going on?"

"I was thinking we could help each other out in two ways. You've got a
match tonight with the odds stacked against you and your Money In The Bank
privilege is on the line. If you want I can make sure things turn out your
way if you do the same for my boys on Friday in the off chance their match
gets out of hand."

"Sounds good, but how can you possibly help me?"

"Trust is so lacking within this company. It's rather sad to see."

"All right all right I trust you for now. What's your second offer?

"It depends on how well you keep your end of the bargain. If there are no
problems then we'll trade you straight up for a night, Ashley for Lita though
you will not be taking pictures or video of any kind. If you don't keep your
end of the bargain you don't get Ashley and Lita has a lot rougher time than
she needs to."

"All right you've got a deal."

* * *

"And coming up next it's the diva triple threat match! Puppies!" King
exclaimed as Raw started to go to commercial.

"Wait a second, King. We're not going to commercials just yet. Seems there's
something going in the back."

"Hi, this is Maria and I'm standing here in front of General Manager Trish's
office. A few minutes ago Ashley went inside and there have been reports of
shouting. Let's see what Trish has to say."

Maria opened the door to Trish's office and both she and the cameraman went
in catching Trish and Ashley in the middle of a conversation.

"I don't know where she's at. She was convinced it was Victoria on the phone
and left."

"Why didn't you stop her? Why didn't you come get me?" Trish asked before
noticing Maria and the cameraman at her door.

"General Manager Trish, is something wrong?"

"No, Maria, nothing's wrong," Trish grumbled.

"Oh okay. That's it guys, it was just a false alarm," Maria announced.

"I was being sarcastic."

"Oh... Why were you being sarcastic?"

"Never mind. I knew this job wouldn't be easy, but this is ridiculous."

"I love my job!"

"Shut up, Maria! It seems that for some unknown reason Torrie Wilson has left
the arena so now the triple threat match becomes a one on one between Mickie
and Ashley."

"Did Melina and Jillian get her?"

"No, they didn't get her. She left on her own without explaining why."

"Well guys in case you missed it, there are three divas missing and this time
the bad guys didn't get one!"

* * *

"Well guys now Torrie Wilson's missing too. The Raw divas are disappearing
one by one!" King said as Lilian announced the contestants for the divas

"Let's not jump to conclusions yet. We don't know why Torrie left," Joey

"Either way this has got to be disconcerting for Trish. Even if Torrie left
on her own do you really think Mr. McMahon will keep Trish as the general
manager if all the divas disappear under her watch?" Coach asked.

"The remaining divas have got to be getting nervous wondering if they're
next," Joey said as Mickie climbed into the ring with Ashley. "Both Ashley
and Mickie seemed more reserved and not themselves as they made their way to
the ring just now."

"Well can you blame them? The entire situation has got to be unnerving for
them and none of this started until Melina and Jillian showed up two weeks
ago," King said.

"You're both right, but for the time being Mickie and Ashley have got to try
and put all of this behind them and focus on the match. They're wrestling
for a title shot at New Years Revolution," Coach added.

As the ref started to raise his hand to signal for the bell the cheesy guitar
rock of MNM's music started blaring through the arena speakers.

"What's she doing here!" Joey screamed as Melina made her way down the ramp.

"How did she get in? Trish hired extra security to keep her out."

"Well obviously they didn't do their job," Coach said, "and why is she
dressed in her wrestling attire?"

As Melina started to perform the world's greatest entrance Trish came running
down the ramp and grabbed her by the back of her top yanking her down. Melina
crashed to the floor, but quickly got up wagging her finger at Trish.

"You can't touch me!"

"Get the hell out of my arena!"

"I would, but the problem is I've got a match right now."

"You're dreaming if you think you're in this match."

"Oh I am in this match courtesy of Mr. McMahon," Melina said reaching down
into her top and removing a folded up piece of paper handing it to Trish.
"You know the guy you fucked for your new job."

"How the hell did you pull this off?" Trish growled crumbling the paper in
her hand.

"I didn't stoop to your level, but I did guarantee I could return your
missing divas next Monday and that when I face you at New Years Revolution
it'd be a night nobody will ever forget," Melina smirked. "Now go tell
Lilian this is a triple threat match."

As Trish reluctantly went to talk to Lilian Melina performed the world's
greatest entrance to all the same flash bulb and fanfare she got on

"I've just been informed that this will indeed be a triple threat match for
the number one contender's spot. And their opponent from Hollywood,
California... Melina!" Lilian announced.

"Melina's good. I don't know how she managed to work herself into this match,
but she's real good at getting what she wants," Coach grinned as the bell

As the ref was about to signal for the bell again Trish stopped him and
called Mickie and Ashley to the side to speak with them. "I do not want
Melina getting a title shot at the pay per view so I want both of you to
make sure she loses. Mickie you are going to win tonight and Ashley you'll
get a title match on Raw the night after New Years Revolution."

"Why does she get to wrestle at the pay per view?" Ashley griped.

"Because I said so. Now don't let me down! Either of you!" Trish reiterated
before heading to the back.

"I fucking hate you, Mickie!" Ashley thought staring down her fellow diva as
the two of them turned to face Melina.

The ref called for the bell and the match started. From the beginning it was
a virtual two on one handicap match. The Raw divas didn't so much as even
lay a finger on each other and kept their attention focused on Melina the
entire time. Mickie and Ashley whipped Melina into the turnbuckle and she
grunted as she fell to her knees after slamming her back into the corner.
The crowd suddenly started hissing as Edge ran down the ramp towards the

"Edge has his own match tonight to worry about and he's here at ringside
during a divas match again?" King exclaimed.

"What is he thinking? His actions on both Raw and Smackdown don't make any
sense," Joey replied.

The referee then noticed Edge and his attention was diverted to him. As the
two of them started jawing with each other Trish showed up a ringside and
she joined the ref in arguing with Edge. Meanwhile the match in the ring
spilled outside near the announce table. Ashley and Melina were exchanging
blows while Mickie stopped to leer over at Trish, Edge, and the ref.

"Now," Melina mumbled as she let Ashley bodyslam her.

Ashley then grabbed a handful of Melina's hair and started to drag her to
her feet. The Smackdown diva then gave her a quick thumb to the eyes. As
Ashley stumbled around Mickie came to check on her. Ashley then thumbed
Mickie in the eye.

"After the inadvertent thumb to the eye of Mickie by Ashley both Raw divas
are blind for the moment," Joey Styles announced. "Melina just took Lilian's
chair from her!"

"Turn around ref! Turn around!" King hollered.

"Melina missed!" Coach called as the Smackdown diva swung at Ashley who

Ashley hit Melina with a quick kick to the stomach and grabbed the chair
from her. Mickie then came up behind Melina and pinned her arms behind her
back holding her in place. She then urged Ashley to hit the diva with the
chair. Melina ducked as Ashley swung at her and the chair cracked Mickie's
forward knocking her unconcious.

Melina hit Ashley with a quick kick to the gut and yanked the chair from her
hands throwing it to the ground. She the got Ashley in a headlock and ddt'ed
her onto the mats surrounding the ring.

"This can't be happening! This isn't want Trish wanted," Lawler said as
Melina rolled Ashley back into the ring.

"But it looks like this is what she's getting," Coach said as Melina hit
Ashley with another DDT.

"Turn around," Edge grinned pointing at Melina as she went for the pin.

Trish turned around and anger filled her face as the referee counted one,
two, three and raised Melina's hand in victory. Trish didn't say a word as
she stormed past Edge to the back.

* * *

Torrie pulled into the parking lot of the Jolly Rodger motel after having
to stop at several gas stations before finding someone who could give her
directions. She found room 110 and parked in front of it. Torrie looked
around a bit as she got out of her car and found the parking lot deserted.
She went to the door and knocked on it several times with no answer. When
she knocked again and still got no answer she reached for the doorknob and
began to turn it. The door was unlocked and Torrie pushed it open. Inside
she found it's condition as if nobody had been in it at all. She peeked into
the bathroom just to make sure then took one last look around the room.

Disappointed Torrie opened the door and began to step out when suddenly she
felt a damp rag cover her mouth and nose and she was pulled back into the
room. She her heard the door slam shut and she struggled for several minutes
before she blacked out.

* * *

"The following match is a three on one last man standing handicap match. If
Edge loses he will lose his Money In The Back contract," Lilian announced.
"Introducing first at a combined weight of eight hundred forty-six pounds
it's the team of Tyson Tomko, Val Venis, and Snitsky!"

"Edge is in for a long night tonight," Styles said. "Last man standing
matches are brutal enough as it is, but he's got three men he has to contend

"And add to that Trish Stratus wasn't in a good mood to begin with tonight
and after watching Melina win the number one contenders match tonight you
know she's going to be in a worse one."

"And their opponent accompanied to ring by Lita weighing two hundred fifty
pounds Edge!" As Edge made his way down the ramp and to the ring with Lita
he stopped in front of the steel stairs. The trio inside mocked and invited
him into the ring. "And the referee for the match Trish Stratus!"

Lita and Edge glared at Trish as she made her way to the ring smiling and
wearing a tight black and white stripped shirt and black shorts.

"After you lose tonight I think I'll have a battle royal to see who gets the
contract," Trish sneered.

"You can't do that!" Edge screamed.

"Yes, I can," Trish replied as she started up the ring steps.

"Bitch!" Lita growled pushing Trish off the steps and into the ringside

Trish quickly got up and pushed Lita back, but not hard enough for her to
fall. "Get out of here. I'm ejecting you from ringside!" the blond exclaimed
pointing towards the back.

"This match is off to a rocky start and it hasn't even started yet!" King
said. "After some pushing Trish has just ejected Lita!"

"She ain't going nowhere, toots," Edge remarked holding back a seething Lita.

"Trish just slapped Edge!" Joey screamed as Trish hit Edge.

"Do you want this to be a four on one? Get her out of here!" The GM demanded.

Finally Lita lost it and tackled Trish to the floor. The two of them started
rolling around punching each other as the crowd started cheering.

"Come on Edge! Get in the ring!" Val Venis shouted at him.

"You three are a bunch of jobbers! I'm not wasting my time with you!" Edge
said throwing his arms in the air and blowing off everyone in the ring.

"Do you guys remember when I questioned the decision to make Trish Stratus
our GM," Coach asked as Val left the ring and attacked Edge. "This is why."

"What are you talking about Coach? If Edge hadn't shown up on Smackdown then
none of this would be happening."

"Just look at it, Joey Styles. Trish is fighting Lita outside the ring. Edge
was about to blow off this match before Val Venis attacked him and dragged
him back into the ring. Things have gotten worse since Trish has taken over."

Just then Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro climbed out from underneath the ring
with brass knucks.

"What the hell is this? What's MNM doing here??" Lawler screamed.

The Smackdown stars snuck up behind Tomko and Snitsky as they and Val beat
on Edge. With a quick hit to the back of their heads Mercury and Nitro laid
out Tomko and Snitsky. They both then swung at Val who ducked and took them
both down with a clothesline. As he started to turn back around to face Edge
he was hit with a spear. He fell to the mat unconscious as well.

"Oh no," King said as he saw Lita set up and execute the Twist of Fate on
Trish. "Trish's plans for the night have just completed exploded in her face.
She's been laid out as have Tyson Tomko, Val Venis, and Snitsky. I don't even
think the match has officially started."

Just as Lawler said that Melina appeared from the back forcing one of Raw's
referees to the ring. She then made him ring the bell and count to ten once
Edge was on his feet. As Edge was declared the winner MNM, Edge, and Lita
all stood in the ring facing each other. Then Edge slowly raised his hand
and Joey Mercury took it into his and shook it. Everyone in the ring started
shaking hands and giving quick hugs while smiling. As boos rang out in the
arena Melina whispered into Edge's ear.

"We've done our part, now it's your turn."

"No problem," Edge whispered back.

"Coach, King, this has got to go down as one of Raw's most infamous nights.
Torrie disappears making the number of missing Raw divas three. We don't
know how yet, but Melina somehow managed to worm her way into the number one
contender's match and wins it. She'll get her rematch with Trish at New
Years Revolution. And to top it all off her plan to punish Edge completely
backfires in her face.

"I told you guys I told you. She should have never been made GM," Coach said.

"Just shut up, Coach!" Jerry Lawler snapped.

* * *

Torrie groaned as she regained consciousness. She had a headache and a bitter
aftertaste in her mouth.

"Where am I?" she asked suddenly realizing she was nude. Torrie searched the
bed for covers or a pillow, but found it was stripped down to the mattress.
Looking around the room all she saw was a video camera on a tripod. As she
started to climb off the bed the Great Dane she didn't notice lying on the
floor started barking. Torrie quickly jumped back.

"Good you're up," Jillian said exiting the bathroom. "Are you ready to be a
movie star?"

"What do you want? What's going on?"

"As you may or may not have noticed some of your fellow divas on Raw have
been getting hurt and disappearing. You will join them, but how you get
there is up to you."

"What the hell are you talking about? Where's my stuff? Where are my

"Your things are in your car outside. You'll get them later, just listen to
me for now. In order to absolutely make sure that everyone knows that
Melina's the most dominant diva in the WWE we're taking every one of you on
Raw down a notch and now it's your turn. You should feel honored Torrie.
Ashley, Candice, and Victoria we all took pictures of. You we're going to
make into a movie star."

"Where's Victoria? Where's Candice? You kidnapped them!" Torrie screamed.

"God, every single one of you have been the same. Why do you have to be
difficult?" Jillian groaned bitch-slapping Torrie.

"What do you want?" Torrie growled rubbing her face.

"Shut up and I'll tell you. First I want you to start fingering yourself."

"What? No!"

"Do it!" Jillian demanded punching Torrie in the stomach knocking the wind
out of her. "Spread those legs wide open and finger yourself for the camera,"
Jillian said walking behind the camera and turning it on. "If you refuse
again I'll hurt you some more."

As Torrie slowly recomposed herself she sat up on the bed and did as Jillian
told her. She slid her hand down between her legs and slipped her index
finger inside. Jillian smiled as she zoomed in on Torrie's finger pushing in
and out of her slit.

"Good good. This is some great stuff so far," Jillian remarked as she got
several minutes of close ups of Torrie finger fucking herself. Torrie was
seething as she was forced to play Jillian's game and her body couldn't
resist the stimulation exciting her. "You know what? I'm actually going to
give you a choice we didn't give the others. You can walk out of here right
now and sacrifice the careers and friendships of Victoria, Candice, and
Ashley by refusing to make this short film and or you can be a team player.
Which is it?"

"I'm not making any kind of film for you or Melina!" Torrie growled. "Go get
my clothes so I can leave!"

"I don't think you quite grasp the gravity of your choice. These aren't just
run of the mill nude shots. These are... Well take a look for yourself,"
Jillian replied as she tossed an envelope of various shots taken of the three
previous divas. She laughed as Torrie's face turned white while she looked at
the photos. "So the importance of your choice is finally dawning on you."

"Why would you do-" Jillian slapped Torrie again before she could finish her

"I'm not here to talk or debate with you. What's your answer?"

"What do you want me to do..."

"Spread your legs and finger yourself again," Jillian said as she took the
photos and got behind the video camera again. Torrie slowly began to rub her
fingers up and down her slit. "That's a good girl," She said as Torrie
pressed her fingers into her pussy.

The Raw diva began to really pump her fingers in and out of her pussy and
much to her chagrin she felt herself getting excited by stimulation. Torrie
let out a soft moan as she felt her cunt tighten down a bit around her
fingers and she started to wet herself.

"Good good. Now pull your fingers out and suck on them like you're sucking
Billy's cock."

Torrie really valued Victoria and Candice's friendship and loved working
with them so she had no choice in what she could do. She pressed her fingers
to her lips and as best she could to make it look sensual she slowly worked
her fingers in and out of her mouth moaning as she did so. With a pop she
pulled them from her lips.

"How was that?"

"That was pretty good. You know what I like about you Torrie?"


"You have a way with dogs. Call Spike onto the bed."

"What-" Torrie didn't even bother finishing her sentence as Jillian waved
the photos at her. She could only think about Victoria and Candice and what
would happen to them if the photos were released. "Here Spike! Jump onto the
bed." The Great Dane jumped onto the bed and sat down in front of her.

"Now cover your fingers with your cum. Good," Jillian said as Torrie slid
her fingers into her pussy and scrapped them along her inner walls. When she
pulled them out they glistened when the light hit them. "Press them Spike's
nose for a bit and then spread your cream all over your pussy." Torrie
stared at Jillian in disbelief and Jillian just rolled her eyes. "I hope you
can figure out where this is going. If you want to chicken out on the video
and ruin the careers of three divas now's your last chance to do it.
Otherwise do as I say without question."

Her loyalty to her friends wouldn't allow Torrie to walk out so she did as
Jillian asked. She placed her fingers just below Spike's nose letting him
sniff them a few times. Then she rubbed her fingers up and down her crotch a
few times spreading her fluids. Torrie's worst fears started coming true.
She jumped a bit squealing as the dog's cold nose pressed against her pussy
as it sniffed her scent. Torrie couldn't help but cry out as Spike then
began licking at her cunt. Torrie hated it and was feeling disgusted, but
the feeling of the cold wet tongued pressing against her opening excited her
body. She even moaned when the dog would manage to slip part of his tongue
inside her opening.

"Hmm... I wonder what everyone would think if they knew a dog could turn
you on," Jillian wondered out loud. Torrie just glared at her as the dog
continued to lick her pussy. "I know I know. You don't like it, but you
can't help yourself. Now I want you to pet the dog and get him to lay on
his side."

"Hey Spike stop that," Torrie said to the dog as she started to stroke it's
back. "Lay down for me."

As the dog laid down on the bed Torrie's eyes widened a bit when she looked
at it's pink cock just starting to poke out of it's sheath. She looked up at
Jillian who only smiled and nodded her head. Torrie took hold of the dog's
sheath and began to softly stroke it. Spike began to pant heavily as Torrie
masturbated him and his penis slowly started to emerge. When it reached
approximately five inches the diva bent over and took the cock in her mouth.
Torrie felt like gagging or throwing up several times as her lips pressed
back and forth over Spike's shaft. She tried closing her eyes and imagining
she was giving Billy a blowjob, but couldn't as the dog let out periodic
barks. That and the fact that Spike's cock seemed to keep growing and
several times slipped into her throat. Once all ten inches of Spike's cock
had emerged he started getting restless and trying to get up to hump Torrie's

"This is great footage, Torrie. You've got him all worked up," Jillian
applauded her. "Now get on all fours and let's get this video finished."

Torrie felt her stomach turn as she pulled her mouth off of Spike's dick
and he quickly got up ready to mount her. He tried to penetrate Torrie even
before she was on all fours and she cried out when she felt his paws dig
into her back. Several times Spike tried to mount Torrie only managing to
brush his cock against her pussy or slap it against her leg. Torrie cried
out and tears formed in her eyes when she felt Spike's cock finally
penetrate her. All of his weight was pressing down on her back as he thrust
the entirety of his shaft deep into Torrie's cunt. Torrie groaned with each
of Spike's thrusts as it felt like the ten inches were tearing her up.

Jillian smiled as the dog furiously pounded Torrie's pussy. The desperate
look on Raw diva's face was starting to turn Jillian on. She leaned against
the wall behind the camera and unbuttoned her pants letting her hand roam
beneath her panties and between her legs. At first Jillian just rubbed her
fingers back and forth over her slit as Spike continued to hump Torrie, but
she quickly found her urges becoming stronger. Jillian pulled her pants down
letting them fall to her feet and inserted two fingers into her cunt. She
worked them in and out listening to Torrie cry with each of Spike's painful
thrusts and looked at her tear-ridden face. Jillian's pace became faster and
she dug her fingers in deeper as Torrie's cries became louder.

Suddenly Torrie screamed as Spike buried his ten-inches of cock into her
cunt and his knot ballooned up inside. The Raw diva could feel the dog's hot
thick semen squirt inside in a near endless stream. Soon she could feel it
started to creep into her womb. After what seemed like ages the shower of
Spike's cum died down and Torrie went to pull away from him. She screamed
when his knot refused to let her go. Torrie folded her arms on the bed and
layed her head on them crying.

With a damp pussy and a smile on her face Jillian turned the camera off and
climbed on the bed in front of Torrie. "Hey Torrie cheer up."

The diva slowly raised her head and looked at Jillian with tear soaked eyes.
"What now?"

"Do you regret your decision? I can still delete the tape and you can walk
out of here with no one but us being any the wiser."

"It doesn't matter. I'll still know."

"Suit yourself, but while you're down there eat my pussy."

Not being able to move herself because of the dog Torrie pulled Jillian
closer to her. She licked Jillian's pussy up and down cleaning the diva's
messiness before spreading her lips apart. Jillian moaned feeling a rush
surge throughout her body as Torrie pushed her tongue inside. She then
reached down to her legs stopping when her finger traced over her clit.
Jillian began rubbing the hood as Torrie continued licking at her pussy
tickling her insides. Slowly Jillian started to feel her pussy burn. She
took her free hand and pressed Torrie's face into her crotch as she
continued stimulate her clit. Slowly it started to emerge from it's hood
and Jillian felt her pussy start to really dampen. Jillian could even hear
Torrie smacking her lips as she licked and swallowed her cum.

Jillian's clit was now fully emerged and completely sensitive. With just a
few more minutes of masturbating Jillian groaned as she orgasmed. To her
delightful surprise Jillian squirted instead of gushing. Torrie closed her
eyes humiliated as Jillian's cum struck her in the face.

"You know tonight turned out better than I expected for some reason,"
Jillian smirked as she got up from the bed after finishing. She then picked
up her pants and underwear from the floor and headed towards the bathroom.
"You should be proud of yourself, you did good. Spike's knot should shrink
in about twenty minutes and he'll dismount you then."

Torrie began weeping uncontrollably as Jillian went in the bathroom and shut
the door.

* * *

With a huge smile on her face Jillian drove Torrie's rental car as she
flipped open her cell phone and dialed Melina on speed dial. Torrie was
sitting in the passenger seat next to her.

"Hey baby how did it go?" Melina answered.

"Perfectly. Everything went off without a hitch and Torrie's a big movie
star now. We're on our way back to the hotel."

"Good, I'll be waiting. You explained everything to Torrie I assume?"

"Of course. She's fallen in line like the rest of them. Hey, congratulations
on your win tonight. I take it we have some new allies on Raw and you've
struck a deal with Edge?"

"Thank you, but it was a team effort. Without you I would have had to beat
three asses instead of just two."

"You are too kind," Jillian laughed.

"I know," Melina remarked, "but as far as Edge goes it's all on him now.
I've done my part and on Friday he needs to do his. Hey I'll see you in a
little while. We've got a lot of stuff to get done before Friday."

"Okay, see you soon."

"See ya." As soon as Melina hung up with Jillian her phone started ringing
again. It was Ashley.

"Hey great match tonight. That chair shot to Mickie almost looked

"Heh... Thanks..."

"I'm kind of busy at the moment so what can I help you with?"

"I need a favor."

"Oh really? Rather brassy of you to be asking for one. What kind do you

"I don't know what order you and Jillian are confronting the divas, but at
some point you'll get to Mickie right?"

"Yes, and?"

"I want a shot at her."

"You do? And why is that?"

"You and Jillian were right about her. Tonight when Trish talked to Mickie
and me before our match it was about making sure you didn't win. She didn't
want us fighting with each other and for us to solely focus on you. To make
sure that happened she decided Mickie would get the title shot at New Year's
Revolution and I'd get a shot on Raw the next night. Trish is starting to
piss me off too now, but I want Mickie."

"How badly do you want to get your hands on her?"

"I'll do just about anything you want me to."

"Is that right? I was going to have you do something for me on Friday
anyway... I need you to fly out for Smackdown. You do this favor for me
without bitching and I'll let you have your way with Mickie as long as you
record it for our records."

"Anything. Just name it."

"Sit tight for now. Someone will get back to you later with the details."

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