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This a little something I came up with after Christy Hemme was released. This
takes place from shortly after she was let go up to New Years Revolution '06.

The Battle For Dominance Part 7: Then There Was One (FF,bdsm,anal)
by Big Red Dope (

(01/02/06 Raw) Before the show...

As the bathtub in her hotel room got close to completely filling with water
Ashley dipped in her fingers and pulled them out. "Perfect," She thought as
she stood up and began removing the sweaty clothing she had just worked out
in. Ashley let out a sigh once she slid into the tub and she ducked her head
underwater for a few seconds and slid back up. A smile crossed Ashley's face
as she soaked in the tub. In just a few short hours she would have Mickie
James within her grasp and the newest Raw diva would be pleading and begging
for mercy.

As she thought about what she'd do to Mickie Ashley's mind wondered back to
Friday night and what she had done to get her opportunity. Despite the fact
that she was currently dating Matt Hardy and she liked him a lot Ashley had
let herself get talked into fucking Edge which she kept rationalizing by
telling herself that she had no choice in the matter if she wanted to get
her hands on Mickie. However, Ashley only really started to feel guilty
about Friday night when she dwelled on it.

The few times she did feel bad about it Ashley quickly got rid of the guilt
by thinking about how good Edge was. He was a pompous ass so full of himself
and though she went into her fling with Edge with some hostility towards him
Ashley found herself at the end of the night with a bit of a thing for him.

There were two things that started turning Ashley's feelings towards Edge
around. The main thing was that he treated her as an equal and not as a lady.
And when she fought back he fought right along with her. Granted the night's
events and everything leading up to it were a mindfuck of a soap opera
storyline, but Edge could just as easily fucked her once over maybe come on
her face or in her mouth and been done with it. The second thing Ashley
quickly found herself getting excited about whenever she thought about it was
when Edge fucked her in the parking lot with her bent over the hood of the

As she replayed the parking lot session in her head Ashley's hand started
creeping down her body. She slid it across her abdomen stopping between her
legs. Even submerged underwater Ashley could feel her pussy start to get
excited as she rubbed her finger up and down her slit. She moaned when she
slipped a finger inside splitting open her cunt. Ashley slowly began pushing
it in and out and moaned again when she thought about Edge riding her ass in

Ashley smirked as she pulled her finger out and quickly finished bathing. As
the water drained from the tub she got out and grabbed a towel to dry off.
Ashley returned to the room where she proceeded to drop the towel to the
floor and crawled onto the bed. She grinned as her hand returned to between
her legs and she started fantasizing about Edge. Ashley moaned as she
inserted two fingers into her pussy and slowly pushed them in. When they
bottomed out she began pulling them out working them into a slow rhythmic

As Ashley began thrusting them in and out of her pussy her fingers became
Edge's cock and her body shuddered as lust took over. Over time the pace
began to pick up pushing inside her with harder and deeper thrusts. Ashley
began to moan loudly as her fingers pounded her pussy. She felt her body
began to tense up and her pussy began to ache for release.

As she came closer and closer to orgasm the phone in her room began ringing.
Ashley kept thrusting her fingers into her pussy waiting for the nuisance to
stop which it did after ten rings, but then her cell phone started ringing.

"Fuck," Ashley moaned as she stopped what she was doing and got off the bed.
"This better be good." She retrieved her cell phone from the table and looked
at the caller I.D. "Figures," Ashley said seeing Trish's name. "Hey Trish,
what's up?"

"Where are you? I just called your hotel room and you weren't there."

"Sorry about that. I just finished working out and I was in the tub. Anyway,
what's up?"

"Get dressed and meet Mickie and me downstairs in forty-five minutes. The
three of us are going to take a limo to the arena together."

"What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"Just meet us downstairs and I'll explain it on the way to the arena."

"Ok. I'll meet you down there." As Ashley ended her call with Trish she
quickly speed-dialed Melina.

"Ashley I told you just stick to the plan tonight and you'll get your date
with Mickie," Melina said.

"I know, but we've got problems."

"What kind of problems?" Melina sighed.

"Trish just called and said that she, Mickie, and I are going to take a limo
together to the arena. She wouldn't say why, but that she'd explain it on
the way."

"That's it? That's the problem?"


"When are the three of you leaving?"

"Trish said forty-five minutes."

"And how long is the drive from your hotel to the arena?"

"About twenty minutes."

"Don't worry then. I've always got a Plan B. Now in order to keep Trish from
suspecting you're double-crossing her, I'm going to need you to do something
Vince wouldn't want any of his diva's to do on purpose."

* * *

"So what's this all about Trish, what's going on?" Mickie asked as the
limousine carrying the remaining three Raw divas left the hotel.

"I've got a number of things I have to take care of tonight so I won't be as
hands on as I should be given the current situation. You two will stay in the
divas' locker room until it's time for your match."

"Our match?" Ashley asked.

"You two will be taking on Lita in a handicap match." Ashley grumbled at the
thought of having to work with Mickie as her tag team partner. "Is there a
problem, Ashley?"

"Of course not," she replied not bothering to hide her sarcasm.

"There better not be, because if you two somehow lose this match tonight
neither of you is getting a title shot anytime in the near future."

"What??? That's not fair! You want me to rely on her???" Mickie asked
incredulously. "You saw what happened last Monday!"

"Go to hell, Mickie," Ashley retorted.

"I'm there every time I've got to be in the same ring as you."

"How long did you spend in OVW? Was it one year or two? I can't remember."

"Yeah, well we'll see who's still around in a year. Christy had a hell of a
lot more talent than you and they let her go without looking back. Once
management sees what a waste you are, they'll let your ass go too."

"Fuck Lita, Trish! I want a match with Mickie tonight!"

"I'd like to see you last five minutes with me."

"Shut up both of you!" Trish finally screamed. "You two will take on Lita
tonight and if you lose you will both regret it!"

"See what you started," Mickie said as the limo came to a stop in the arena
parking lot.

"Mickie!" Trish snapped at her. "Stop it!" Ashley smirked at Mickie as Trish
opened the door. "I'm serious. I'm not in the mood."

"Way to go," Ashley grinned as Trish stepped out of the limo.

* * *

Melina sat in the driver's seat of her rental car with tinted windows as she
followed the limousine Trish, Mickie, and Ashley were in. In the passenger
seat to her right was Jillian, and sitting in the back was Lita. She followed
the limo into the parking lot of the arena Raw was being held. Melina flashed
Lita's I.D. to the inattentive parking lot attendant and drove in. The three
divas waited a bit aways as the limo came to a stop and it was several
minutes before any of the doors opened.

"Just one more week Trish. One more," Melina grinned when she saw Trish step
out of the limousine. She slammed on the gas squealing her tires and floored
it as the car took off towards Trish. Melina had no attention of hitting
Trish just of getting her attention which the noise did. Melina slowed down
swerving to the right as Trish jumped to the left.

"What the hell???" Trish screamed storming towards the car that almost hit

"Just a second," Melina smiled nearly laughing as Trish pounded on the driver
side window demanding the driver to get out. She then reached down between
Jillian's legs and picked up a small tin can off the floorboard. Melina then
opened it and grabbed a handful of white powder. "When Ashley and Mickie get
out that's when you two get out." Melina then rolled down her window and
smiled at Trish when the diva's demeanor went from angry to enraged. "Hi
Trish," Melina said politely before throwing the white powder in the diva's

As Trish screamed and started rubbing at her eyes Melina flung the car door
open hitting her with it. Trish stumbled backwards and Melina quickly got out
of the car and struck her with a boot to the gut. She then put Trish into a
headlock when the diva doubled-over. As Melina got ready to DDT Trish onto
the asphalt parking lot Mickie and Ashley climbed out of the limo screaming
at her. The limousine driver got out as well.

As the divas started towards Melina they were intercepted by Jillian and Lita
and a full on melee started in the parking lot. Melina then shouted at the
short wiry limo driver who took off towards the building. The distraction
Mickie and Ashley caused gave Trish enough time to push Melina off of her.
Trish got defensive and backed up blindly throwing a few wild punches in
Melina's direction. The Smackdown diva was easily able to dodge the punches
and sneak up behind Trish clubbing her in the back with a double-axe handle.
Trish fell to her knees and Melina quickly followed up with a kick to the
head sending the blonde all the way down to the pavement.

While Melina was busy kicking and pounding on Trish, Lita was fighting with
Mickie and Ashley was fighting with Jillian. After hitting Lita with a
clothesline that sent her crashing to the pavement Mickie readied herself for
a Mick Kick to Lita's head. The veteran diva was able to duck out of the way
as Mickie's leg came flying at her and returned the favor hitting Mickie with
the move she stole from Trish.

As Lita began dragging Mickie's unconscious body to Melina's rental car
Melina, Jillian, and Ashley all nodded at each other in silence. Melina then
picked up a weakened Trish and whipped her into the side of the limousine.
The blond started crying out and moaning as she hit the car with a thud and
fell to the ground. Trish then heard the shattering of glass and Ashley
screaming in agony.

* * *

"You're very lucky," the medic said as he finished cleaning up and bandaging
the cuts on Ashley's forehead. "You have three medium to deep cuts on your
forehead and you lost quite a bit of blood, but there's no concussion that I
can see. If you want to wrestle tonight you can, but I would strongly
recommend against it. The human head wasn't made to go through car windows."

"Thanks," Trish said as the medic packed his things up and left the divas'
locker room. "How do you feel?"

"I'm fine," Ashley replied standing and looking at the bandage on her
forehead in a mirror. "Melina and Jillian probably left town after the
attack, but you know Lita will be here with Edge. Let's me and you beat
her down."

"We will in a minute Ashley, but first I want to ask you something and I
don't want you to take this the wrong way."

"Okay... What is it?"

"Look, I may just be paranoid right now, but Melina and Jillian always seem
to be one step ahead of me and after what happened earlier... I'm starting
to wonder..."

"About what Trish?"

"Have you been helping Melina and Jillian?"


"It's just that---"

"Trish stop. I'm going to pretend you didn't just ask me that question."

"Ashley please, you've got to understand where I'm coming from. Maybe it's
just coincidence, but last week and on the way here you and Mickie were
screaming and fighting with each other. Nobody knew we were on our way to
the arena yet Melina, Jillian, and Lita followed us here and they kidnapped
Mickie. And there's also the fact that you were the first one kidnapped and
they let you go."

"Do you not see this bandage on my forehead? I was put through a car window!
If I wanted to get back at Mickie I would've found a less painful way to do
it and as far as me being kidnapped goes if you remember I was the reason
MNM lost the tag team titles. After Jillian beat me in the parking lot all I
remember is waking up in dirty hotel room naked and spread eagle. My things
were on the floor and there was a note that just said to do what they asked
me to and the photos would never see the light of day. I don't know what
photos they have of me if any and they haven't contacted me either. I'm in
just as an unpredictable situation as everyone else."

"I'm sorry, just forget I said anything. This whole thing has got me really
stressed out right now."

"You know what, don't worry about it. Let's just go kick Lita's ass. You'll
feel better."

"You're right," Trish smiled cracking her knuckles. "I wouldn't mind beating
her down one more time."

* * *

"Well Coach," Joey Styles began after the playback of the aftermath of the
diva attack finished on the monitors, "You've been critical of Trish from day
one and have blamed her for just about everything that's happened lately.
Can you honestly sit there and say that she and Ashley deserved what happened
to them? Mickie James is gone now too!"

"Listen Styles even I can admit when I've been wrong. Now I'm not admitting
I was completely wrong about Trish, because I still think she could have
handled some things better, but I am willing to say that she and especially
Ashley didn't deserve what happened to them before the show."

"How noble of you Coach," Jerry Lawler replied sarcastically. "This whole
thing has gotten completely out of hand and all but two of the Raw divas have
gone missing, not to mention Ashley had her head smashed through a car

"Tell me King, don't you think that Mr. McMahon should step in now and
possibly should have long ago since everyone knows what a huge fan of the
divas he is?"

"I have thought about that, and from what I'm hearing in the back Trish is
only on a probationary run as our general manager. He's going to let this
run out and see how Trish handles things and how everything works out in
the end."

"Well speaking of Trish here she is now and we can only guess as to what
she's going to say about the attack and the situation with Melina in
general," Joey said as Trish's music played and she made her way to the ring
followed by Ashley.

"You know Melina," Trish began, "After Theodore Long warned you about showing
up here and losing your title shot at New Year's Revolution I made the
mistake of thinking we'd have a week where the Raw audience wasn't subjected
to your ugly skanky ass. As far as the pay-per-view goes I'm still having the
match with you regardless of whether or not you have a title shot. Now to
change the subject slightly I need to address you Edge and your actions as of
late so get your ass out here right now!"

"Whoah! Trish isn't too happy with Edge and who can blame here?" King said as
everyone waited for him to appear.

It wasn't Edge that appeared though. Lita's music started playing and she
made her way towards the ring with Jillian close behind. Halfway down the
ramp they stomped and a live feed of Melina appeared on the Titantron.

"Hi Trish, how are you doing? I know were expecting Edge to come out, but I
think you'll enjoy my company instead. Oh, hey Ashley how are you feeling? I
didn't see you standing there in Trish's shadow."

"You bitch!" Ashley screamed at the monitor. Trish turned to calm her down a
bit then turned her attention back to Melina and raised the mic to her face.

"What do you want Melina? This is Raw, not Smackdown and I'm tired of you
interrupting or show with your crap every week! I don't care if you've lost
your title shot at New Year's Revolution this ends Sunday night!"

"Calm down there Trish. No need to get upset. Save it for the match and who
said anything about me not getting my title match? Smackdown's dear old GM
said I couldn't appear on Raw which I didn't. I showed up before the show so
don't think you'll still be champ after Sunday night. In the mean time though
here's what I want. How about you and Ashley take on Lita and Jillian in a
tag match tonight? If you win Ashley will be the guest referee for our match
and if Lita and Jillian wins Jillian will be the guest referee?"

"You're on bitch!"

"Oh and you're going to give Edge the night off because if you don't I
guarantee Mickie will never work for the WWE again. Let's just say she'd
become a source of major embarrassment and scandal ok? I'll talk to you
later," Melina said blowing Trish a kiss before the video feed disappeared.

* * *

"Well guys this has been a hard fought match," Styles said as Lita and Trish
fought in the ring. "Multiple finishing moves attempted, multiple pin
attempts made, and neither side is backing down one bit."

"Can you blame them? There's a lot at stake here," Lawler replied. "If Team
Smackdown wins then Jillian will be the referee for the match at New Year's
Revolution and if Team Raw wins Ashley will be the referee."

"If Trish wants to prove she's a good general manager she'll find a way to
win the match," Coach said, "Because if Melina goes on to become the Women's
Champion, then it'll prove once and for all that I should have been made the
general manager."

In the ring Trish landed several right blows on Lita sending her stumbling
backwards. Trish then grabbed Lita's hand and whipped her into the
turnbuckle. As she readied herself to charge at Lita, Jillian quickly made
her way to the corner Lita was in and climbed onto the ring. The referee
came over and started arguing with her. Ashley then made her way to Jillian's
side and yanked her down. The two of them then started to fight on the
outside of the ring and the referee started screaming at them.

With Ashley taking care of Jillian Trish turned her attention back to Lita.
She started charging Lita who was still leaning against the turnbuckle. As
Trish's feet left the ground for a Stinger Splash Lita quickly yanked the
referee switching places with him. He crumbled to the mat as Trish crashed
into him and Lita began her assault on Trish before she even had a chance to

On the outside of the ring Jillian hit Ashley with a DDT and made her way to
the bellringer's position. A roar of boos and hisses filled the arena as the
Smackdown diva grabbed Trish's title belt and climbed back into the ring.
Jillian gestured for Lita to pick Trish and hold her in place. With a smile
on her face Jillian swung the belt at Trish's head. The Raw diva ducked at
the last second and Jillian hit Lita instead. Lita fell to the ring out cold
and as Jillian turned around to face Trish the Raw diva hit Jillian with a
kick to the gut and hit her with a Chick Kick. Trish then kicked the belt
from the ring and dragged the ref over to Lita to count one, two, three
after she pinned her.

The crowd erupted in cheers and Trish sat up on her knees with her hand in
the air victorious. As Trish's victory and Ashley's appointment to referee
at New Year's Revolution was announced over the loud speaker Ashley climbed
back into the ring and the two of them celebrated. Trish and Ashley's
celebration was short lived though as the ramp began to raise.

"What's this? Who's interrupting probably the greatest victory so far in
Trish and Ashley's career?" Jerry asked as a tinted conversion van backed
out and the back doors opened.

"It's the divas!" Joey nearly screamed as the missing Raw divas slowly
emerged one at a time all dressed in matching white bra and panties. Their
hands were bound behind their backs and their eyes blindfolded.

"I see Candice, Victoria, and Torrie, but where's Mickie?" Coach asked.

"I know her absence has something do with the embarrassment and scandal
Melina mentioned earlier," Lawler replied. "I'll be right back. Someone's
got to help them. They can't see where they are and their hands are bound."

As Jerry Lawler made his way to the just released divas Trish and Ashley
exited the ring and started towards them as well. The two divas and Jerry
quickly got small knives and cut through the tape binding the divas' hands
and he followed them into the back once their blindfolds were off. Trish
and Ashley then talked for several minutes before heading to the back
themselves, but they were interrupted when Melina's face appeared on the
Titantron again.

"Congratulations on the victory Trish. I wish I could have been there myself
and made sure things went my way, but oh well."

Trish motioned for a mic and had one brought to her within seconds by a
staffer. "You know what Melina, you're no better than Lita or Jillian or
anyone else who's had to cheat to beat me. You weren't good enough to beat
me at Survivor Series and you won't be good enough to beat me on Sunday.
You'll never be good enough to beat me!"

"Oh really Trish? If I remember correctly Mickie interfered and that's the
only reason why you beat me and before you ask you'll have her back next
Monday after the pay-per-view. Ashley's already the special guest referee
and I don't want the match to be too much in your favor."

"Melina save it. You'll never be able to beat me okay? There's a reason why
you're stuck on Smackdown and not here on Raw."

"Save it yourself, bitch! The Smackdown insults are so old, but I've got an
idea if you really want to prove you're the most dominant WWE diva ever.
Let's add one more stipulation to the match. When I win, and I will, to
become the new WWE Women's Champion you will turn the job of general manager
over to me and become my personal assistant until a Raw diva beats me in the

"You've got to be kidding me," Trish nearly laughed. "I don't think so."

"I thought so Trish. When faced with a real challenge you just turn and run.
I understand."

"Hardly. It's just that I've wasted enough of my time on you and I'm ready
to move on. If I did accept the new stipulation what's in it for me?"

"What do you want?"

"You leave the WWE for good and never show your face around here again. Do
we have a deal?"

"You're on blondie."

"Wow! How about that?" Joey exclaimed. "Just when you think the diva
situation can't get anymore intense this happens!"

"Melina will either win the women's title and become our new boss or we'll
never see her again! Oh man I can't wait!" Coach replied.

* * *

Ashley stepped from the shower in the diva locker room and grabbed a towel.
As she dried off Trish entered the locker room.

"Nice match tonight," She congratulated Ashley.

"Thanks, you're not too bad yourself for an old-timer," Ashley grinned as
she started to dress in her street clothes.

"Hardly, I can still get the guys to line up around the block faster than
you can."

"Now you're treading into Lita's territory," Ashley replied sharing a chuckle
with Trish.

"With the return of everyone else I really haven't had time to check on you
and I just wanted to see how you were doing. You took a pretty nasty DDT out

"Yeah... I got a little dizzy afterwards, but I'll be fine."

"I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out and get a few drinks, but I
think everyone should just take it easy for the night."

"How are the others? Have they said anything about what happened to them?"

"They haven't said a word beyond that they were fine. I don't know what's
going on with them."

"When Melina talked about Mickie bringing embarrassment and scandal to the
company do you think that the others are somehow involved in it which is why
they won't say anything?"

"Maybe, there's just no way to tell right now. Oh, Victoria had her head
shaved. That's a wig she's wearing."

"I don't know, maybe I'm just completely clueless, but before tonight
everything just kind of seemed surreal. I know we've got the upperhand in
the match, but are you that confidant about your match with Melina? Like you
said she's always been one step ahead of us."

"Don't worry about her. Everyone will be banned from the match and we'll
screw her over like she's screwed us. With everything that's happened it all
comes down to a bra and panties mud match."

"Why don't you change it to a regular match then? Or even a cage match to
really make sure everyone stays out of the ring."

"I can't. Mr. McMahon wants the mud match. My hands are tied on this one."

"Hmm... We could always embarrass Melina further once she loses the match."

"That's not a bad idea. Anyway there's a few things around here I need to
take care of before I leave, so just head on back to the hotel and get some
sleep. I'll talk to you later this week about the pay-per-view." Trish headed
for the locker room door to leave, but Ashley stopped her.

"Hey Trish, take care. I'll see you later."

"You too Ashley. And once again I apologize for the insinuations earlier

"Don't worry about it."

* * *

The last thing Mickie remembered before she regained consciousness was Lita
kicking her with the Mick Kick in the parking lot of the arena. When she
opened her eyes Mickie found herself in a darkened room with the only light
visible as that bleeding through window curtains. She attempted to open her
mouth to scream for help, but the tape covering her mouth hampered the
effort. Mickie also realized that her hands were bound together with tape
behind her back and her ankles were bound as well. She attempted to get
herself into an upright position and nearly got to her feet before losing
her balance and falling to the floor striking her head on a nightstand in
the process.

A pounding headache began to build in Mickie's head and within twenty
minutes her head was throbbing. With her headache and nowhere to go Mickie
laid on the floor as she tried to figure out what was going on. All she knew
was it had something to do with Melina and Jillian. It would be several
hours before she got an answer and it'd be one she didn't like.

* * *

The two Smackdown divas pulled in front of the hotel room in Melina's car
and Ashley pulled in next to them in her car.

"Wait right here, this will only take a second," Melina said to Jillian
before getting out and meeting Ashley, who was carrying a large bag, in
front of the room door. "You remember what we did to you so get some good
pictures of Mickie and call my cell when you're done," Melina said handing
Ashley her digital camera.

"Thanks for letting me have Mickie. You won't regret it."

"Just don't let it get too personal with Mickie and go overboard. We need
her in good enough shape to return to Raw after the pay-per-view Sunday."

"Of course not. This is all business."

"Good, like I said give me a call when you're done. Have fun."

Ashley grinned as Melina returned to the car and the two divas drove off.
She put the digital camera into her bag and reached into her pocket for the
hotel key. Ashley flipped on the lights and set her bag down on the room's
table after shutting and locking the door behind her. Mickie was half-asleep
when Ashley entered and her eyes bulged when she saw her.

"Aaaah, Mickie are you okay? It looks like you fell off the bed and hit your
head on the nightstand," Ashley sarcastically remarked watching the diva
moan and squirm on the floor and noticing the small trickle of blood on her

Ashley picked Mickie up by her arm and flung her onto the bed. She then
retrieved a towel from the bathroom and began wiping the blood from Mickie's
wound. It was a very superficial wound so there wasn't much blood to clean
up. When she was finished Ashley tossed the towel onto the table and turned
her attention back to Mickie.

"Now before I cut the tape and free you there are a couple of things you
really need to hear first and understand. Your actions tonight will
determine the futures of Candice, Victoria, and Torrie. Fight with me and
some rather revealing photos of them get released. Trust me, if that happens
they'll never work for a reputable wrestling company again. And as far as
you and me goes this is strictly business. Now when I pull the tape from
your mouth do not scream okay?"

Mickie shook her head yes and Ashley peeled the tape from her mouth. "What
the hell are you doing? What's going on?" Mickie demanded. Ashley replied
with a swift slap to the face.

"Watch your tone Mickie," Ashley warned. "As best as I can tell Melina and
Jillian were tired of being stuck on Smackdown playing the role of valets
when they can easily kick anyone of our asses on Raw."

"So you do admit you're shit in the ring," Mickie retorted. Again Ashley
responded with a vicious slap to Mickie's face.

"Keep it up. We've got all night. Anyway, they're taking the divas down one
at a time methodically working their way to Trish and I convinced them to
let me take care of you. Before we go any further I want to show you
something." Ashley retrieved the digital camera from her bag and turned on
gallery mode. One at a time she showed Mickie three photos of Candice,
Victoria, and Torrie in various sexual situations letting her get a good
long look at each one. "You see these? You fight with me tonight and these
and a whole lot more get released. The careers of all three of them will be
over and you'll be responsible. Is that something you want to have hanging
over you for trying to be a badass?" Mickie just froze as she stared at the
picture of Torrie with a dog cock in her pussy. "You know what? I've got
something that'll make your decision just a little bit easier. Those photos
of Torrie are screencaps of a video tape she made and I've got a small clip
of that on here," Ashley said as she started messing with the camera and
pulled up the video clip. Mickie's jaw dropped when she saw the clip of
Torrie being mounted by a dog. "Well what do you say? Do you want to be a
badass or do you want to save four careers including your own? There's an
extended edition of Torrie's video that's available."

"Ok... you win..." Mickie conceded.

"Good, let's get started."

Setting the camera down on the table Ashley reached into her bag and pulled
out a small pocketknife. She cut the tape from Mickie's hands and ankles and
threw the knife back into the bag. With a smile she picked up the camera and
went to the foot of the bed.

"First we need to get you out of those clothes." Slowly but surely Mickie
began removing her clothing and within a few minutes was sitting nude on the
bed. "Now start fingering yourself hon." Embarrassed and with her face
starting to turn red Mickie's hand crept it's way down her body and between
her legs. As she pressed one finger into her pussy Ashley began snapping
several shots. As she began to dip her finger in and out of her pussy Mickie
could almost hear Ashley cackle in approval as she continued to take
pictures. "What's wrong Mickie?" Ashley sarcastically asked as she noticed
the diva's growing embarrassment. "I've seen your old photos online. You
should be used to this." Mickie then mumbled something inaudibly. "What was
that? You need to speak up if we're going to talk."

"I said those were taken along time ago."

"You needed the money then I'm sure, and now you just want to keep your
career with the WWE and not ruin everyone else's at the same time. Now get
on all fours facing the top of the bed and use two fingers this time."

Mickie slowly turned around and got on her hands and knees with her ass
facing Ashley. She reached underneath her body and up to her cunt with her
right hand and split her opening with two fingers. Ashley grinned watching
Mickie pump her index and middle fingers in and out of her pussy. She took
several more photos of Mickie using different angles and getting her head
into a couple of shots.

"That's good enough for now. It's time to move onto to some other things,"
Ashley said shutting off the camera and sitting it down on the table. "Turn
over onto your back." As Mickie got onto her back Ashley began to strip.
Once she was nude herself Ashley then climbed onto the bed and straddle
Mickie. "Tell me Mick," Ashley began before planting a long hard kiss on
Mickie pushing her tongue into her mouth. "Have you ever done it with
another girl?" Still red in the face Mickie only shook her head no. "Are you
sure? You don't seem to be fighting this too hard." Ashley then leaned back
and pushed her finger into Mickie's cunt. She slid it and out several times
feeling the stickiness inside. "And you're wet."

"This is my first time I swear!" Mickie squirmed uncomfortably as Ashley
continued digging her fingers into the diva's cunt.

"Come on Mickie, don't lie to me," Ashley smiled working up the pace of her
fingers really thrusting them deep into Mickie's pussy.

"I'm not lying!" Looking back Ashley noticed Mickie's clit starting to
emerge and with the thumb on her busy hand she flicked it. Mickie cried out
as she was racked by a very quick and premature orgasm.

"Tell me," Ashley said slipping her fingers from Mickie's cunt and
individually licking them clean. "Who was your first?"

"I... I can't tell you."

"Why not?"

"Because she'll be mad at me."

"If you don't tell me I'll be mad at you."

"Okay, okay... It was Trish."

"What? Trish was the first girl you've slept with?"

"I've fooled around with others before, but she was the first one I went all
the way with. One day after a taping in OVW Trish visits me backstage. She
said that she was tired of working with you, because she had to do
everything in the ring and that you were a hack. She's the one who first
called you a contest winner and she called the Diva Search a complete waste
of time."

"What??? The bitch! She's the reason I've been relegated to spot appearances
on Raw?"

"Please Ashley, I'm just the messenger here. When I was first called up she
said that she'd work me into feuds with the others and get me to main event
status with an eventual title shot if I did her some favors; mainly the kind
in bed. She's been around forever and what she says goes as far as the divas
are concerned and that's including before she became the GM. After she got
the job she once mentioned something about sending you to Smackdown."

"It doesn't much matter, because after Sunday Trish will no longer be in

"What are you going to do with me and others after the pay-per-view?"

"I don't know. It'll be up to Melina and Jillian."

"How about you put in a good word for me then?"

"And why would I do that?" Ashley asked.

"Because I'd rather please you than Trish to get what I want. You're not as
cocky and big-headed as she is," Mickie replied pulling Ashley close to her.

The two divas kissed and their lips parted letting their tongues slide into
each other's mouth. Their tongues intertwined and they passionately kissed
for several seconds before they pulled their heads apart. Ashley and Mickie
smiled at each other before Ashley moved down to Mickie's chest.

"You've got some nice tits," Ashley complemented as she took Mickie's breasts
into her hands and began softly squeezing them. Mickie grinned moaning
slightly when Ashley began flicking her tongue across Mickie's right nipple
while massaging her breasts. Mickie groaned loudly as she began pinching her
right nipple as Ashley's tongue began to work on her left one. Ashley then
began nibbling on the hard protuberance and pulling up on it with her teeth.
Mickie was getting excited and Ashley could hear slow heavy breathing taking
over the diva's body.

Ashley then went further down Mickie's body stopping at her legs. With the
diva's thighs spread apart Ashley buried her face between them. Mickie let
out an almost whiny moan as Ashley ran her tongue up and down the diva's
slit several times before her fingers spread them apart and her tongue
slithered inside. Mickie moaned quite a bit as Ashley's tongue darted in and
out of her pussy. It was then that Mickie decided to make her move. As
Ashley's tongue began sliding out of her pussy Mickie quickly wrapped her
legs around Ashley's neck squeezing them in a head scissors.

"What the hell?" Ashley gasped surprised.

"Did you really believe that line of bullshit I feed you? You're a fucking
joke! God you're a disappointment to the Diva Search itself!" Mickie sneered
tightening her grip on Ashley just a bit more. Ashley pounded on Mickie's
legs to try and free herself, but the diva held steady. "Give it up. You'll
be out within a few minutes and soon enough Mr. McMahon will see the pictures
on the camera and know about Melina's plan and everyone will be dealt with."

Mickie keep squeezing her legs around Ashley's neck watching and waiting for
her to pass out. Like she said within a few minutes Ashley's eyes were closed
and she was seemingly out. Mickie reached down and slapped her twice, but got
no reaction. With a smirk on her face Mickie released the hold and Ashley
fell to the floor. Mickie then got up and started towards the camera sitting
on the table, but stopped. She turned and saw Ashley laying unconscious on
the floor and walked towards her.

"You dumb bitch! Don't you ever try and mess with me again," Mickie growled
raising her foot in the air. As she started to bring it down towards Ashley's
face the diva opened her eyes and caught it just in time.

"And you fell for the oldest trick in the book," Ashley grinned devilishly.

She quickly turned onto her knees while Mickie tried to hop on one foot to
keep from falling. Ashley grabbed the ankle of the foot still on the floor
and yanked Mickie's legs out from underneath her. Mickie fell hard to the
floor slamming the back of her head into it and becoming temporarily
disoriented. Ashley quickly got up and headed towards her bag. A few seconds
later Mickie screamed and began shaking uncontrollably as Ashley stuck her
with 150k volts from a stun gun.

Unable to properly move or function Mickie was barely able to get herself up
to her knees. With a swift kick to the gut Ashley knocked her back down.
Ashley then retrieved a ball gag from her bag and fit it into the mouth of
the incapacitated diva tightening the leather straps in the back of her
head. Ashley couldn't help but laugh at the gagged and twitching diva laying
on the floor. It was too good of a photo opportunity to pass so she took

As she waited for Mickie to regain her capacities Ashley pulled several
items from her bag and set them on the table; a lighter and a new large white
candle among them. She set the candle down on the table and lit it. She then
pulled Mickie to her feet and threw her onto the bed. Ashley then took the
belt from her pants.

"You know Mickie, for a moment there you had me going. I admit that I let my
guard down and believed what you were saying, but you had to try and be a
badass. We could have avoided all of this if you just would have played along
until the end. Just remember I'm more forgiving than Melina and Jillian would
have been."

As Mickie regained most of her functions she sat up moaning and hurting.
Still a bit out of it Mickie had forgotten about Ashley and reached up to
remove the gag she found herself drooling on. Her hand barely got up in the
air before Ashley struck it with her thick leather belt. Mickie screamed
clutching her hand as it stung for several seconds. Ashley then reached back
and cracked the belt across Mickie's back. Mickie screamed hysterically
arching her back as the belt dug into her skin a second time. Tears began
forming in the corners of Mickie's eyes as her body finally began to calm
down. The moment of calm for Mickie was short lived as Ashley began
mercilessly whipping her body with the belt again. Mickie took six more
vicious lashings from Ashley; two in the back, two across her legs, and two
across her chest and stomach area.

Ashley smiled gleefully as she watched Mickie thrash about on the bed
screaming and crying. When Mickie finally stopped shaking she was on her
stomach and her face was wet with tears. Smiling Ashley grabbed a handful of
Mickie's hair and pulled her head up. She licked the tears from Mickie's
face then spit them back at her.

"God Mickie you're sad. You want to call me pathetic? You want to call me a
hack? Like I said earlier there's a reason you spent so much time in OVW.
All I had to do was play possum for a few minutes and now you're getting the
beating of a lifetime which could have been avoided if you would have just
keep with the victim of Trish story. And really that's all you are. You're
just a clone of Trish; a nuttier one maybe, but still a clone. Now don't
move or I swear to God I'll zap you again with the stun gun." Frightened and
beaten Mickie sat still on the bed while Ashley dropped her belt and took a
role of duct tape and scissors from the table. "Get on your knees facing the
wall with your hands behind your back."

Mickie heard the tape being peeled from the roll and soon felt Ashley squeeze
her wrists together as she taped them. Ashley went around Mickie's wrists at
least half a dozen times, before cutting the tape from the roll. She then had
Mickie move back until her feet were dangling over the side of the bed.
Ashley did the same to Mickie's ankles running tape around them six times
before cutting it. She then placed a foot to Mickie's back and kicked her
forward onto her stomach.

"On your back!" Ashley demanded setting the tape and scissors down on the
table and picking up a bag of clothespins.

Mickie instinctually backed up on the bed as Ashley advanced towards her
with pins in hand. Fear filled her eyes and they started watering again, but
Ashley could only smirk and shake her head at the diva who was responsible
for causing her career to screech to a halt. Mickie cried out and bit down
on the gag as the first two clothespins clamped down on her nipples. The pain
caused her to cry at first, but she managed to swallow it long enough for
Ashley to start pinching chunks of her tit flesh and place clothes pins on
them. One by one Ashley placed a clothespin on Mickie's breasts, each time
Mickie bit down on the gag trying to fight back the pain. Within fifteen
minutes there were a dozen pins on each of Mickie's tits and her skin was
starting to turn red. Mickie then began to cry hysterically and try to kick
Ashley away with her bound feet when the diva glanced down at Mickie's pussy.

"Don't," Ashley glared. "I will zap you again and hurt you so bad while
you're twitching that'll you'll feel it for weeks." Mickie closed her eyes
crying uncontrollably and cringing at the thought of what as about to happen.
Her eyes shot open when she felt the first clothespin clamp down on her
labia. Ashley took Mickie's face in her hands wiping away the tears with her
thumbs. She then leaned over Mickie and kissed her on the lips. "God this
great! This must be what it's going to feel like for Melina and Jillian once
they get their hands on Trish." Ashley then continued placing clothes pin on
Mickie's labia until both sides were covered in them; six on each side.

Mickie's face and body began turning a bright red as the pain slowly overtook
her. Ashley was on a roll, she was feeling good. There was one last thing she
wanted to do before she got to the finale. Mickie could only watch as Ashley
fetched the burning candle from the table and leaned over her. There was a
slight sizzle to her skin and a quick burning sensation as Ashley tipped the
candle slightly and the hot wax met the flesh of Mickie's stomach. Mickie
cried out and sweat began beading on her body as Ashley continued dripping
the melted wax on it. There were drops on Mickie's stomach, drops on her legs
and upper chest, and Ashley even dripped some hot wax onto Mickie's forehead.

As Mickie cried and writhed Ashley placed the candle back on the table
extremely happy with herself. She took several pictures of Mickie's new look
then retrieved the one thing she left in the bag. It wasn't easy to do, but
after being left alone for several minutes Mickie began to get used to the
pain racking her body, by blocking it out of her mind.

"Hey bitch, we're not done yet," Ashley called out. What little heart that
was left in Mickie soon left her when she spotted Ashley wearing a two-inch
thick ten-inch long black strap-on dildo. Ashley then walked to where Mickie
lay and reached behind her head and unfastened the gag. "I want to hear you
scream," She smiled tossing the gag to the side. "Now turn over."

As best she could with the clothespins still pinching her breasts and pussy
Mickie slowly turned over onto all fours. Ashley first began by running her
hands up and down both sides of Mickie's ass giving each cheek a firm

"You know, you've got a pretty nice ass," Ashley commented giving Mickie's
rear a hard slap. "Too bad I'm going to have to tear it up."

Mickie gasped when she felt the bulbous head of the massive cock start poking
around her asshole. She shuddered thinking about what the massive dry member
would feel like tearing it's way inside her. Mickie soon found out. It
started with a whimper as the tip of the dildo penetrated her asshole. This
wasn't the first time she had anal sex, but it was the first time something
this big was being used. Mickie's whimpers soon became louder and turned into
cries as the two inch thickness stretched her anus and slowly tore it's way
inside her.

Ashley smiled listening to the pitiful cries of Mickie getting a perverse
pleasure from them. Mickie was crying rather loudly as Ashley ground the
dildo into her ass and there was still three-inches to go. Ashley found
herself starting to get wet and finding excitement in Mickie's pain. Then
with a wicked grin Ashley grabbed Mickie's hips and with a hard forceful
thrust punched the last few inches into Mickie bottoming out.

Mickie let out a banshee like scream at the sudden move and her demeanor
quickly returned to that of a hysterical baby. The first time Ashley began to
pull the massive cock out of Mickie's ass it hurt almost as much as when it
went in. Ashley continued to get turned on by Mickie's crying and desperately
wanted to start fingering herself, but she needed both hands on Mickie to
keep up the force of her thrusts.

Whether or not Mickie had a torn muscle or her backside had simply become
acclimated to the length and width of the dildo Ashley didn't know nor did
she care. All she cared about were the moans and pitiful wailing coming from
Mickie. Though it wasn't fast and hard Ashley worked up a nice forceful pace
thrusting the massive cock in and out of her asshole. At one point Ashley
briefly looked down and thought she saw blood on the dildo, but didn't care
enough to give it a second look. She just continued ramming Mickie's ass
listening to her scream and feeling herself get off.

Ashley soon felt cum dripping down her leg and stopped thrusting long enough
to slip two fingers into her body. She found her pussy to be sopping wet and
her fingers easily slid around inside. Ashley pulled her fingers out and ate
up her own cum before taking hold of Mickie's hips. With the fury of an
animal Ashley began to really hammer down on Mickie's asshole. Her thrusting
became dangerously hard and deep and the diva began sobbing hysterically
crying for Ashley to stop. Ashley wouldn't stop until she came only after
hearing Mickie let out a blood-curdling scream that sounded as if she had
just had something ripped or torn from her body. Once her body had calmed
down Ashley stood up on the floor removing the strap-on dildo. Upon closer
inspection the cock did have some small amounts of blood on it, but it was
nothing that concerned Ashley.

As she walked to the bathroom to drop the dildo in the bathtub for the time
being she reached down between her legs and felt her pussy. It was drenched
and needed cleaning. She took the scissors from the table and cut the tape
freeing Mickie's hands and feet. The newest Raw diva was still lying on the
bed crying and mumbling incoherently.

"Hey Mickie," Ashley called out to the beaten and deflated diva. Mickie
slowly turned her head to face Ashley, but didn't say anything. "My pussy is
all sticky and wet right now, why don't you clean it, then after that you
can take off all those clothes pins."

Slowly and like a starved and beaten animal Mickie began licking at Ashley's
pussy cleaning up her cum. She swallowed every bit of Ashley's cum as to try
and not upset her tormentor. After several minutes of licking Ashley's pussy
and thighs Mickie was finished.

"Now let's get you cleaned up and on your way. Melina has a place where she
wants you to hide."

* * *

Melina grumbled at the incessant ringing of her cell phone even after she
sent the caller to voicemail several times.

"What's going on?" Jillian asked waking up when Melina turned on a light in
her hotel room and picked up her phone on the nightstand.

"I don't know. Some asshole keeps calling me even after I send them to
voicemail." Melina briefly looked down at the caller id and saw Ashley's
name. "Oh it's Ashley." "Do you know what time it is?" Melina asked
answering her phone.

"You said to call you when everything is done."

"It is I assume?"



"There's just one thing."

"What?" Melina asked rolling her eyes expected the worse.

"Things got a little rough tonight so Mickie has a few welts and minor
bruises, but nothing that can't be fixed by makeup on Monday."

"It's almost four in the morning. Get Mickie's stuff and keep her with you
for the time being. We'll deal with this later. I'll call you at your hotel

"Talk to you later then."

"Bye." Melina hung up her phone and tossed it onto the nightstand before
turning off the light.

"What did Ashley have to say," Jillian asked snuggling up against Melina's

"Nothing much, just that she took care of Mickie."

"Good, the girl came through for us. That leaves only one."f

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