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This a little something I came up with after Christy Hemme was released.
This takes place from shortly after she was let go up to New Years
Revolution '06.

The Battle For Dominance Part 6: Forging An Alliance
(MF, FFF, anal, ws, fist, spank, voy)
by Big Red Dope (

(12/30/05 Smackdown)

Wednesday night...

Melina smiled wrapping a robe around herself as she stepped from her shower.
It was just a little over a week until she finally got her rematch with Trish
for the women's title at New Year's Revolution. Except for the night she and
Jillian were jumped by Victoria and Torrie things were going according to
plan for the most part with few surprises. The one nice surprise though was
their unexpected alliance with Edge.

It's amazing how well things turn out for you when you're on a roll. Edge
was vindictive enough that running Matt Hardy off of Raw wasn't enough. He
wanted to hook up with Ashley as the final insult in his feud with Matt and
Ashley were jealous of Mickie taking all of Trish's attention and being put
on the back burner. Even if Ashley had some reservations with hooking up
with Edge, Melina had Mickie as leverage.

As Melina got ready to hit the sack early her cell phone rang and she went
into the kitchen to answer it. It was the envious diva from Raw.

"Hey Ashley, what's up?"

"I've got to talk to you about Friday."

"Actually I was just fixing to call you about that. Let me find my room
number at my hotel and just meet me there at eleven Friday night. You're
going to be Edge's escort."

"What do you mean? You're whoring me out to Edge?"

"That's a harsh word, but yes."

"I'm not cheating on Matt let alone cheating on him with Edge."

"If you want to take care of Mickie for us you will and don't say I haven't
ever done anything nice for you. There won't be any photos or video taken so
if he ever runs his mouth it'll be his word against yours."

"...Fine, I'll do it as long as I get my hands Mickie."

"You've got her. Now what was it you wanted?"

"I just got off the phone with Trish literally minutes ago and she told me
she just struck a deal with your G.M. for a six man diva tag match. It'd be
me, her, and Mickie against you, Jillian, and Lita. You and Jillian aren't
supposed to find out until you arrive at the show."

"Psssht! Big deal."

"This one you're going to be a bit more upset with."

"Upset with what?"

"Trish wasn't supposed to tell me, but she did after I swore not to tell
anyone else."

"Just tell me already, Ashley."

"MNM's tag team title match with Batista and Rey Mysterio is going to be a
steel cage match. Again you're not supposed to find out until you get to the

"Oh come on Teddy..." Melina sighed melodramatically. "When's he going to
learn like Trish has that you can't keep me or my guys down? Do you remember
when I offered to let you come along for the ride two weeks ago?"


"What are your thoughts on following Lita's lead and turning on Trish?"

"I don't care about Trish one way or the other. I want Mickie."

"Yes, but once you get rid of Mickie won't you be Trish's favorite again?"

"Screw Trish. I want Mickie. She's ruining my career."

"I'm so glad to hear you say that. This is what you're going to do for me on
Friday night..."

* * *

Friday night...

"Well Tazz," Michael Cole began as Smackdown started, "What can you say
about what happened Monday night? First it was Edge helping Jillian get a
win over Victoria and Torrie Wilson and now it's MNM helping Edge get a win
and keep his Money In The Bank contract."

"We saw how upset Trish was with Edge Monday night so now you've got to
wonder how our GM is going to react. Regardless of what he has to say tonight
both general managers need to put their foot down and make loud and clear
every Raw and Smackdown superstar knows that they just can't disrespect them
and do as they please."

"Speaking of Theodore Long this ought to be interesting," Cole said as the
GM made his way to the ring.

"Now I'd like to think that I'm a fair GM, that I treat everyone the same no
matter if they're a fan favorite or not and the one thing I will not tolerate
from anybody is disrespect. Three weeks ago I told Melina and Jillian Hall
not to go to Raw and disrupt the show. They ignored my wishes and went
anyways. As a result I indefinitely suspended Jillian Hall, but not Melina.
The reason I did that was because at the time MNM were the WWE Tag Team
Champions and it wouldn't be fair to suspend their manager out of the blue
even if they win their matches under questionable circumstances. However,
since that is no longer the case Melina you are hearby suspended indefinitely
after your match tonight until New Year's Revolution. You will not appear on
Raw or Smackdown next week and if you do you will be stripped of your title
shot. After New Year's Revolution I'll begin the process of evaluating both
your and Jillian Hall's contributions and current standing with the Smackdown
brand and the WWE and decide what to do you with you two next. Now after
speaking with Trish Stratus over the phone earlier this week we have agreed
to a six-man diva tag match tonight. It will be Melina, Jillian Hall, and
Lita taking on the team of Trish Stratus, Mickie James, and Ashley. Now as
far as MNM is concerned thanks to their actions Monday Night, tonight's main
event for the WWE Tag Team Championship is now a steel cage match! To make
sure there is no outside interference the cage door will be locked and
victory can only be obtained by pinfall or submission. And if by chance
there's any outside interference by anyone from either show during either
match it has been agreed they will be suspended without pay with the
possibility of being released from their contract."

As Michael Cole and Tazz talked excitedly about the sudden developments
Melina, Jillian, and Lita sat on a leather couch in MNM's locker room
watching the proceedings on a monitor.

"There's no way Edge is going to risk himself getting fired to help your guys
out," Lita said.

"You sound just like them," Melina sighed rolling her eyes as she turned off
the tv.

"Like who?"

"Trish and Teddy Long. They're both completely clueless. They think anything
they say or do matters and it doesn't. After tonight my guys will be the tag
team champs again and after next weeks pay per view I'll be the new women's
champ. Jillian and I are still going to get our night with you and Edge will
get his with Ashley."

"What about Monday?" Jillian asked. "We need two people and you'll lose your
title shot if you show up on Raw."

"The only thing that's changed is Lita will go in my place instead."

"I will?"

"If you want access to Trish after I beat her you will."

"How are you going to manage that?"

"I'm going to get Trish to add a stipulation to our title match. A reward if
you will for the winner."

"Oh really? What kind of reward dare I ask?" Jillian said.

"The "personal" assistant kind," Melina replied. "Lita do me a favor and
lock the door."

"What's going on?" Jillian asked as Melina retrieved her cell phone from her

"Just a sec," Melina replied as she waited for someone to answer her call.

"Hey babe what's up?" Joey Mercury answered.

"Not much. It's just like I said. Your match tonight is a cage match and of
course anyone who interferes will be suspended or fired. Where are you two
at now?"

"We're on our way to the arena. We'll be there in about twenty. What're we
going to do about the match tonight?"

"Don't worry, it's taken care of. Hey listen. When you two get here keep
yourselves busy for a bit. The locker room will be occupied for awhile."

"Uh huh. Right."

"Monday was to treat you two whiny crybabies and today it's to treat myself.
I'll see you in a little while."

"The room's occupied?" Jillian smiled cozying up to Melina.

"We've got a little time to kill before our match and the locker room is

"You know Josh Matthews is going to show up and ask your opinion on what
Teddy just said."

"He can go fuck himself."

"You want to do this here in the locker room?" Lita asked unsure standing in
front of the couch.

"It's my show, it's my locker room. I'll do whatever I want whenever I want.
Now take off your top." Without another word Lita did just that and dropped
it to the floor. Melina then stood up and walked to her. "You've got some
nice tits," She complimented Lita groping her chest and squeezing them gently
through her bra. Melina then unclasped Lita's bra and threw it to the floor
next to her shirt. "These are very nice," Melina smiled running her hands
over Lita's mounds stopping to pinch her dark nipples. "Now take the rest of
your clothes off."

As the three divas started to undress a cell phone rang. Melina growled as
she picked up her phone and checked the caller I.D.

"Who is it, baby?" Jillian asked as her bra joined her shirt on the floor and
she started on her pants next.

"It's Edge," Melina said before answering. "Hello?"

"I've keep my part of the deal. Now Ashley's mine."

"What are you talking about?"

"You don't have the show on?"

"No, I've got other things I'm taking care of."

"Turn it on then."

"Fine," Melina said grabbing the tv remote and turning on Smackdown.

"It case you missed it folks," Michael Cole began, "This occurred just
minutes ago thanks to Edge." Video played showing a car pulling into the
parking garage and Rey Mysterio getting out of it. As he did Edge appears
out of nowhere spearing Rey into the car and temporarily stunning himself
before running off. "If there was any doubt about an alliance being formed
between Edge and MNM following Monday night then this puts an end to any
questions. Rey could have broken ribs, damage to his back, we just don't
know at this point. If he can't compete tonight will the match go on and
will Batista have to wrestle on his own?"

"Nice work, but he could come back."

"He won't."

"Obviously I can't give you Ashley now with the divas match scheduled later
tonight, but I'll call you."

"You better."

"Trust Edge. Trust," Melina said before hanging up and turning off her phone.
"Turn off your cell phones so we don't get anymore interruptions." As Lita
and Jillian found and turned off their phones Melina finished undressing then
sat back down on the couch. Jillian joined her at her side. "Turn around for
us Lita," Melina said looking the Raw diva's body up and down as she began to
turn. "What do you think Jillian?"

"I don't know why, but she's got an better body than I thought she would,"
Jillian replied. "Great tits too."

"I know what you mean. By far she's got the best body of anybody on Raw."
Melina was silent for a moment as if waiting for Lita to say something, but
she didn't. "Well?"

"Well what?" Lita asked.

"What do you say when someone gives you a compliment?"

"Oh... Thank you Melina," Lita replied quietly.

"Edge was right. He does have you whipped and in his control," Jillian

"No he doesn't. It's the lifestyle we chose and we could change it at any
time if we wanted."

"Then why are you here?"

"Because he asked me to be here. I was part of the deal he made with you two.
He told me to do whatever you asked and I will."

"We weren't going to bother with you since you just follow Edge around and
don't wrestle anymore, but don't worry. You won't get it as bad as the others
have," Melina said. "Now turn around and bend over for me." Lita did as she
was told and the smile on Melina's face broadened even more. She got up,
walked over to Lita, and squatted down behind her. "God you've got a nice
taut ass," She said sliding her hands up and down the diva's buttocks.

"Mmm... Thanks," Lita said as Melina gave her ass a nice squeeze.

"Stand up," Jillian said walking to Lita's front.

As she stood up the Raw diva moaned when she felt Melina's tongue push into
her butt crack. Lita then felt the wet appendage start to slid up and down
her back side occasionally pressing into her anus. Her body heaved and her
ass instinctively clenched itself each time. Lita's attention was then
diverted to her front when Jillian's tongue began to flick up and down her

Melina then stood up behind Lita and wrapped her arms around her waist.
Melina kissed Lita's neck as she slowly worked her hands up the diva's tight
abs towards her chest. Lita turned her head and she kissed Melina as the
Smackdown diva cupped her breasts and began to work them in her hands. Just
as Melina was starting to roll the diva's nipples between her fingers Lita
moaned as Jillian inserted two fingers into her pussy.

Lita moaned as Jillian worked her fingers into a nice rhythm and started
sliding her tongue around her fingers licking the diva's pussy lips. Then as
she still worked her fingers in and out of Lita's cunt Jillian began licking
Melina's slit when the diva came around to her right side. The two standing
divas began to kiss pushing their tongues into each other's mouths. Melina
moaned loudly when Jillian inserted two fingers into her pussy and began
thrusting them inward.

Jillian grinned feeling her body starting to tingle as she fingered Lita and
Melina. Both divas were starting to wet themselves and there was almost a
slurping sound whenever Jillian pulled her fingers just a little bit too far
out. After feeling herself start to get a little too excited Melina stepped
away from Jillian's fingers. She then sat down on the couch and directed Lita
towards her.

"Eat my pussy," Melina demanded spreading her legs and leaning back.

She wasn't sure why, but Lita was grinning as she knelt in front of Melina
and started running her tongue up and down her cunt. Lita eagerly licked up
the diva's cream as it slowly dribbled out and while she was doing that
Melina nodded with a smile to Jillian.

Lita moaned when she felt a sharp thrust from Jillian and two fingers worked
themselves inside her cunt. She felt her pussy start to burn a little as
Jillian began to grind her fingers in and out. As Jillian continued to finger
her Lita spread Melina's pussy apart and began dabbing her tongue inside.
Lita licked up the wetness that was already inside before sliding two fingers
into Melina. Melina moaned as Lita's fingers rubbed the insides of her pussy
as they were pushed in and out. She was becoming excited again and her
wetness was starting to return. As Lita's fingers were starting to slicken
they made for faster and harder thrusting. Melina began grinding her pussy
onto Lita's fingers as her body started getting more excited.

Lita's enthusiasm with Melina was fueled in part by Jillian whose own fingers
were very slick from Lita's wetness and were pumping into her pussy with a
very quick and easy motion. With a distinct squishing sound present each time
she rammed her fingers into Lita's cunt Jillian added a third. The fit was
tight enough for Lita to notice, but the wetness from her pussy quickly lubed
the new finger nicely and just added to the excitement Lita was already
feeling. Melina meanwhile was feeling her body start to burn with excitement.
Her pussy was nearly squeezing the life out of Lita's invading fingers and
she longed for that tiny bit that would push her over the top. The she
decided what she wanted.

"Just a second Lita," Melina whispered pulling her fingers out.

"Let me clean that up first," Lita grinned sliding her tongue up and down
Melina's slit licking up her fluids.

"Thanks, but now I have something else I want you to clean," Melina replied
turning over onto her knees and placing her ass square in Lita's face. As
she did that Jillian inserted a fourth finger into Lita's cunt and that Lita
could definitely feel.

"Four's enough," Lita said looking over her shoulder at Jillian.

"Nah. If you're going to have four fingers inside, you might as well go all
the way. It only feels uncomfortable the first time you do it."

Lita felt up Melina's ass rubbing her hands up and down both sides a bit
before giving it a hard squeeze. Melina moaned loudly when Lita's tongue
began to slide up and down her backside. Within a few minutes of Lita eating
her ass Melina felt her pussy start to burn and wet itself again. She reached
down between her legs rubbing her fingers along her slit before pushing them.
Immediately they were wet with her fluids and she was very excited. Melina
felt her pussy squeeze down on her fingers when she felt Lita's tongue brush
up against her asshole.

"Finger my ass," Melina groaned her body heaving as she continued to finger
herself excitedly. Melina nearly came when Lita pushed her finger into her
anus. She was breathing heavily and her pussy was drenched as she continued
to work her fingers hurriedly into her cunt.

As Lita began working a second finger into Melina's ass, Jillian was trying
to work her thumb and the rest of her hand into Lita's pussy. Lita was very
wet and quickly slickened the remaining parts of Jillian's hand, but it was
still a very tight fit. She grunted loudly when the last of Jillian's hand
slid into place and all that was visible was her wrist. Lita's body started
getting an obscene kind of charge as Jillian slowly began fisting her. She
was however still able to continue fingering Melina's ass who was not far
from orgasm.

Melina was leaning over the back of the couch with her fingers dug in deep
into her pussy furiously pumping in and out. And even with as distracted as
Lita was with Jillian she was still able to finger fuck Melina's ass. The
two sets of fingers in both sides of her body became a bit too much for
Melina just a few minutes after Lita initially invaded her ass. Her lower
orifices clenched themselves onto the fingers inside them and squeezed as
she came. Melina's body rocked hard as cum started to squirt out covering
her fingers and dripping down her legs. As her body relaxed Melina removed
her fingers from her body and licked her cum off of them.

"Turn over and let me get that for you," Lita said as she pulled her fingers
from Melina's anus. As Melina did that Lita ran her fingers up and down
Melina's legs wiping up the small river of cum that had formed. Once she
licked her fingers clean Lita began working on the very wet area between
Melina's legs.

Minutes later as Lita brought her head up smacking her lips and Melina
climbed off the couch Lita let out a loud moan. Jillian was really starting
to work her fist in and out of Lita's tight pussy. With her mind no longer
preoccupied with Melina Lita could fully let herself go with Jillian. Lita's
opening was still a bit tight, but her insides were wet and slick, as was
Jillian's hand. A few minutes after Melina came Lita's cunt squeezed down
hard on Jillian's wrist. Her cum would have gushed out if it weren't for the
fist clogging her opening. When Lita finally calmed down Jillian slowly
worked her hand out. As she did she planted her lips around Lita's pussy and
began swallowing as Lita's cum flowed into her mouth.

After Jillian swallowed the last few drops of Lita's cum she started to
stand up, but Melina stopped her pushing her back down to the ground. On the
ground behind Jillian Melina sat on her knees with a nine-inch long dildo in
her hands. Jillian grinned as the tip of the cock pressed against her slit
then split it apart pushing inward.

Seeing the two Smackdown divas engrossed with themselves Lita carefully
climbed off the couch to clean up and dress as Melina began inching the
dildo into Jillian's pussy. Lita watched lustfully as the cock bottomed out
in Jillian and she had nothing but a smile and a few happy moans on her
face. She found herself getting excited again with her pussy starting to
moisten as Melina started thrusting the dildo in and out of Jillian's pussy.
The excitement in her body and the action before her became too much for
Lita and she quickly disrobed again. She then climbed back on the couch and
slithered in front of Jillian.

"Back for more?" Jillian grinned running her finger up and down Lita's
sticky cunt.

"Fuck yeah! Fist me again!"

Lita's pussy was still stretched from the first fisting she took from Jillian
so the blonde slipped two fingers into her opening right away and with Lita's
dampness those were easily sliding in and out rubbing against her insides. It
was about then that Melina removed the dildo from Jillian's pussy and started
pressing it against her ass. Jillian gasped as the engorged head of the fake
cock pushed past her anus and started inside. She moaned as it slowly inched
into her ass all the while she slipped a third finger into Lita's pussy.
Jillian continued pumping her fingers in and out of Lita as the cock further
inched it's way into her ass.

Lita's body was becoming even more excited than the first time she had
orgasmed. Her cunt was burning up as Jillian finger fucked her. Lita couldn't
help but slide her hand down her body to her pussy. As Jillian's three
fingers became four Lita began rapidly sliding her index finger back and
forth over her clit. and it slowly started to emerge. Jillian's ass meanwhile
had started to widen making it easier for Melina to thrust the dildo back and
forth inside her. Melina could smell Jillian's sex and with her free hand
slid two fingers into Jillian. The blond groaned as Melina began working over
both orifices and the excitement Jillian felt was soon transferred into Lita.
Lita began moaning loudly as Jillian inserted her fist back into her pussy
for the second time. The Raw diva could barely contain herself and started
grinding her cunt down onto Jillian's hand. Lita's clit was now fully emerged
and every time she touched it she nearly came.

Jillian too was finding herself coming closer to orgasm as each minute
passed. Melina's two fingers were more than enough for her tonight as she
also had the nine-inch dildo being thrust into her ass with deep hard pumps.
Melina soon felt Jillian's pussy tighten around her fingers and knew her
friend wasn't far off from coming. Neither was Lita for that matter. Almost
like a bad adult film Lita moaned loudly each time her cunt was hammered by
Jillian's intense fisting. When her body gave in and she came for the second
time in the night she screamed like a banshee compared to the whimper of her
first orgasm. Lita bucked wildly on the couch several times as the built up
energy of her body exploded through her pussy. Lita came so hard that
Jillian's hand slipped out rather easily and the cum spilled onto the couch
before the blonde could start sucking Lita dry. Jillian's mouth and chin was
covered in Lita's spunk when she raised her head up. Lita then leaned forward
and licked Jillian's face clean before taking the blonde's hand into her

With the dizzying taste and aroma of Lita in her system Jillian's attention
returned to Melina. The brunette was still fiercely thrusting the dildo into
Jillian's ass and her fingers into Jillian's pussy. Melina could tell Jillian
wasn't far from coming, but just needed that little extra something to push
her over the edge.

"Come here Lita," Melina said as she pulled the dildo out of Jillian. In the
position she was in with fingering her friend Melina wouldn't be able to get
the force she wanted. "Now slap her ass as hard as you can." Jillian cried
out as Lita slapped her ass. Her body tensed up and her pussy tightened.
"Again," Melina said as she continued pounding her fingers deep into
Jillian's slit. Again Jillian cried out as Lita's hand slapped her butt with
force. She was starting to drench Melina's fingers and it was dripping down
the brunette's hand. "One more time should do it," Melina said with a smile.

Sure enough she was right about her friend. Jillian let out a long soft moan
as Lita spanked her a third time. Her body quivered as she started to come.
Knowing her friend, Melina was just able to pull her fingers out of Jillian's
pussy and start drinking from it as her cum flowed out. A few intense minutes
later Melina raised her head with a sticky smile. The two Smackdown divas
stood up and Jillian quickly embraced Melina kissing her on the lips then
proceeded to lick her face clean.

"You weren't too bad Lita," Jillian smiled at her.

"Yeah, thanks. I think I was a little better that not too bad," Lita replied
as the three of them started to clean up with gym towels before dressing.
There was a loud pounding on the door just then.

"Come on Melina, we've given you plenty of time. You're match is coming up
soon," Johnny shouted from the other side of the door.

"We'll discuss how good you think you were later," Melina said as she started
towards the door. "Though you remind me of Jillian when I first met her."

* * *

The six-man divas match turned out as most do with the match inevitably
breaking down into an all out melee. Trish and Lita found themselves battling
with each other outside the ring while Jillian and Mickie and Ashley and
Melina locked up inside the ring. Eventually the fight between Lita and Trish
sprawled into the backstage area while Mickie dumped Jillian to the outside
of the ring and followed her out. She set up Jillian with a quick boot to the
gut and as Jillian stood back up Mickie hit her with a chick kick sending her
to the floor. Mickie climbed back onto the ring apron as Ashley and Melina
continued to fight in the ring.

Melina started to whip Ashley into the ropes, but Ashley reversed it. As
Melina bounced back towards her Ashley hit her with a clothesline knocking
her to the mat. She then proceeded to help Melina up and bodyslam her.
Ashley's corner with Mickie was closest to Melina so Ashley started to climb
up it to attempt a cross body, but as she started climbing Mickie blind
tagged herself into the match and climbed into the ring.

"What the hell?" Ashley screamed jumping down.

"You think I was going to let you get the pin?"

"What's your problem?"

"You're yesterday's news Ashley. I'm the reason why there's excitement in
the women's division again and that's why Trish wants to work with me. Why
do you think she's giving me the title shot at the pay-per-view? You're a
hack. You proved that Monday."

As Ashley opened her mouth to respond Melina came charging at Mickie setting
up for a spear. Instead Mickie dodged Melina who speared Ashley into the
corner. Ashley fell to the mat with her head spinning and as Melina got up
Mickie locked her into a headlock and hit her with the Stratusfaction.

Mickie rolled up Melina for the three count and as the team of Mickie James,
Trish Stratus, and Ashley was declared the winner Trish returned to the ring.
Ashley composed herself and sat up leaning against the corner of the ring as
Trish and Mickie celebrated in the ring. Finally seeing her other teammate
sitting on the mat Trish offered her hand to Ashley. Ashley glared at both
Trish and Mickie before slapping away Trish's hand and rolling out the ring
without saying a word.

"What's wrong with you Ashley?" Trish shouted. Ashley ignored her as she
started up the ramp. Trish quickly rolled out of the ring and went after her.
"Hey I'm talking to you!" Trish shouted grabbing Ashley's shoulder.

"Let me go!" Ashley snarled whipping around and knocking away Trish's hand

"What's your problem? We won the match."

"Since you're the GM now and I'm just a hack trade me to Smackdown!"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You and Mickie can go play with each other. You obviously don't need me."
With that Ashley turned her back on Trish again and started back up the ramp.


"Let the crybaby go," Mickie said walking up behind Trish. "The contest
winner has a bad attitude." When Ashley heard that she stopped and turned
around. "What?"

"Did you just say what I thought you said?" Ashley asked.

"If you thought I called you a contest winner, then yes I said it. What are
you going to do about it?" Mickie taunted.

"You can go fuck yourself," Ashley growled walking towards Mickie.

"Hey stop it! We've still got bigger issues to deal with than your two egos,"
Trish said getting between the divas and trying to be the voice of reason.

"The girl needs to check herself then," Mickie said. "We've had to work hard
to get where we are Trish. She only had to win a t&a contest. Ashley's a
contest winner, not a wrestler."

Ashley had all she could take of Mickie and tackled her to the ground. She
sat on top of Mickie and started reigning blows down on her. Ashley was only
able to get three or four good ones in before Trish pulled her off.

"Hey both of you stop it! We don't need this right now! We're missing three
divas and I have to give that tramp Melina an undeserved rematch! Get your
shit together or else! Mickie stop trying to push Ashley's buttons and Ashley
stop being so damn sensitive! Grow up!"

"You fucking bitches!" Ashley thought as she stomped away and headed towards
the back. "After next week Mickie you're going to regret ever pissing me

* * *

"Well Tazz," Michael Cole began as the steel cage started to lower for the
main event. "During the break it was announced that Rey Mysterio suffered
several broken ribs as a result of Edge spearing him into the side of a car
earlier tonight and can't wrestle. Batista will have to defend the titles by

"That's a tall order for anybody Cole including Batista. I'm just wondering
though exactly what kind of deal Edge and MNM worked out. Last week they
helped him win his match and this week he took out Rey Mysterio to make it a
two on one. I guess if there's one good thing about the match it's that Teddy
Long has ordered the door to the cage locked and you can only win via pinfall
or submission."

"Still the odds aren't good for Batista," Cole as the cage door was being
locked trapping the three wrestlers inside.

* * *

Being as she was now suspended until New Year's Revolution Melina had left
the arena after her match and was now watching MNM's match from her hotel
room with Jillian. As Joey and Johnny double-teamed Batista Melina's cell
phone rang. She smiled when she checked the caller id.

"Hey Ashley, nice match tonight. Didn't go exactly as I wanted it to, but
the end result was just as good."

"Yeah thanks, but I want that bitch Mickie. Tell me what I have to do to get
my hands on here and I'll do it. And then I'll do everything I can to make
sure you leave New Year's Revolution the women's champ."

"So now you're pissed at Trish, too?"

"You and Jillian were right about them and I was wrong."

"Where are you at now?"

"I'm just driving around. As soon as our match was over I changed and the
left the building without saying a word to anyone. I guess I'm going to go
back to the hotel."

"Does Trish know where you're staying?"


"Go to a different hotel and get yourself a room. Relax for awhile and just
give Edge his one night like I said on Wednesday. Do that and follow the
plan on Monday and Mickie is yours. I'll call you later okay?"

"Okay fine. Talk to you later."

"That Ashley?" Jillian asked as Melina hung up the phone.

"Yeah, and she's ready to join team Smackdown. Mickie's got a big target on
her forehead now."

"This doesn't look good," Jillian commented as she watched the match on tv.

"What's going on?"

"Your guys have been beating the hell out of Batista all match long and now
he's making a comeback."

"God damn it! Come on guys!" Melina screamed at the tv as Batista gorilla
pressed Joey Mercury into the side of the cage. "Edge if my guys lose so do

"What the --"

* * *

"Who the hell is this???" Cole screamed as someone dressed from head to toe
in blue tights came running to the ring with bolt cutters.

"It's the Blue Blazer Cole, but who'd be dumb enough to dress up like him
and interfere after Long's warning earlier tonight?"

"I don't know Tazz, but there's been about a hundred of them here in the
WWE. He's using those bolt cutters to interfere in the match."

As the Blue Blazer was cutting through the lock Batista threw Johnny Nitro
into the side of the cage and rammed Joey Mercury into a turnbuckle after
the former champion applied a sleeper hold on him. Batista then turned in
time to see the Blue Blazer enter the ring.

"It doesn't matter who's hiding underneath the costume! Batista is cleaning
house!" Cole screamed as the world champion hit the masked man with a boot
to the face.

Batista then whipped Mercury into the corner across from the one he was in
then whipped Nitro into the same one. He charged and plowed into MNM with a
full head of steam. Both men crumpled to the ground and Batista turned to
face the Blazer who had been left laying on the mat. However the masked
wrestler was a bit more resilient than Batista had given him credit for and
he was already staggering to his feet. As Batista advanced towards him with
adrenaline pumping the Blue Blazer suddenly found a spurt of energy and hit
Batista with a spear out of nowhere.

"Spear! Spear!" Tazz screamed as Batista fell to the mat. "That's Edge under
that mask! It's gotta be!"

"Damn it no! This isn't right!" Cole shouted as the masked wrestler dragged
Johnny Nitro over to Batista and laid him on top. The Blue Blazer disappeared
into the crowd as the ref counted one, two, three and declared MNM the
winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions.

* * *

As Melina and Jillian cuddled in bed channel surfing Melina's cell phone

"If it isn't the mighty Blue Blazer," Melina answered.

"A deal's a deal right? You kept your end and I kept mine."

"See Edge? It's all about trust. I suppose you'll be wanting your night with
Ashley now right?"

"Damn straight."

"Good let me call her and get you two set up. I'll call you back in a bit."

* * *

Edge knocked on the hotel door with a smile.

"It's unlocked," The voice said from the other side. Edge went in and found
Ashley sitting on the bed watching tv. "Let's get this over with."

"What's the rush Ashley?" Edge smirked. "Just because you don't want to be
here doesn't mean I'm not going to get something out of this."

"You want to fuck me as one last way to get at Matt," Ashley replied turning
off the tv and standing up to strip. "I get that, so let's just get this over

"You're right about that, but your attitude sucks. My guess is you're still
pissed off about what happened with Mickie tonight. Hey I get pissed too
when people try to steal my thunder."

"Whatever. This little hookup is about you and Melina doing favors for each
other," Ashley said throwing the last bit of her clothing to the ground and
sitting back down on the bed. "And she's doing one for me once I'm done with
you so let's just do this already."

"I don't think so," Edge said pushing Ashley over a bit so he could sit down
on the bed and have access to the remote bolted to the nightstand. "I'm going
to wait until you calm down."

"You're an asshole," Ashley said getting off the bed and sitting down in a

"I know. You're not the first and you won't be the last to call me that,"
Edge sighed.

"You want to be a jackass then fine, but I'm not going to waste my entire
night playing games with you," Ashley said picking up her cell phone.

"What are you doing?" Edge asked getting up.

"Making a phone call."

"I don't think so," Edge growled snatching the phone and throwing it against
the wall.

"You're getting me a new one!"

"Like hell I am. Use some of your prize money and get yourself a new one
contest winner."

"Contest winner?"

"Yeah I said it! Everybody backstage knows Mickie doesn't respect you and
neither does Trish. There's a reason why you were put on the back burner
with little tv exposure in quite a while."

"Go fuck yourself Edge. You better use your Money In The Bank contract
wisely, because it's the only time you'll get a shot at the title. And if
by chance hell freezes over and you become champ then you'll just be a
transitional champ."

"I like you you know that? A girl with some attitude, that's good. Lita just
rolls over and does whatever I say."

"Good for you."

"Not so much. It was fun for awhile, but now it's boring."

"Sounds like a personal problem. What do you want me to do about it?"

"Not much, just shut your mouth," Edge growled as he grabbed Ashley's arm
and flung her onto the bed. He then started undressing.

"What's your fucking problem?"

"I don't have one. You want to get this over with so let's get this over
with." As Edge dropped the last of his clothing to the floor and climbed
onto the bed Ashley sat up and slapped him. "Mmmm... Feisty," Edge grinned
rubbing his face before slapping Ashley back.

"You son of a bitch!" Ashley snarled reaching back to slap Edge again.

"I don't think so," he said catching her hand as it came forward and then
pushing her onto her back. Edge pinned Ashley's neck to the bed applying a
bit of pressure, but allowing her to breathe. He then straddled her body and
pressed his lips to hers and worked his tongue into her mouth. Ashley was
reluctant at first to do the same, but Edge applied some more pressure to
her neck and she did. Their tongues intertwined as they kissed and swapped
spit. Then Edge brought his head up and smirked at Ashley.

"So this is how you want it huh? Fine bitch," Ashley said.

"Let's see what you got."

Ashley pushed Edge off of her and onto his back. She then grabbed hold of
his cock and began to squeeze down on it. "Something wrong?" Ashley asked as
Edge fidgeted for a bit as her grip on his shaft continued to tighten.

"Oh please you'll have to do better than that."

Ashley loosened her grip just enough so that she could start jerking Edge
off. After her hand had rubbed his shaft up and down several times she
started flicking her finger into his scrotum. "How about now?"

"Wow, you're just as boring in bed as Lita is. That takes some effort."

"So why do you stick with her?"

"Because she let's me do whatever I want to her."

"Get on your hands and knees."


"You scared of something?"

"Yeah right," Edge smirked turning over.

"You have a nice smooth ass," Ashley said as she fondled Edge's butt and
slid her hands up and down both sides. "Almost like a girl's ass."

"I'm assuming you're jealous because mine is so much better than yours

"You are full of yourself," Ashley replied as she spread Edge's ass apart
and began to slid her tongue up and down his crack.

"And your mouth is full of my ass."

"You bitch!" Ashley said pulling her head back as Edge farted in her face.


"Not really."

"Good," Edge grinned farting on Ashley again.

Ashley brought her head back again to get some fresh air then buried her
tongue in Edge's asshole again. She licked his backside several times more
to get it wet then sucked on her fingers to do the same.

"What the fuck?" Edge asked surprised as Ashley thrust a finger into his

"Problem?" Ashley mocked him.

"I ain't gay."

"I never said you were." Edge gasped when Ashley jammed another finger into
his asshole. "But you know," Ashley began as she slowly started sliding her
fingers in and out of Edge, "You seem to be enjoying this quite a bit."

"You are so asking for it," Edge groaned as Ashley's fingers touched his
prostate for the first time. His cock seemed to grow just a little bit more
each time her fingers stroked the inside of his ass and touched the
chestnut-sized target. After several minutes of Ashley's fingering his ass
Edge's dick started to release pre-cum.

"God you are so easy," Ashley groaned pulling her fingers from Edge's anus
and wiping the fluid from his cockhead.

"You think you're that good do you?" Edge asked as he turned over and sat on
the bed.

"I know I am," Ashley smirked as she licked Edge's cum from her fingers.

"There isn't anyone I've meet that sucks cock as good as Lita does," Edge
replied leaning back as he stroked his cock a bit.

"Is that a challenge?"

"Take it however you want. It's the one part of bed that doesn't bore me
when I'm with her."

"After tonight you'll be jealous of Matt again," Ashley said taking Edge's
dick into her hand again.

"I doubt that," Edge replied as Ashley's hand began stroking his shaft.

As Ashley's hand moved up and down several times whatever limpness there had
been in Edge's cock disappeared. In her hand was a rock hard shaft of eight
and a half inches. Ashley leaned forward pressing her tongue to the tip of
Edge's cock and sliding it back and forth a bit. She then took his cock into
her mouth and wrapped her lips around his shaft. Slowly Ashley started
bobbing her head running her tongue along one side of Edge's cock as she
went down and licking the other side as she came back up.

Ashley began stroking the slickened cock again as she lowered her face a bit
more. Edge moaned as the diva pressed her tongue into his scrotum and slid
her tongue back and forth. Edge began to feel a new kind of excitement in
his groin as Ashley began gently sucking on the left side of his sac.

"How do you like that?" Ashley asked when she felt Edge's precum dribbling
down his shaft.

"Don't get full of yourself doll, you're not that good. You're just something

"Right, and what are you going to say when I get you to come without even
letting you fuck me?"

"That ain't happening."

"We'll see."

Ashley wrapped her lips around Edge's cock again and slowly began bobbing
her head up and down. As Ashley began to increase her pace and his cock
started pushing into the back of her throat Edge placed his hands on the
back of Ashley's head and pushed hard each time she went down on him. Not
wanting Edge's help Ashley lightly punched him in the leg and he only

As Ashley's lips began sliding down his shaft again Edge suddenly pressed
her head towards his crotch holding it in place once his cock was resting in
her throat. Ashley began gagging placing her hands on the bed and trying to
push herself up, but Edge's strength was too much for her. Just as her gag
reflex was starting to teeter on the edge he let go of her head. Ashley
whipped her head up coughing hoarsely and spitting on herself.

"See, you aren't better than Lita," Edge laughed. "Now come here so I can
eat that nasty pussy of yours while you finish sucking my cock."

Ashley glared at Edge as she wiped the drool from her face then wiped it
onto the bed. Her evil eye turned into a smile as she climbed onto Edge with
his dick in front of her and her pussy in his face. Edge grabbed Ashley's
hips bringing them closer to him as she began to suck on his cock again.

He grinned as the feisty blonde bobbed her head up and down passing his cock
between her lips. Ashley even went as far as to start squeezing his balls
without him even having to ask her. Edge's cock was throbbing nicely again
and it wasn't as if Ashley was any better at oral than Lita was. He was just
bored with Lita and Ashley wasn't the type to willingly play his games
without some prodding.

Perhaps because it was of his growing fondness for Ashley's feistiness that
her pussy and it's wetness tasted all the sweeter to Edge as his tongue
swirled up and down her slit pushing inside. With each passing motion of
Edge's tongue over Ashley's pussy the diva seemed to get wetter and wetter
and she started moaning even with his cock filling her mouth. Edge smiled
several minutes later as Ashley released his cock and started moaning
loudly. He began flicking his tongue across the diva's enlarged clit and her
body started shaking her moans at a near scream. Edge began rubbing his
finger across Ashley's clit and started licking her moist cunt again waiting
for her to give in and come so he could throw it in her face somehow. Instead
though, he got something nasty and unexpected.

"You fucking bitch!" Edge screamed pushing Ashley off of him onto the floor
as she started pissing onto his face.

"I bet Lita never did that to you," the diva smirked almost laughing as she
stood up.

"You think this is funny don't you?" Edge growled angrily.

"These are your games we're playing here. You could have fucked me and left,
but that wasn't good enough for you was it?"

"God damn it, I'm gonna make sure Melina and Jillian know how much of a pain
in the ass you were tonight. I'm going to get them to do to you what they're
doing to the others."

"Go ahead, I'm sure they'd like to hear how you fucking choked me several
times tonight."

Edge stared down Ashley for a few seconds before grabbing her shirt from the
floor and wiping his face with it. "Get the fuck out of here," He said
throwing the soiled shirt at her.

"Fine, right after I do this," Ashley replied throwing the shirt back at
Edge. She then found his clothes piled on the floor and quickly squatted
over them peeing on them.

"God you are something," Edge laughed a bit maniacally. "You're definitely
nothing like Lita."

"And if you hadn't decided to be an ass, I would've shown you I was better
in bed than she was."

"Just go out to my car and get my bag so I can put on something dry and we
can get the hell out of here."

"Fine," Ashley said reaching for her clothes.

"I don't think so," Edge replied snatching her clothes away.

"Give those to me."

"Not until you get my bag." Ashley then reached for the quilt on the bed and
Edge stopped her again. "Nuh huh."

"I'm not going out there naked."

"It's dark, it's late, nobody's going to see you. Run out and run back in."


"Fine, then I guess I'll have to tell Melina-"

"Fuck Melina and fuck Jillian. You can tell them whatever you want. You're
an asshole."

"I think we've already established that and if I tell Melina what a bitch
you were tonight you won't get your shot at Mickie and I'll tell Matt
everything." Ashley glared at Edge for a moment slightly shaking her head
and wanting to get the hell out of there. "Good, I thought you'd see it my
way. My things are in the trunk," Edge said as he carefully reached into his
urine soaked pants and pulled out his car keys hitting the trunk key.

As Ashley left the room Edge gathered her clothing into one pile on the
floor. He then stood over them and started pissing on them finishing up as
Ashley returned with his bag. When she saw what he did she could only glare
at him.

"What?" Edge asked. "You pissed on my clothes so it's only fair."

"Whatever," Ashley mumbled bending over to take her car keys from her pants.
As she heads for the door Edge stops her.

"You still want to prove you're better than Lita?"

"Why would I want to do that?"

"Because you want to and you're as bored with Matt as I am with Lita."

"No I'm not."

"Why are you here then?"

"I'm doing-"

"I know, you're doing this as a favor for Melina and Jillian so you can get
your hands on Mickie. If you cared at all about Matt you wouldn't be here
for any reason, and I'm sure he'd take it well if you did get a hold of
Mickie and he found out later. That and the fact that you're helping Melina
and Jillian."

"You don't scare me Edge. Threaten to tell Matt what's going on all you
want, but if there's one thing I know it's that Vince likes his divas. If
he's willing to let Christian and the Dudley Boyz go sign with TNA what do
you think he'll do after he finds out you assaulted and tried to rape me

"You wouldn't do that. Melina and Jillian's little plan would be exposed if
you did."

"No it wouldn't. I'd tell them the same thing and it'd become our word
against yours. You've got the history of interfering in people's personal

"Lita knows about your betrayal of the Raw Divas too. I don't think you'll
say a word, because this entire thing, which basically boils down to a major
sex scandal would hurt the WWE in so many ways and just about everyone
involved would be out of a job."

"Do you really think I won't say a word if I'm pushed?"

"Not in the way you're talking, no." As Edge finished his sentence the two
of them looked at each other in silence for several minutes before he spoke
again. "However, I will give you one more chance to prove your better than

"And how's that?" Ashley asked after a few more seconds of silence.

"Follow me."

Edge threw his car keys on table in the room and walked outside still
completely naked. He then sat on the hood of his car and waited for Ashley.

"What are you doing?" Ashley asked almost incredulously.

"Waiting on you. Come over here and let's fuck."

"Are you crazy? Someone could see and call the cops!"

"I figured as much. Lita wouldn't do this either. It's the one thing she
just refuses to do."

"And if I was to do this what are we going to do if someone does see us and
call the cops?"

"Nothing. I will have ruined another one of Matt's relationships and most
likely Vince would have this worked into some sort of storyline."

Ashley really liked Matt and loved spending time with him, but as she timidly
walked to Edge she couldn't help but get excited by the idea of public sex.
She was really wanting to do this nevermind the fact she and Edge had
exchanged barbs and physical blows with each other all night long.

"I see how much you care about Matt," Edge smiled as he kissed the diva when
she reached his side.

"You're full of yourself," Ashley replied when their kiss broke.

"And soon you'll be full of me."

"That was almost cute. Let's just do this," Ashley said bending over the

"Not like this."

"What do you want then?"

"I want you to suck me off first."

Ashley slowly got to her knees on the hard asphalt and took Edge's cock into
her hand. It had gone limp since he pulled it from her mouth so she began to
stroke the shaft to harden it a bit. After a bit of firm stroking Edge's cock
began to stiffen again. Ashley then used her left hand to push his shaft up
and run her tongue up and down the bottom of it as her right hand took his
balls and began fondling them.

Edge smiled as Ashley then began to tongue his balls and started stroking his
shaft again. Just by looking around the hotel and by the looks of the part of
town it was in Edge knew this hotel was one of those dirty, no questions
asked type of places that people paid for by the hour for to have a room to
have sex in. Ashley had to have known what kind of place she was checking
into and Edge could only figure her weak protest a few minutes ago was just
to make it look like she wasn't into this.

He smiled widely when she finally took his dick into her mouth and began
wrapping her tongue around it. Ashley's head began bobbing back and forth
and her tongue slithered along his enlarging staff. When Ashley began to
deepthroat him and his tongue started pushing into her throat, Edge took
hold of Ashley's head again to use as leverage to start thrusting himself
into her throat. Ashley flinched when he first took hold of her head, but
after several easy thrusts into her mouth without him holding her in place
she relaxed.

Within several minutes Edge was rock hard again and Ashley's mouth was making
loudly slurping sounds each time his shaft passed through her lips. Edge
could feel his cock start to throb and when Ashley pulled it from her mouth
to lick off his pre-cum he gave her his next command.

"Now you can lean over the hood." When she did that Edge then got to his
knees on the hard surface and began running his hands up and down both sides
of her ass. "You're right, I do have a better ass than you."

Before Ashley could reply she felt Edge's tongue slid up and down her
backside. She moaned when his tongue pressed against her anus working a bit
of itself inside. Edge took several deep long licks of her asshole trying to
get it as wet as possible, before standing up.

Ashley gasped when she felt Edge start to slide his cock up and down her
buttcrack and then moaned loudly when she felt it penetrate her ass. The Raw
superstar smiled widely with his hands on the diva's hips as he slowly pushed
his cock inward. Ashley's backside slowly gave way stretching wide to
accommodate Edge's massive dick. When he finally bottomed out inside her both
superstars breathed a bit heavier than normal getting used to the tightness
that currently bound them.

After a minute or so Edge began pulling out relieving some of the tension on
Ashley's ass, but quickly he began pushing back in once he was nearly out. As
Edge slowly built up his pace and rhythm over several minutes Ashley began
getting excited and her pussy began asking for attention. Leaning on her left
arm Ashley reached down between her legs with her right hand and began
sliding her fingers back and forth over her slit. For Ashley her pussy was
surprisingly quick to start tingling and moisten. Not caring that she had
pissed early and not wiped Ashley dipped her index finger inside and began
fingering herself.

Edge continued grinning watching Ashley as she masturbated while he continued
to work his pace up thrusting his cock harder and deeper into her ass with
each thrust. Ashley's mind was completely devoid off Matt as she slipped a
second finger into her near drenching pussy. All she could feel or think
about was the dick ramming her ass and the burning in her pussy. Sexually
Ashley was more arroused than she ever had been in a long time. She continued
digging her fingers into her slit trying hard to reach her release.

Ashley's tight asshole had stretched enough for fit Edge's cock inside, but
it still fit him firmly and applied a good pressure. His cock was now
throbbing big time nearing orgasm, and though he was loving Ashley's ass it
wasn't where Edge wanted to come.

"Turn around and get on your knees," Edge commanded as he pulled his dick
from Ashley's ass. The diva did as she was told pulling her fingers out only
long enough to get situated.

With several hard strokes to his shaft Edge's cock erupted sending spurts of
semen shooting out. With a grin on her face Ashley continued thrusting her
fingers in and out of her pussy as Edge's cum struck her in the face several
times once in the left eye. With a loud grown Ashley came several seconds
later her pussy clenching onto her fingers. With a relaxed sigh she pulled
her fingers from her pussy and began sucking on them one at a time. As she
started to stand up she was suddenly struck in the face with urine.

"What the hell?" She grumbled as she quickly go to her feet lunging for Edge.

"Now we're even," Edge laughed retreating to the hotel room.

"Fine," Ashley grumbled again conceding he was right.

"You were a bit of a bitch tonight," Edge said as he picked up his bag, "but
you were entertaining with all your spunkiness and I like that. I'm feeling
generous tonight so as soon as I'm done with my shower I'll call Melina and
put in a good word for you."

"You going to take your bag with you into the bathroom?"

"I still don't trust you though," Edge said closing the bathroom door.

He dropped his bag to the floor and stepped into the shower turning the water
on. A few minutes later the bathroom door opened and Ashley joined him in the

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" Edge asked.

"I still have a bit of energy to work off if you're able to go another
round," Ashley replied pushing Edge to back of the tub then getting to her

"Well," Edge began as the diva wrapped her lips around his cock, "if you ever
decide to dump that loser you're with give me a call."

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